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Hoarding Help Message Boards : The Daily Chat : What are you doing today
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What are you doing today

Posted: 30 November 2014 - 04:43 PM
Thank you Dianne. I too have had difficulty. Thanks for alerting Cory.

I shredded all I could shred in the house and went to car to get a Rubbermaid tote of financial stuff. Going to work on it tonight.

The chaos in my home was overwhelming me so I cleaned the kitchen today and cleaned off my desk. The kitchen looks very nice as does my desk. I put out a little Christmas tree on it and it looks really sweet. And to think that a year ago I wouldn't have been able to even see the chaos--or know how to start! Amazing! Thank goodness for this site and all of you!

I took three bags to goodwill and got rid of mom's punch bowl. At the last minute i decided to keep it, really nice style (from the 60s) and all 12 glasses were there. And then, at the last second, I said, "keep it for what?!?" And I let it go to goodwill.

What did I learn, okay to change mind at last minute as long as I realize 59 seconds later I need to change back!

Thank you for your support. Going to do laundry, tonight while shredding papers. Have to go into office tomorrow for training, so I won't be working from home.

Dave, your quote got me through the punch bowl. Thank you!
Posted: 30 November 2014 - 04:28 PM
Wise insight from the Dalai. I hope you'll post more of him, Dave.

Tat, I had been having problems accessing the site and posting. Cory has taken care of the problem so here is part of what I wrote to you this morning ~

Tat, thinking about you this weekend and cheering you from here all day! :)

Wonderful, wonderful progress last night! Don't you love that surge of freedom and energy that comes when something is cancelled and now you have more time to work on a project? Plan something special treat for yourself tonight. In case I'm not back on ~

Posted: 30 November 2014 - 09:52 AM
Dave, thank you for your thoughtful posts. Very helpful. Thank you Dianne for keeping me going and LR I wrote you a post last night that disappeared into thin air.

I can meet my goal today. Yesterday, I Finished up another box of shreddables, have another box of recyclables and even convinced my mom to let me donate some of her stuff.

My house looks terrible right now but I have plenty of strength, my newspaper didn't arrive and my lunch plans just cancelled. Feeling pretty good here!!!
Posted: 30 November 2014 - 12:17 AM
I may have misspelled that. At any rate you persevered in not perseverating.
Posted: 30 November 2014 - 12:07 AM

Award for valiantly (and bravely) wading through mouse poo.

Award for determination.

Award for perseverence.

Award for accomplishment.
Posted: 29 November 2014 - 11:56 PM

Today's item in the Insight from the Dalai Lama Calendar

It is possible to make use of good food, clothing, residence, and furnishings without producing afflictive emotions such as attachment, pride, and arrogance. The crucial point is the control of internal factors such as lust and attachment; external factors are not in and of themselves good or bad.
Posted: 29 November 2014 - 05:13 PM
Good decision to get rid of the throw pillows Tat. They served a purpose at one time. Now you deserve some throw pillows that are fresh, new and will brighten your spirits!

Posted: 29 November 2014 - 04:14 PM
Thank you! I'm going to keep reading these tonight because I really appreciate and need your encouragement. Shredded a lot today and got a giant bag together filled with things that can be recycled. Made the tough decision to get rid of some throw pillows I live but have been sitting in storage for so long that I'm not sure I can trust the cleanliness. As I cleaned out storage there were lots and lots of mouse droppings. I paid a lot for the pillows many years ago but I also used them for many years. Do not want to put them on my bed. Okay, I just reinforced the decision to get rid of them. Thank you!
Posted: 29 November 2014 - 10:14 AM
Thanks, Dianne!

Way to go, Tatoulia!!!!! Whoo-hoo!!!!
Posted: 29 November 2014 - 10:07 AM

Posted: 29 November 2014 - 09:56 AM
To LR and Tat ~


on your major accomplishments!!!

