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Hoarding Help Message Boards : The Daily Chat : What are you doing today 2023
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What are you doing today 2023

Posted: 29 September 2023 - 07:18 PM
Lila, I do that too! Yell "yes!" Like that.

I'm glad you found your notebook. If it were me, I would be thinking "ok, it makes sense that I set it in the crib, but why did I cover it up?"

I'm also glad your son can help with your plumbing.

Skill with people is no small thing. I am generally dreadful with people. At least grown up people.

CM, I think it's great that you have encouragement to go to the gym. I hope the exercise will give you energy and make you feel better. I find my days generally go better if I do yoga in the morning.

I'm glad that you have a positive and social outlet for your quilting.

You are right that you just need to get some things out even if their destination is not optimal. But I know it is hard.

I was watching a video the other day where the person pointed out that eventually, it's all trash. At best it will be used a bit longer and maybe be archeological finds for a bit. But no matter what happens to it in the next hundred years or so, it will eventually be discarded, or returned to it's component parts, or fall into the sun and burn up with the rest of the planet (which actually made me laugh) and all you can control is the time when you are here and not letting the thing make that unpleasant.

My toothbrushes arrived. My almonds arrived. I spent an hour on the phone with fedex (25 minutes fighting my way past their AI) explaining that I would like my packages brought to my house instead of dumped in the weeds halfway down my driveway. The nice man in India assures me that from now on they will be left on the porch.

School went well today, although I am worried about one of my students who has been hospitalized for mental health.

Posted: 29 September 2023 - 06:30 PM
CM! So nice to hear your update! You sound like such a creative person. I think it must be wonderful to be able to create things with your own hands - you with your sewing and quilting, SubC with her pottery... I am not such a person. I think my true gift is helping people feel welcomed, loved, and empowered. I enjoy that. It is creative, too, but I don't have anything cool to look at and say "this is what I made!"

So the saga of the lost work notes:
- sorted every item on the kitchen table carefully, threw some things out, the notebook was not there.
- sorted every item on the bar/counter carefully, threw some things out, felt ridiculous when I realized there was a literal bag of trash sitting on the counter for weeks!! Taking up space... just never got taken out! Sheesh. The notes were not there either. I did not wash the counter or get everything put away but I made progress.
- sorted a box and a bin in the living room, looked around, behind and beside all the furniture. sorted the stack on the printer. The notebook was not there.

At this point I thought, well, it is either in my bedroom or gone forever.

- sorted several piles in my bedroom... not really making any progress, but just moving things around looking for the notes.
- looked on the floor, around the bed, between the piles, on the nightstands... not there.
- then I picked up the baby blanket in the travel crib that Acorn sleeps in when she comes over... and there was the notebook! I literally yelled out "Yes!" and was so relieved! Why was it in there? Who even knows... I probably saw an uncluttered flat space and dropped it in.

So I am very thankful to have my notes back and I will be much more careful where I put them.

Now that I hit my main goal for the weekend, I can focus a bit on actually decluttering some of those areas and my room.

Also, the toilet is leaking badly and the kitchen sink is 90% clogged, so my son is coming over this evening to try and fix it for me. Thankful for him.
Posted: 29 September 2023 - 05:48 PM
One other thing about the quilting I forgot to add - I got out this bag containing a project that I'd had partway completed for awhile. It's another of those where I had some component (in this case four orphaned embroidered blocks) and designed this very elaborate quilt around that. Well, what I planned to add would've been very labor intensive, involving making several small additional embroidered blocks and a big embroidered center panel. Plus various piecing of fabrics and so on.

As with a couple of others recently, I realized my creativity had run away with me and I also now have the talents of another lady to draw upon. This gal is experienced and can take something like those orphaned blocks and make a quilt around them but she can do so without making such a big production of it the way I do. I mean, my idea wasn't bad, but I can see it was easy to get bogged down with it. And I'm sure we'll still get a very nice quilt if we take it in a simpler direction. So I took those blocks over to the church and left them in our quilting room with a note (I'd talked to the gal about them this week). Next week when we meet we can put our heads together and chances are the blocks will go home with her, I will take back my little pieces of fabric that I cut and just use them in my scrappy blocks, and I'll have one less UFO (UnFinished Object) to clutter up my life!
Posted: 29 September 2023 - 04:26 PM
At the bunny shelter house, brought computer along as did roommate, but I have less to do so here I am.

