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Hoarding Cleanup Service 
Steri-Clean Locations 

Rhode Island Hoarding Cleanup Help

(401) 425-4250    Providence
           (800) 462-7337    Statewide Service 

Steri-Clean has been helping people in Rhode Island and the nation who struggle with clutter and/or hoarding for 2 decades. We take a different approach, where the human factor comes first. Every plan is not the same, in fact no 2 plans can be the same!

Our first priority is to actually HELP our client, not make their situation worse. For this reason, we don't advertise on our vehicles. None of our vehicles say anything about hoarding or clutter for discretion purposes. By law some states require that our name is on our vehicle but we try to minimize the size and it is limited to Steri-Clean, but again with no mention of what service we provide.

We are blessed and truly thankful to have not just helped people clean their homes, but help them regain control of their lives! Hoarding is not caused by laziness. Hoarding is typically a complex issue with many layers. It is important that we realize how to allow our customers to remain in control while we help them unravel all the layers. This will not only allow the best progress at restoring functionality and safety to their home, but will also allow them to work on the many underlying issues that cause the hoarding behavior in the first place.

We understand the position our Rhode Island's clients are in and will provide everything they could need for a fresh start. Contact us today and start the road to recovering from this debilitating lifestyle.

Steri-Clean Connecticut Rhode Island Services:

  • Free Photo Estimates
  • Unmarked Vehicles
  • Trained Staff Members
  • Customized Cleaning Plans
  • Sorting
  • Organizing
  • Donation
  • Recycling
  • Disposal
  • Storage
  • Support Groups
  • One On One Program
  • Biohazard Cleaning
  • Animal Hoarding Cleanup
  • Proper Disinfection
  • Restoration Referral Program
  • Phone Support 7 days a week

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Available Therapists in Rhode Island that Specialize in Hoarding:

Shari Wasserstein Elice, PhD
2843 South County Trail - Suite C-9
East Greenwich, RI 02818  
Phone: (401) 398-0983
Child/Adol/Adults/OC Spectrum Disorders/ Trichotillomania/Hoarding/ERP/CBT

Maria C. Mancebo, PhD
Butler Hospital
345 Blackstone Blvd
Providence, RI 02906  US
Phone: (401) 455-6216
Adol/Adults/100% OCD practice/Home Visits/Treats Hoarding/Support Group/Bilingual Staff/ERP/CBT

Barbara Van Noppen, PhD
880 Butler Drive
Providence, RI 02906  
Phone: (401) 273-3791
Fax: (401) 351-2755
Child/Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum Disorders/ BDD/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/Limited Home Visits/ERP/CBT

Steven Rasmussen, MD
Butler Hospital
Providence, RI

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