LR, getting to the point where you can officially move is a huge step. You have worked long and hard doing flood cleanup and getting rid of stuff. It will be so nice to be in a new place with a fresh start!

Tat, you did it! You accomplished your goal of getting out of the storage space by the end of November. No doubt you'll reach your next goal of getting the stuff brought in, put away or tossed by Monday night.

I am SO proud of both of you! You inspire me so much!!! Keep up the great work!!
Posted: 28 November 2014 - 07:44 PM
Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I did all the cooking and it went off without a hitch.

Great news: as of today, I am out of storage spot!!! That's right! O-U-T out! Done! Boyfriend came to help me and we finished it today. Had to make some tough decisions and tougher ones are just around the corner--I have an unbelievable number of boxes to deal with. Giant thanks to LR (so happy to hear from you-- good work! Tough decisions on your end too and I'm proud of you!), Tillie, Diane, Roxie, Bitsy, Karl, Dave, Dianne, Mel, EVERYONE! I did it.

Now, I want the stuff I brought into my house put away or thrown away by Monday night! And I need your help.

Much love.
Posted: 28 November 2014 - 04:11 PM
Hi, again, everyone! I haven't finished reading up on recent posts, so I'll save comments on them until another time. (Just to be clear, I don't feel obligated to read them . . . I want to read them! There's a difference!)

I've had so many floods here over the past five or six weeks (not to mention the multitude of other water-related issues here over the past year) that it's hard to even remember the details of what happened and when. Let's just say that I've been doing a lot of flood cleanup (again). Although I haven't posted on the message board much, I did get on chat quite a bit over the past few weeks (once I got Internet up and running at home again) and did a fair amount of buddy-system work (via the chat room).

I've known for a long time that I've needed to move (because of the flooding and for all kinds of other reasons), but various things have made me hesitant to turn in that official (required) move-out notice. Trying to imagine getting everything packed up and getting it done in a way so that I didn't misplace everything had been one of my reasons for my hesitation. (It's hard enough for non-hoarders to pack and move. For those of us with hoarding issues . . . well, you know how it is!!) My wanting to get a certain kind of job lined up first (before setting a move-out deadline) had been another issue. But the floods were getting so frequent and making my life so much more unmanageable than it already was that I finally had to say, "Enough! If I have to put everything in storage and sleep on somebody else's sofa somewhere, I've got to get out of here!!!" Well, this week, I turned in that notice! That's a big, big deal to me. Am I panicky? No (not yet, anyway). Right now, I'm relieved that I made the decision and am moving forward on it.

The frustrating part is that I've had a lot of days of just pure exhaustion over the past two weeks, and I've had a hard time getting anything done. (Getting on chat on some of those days helped me get at least a little done and gave me encouragement.) Today is one of my more energetic days, fortunately. I'm doing some packing, and I'm taking breaks from cleaning and packing to catch up some on the posts here.

As cluttered as things are here, they are so much better than they were when I started here in this group in March. I can see so much more floor, which means so much more space to move around and work in! And my little outside storage room isn't full of boxes (nor is it full of the other "stuff" that those of you who know my story will recall quite well). That's encouraging. The other day, when I was kind of discouraged and was trying to figure out how to "attack" my living room, I took some digital pictures of it first. During a break time, I pulled up some pictures on my computer that I'd taken of the living room back in May (pictures I'd taken as part of one of the Buried in Treasures book exercises). I was able to see how much improvement there had been since then, and that was comforting.

I'll probably be pulling my hair out a few weeks from now as it gets closer and closer to the time I need to move out of here. For now, though, I feel pretty good.

Thanks, you guys, for your role in helping me move forward!!!! Lots and lots and lots of hugs!!
Posted: 27 November 2014 - 12:07 PM
Darci, WTG dealing with the issues! Partnering with your neighbor to host Thanksgiving was a problem solver all around!

HUGE congratulations for having the strength to evict your daughter's roommate! Evictions are always hard but necessary when you were being taken advantage of so much. And what a great idea turning the extra space into tax saving workspace for yourself!