It's been a busy time with some changes in routine. Roommate joined the Y and would like the buddy system to get used to being there since she hasn't been a gym member ever. So I'm going along at least for awhile, which is probably good for me in terms of motivation and, well, simply getting there!

Scheduling is still in flux, as her other classes from the senior center will end soon and her physical therapy taper off as well. Which is good because it means she has made progress.

It's been hot here more like summer, will change by early next week to more seasonal. I'll begin to visit the storage unit and see what all I can accomplish there. In my city there's been a weird development - the DAV thrift shops have been shut down due to some screwy business things, so that makes fewer places to donate stuff. Goodwill is not my favorite place to take stuff because they're picky and throw away a lot, and some other things I've heard which I don't know whether to believe or not, but... let's just say I had generally preferred DAV. There's one small thrift shop, and a used bookstore, and a fabric store, that can take donations. I'll be on the lookout for other places.

I know it's most imperative simply to get things I don't need anymore gone so I may have to just say a prayer and let them go, rather than dither too much about it.

Also, after several months of being under the assumption that our church quilt guild was going to phase out, now this month apparently the word is that it will continue. They have put announcements in the bulletin calling for new quilters. So. I think I do need to implement my system of a much more efficient assembly line style method, making simple yet attractive bunches of blocks, passing them along to someone who has more room to assemble into quilt tops, and also bundling up remnants of fabrics that I've enjoyed working with but if there are too many leftovers of certain ones, pass them on rather than try to think of another project to use them in. That fabric thrift store will probably be happy to get them. Or one of the other quilters.

Went to the doll show and only bought one doll. Am thinking how to get back my efficiency in making doll clothes, and what challenges there would be for someone like me in tracking them to sell - the administrative side of it. But that's where roommate will be helpful. We both have good clerical minds, but she doesn't have ADHD, so that's a plus.

Must admit to not having cleaned the sewing machine yet, but have gotten a few items from around the craft table and on the craft table. And plan to do more. Work surfaces at the house are getting harder to come by; both of us are frustrated about that and it's been hard to find time and also remember to do something about the problem.

I want this fall to be productive but not frenzied. With as much as I'd like to get done plus the going to the gym, is this a realistic dream, haha. Although exercising may get my blood pumping and my head clearer and actually make me more energized and efficient.

The summer was so largely consumed by roommate's pain and disability phase, and now we're in the regrouping stage. It is a blessing overall now that it's better - when she so abruptly became unable to do very much, it seemed so uncertain as to whether we'd get to this point where we are now, how long that would take, etc.

Well, I could probably say more but that's enough to give a general idea. Hope everybody is doing well.
Posted: 29 September 2023 - 04:24 PM
Yes! Where is Tatoulia?

Good to see you SubC. Your wording of digging to the surface is how I feel about my bedroom and the kitchen bar/counter. I am going to have to dig to the surface to see my bedroom floor again.

I had a very busy work week but am off today. Last night I loaded and ran the dishwasher and put the trash cans to the road. This morning I unloaded and re-loaded the dishwasher and washed most of the remaining dishes by hand.

I also sorted a box of produce that has been sitting on the floor for months. Winter squashes. One was moldy so it and the box went into the trash bin. The other ones look and feel fine, so I have them out so I can cook them soon.

Someone said in a meeting the other day that they have the 'gift of decluttering.' Then proceeded to demonstrate by getting rid of a huge item that was cluttering up our work space. I am inspired. I admire this person and want that gift as well. I think part of this is me trusting in God to be my provider. I can do this.

I want to do this. I don't like having a home I would be utterly embarrassed about if any of my friends or coworkers came over. I mean the living room is the best space in the house and not nearly as bad, but now the dining room is terrible, and my bedroom looks like a very disorganized storage unit. AND, to top it off, I lost my work notes!! I HAVE to find them before Monday. They are nowhere!! I looked all over the house, in the car, and at work. I need that notebook! It has all my assignments in it. So, that is goal 1 for this weekend.

