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Alexandria       (800) 462-7337
Arlington         (703) 822-4711
Richmond        (804) 433-3211
Virginia Beach (757) 320-1611
 Statewide         (800) 462-7337

Virginia Hoarding Clean Up Help:

Steri-Clean has been helping people in Virginia, and across the nation who struggle with clutter and/or hoarding for well over 2 decades. We take a different approach, where the human factor comes first. Every plan is not the same, in fact no 2 plans can be the same! This is why we have successfully cleaned over 10,000 homes throughout Virginia and across the U.S. Whether you are in Alrington, Richmond, Roanoke, Virginia Beach, or anywhere inbetween, our hoarding cleanup help is available for you. Let our experienced and educated, hoarding specialists help you every step of the way without breaking the bank! 

We are blessed and truly thankful to have not just helped people clean their homes, but help them regain control of their lives! Hoarding is not caused by laziness. Hoarding is typically a complex issue with many layers. It is important that we realize how to allow our customers to remain in control while we help them unravel all the layers. This will not only allow the best progress at restoring functionality and safety to their home, but will also allow them to work on the many underlying issues that cause the hoarding behavior in the first place.

Our first priority is to actually HELP our client, not make their situation worse. For this reason, we don't advertise on our vehicles. All of our vehicles are plain white and unmarked for discretion. By law some states require that any work vehicle have its company name on it, so we may have Steri-Clean on the van, but no mention of what services we provide. 

We understand the position our clients are in and will provide everything they could need for a fresh start. Contact us today and start the road to recovering from this debilitating lifestyle.

Have Questions? Contact us below!

Steri-Clean Virginia Services:

  • Free Photo Estimates
  • Unmarked Vehicles
  • Trained Staff Members
  • Customized Cleaning Plans
  • Sorting
  • Organizing
  • Donation
  • Recycling
  • Disposal
  • Storage
  • Support Groups
  • One On One Program
  • Biohazard Cleaning
  • Animal Hoarding Cleanup
  • Proper Disinfection
  • Restoration Referral Program
  • Phone Support 7 days a week

Steri-Clean Arlington Owners Marc and Rachel Cline are hoarding experts that provide hoarding cleanup help throughout all of Virginia. 

***This Steri-Clean service is an independently operated franchise business owned by Old Dominion Crime Cleaners, Inc. 

Joyce L. Robbins, LICSW
Kenneth X. Robbins, MD
5055 Seminary Road #108
Alexandria, VA 22311
Phone: (703) 379-2600
Fax: (301) 299-2986

Ann L. Stone, PhD
3801 N Fairfax Drive – Suite 61
Arlington, VA 22203
Phone: (703) 243-4470

Sandra Werfel, LCSW
5280 Lyngate Court
Burke, VA 22015
Phone: (703) 978-2030
Fax: (703) 978-2030

Marcella Jost, LCSW
1441 Sachem Place – Suite 4
Charlottesville, VA 22901
Phone: (434) 977-1511
Fax: (434) 978-1140

Richard C. Baither, PhD
8316 Arlington Blvd # 600
Fairfax, VA 22031
Phone: (703) 698-5220
Fax: (703) 573-2351

K. Elaine Williams, PhD
3615-F Chain Bridge Road
Fairfax, VA 22030
Phone: (703) 383-1386

David L. Kupfer, PhD
7700 Leesburg Pike # 404
Falls Church, VA 22043
Phone: (703) 821-8990
Fax: (703) 821-8990

Keith E. Saylor, PhD
Suite 17
106 Elden Street
Herndon, VA 20170 US
Phone: (703).787.9090
Email: neuroscience@neuroscience-

Henriette Kellum, LCSW
6252 N. Kensington St.
McLean, VA 22101

Robert S. Falk, PhD
5931 Harbour Park Drive
Midlothian, VA 23112
Phone: (804).639.1136

Lisa Zocco, Psy.D
6160 Kempsville Circle
Suite 327A
Norfolk, VA 23502-3933
Phone: (757) 466-7300
Fax: (757) 466-9463

David W. Reid, MD
6320 N Center Drive
Suite 101
Norfolk, VA 23462
Phone: (757).456.0505
Fax: (757).456.0817

Richard W. Handel, PhD
Eastern Virginia Medical School
825 Fairfax Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23507
Phone: (757).446.5888

Frances M. Christian, PhD, LCSW
1805 Monument Avenue – Suite 611
Lee Medical Building
Richmond, VA 23222
Phone: (804) 355-9322

Ronna Saunders, LCSW
Center for Behavioral Change
3212 Skipwith Road
Suite 104
Richmond, VA 23294
Phone: (804) 270-4111

Nancy Firestone, LCSW
5537 Hempstead Way
Springfield, VA 22151
Phone: (703) 922-8484
Fax: (703).354.7825

Valerie J. Buyse, MD
2110-D Gallows Road
Vienna, VA 22182
Phone: (703) 893-2429

Edward H. Tiller, PhD
Williamsburg Ctr for Therapy
217 McLaws Circle- Suite 2
Williamsburg, VA 23185
Phone: (757) 253-0371
Fax: (703) 253-8063

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