Instead of your couch what about a futon? The kind with supportive legs in the center hold up well.

It's never *suffering* to read thru a long post telling of problems. It's the best way of getting to know someone's needs and it gives readers an opportunity to be supportive and compassionate.

LR, good to hear from you! What have you been up to?

Posted: 27 November 2014 - 11:45 AM
Dave, you mentioned in the gratitude thread about being thankful some physical issues may not be permanent damage. I'm sorry to hear you've hurt your hands and wrists. It's in a parent's nature (most of the time) to want to help/protect/save our children even when they have become adults.

It's been an ongoing lesson for me to step back and let my married daughter deal with life problems. Especially when I see her going down my path of destruction. That's another whole can of worms I am ok with laying undisturbed for awhile.

I bet your daughter has great appreciation for all that you've helped her with. You've given her a wonderful example of generosity and it'll be nice for you when it's time for you to become the recipient. :)
Posted: 27 November 2014 - 11:23 AM
Bitsy, great job getting all that medical work done! Eight lbs. lost is a big deal no matter how much more to go. It's really good you now have better control for the HBP and the cortisone shot for your shoulder.

I'm sure your son is antsy. He's been very patient and to have to wait longer is hard. :(

I hope the insurance company did their drive-by right after your daughter, boyfriend and grandson's hard work. Like Dave said about yard work, it's frustrating to watch your efforts disappear so quickly. Kind of like housework I think ~ you no sooner get one area done than there's another that already needs attention again. No wonder we get so discouraged.

Ah, Great-Grandmas; people don't expect them to get around easily or keep up with specific days. I'm sure your precious, little great-granddaughter is delighted whenever she sees you! A cuddle with your arm around her while reading her a story anytime is what she'll remember about you.

My fondest memory of my great-grandma is when my eyes could just peek over the big wooden kitchen table. Everybody was eating fresh caught, steamed crabs and they couldn't be bothered with me. But Gramma taught me how to crack them and pick out the biggest lumps of meat. Dip them in apple cider vinegar to bring out the sweetness. Don't eat the lungs because that'll make you sick. She even let me have a swallow of beer. Pabst Blue Ribbon (yuck). I still have that table.

Sometimes it's more memorable to see the child when they're not so hopped up on cake and presents. Time with the grands, young and old, can be funner when it's just you guys. :)

Ramble anytime it's good to hear from you!
Posted: 27 November 2014 - 06:59 AM
On this wonderful day, I am thankful for each one of you. Happy Thanksgiving! Hugs to all!
Posted: 26 November 2014 - 06:07 PM
Dianne and Dave (and anyone I might have missed)

Thank you sooo much for your words of encouragement. I ended up helping my neighbor host her Thanksgiving and my daughter is going to stop by with her boyfriend. And... best part, she didn't have table cloths and decorations etc. so I was able to help her with that. The only food I had to do was the appetizers. I hadn't bought a turkey since my daughter and I don't eat meat, so no food waste.

I evicted my daughter's roommate. Unfortunately, I can't get my name off the lease. My daughter can't qualify. Since I am paying for the roommate's space, I decided to make it into an office where I can bring all the things I want to sell/donate. I get HUGE tax deductions by photographing and logging every item I donate. Saves me about $10,000 a year. I am way behind in filing (yikes... two years) so having space to work efficiently will be great.

Sleeping on the couch has been kind of rough, might look into some kind of cot that folds up or air mattress, but no room for that yet (barely a path between the couch and the stuff I emptied out of my bedroom to rent it out).

Thank you for suffering through my long and whiny post. Just needed to spit it all out and try to release it. You all are GREAT.

Well off to cut veggies for tomorrow! :)
Grateful for your support. Be blessed!!
xoxoxo Darci
Posted: 26 November 2014 - 01:41 PM

I know yard work can be very frustrating-sometimes you just watch your hard work disappear before your eyes. I have hurt my hands and wrists doing some yard work at my daughter's house. I am suddenly realizing I am no longer going to be able to save my children from the world around them. There is always going to be something more I can't do or something bigger than I can do.