In fact I cleaned all the trash out of my car looking for it, and cleaned my office looking for it. So it must be in my bedroom, or on the kitchen table, or on the counter/bar, or in the few stacks in the living room. (How bad is it that it could be in the kitchen table and I would not know it even after shoving things around??)

Ok, wish me luck and cheer me on to find it!
Posted: 29 September 2023 - 04:27 AM
Good morning!

Tatoulia, please check in, I am worried about you.

I got one pot done before class. Class was fun but I did not get enough sleep last night. Very tired. Also inspired to do a bunch of clay work I have no idea how to find time for. And feeling behind on lesson plans for school.

The school year is actually 10% over already.
Posted: 28 September 2023 - 02:52 PM
I made some progress digging back down toward the surface of the scullery counter today. Ran a load of dishes and two washed and dried of laundry. Burned the burn bag with less stress than last time. (I did not have a fire on the equinox this year. Open fire is still scaring me.)

I'm going to go throw a couple of pots before I leave for class.
Posted: 28 September 2023 - 06:05 AM
Good morning.

Slow start again today. Feeling better but not too motivated. Also I pulled a muscle in my side wrangling Bean on Monday. This aging thing stinks.

I got a boost yesterday when I got an email from one of last year's seniors. College is going well for her. I did yoga before school too, and am trying to convince myself to do it now..

I'll try to stop back later.
Posted: 26 September 2023 - 03:09 PM
I bet we're all having busy fall days. I will try to get back later with more about mine.
Posted: 24 September 2023 - 06:05 PM
Hi Lila!

I'm sorry about teen. Glad you had a good time with the grands though.

You will get the bedroom back. We think it is all lost, but really, if you keep getting rid of things, even slowly, it will clear up quicker each time.

I don't work tomorrow - I watch Bean. He has scheduled gingerbread, raisin bread, toy trains, and digging potatoes.

I don't have him Tuesday because Dd called yesterday while I was at the arts fair (I bought myself some chicken socks) to see if they could come bring dinner and spend the night (of course!) and I had him most of today instead. His daddy came back to take him to visit cousins around 2, and they will all return here to sleep. Dd will leave for work in the morning and dsil will go home and then I will take Bean home in the evening and get dinner and go to a book signing with a friend.

I did drop off my donations on the way to the art fair.

My arm is pretty much better finally and I think if I get a good sleep tonight I won't be exhausted any more. I slept a total of 19 hours last night and Friday night and still woke up tired today! That shot is a b—-h!
Posted: 24 September 2023 - 05:49 PM
hi SubC! I'm glad you are able to rest. I hope tomorrow you feel up to work... assuming you are working tomorrow.

I enjoyed all my grands and had a lovely day/night. This morning at 3am there was drama involving Teen (not their fault, they were a bystander and had to call 911 due to a violent attack on a friend) but still now I am exhausted. Fell asleep on the couch after I went to work and dropped off the grandkids. Thankfully the event I was supposed to attend this evening was cancelled due to lack of registrations. YAY. So I am home watching tv and eating pretzels again.

I did notice last night when I got up at 3am that my bedroom has become so unmanageable again, to the point most of the floor is covered and I almost tripped trying to find a path to a window to crack it open. It is very bad again. I don't understand how it piles up so fast when I am not really buying things. But it is very bad, and I have to deal with it.

I am so glad I am home tonight, though.
Posted: 23 September 2023 - 08:49 AM
Good morning!

Happy equinox!

Lila, I believe you can do this! Look at your amazing success with the dog treats!

I bet you can find something in the garage you can handle. Or try a junk drawer. Or your smallest size clothes - is there something that just didn't work that well when it fit? Believe you will find better when you are ready for it.

It sound like you have fun times planned with your littles.

I get Bean two days next week - Monday and Tuesday. His Daddy has something going on Tuesday morning.

