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Many people that suffer from clutter and hoarding, simply don't know where to start. If you are on this site reading this, that is the first step! If you are what would be considered a hoarder, you have probably been struggling with many emotions for years. You are also most likely aware that your living conditions are not what is considered "normal", but it is out of your control. There are many different reasons people begin collecting things that may or may not be valuablle, sentimental or even useful. You have probably isolated yourself from friends and/or family because of the embarassment of how your home looks or because they simply don't understand. You stopped inviting people in. You lie and make excuses. You become defensive when questioned about your hoarding. What started out small has become so overwhelming, you don't know where to turn. Your family may have given up, and you yourself may have as well. However, we will not give up. We see this all the time and know that we can help you make a change. You need to know you are not alone. Hoarding affects literally millions of people across the United States. It is very common!

It is never too late to correct this problem and begin a new life. We have helped thousands of families across the nation by providing not just the cleanup of their hoarded home, but the most important part of follow up and after care. We can provide you with therapists in your area that are trained in this specialized area. We can provide weekly, bimonthly, or monthly housekeeping. Hoarding becomes a way of life and you can't just expect it to be cured overnight. I like to tell people that it is similar to taking a bottle from an alcoholic. That doesn't mean they won't go get another bottle. We will help you through this, but it is only going to happen if you are ready to change. It is a commitment you need to make to yourself, before anyone else. If you are tired of your current lifestyle, and WANT to change, please contact us and we can give you the information you need to get started. Don't give up on yourself. You deserve better.

Want a place to talk to other hoarders, ask for advice or just vent a little? Please join us every Sunday evening on our online hoarding support group. Just come back to our site and click on the online support group tab on the right side of any page!


We have been providing help for hoarders since 1995. No other company in Nation is as knowledgable as we are when it comes to hoarding remediation. If you are looking for help for hoarders, please email us at your convenience.

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