I hope your wandering tomorrow brings you to a warm place with some pleasant food and drink and peace and solace for your soul.
Posted: 26 November 2014 - 12:47 PM
visitor postponed till Christmas.went to doctor. cholesterol ok.thyroid numbers good. actually lost 8 lbs.still way overweight for my 4'11" height.blood pressure way up. now have two meds for that.kidney numbers off so not supposed to take most pain meds. got a cortisone shot for shoulder.
son is getting antsy... colostomy reversal surgery put off by surgeon till after sometime in january. supposedly my son is not unemployed but his employer won't let him work with the colostomy. so he's kind of in limbo.
daughter, her boyfriend, and my grandson came to work on the yard because the insurance company was going to do a drive by before renewing contract. (house still in daughter,s name although I paid off 2nd mortgage and have paid 1st mortgage for 7 yrs. anyway, they did mow back yard which i appreciated but they also spent hours running the electric blower to blow out the gutters, blow leaves off driveway and from around the house (would you believe into the street)... this neighborhood has about twelve trees in every small yard, most of them various kinds of mature oak trees, and now a week later the gutters are overflowing and you can't see the driveway.just like the rest of the neighborhood.bad timing. sorry... rambling... not getting much done. did get a little bit done in "living room" and i threw out a bunch of out of date canned food. next week my great grand daughter will be 4. i should go spend some time with them. they live 2 minutes away. but it's too hard... too complicated and too complicated to explain.
Posted: 26 November 2014 - 10:22 AM
Dave, that's a big group! With that many, people can get away with scoring thirds and nobody notices. :)

Diane, I miss your regular updates. What have you been up to?
Posted: 25 November 2014 - 11:25 PM
hahahahahah Dave, yep plenty of time on roof. Just finished making a big pot of soup and decided to read posts on here, great idea reminding us how much Tillie has given to this site. She kept me on here regularly, just to have her cheer me on, and to cheer her on. Sure do miss Tillie since she took a break.
Posted: 25 November 2014 - 09:57 PM

So do we catch you hanging out on the roof on Thanksgiving talking with your neighbor?

Posted: 25 November 2014 - 09:55 PM
Supper with some of Mrs. Dave's family. My guess - 20-25 people.
Posted: 25 November 2014 - 11:39 AM
Dave, I want to thank you for all the effort you put into thinking of how to help others and posting your great ideas. Also for taking the time to look up past postings that give good perspectives. I laughed again reading Tillie's

glitter covered unicorns farting rainbows

Are you and Mrs. Dave planning Thanksgiving at home?
Posted: 25 November 2014 - 11:30 AM
Darci, thank you for your long post letting us know what's happening in your life.

I am so sorry the stress in your life has resulted in physical problems that are so severe. Is there any way you can get your name off your daughter and her roommate's lease? As difficult as it must have been to hear about your daughter's bi-polar and other tendencies it must be a bit of a relief to realize you can set aside all the blame you were placing on yourself. I'm really glad that you were able to have her leave your home to protect yourself from the abuse.

In spite of your debilitating physical problems you've made tremendous progress ~ clearing enough space to take in three renters and keeping common areas immaculate. Adding in the stress of everything going on with your daughter and you are still coping at a very high level! You may not have reached certain goals but just maintaining and hanging on is success enough.

Dave has excellent advice for having a special Thanksgiving!! I especially love the idea of sharing Campbell's chunky sirloin soup (my favorite!) and crackers with the dogs. I can just imagine them licking your fingers and thinking you are the best ever. :) There will be so many kisses and so much loving that will fill you with laughter and happy feelings.

You have another whole year to prep for a wonderful Thanksgiving with whoever you want. If you've saved special plates you were planning to use those won't go to waste. If you had stocked up on some perishable foods to cook use them a little at a time to nourish yourself.