Today I am still resting from my shot. I slept almost ten hours last night. So far all I have done is read, do chores, and eat breakfast. I need to make a fee$ store run, and I might go to a craft fair this afternoon (and drop off some donations on the way)

I hope everyone is having a good weekend.
Posted: 22 September 2023 - 07:44 PM
post 2-

update: I asked Son to help me by seeing what remotes go to what devices. Then I donated the last 3 remotes into the donate box. Finally. I also donated an empty but nice cookie tin that was sitting on the table.

I am at 559/1000 items gone from my home this year since February. The goals is 1000 items in a year. I have gotten a bit behind. I do not count anything that is literal trash. I count things I have an inclination to keep, or have been keeping, and it is a choice to get it out of my home.

I will have to do some kind of "push" if I am going to hit that goal. I think I can still do it, but I might have to get into the garage to really purge.
Posted: 22 September 2023 - 05:07 PM
SubC, how nice your student moved it for you. That's good! I will have to do my shot on a Thursday. The only days I can afford to lose are Fri/Sat. I am directing programs Tues-Thurs. I mean, if I'm not there, it would go on, but I would have to help from a distance, recruit help etc... not worth it!

I ate some pretzels and watched tv. Still sort of watching. My counter and kitchen table never did get all the way down to the ability to wash them, but I am just so enjoying having a day off where I can do anything I want to! It will get done. Tomorrow I am watching Star for the first time at my home, while her parents and Tot and Acorn go out for some fall fun. I am excited! We will trade kids in the evening so the older ones can have a sleepover with Grandma. I will have to take them to work with me in the morning the next day, but there is childcare for most of it so it will be fun.

I got some pet supplies I need ordered online. Believe it or not, I finally used up all the dog treats I had hoarded up, except I am only halfway through the huge bag of dried liver. It is not safe to give dogs too much dried liver, so I mix a small handful into the other dog biscuits in the jar. It is gradually getting used up.

I think I feel slightly motivated to clean a bit more off the counter, so I'll do that and then go back to watching tv.
Posted: 22 September 2023 - 04:36 PM
Lila, it's miserable, but you don't want shingles!

Just do it when you have a day you can afford to rest. Or something you want to get out of.

Good job getting your trash out.

I had a pretty good day at school. The worst of it was over by lunch time. I still can't pick up a 40#box of clay, but one of my 15 y.o.s moved it for me.

Now I'm just very tired from poor sleep and a little sore and not quite back to full range of motion.

All I still have planned is to wash our sheets, do my chores, and set up the coffee maker. We already had an early dinner, so i'll probably finish loading the dishwasher and run that too.

I think I need to go to the feed store tomorrow morning, and I might drop some donations and enjoy a craft fair in the afternoon, or I might stay home.
Posted: 22 September 2023 - 03:21 PM
oh dear, SubC. That would be scary. I hope you can just rest and feel better tomorrow. I have not gotten my shingles shot yet. I am kind of afraid.

I am having the nicest day! Just being here, relaxed, nothing I HAVE to do... catching up on a few things.

I got up and since it is trash day, I did my usual routine of looking around for trash to toss, filling bags, getting anything old out of the fridge. Son forgot to wheel the bins to the road, but thankfully I was up early enough to take them out.

I also unloaded and loaded the dishwasher.

Now I am looking up "how to clean a microwave with a lemon" because I used the last half of a lemon for my tea this morning and I don't want to waste it. I love the smell of lemons.

I also did a preliminary clip of my dog's front nails. I will check the back ones and maybe shave a bit more off the front later. I let them get too long, with the new baby and being sick. So I am trimming them slowly.

Hope to hear from you guys today.
Posted: 22 September 2023 - 04:36 AM

Good morning!

Good for you for turning off your phone!

I did everything on my list yesterday, including all the fun activities. I almost bought two smock shirts at the thrift store, but changed my mind because they weren't really as thick as I like. I did buy three books at the used book store, but I dropped off more than three. They are kids books for Bean. One is signed by the author who dd2 and I heard speak years ago. She is a lovely woman!

I have a huge stack of books from the library (visited two branches, including one that has been beautifully remodeled since my last trip)

My class went pretty well, and my pots came out, but I had to have accommodations because by then I could barely use my arm. The drive home was difficult. The second shingrix shot was much worse than the first one and I was in pain from my wrist to the muscles in my neck, shoulder, and ribs. My deltoid and biceps muscles are also very week, and my whole arm is stiff, so I can't raise it above my belly without using the other arm. I'll be teaching with one arm today. I'm glad I have good classes.

I'm very tired - I couldn't find a comfortable position last night and woke whenever Dh or I moved. Then I got up around 2 to take more ibuprofen, and was dizzy and fell. That woke Dh up and he said he was afraid to go back to sleep.

I will not be doing yoga or throwing a pot today.

I'm very glad to have all my errands from yesterday done though. Hopefully early to bed tonight.
Posted: 21 September 2023 - 08:39 PM
hi! It's my weekennnnnnnddd finallyyyyy!!! yay!

So sorry you lost another duck, SubC. Your shed sounds nice! Handprints also sound nice because it will be a treasure as they grow! It certainly does feel like fall all of a sudden here. I had the a/c on 2 days ago and today had the heat on briefly. I am ready for fall.

hi CM! I hope you can figure out how to help your eyeballs. Looking at a screen all day makes mine hurt too. Time to go for a few walks outside to look at the horizon.

hi Tatoulia! Enjoy your friend!

I worked a billion hours this week catching up from being sick, but I got a ton done. Exhausted though. There was someone I have been calling and texting all week, a couple times a day, because they were supposed to work on a project with me (they knew)... but never responded. Finally at 4 today I just decided to do it myself (due Monday, but tomorrow is my day off). I worked on it for an hour, made calls to other people for input, and got all 6 pages ready and turned in at 5! Texted the other person and just said "I got it done and turned it in." Suddenly they texted me and wanted to work on it. NO. Am done, turned off phone... it is turned in so why now?

Anyway, all done with all work and I am not working on anything tonight, tomorrow, or Saturday! I am soooooo happy, sitting here eating pie and watching tv with my feet up!
Posted: 21 September 2023 - 05:36 AM
Good morning!

Tatoulia, I hope you are having fun with your friend.

Lila, how are you?

School went well today, but it is still wearing me out. Stayed after a bit and took care of parent emails and lesson plans for Friday - they are on the board. (My roommate doesn't mind if I leave them on that section. She uses a screen.)

I stopped at the specialty grocery for goat cheddar on the way home and all I did else was eat, chores, and run the dishwasher. I got to bed reasonably early and slept in a bit this morning as part of the sleep schedule experiment.

Today I have my eye appointment with a new doctor (my old one vanished) pay my car registration, get my shingles booster, stop at the library to return books, and cash a check at the bank. I also have class tonight, so once I leave (for my 10:30 appointment) I won't come back until after class.

Filler/fun activities may include the thrift shop, more time at the library, the used book store (have a few books to take in case I stop there), and/or a treat at Starbucks (I have a backlog of $5 teacher gift cards that will last me all year, because I did not know they had food)

Probably won't check in again until tomorrow!

Have a great day!
Posted: 20 September 2023 - 09:09 PM
I'm here and missing you all. Friend is in from overseas. Will catch up soon.
Posted: 20 September 2023 - 04:29 AM
Hi CM!

I hope you get your sewing machine cleaned so you can make some quilt squares!

For me, yesterday the throwing finally started to pay off a little. I am "relearning" things I am very out of practice on.

House is tidied up a bit, laundry and dishes ok, leftovers for dinner for the rest of the week in the fridge. (Two options, and Dh and I each have a night when we won't be home)

I put out my fall tablecloth and cleaned off the porch (found a few pieces of trash) and put out some big winter squash for decor (later it will get eaten). I cleaned up a little extra in the pottery studio when I was done throwing.

Today I teach all day and then come home and prep for a big errand day plus my class tomorrow and hopefully also get my lesson plans together for Friday (but I can probably also work on those at the library while I am out tomorrow)

Computer time is over!