Darci, you feel very overwhelmed but I think you're doing a terrific job with everything! Rest when you need it and maybe those renters wouldn't mind pitching in with some help.

take good care my friend ~~
Posted: 25 November 2014 - 08:46 AM
How are things going with your visitor?
Posted: 24 November 2014 - 10:05 AM

You can have a special Thanksgiving. And you can start preparing now.

1) Right now, when you feel stressed or dizzy or .... STOP, close your eyes and think about breathing. Breathe in, breathe out. As you breathe in, think THANK. As you breathe out think FUL. The purpose is to change the focus of your mind from the stressor to the acts of breathing and thinking the word.

2) I challenge to to use the gratitude thread. For the next two weeks, think of and post 1 thing you are grateful for each day. If you can't think of anything yourself, read some old posts and post something someone else wrote that strikes a chord within you.

3) Party with the dogs. From the pictures you posted last year, I think you have a very nice house. Find someplace you and the dogs can eat. They would really like a crockpot roast with some baked potato and spinach. If that is too much of a challenge for your current physical condition, just get an appropriate number of cans of something like Campbells chunky sirloin soup. Heat it up and give them some and have some soup and crackers yourself. Take a moment to tell each dog why it is special to you. They will lick your fingers for any leftover soup and think you are the greatest human going. You are thankful for your nice place to live. You are thankful to have a plan to keep it. You are thankful for your friends. You are thankful for the spaces you are making in your life for new ..........

Happy Day, Happy Week.
Posted: 24 November 2014 - 08:19 AM
And there's the answer I've been struggling with for Darci.

Darci - a (((hug))). While they cannot reach out and touch you, there are people here who know the physical and emotional pain you are dealing with.
dave a Tillie repost
Posted: 24 November 2014 - 08:11 AM
I stumbled upon this yesterday looking for something else. As I recall, it was quite popular when originally posted and I thought it would be worth a repeat.

Tillie Posted: 27 January 2014 - 12:29 PM
Good morning Everybody :D

Must clean the house today!
No procrastination, no excuses, no whining.

Right now I have been downloading updates, defraging, deleting stuff to see if something malfunctioned with my computer & fix it.

Really enjoyed reading the message board here today! :D

Even when you feel your posts are not worth posting, please post! It is important to put it all out there, let us know how you are really feeling, so we can understand and be better able to help you with suggestions or just a (((hug))).

Wishing you all glitter covered unicorns farting rainbows today. ;)

Posted: 23 November 2014 - 11:40 AM
Hey Darci, there's a lot I want to respond to in your post. I got carried away and moved it to the Spirituality thread. Other stuff I'll get back to later ~ got to get to chores here now.......
Posted: 22 November 2014 - 09:58 PM
the second post was basically
Use the Bing search engine,
type in the term HOW TO MEDITATE
dave - from tillie
Posted: 22 November 2014 - 09:33 PM
See the Jan 27 post below and the following one at 12:19 I don't know how to link to.

Tillie Posted: 27 January 2014 - 12:13 PM
When you get so befuddled you don't know what you want or don't even care about doing anything
because it all seems so futile/hopeless
It is a GREAT time for you to meditate.
Sit quietly, breathe properly, relax, let go,
forget about the world and all the busy-ness there.
In the calm and quiet you will be able to hear a different sound.
This will lead you to your inner thoughts and needs and desires.
It will release you from all the distress of the modern world and allow you to become centered.
When centered, you will be able to calmly and serenely do that which you now can see is the way you should proceed.
Tune out, Tune in
Posted: 22 November 2014 - 06:58 PM
Well, this is the first time I haven't even come close to reaching a goal of number of boxes to donate. My daughter, who has always been MORE than I could cope with, was diagnosed bi-polar with about 7 other "tendencies". I kept blaming my poor parenting, my hoarding, etc. etc. for her hateful disposition. Anyway, she has moved out and we still have explosions when we see eachother. After one such explosion over her roommate not paying a dime in rent or utils (lease in my name... so I got stuck with an extra $1,000 in expenses in less than two months), I literally felt something pop in my head... my heart was racing and after a few hours of my heart racing, I cried myself to sleep. I woke up with a headache that made my migraines look like nothing more than a sniffle. After three days, chest pain started. Went to hospital... they couldn't find anything and acted like I was crazy. Needless to say, no progress on the Thanksgiving cleanup. And I am too sick to put on Thanksgiving. So all the things I saved in hopes of having a wonderful Thanksgiving with my daughter and her boyfriend will go to waste. :(
I came out of the hospital in worse shape than I went in but am forcing myself to try to clean a teeny spot or teeny box at a time. Very hard as I am very dizzy, blurred vision and still having severe chest pain.