Have a great day!
Posted: 19 September 2023 - 07:13 PM

Just a wave and a promise, last week and this were somewhat busy and eventful. Just getting my bearings. Finished with the grocery runs for the rabbit house Thursday, and while on that side of town went to bookstore book signing of my college writing buddy who came into town. Drove home afterward and handled it well without anxiety. Am very jazzed about writing.

On Saturday helped my other friend with tech stuff again. Visited with the library tech guy and she got to meet him.

A lot of using my eyes and once or twice had to deal with migraine or the threat of it. Still haven't gotten round to check computer screen settings although some of the issue wasn't involving computer. But anything to help my eyes is desirable.

Yesterday drove roommate to medical place for planned treatment of her pain area. She is doing well. We hope this will be a turnaround point.

Found out now the church is going to keep quilting. So I can make quilts. But no shopping for fabric. I will shop the stash, make simple block units, be efficient, give away leftovers.

And first I will clean my sewing machine, also do some laundry and fabric prep. Poco a Poco but do it. This week is semi busy but (fingers crossed) nice open stretches of time to come.
Posted: 19 September 2023 - 06:15 AM
Good morning!

Missing everyone.
Slept a bit later this morning. I've decided to try to pick up an extra hour and relax a bit on Tuesdays and Thursdays so hopefully I get less tired. I still need to work on my bed times.

Staying home day today. Much on the list. Produce and lesson plans and pottery and cleaning up.

Bean and I had a great time at the orchard yesterday, and now I have a bushel of apples to process. He wanted to make apple cookies and applesauce. Applesauce takes a long time, so we went with apple cookies. Which I invented because I didn't have a recipe. Dsil told me "you know, google is a thing." They came out pretty well.

I took him home and got down to the studio where I tidied and decluttered the alt firing cart a bit (I had permission) and prepared enough pots that I am almost caught up for my class which is half over.

How is everyone else doing?
Posted: 18 September 2023 - 07:07 AM
Good morning!

Tatoulia, do you go to work today?

Bean and I are going to the apple orchard.

Still have 8 ducks.
Posted: 16 September 2023 - 02:56 PM
I ordered the shed.

After discussion with Dh and examination of the color options available to me, I actually ended up ordering white with white trim and a crayola blue metal roof. The reason I got white trim was because none of the trim colors matched the roof. The building will be fully finished for weather, and I can collect paint chips and decorate the trim/walls later. I'm thinking rainbow grandchild handprints as one option.

The alternative was to go 100% white and paint the walls and trim la ender/purple later, but I think this will be better. Less work and expense and a happier Dh.

I lost another duck. They escaped from where I had them penned. There is not much I can do about this if they are determined to die.

Dh makes a really nice salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, feta, and parsley.
Posted: 16 September 2023 - 01:20 PM
hi SubC! A lilac garden shed sounds lovely. I'm sorry one of your ducks was lost.

I am relaxing watching tv and eating snacks, getting up and working on the counter for bits at a time.

From the counter:
I sorted and consolidated all the dog meds into 3 bottles, threw out the old ones, put the good ones in a baggie.
Got a box and started putting things in the box that go in my room somewhere.
Sorted all the cherry tomatoes, threw out a few going bad, am thinking about what to make with the rest. Tomato jam? Sauce?
I put away some toys that pieces of toys that were on the counter.
Threw away some trash. Sorted mail.
Put tea in the tea drawer.

The counter/bar is coming along. It is pretty dusty so my goal is to get to the counter and wash it so it is nice. I also want to work on the kitchen table.
Posted: 16 September 2023 - 12:50 PM
Well, the garden shed search was moderately successful. I have several options to consider. We also stopped by a farmer's market and bought goodies.

I think the rest of the day will be dishes, laundry, garden and pottery.
Posted: 16 September 2023 - 11:35 AM
Hello, friends. It is good at catch up with you today! SubC, grandkids really are the pinnacle of joy. I love spending time with mine, too. They do make things more clear. They are a huge motivator for me to declutter my home.

I have today off and am staying home. The grands have a cousin coming over to play. I offered to take Star but they may not take me up on it. So I am free.

My house still has all the fallout of my illness. I will work today on getting things under control. I think I am in a mindset to get rid of things (not in the bedroom, so much, but in the kitchen/dining area that is piled high) so I will take advantage of that and try to donate or toss and get to a flat surface today.

What are you all doing?
Posted: 16 September 2023 - 07:22 AM
Good morning!

Coffee clinks!

I had a good day at school yesterday, but that was all I had energy for.

One of my ducks didn't come home last night. So the fox has found them.

I slept ten hours last night. Today I am just going to begin again.

I'm in a much better place now than I was in June.

My brain was very bust last night. I dreamed that my friend's son who is in prison was a little boy again, and they came to visit and he and Bean were playing and having a lovely time. And I dreamed Bean's mama was very very pregnant. My brain wants to mend my life.

One of my favorite students helped me put the table back in my room yesterday. He asked me if I would miss him next year. I told him "yes I will miss you!" And then I thought (does this have to start already? Can't I just enjoy you for a while and forget you are leaving?)

I also failed at boundaries yesterday. I swore I would never force add an extra kid to a pottery class again. And yesterday my boss came to me and asked me to add a specific girl to my junior high class (it is unfair of them to use names. If she had just said "a student" and given me the same reasons I would have said no.) so I said yes. Never say never.

I cleaned up a few more things in my classroom. Just small stuff. Part of a shelf. But trash went out. I took the trash from my house too. And I added a pair of attractive but not totally comfortable shoes to the donate pile. I have too many shoes. Right now I know I have my very comfortable everyday shoes, my workboots, crocks for the garden or a quick trip across the yard, a pair of great soft renfest boots that I can also wear for semi-dressy, black low dress boots, and a comfortable pair of white summer sandals. Everything else is on probation.

Today Dh says we can start shopping for a garden shed! I really want a garden shed. I'm going to paint it purple. Or maybe lilac. Some shade of purple. And I'm going to plant landscape around it.

Ok, off to start my day. Progress. Not perfection.
Posted: 14 September 2023 - 08:19 PM
I didn't go to class tonight. I crashed. I didn't do anything all day but watch videos and take care of the animals.
Posted: 14 September 2023 - 06:09 AM
Good morning.

Very tired today.

I slept late and am waking up slowly. I have just a hint of a headache. I pushed myself pretty hard yesterday, but I didn't throw a pot.

I did fit in yoga, a stop for a croissant, and a trash/recycling drop before school. Then I taught all day, cleaned up my desk, reset the room for my roommate, and met Dh and friends for dinner.

We had a really nice time, but got home at 8 and I still did chores, a minor attendance task, cut Dh hair, burnished three pots, and set up the coffee - which did make itself this morning.

I have class tonight, so it will be another late one. The most important/urgent thing today is to have my lesson plans ready for tomorrow.

I dreamed last night that the administration decided we should be certified as a charter school and brought in some random official to audit us. He demanded that I produce formal lesson plans and I quit.

I brought home a few random bits and pieces from my classroom last night. I'm trying to leave it just a little bit less messy every night. There is still a lot to be done.
Posted: 13 September 2023 - 07:17 AM
Coffee clinks! Having the morning routine thrown off kilter is difficult. Going to work!
Posted: 13 September 2023 - 04:24 AM
Good morning!

Tatoulia, do you go to work again today?

I got to bed too late last night. I'm starting to wish I had two staying home days in a row. Maybe some weekend. Not this one.

I forgot that the power went out yesterday, so the coffee didn't make itself and I am feeling out of sorts and rushed. Hopefully yoga will recenter me.

Dinner out with friends after work tonight.

My morning online time is over (eaten by coffee maker.)

Have a good day everyone!
Posted: 12 September 2023 - 07:05 PM
Good choice, SubC. Keep you day at home your day at home!

Our neighbor brought me juice today. So now I'm set for quite a while. Since she inherited BF's car, she's inherited getting me heavy stuff duty. Speaking of which, I need cat little. This tiny cat uses a lot. And it's fine; she's my bud.
Posted: 12 September 2023 - 06:48 PM

Good job going to work!

My life is blessed.