Why I am such a pickle... other than being a hoarder for over 25 years, I recently had to completely empty out three bedrooms in order to rent them out to pay my daughter's rent. She is too explosive and verbally abusive to be at home and I needed to emancipate her as quickly as possible. I am a single mom with MS and she destroyed my last two relationships so I am very alone. NO friends, family, NOT a SOUL or support system less than 1100 miles away. My dogs are my only companionship. I am extremely close with my ex (not her dad) and now that she has moved out, he wants to come back.

Anyway, I had to empty the three bedrooms quickly, so everything got thrown into boxes and piled in the garage, in my ex's "man cave" (he let me stay in his house so my daughter would not have to switch schools, and the living room (which is now my "bedroom"). I got pretty burned out having to do all that packing, moving, painting and repairing on my own. Daughter refused to help because I should just "throw everything away" and it is MY fault that I am having to move so much stuff. True, but she could help... I wouldn't have to be moving things if she wasn't so explosive... not her fault?? How much is bi-polar and how much of it is that she has learned that being explosive is a means to wear down mom and others and get your own way??? With MS, I have bouts where I can barely walk, weak, etc. etc. My daughter totalled a car in September and then had another accident last week. She also got two tickets and $$$$ fines, etc. Her roommate didn't pay rent, so I also got stuck with an extra $1,000 in expenses (lease in my name). So, let's throw in overwhelming legal and fincial troubles in there.... perfect storm.

So, for the last several weeks, overwhelmed was an "understatement". Just brush yourself off and start over, you say. Well, with a bones crusing headache and chest pain, dizziness, blurred vision a little rough.

One thing I can say, though, is that I have done an excellent job keeping all the common areas immaculate and have not had an tenants complain that the front half of the garage (visible when they do laundry) or my area is a problem for them. One guy said that my common areas were more cluttered than he would like, but the areas are immaculate and he complains about everything anyway (house too hot, too cold, doesn't like my brand of pots and pans...). I simply reminded him that his lease is week to week and either party can cancel for any reason and he hasn't said a word since.

So, for a hoarder to be able to clear enough for three extra people in the home, I guess I am not at total rock bottom.

I did have a few slips at the thrift stores (I had gone in for "legitimate" reasons... my last pair of jeans totally ripped, needed lamps for tenants....)

So, here I am... trying to get past feeling overwhelmed :(
Posted: 21 November 2014 - 09:14 AM
Hi to Mariana and LR! Good to see you back!

I hope your life situations calm down and you're able to post more often.

take good care
Posted: 21 November 2014 - 06:49 AM
Hi Mariana. Welcome back! I'm not sure where Roxie is. We all miss her. If memory serves, she was in the hospital and then once home her brother wanted her to go stay with him and she didn't want to leave her home. We haven't heard from her and she is sorely missed.

Tillie is still around although we only catch glimpses of her now and then. I think she's taking a break. We miss our anchor but recognize that it's a lot of responsibility to take care of so many of us. And that can be a thankless job.

Bear in mind the above is what I tell myself. It's not based in fact. We miss them as I am sure you have been missed! Would love to hear your story and find out what is going on with you!
Posted: 19 November 2014 - 10:34 PM
Hello LR! Have been missing you! Very sorry to hear about the flood. But I am glad to hear from you!
Posted: 19 November 2014 - 07:14 PM
Hi, everybody. I haven't had Internet at home for about a week and a half, but that's resolved for now. I'm so glad to be able to be back in touch with you all here! Missed at least three of the recent chats. (Frown.) I'm looking forward to catching up on what's going on with all of you.

Surprise, surprise . . . I had another flood this week. (It started in the kitchen this time.) Still have a lot of cleanup left to do from that. Might see if anybody is on chat early this evening and see if anybody is up to a little bit of buddy-work cleaning.

Hugs to everybody!
Posted: 19 November 2014 - 03:19 PM
For various reasons (moving, surgery etc.) I have not posted in a long time but I have checked in periodically to see how everyone is doing. Lots of new people here but missing some old familiar names. Does anyone know what has happened to dear Tillie and Roxie?
Posted: 19 November 2014 - 06:23 AM
Yay Diane, water is still running! White tarp is a great idea so is socks on windshield wipers. I like what you said about permission to visit old emotions and let old negative feelings go to the graveyard. I need to do that.

Great job with all the work you got done yesterday!
Posted: 18 November 2014 - 11:38 PM
Good memory Tat, yes freezer room is fine, I have a lar ge light bulb right over where the pipes froze last year in freezer room, no frozen pipes this year. Having the freezer is so great when I am snowed in like this week. Have frozen vegetables, fruit and chicken in there so no worries about food.
I have lots of single socks, if I ever start dusting I will remember to use socks.
Today I got dishes done, cleaned the stove, under burners too, put aluminum foil on stove burners. Moved stuff off deck, shoveled snow off deck and some in driveway, brought in firewood. .Organized some of living room, more needs to be done.
Posted: 18 November 2014 - 08:47 PM
Dave and Diane, my neighbors use old socks for dusting, which was funny to me at the time, since dusting seemed like an impossible task. Now I kind of like the idea!

Diane is the freezer room keeping warm enough?
Posted: 18 November 2014 - 12:28 PM
Thanks Dave, trailer trash, ran through my mind when I put tarp up, what the heck, I is what I is.
Did you know if you put a treasured sock on each windshield wiper, you can pull it off to clear ice off wiper? See all of our loner sox have a purpose!!
Posted: 18 November 2014 - 11:55 AM
Great idea with the windbreak. You are most creative.

ONLY 7 below! I feel like I'm reading about the weather setting for the poem - The Cremation of Sam McGee!
Posted: 18 November 2014 - 11:07 AM
Running water this morning!!!! Hooray. Only 7 below zero last night, already 7 above zero, so today will be warmer. I feel so blessed that I did all the insulation fighting spiders, last year under the trailer. I even put up a white tarp to stop wind from blowing up on deck and to kitchen pipes that froze. My pride out the window, more impt. to stay warm and have water, it can come down easily as soon as it is above freezing, soon I pray.
I enjoyed the chat about empty spaces, I can relate so much. Now that my living room is a disaster area, it gives me permission to visit old emotions, frustrated, hopeless, stuck. The familiar old crap feelings are more comfortable than empty spaces that bring up new feelings,I just have to clean up living room today and embrace new feelings and let old negative feelings go to the graveyard.
Mel enjoy all you share and so proud of you for letting a loving man into your space.
Posted: 18 November 2014 - 07:32 AM
Diane, I am so happy that you had so many people wishing you Happy Birthday!! You have made tremendous changes and I'm so proud of you for risking the pain of letting people into your life, for dealing with the difficult issues that may come up, for learning and growing. Big High Fives!!

I keep thinking of you with all this cold and sending prayers your way. You are so strong to be shoveling deep, heavy snow, carrying in wood, tending to the water to prevent it from freezing, taking good care of yourself inside; I am exhausted reading it! Great that you found boots and gloves!!

Tat, I'm very glad that you made the trip before bad weather came in! Very good choice to have neighbor teen ride with you for safety. That was a big hurdle to overcome driving up and back knowing you could have been facing a panic attack. Big WTG!! And thank you for kitty blessings. :)

Mel, great work on getting rid of all those electronics! Your answer about the mousetraps was truthful ~ sometimes mice do come inside in the fall. He may not have experienced that yet because he has natural mousetraps. :) Although I have found my natural mousetrappers like to share the food with me ~ bits and pieces. Or they may just present me with the whole gift if they are feeling particularly generous.

I don't always feel great about the cleaned area either. Like Tat, it dredges up uncomfortable emotions for me too. The waste, destruction and squandering of resources I've caused and how it has impacted others as well as myself. Then if the area is too open, like a hallway, it feels like I should fill it up again. How weird is that?

Kitty puke. Haha I am SO familiar with that! Squishes up between the toes. VERY unpleasant to wake up in the dark and hear the hacking next to you in bed. If you can see, holding out your hand to catch it. And the hair ball pukes! Looking kind of like a half digested mousie. But fear not ~ it's just groomed fur they swallowed. As they charm you with their sweetness, cleaning up after them (like babies) is worth the price we pay. Pretty much. :)
Posted: 17 November 2014 - 11:05 PM
Thanks Tat, appreciate you explaining why driving is difficult, and happy you are safe and took sleeping teen for support.
Posted: 17 November 2014 - 11:00 PM
18 below zero last night and still have running water, several record breaking cold nights in a row, coldest November since 1955 one weatherman said, brrrr
I was supposed to work in a nearby town tomorrow but can not get car out of driveway yet, boss was so gracious when I told her. A friend picked me up for a class today, I walked down the hill since cars are getting stuck coming up this street.
Since I will now be home all day tomorrow I plan to clean living room tomorrow, it has tools, lamps, nails and other fixit stuff all over, oh and lots of clothes, I recently washed, and did not put away. I want living room clean so I can do some craft projects this week while I am snowed in.
loved reading about roommates/boyfriends and the adjustments it take, proud of you both.
Thanks for birthday wishes Tat, incredibly 19 people wished me birthday happiness on Facebook, more than i can ever remember, 4 b day cards, usually get one or none. I think letting walls down, getting rid of things and letting a few people back into my life might be worth the pain. More to be discovered.
Being in this group has been the support that has been missing in my life to change hoarding behavior, and accept that more to be done can be done slowly, I have given up on rushing to finish line. Thanks for being here and working honestly on your stuff.
Posted: 17 November 2014 - 10:56 PM
Diane, wow you have a lot to deal with! Glad you made soup and also happy to hear you had birthday cards waiting for you! I kept up with dishes and dishwasher and did a bunch of laundry. Was tired from trip but luckily I work from home most Mondays so it was an easier transition than going into the office. We had rain all day and I was grateful that I had changed my original plan, which was to take today off and drive to VT. So glad we had clear roads yesterday. This was my first time driving to VT in many years, I think five, because I had a panic attack driving home on the last trip and thought I would die. (Immediately went to see dr and was dx'd with thyroid problems and had thyroid removed).

Changing the day from Monday to Sunday meant that my boyfriend couldn't go with me (and do the driving ) so we had one of the neighborhood kids ride up and back with me. Although he didn't do any driving, I could rely on him to talk to me and keep me calm. I only came close to panicking a couple of times. He mainly slept in the car--he'd been out til 4:00 AM--ah to be young.

Mel, your sense of humor over the cat "revenge vomit " will continue to help you through this.
Posted: 17 November 2014 - 10:12 PM

I keep stepping on the cats! I feel so bad about it. I'm used to both stepping on stuff and not really looking where I'm walking. Kitties revenge though, I also stepped in kitty puke.
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