I am still working on it. Especially the making choices and setting boundaries. Some days the mental health is a struggle, but I am lucky to have Bean. He is pure joy. And I would rather spend an hour hanging water balloons in a tree and watching him break them than a week on vacation in Paris. (I've been to Paris. It was delightful, and I am sure.) Bean helps make things very clear.

I did throw a pot last night. Now I am trying to find the energy to go throw another one. I wanted to work in the studio this morning, but the power was out. I did get the dehydrator filled with beans.

I have decided not to sign up for the free first aid and CPR training at work next week. It would be good to have a refresher course, but it is on one of my staying home days and it is a two hour round trip besides the training. I still need my staying home days.
Posted: 12 September 2023 - 06:40 AM
Bean is living his best life and I suspect you are living yours, SubC. Your life is amazing.

Posted: 11 September 2023 - 06:39 PM
Wow, I get busy and everybody stops by!

Tatoulia, your friend is not in charge of your life.

CM, I am sorry about the migraines.

I read your computer stuff, but this is what actually filters through to my brain:

"Computer no do thing. CM can fix"
Or "computer bad. CM no fix."

I hope the quilting works out. All I have to offer on the SAD is company.

Lila, I am glad you are making progress. Keep resting.

I'm not sure what to make of your comment "They are not here right now and I hope they will get some help." Do you know where they are? Is it a place that is supposed to be helping them? Or did they just leave and also you hope they will get heltatoulia, I'm sorry I forgot to tell you to go to work.

I had a great day with Bean at the renfair yesterday (he wants to go again. I want to take him trick or treat weekend) and a really good day today. He reinacted the jousting with the playmobil people and was very excited when he found owls in the bin (we saw a live raptor show)

he informed me on arrival that today was a very good day to make biscuits and hang water balloons, so we did both of those things. He helped me feed the chickens and refill the duck pond and pick peppers and cucumbers. He must have eaten a quart of cherry tomatoes.

At the end of the day he asked when he can come back and work in the garden some more. We are both looking forward to harvesting squash and digging potatoes. And he wants to go to the apple orchard again.

House is still a mess. Took him home late and stopped at the grocery store and I'm trying to find my second wind. I'm not sure I can throw a pot tonight.

Tomorrow is a staying home day, but I want it to be lesson plan focused. And also get beans into the dehydrator. Which is probably one goal too many.
Posted: 11 September 2023 - 10:52 AM
Sorry to hear about your migraine, CM, and your feeling poorly, Lila. Those are all very good tips for chasing off the winter blues. I had a good lamp I used and I cannot remember why I got rid of it. But I did.

Busy day at work. I stayed home, which means I'll have to find a different day to go in. I'll have to go in Wednesday and will find another day that isn't too objectionable.
Posted: 10 September 2023 - 07:36 PM
oh hi CM! Nice to see you. So sorry about your migraines and stiffness. I also think it would be so cool to read one of your novels! I live very far north and many people move here and get Seasonal Affective Disorder. I did myself many years ago. The solution is to start taking vitamin D3 NOW and continue through til spring. And, go outside and get a few minutes of sunlight on your eyelids as many days as you can. Direct sun, on your eyelids. If this is not enough, buy a Daylight Full Spectrum Lamp and sit in front of it every morning while you eat your breakfast. This is truly amazing how it increases energy and mood.

I am improving... was so unwell feeling and got not much done this weekend. Worked this morning and now am wiped out and cancelled an engagement for tonight. I am just so exhausted. I am cooking a frozen pizza and a little bit of fettucine for my dinner, and probably going to bed early so I can work tomorrow.

Tatoulia, thanks! I will take a look at the chart and instagram. I have a big business trip coming up this winter and I need to figure out clothes. If I can get on there I will tell you about it so you can give me tips also.

I prayed for Bean's mama today too SubC, and will continue. Teen needs prayers as well. They are in a not so good state of mind. They are not here right now and I hope they will get some help.

I asked Son to wash the stove and counters and take trash out, so that is done. I want to do so much more but am still recovering and need to rest for now.

Posted: 10 September 2023 - 05:21 PM

I've had a migrainey weekend - mainly yesterday, really. Today so far so good but Friday I'd gone to the library and was working on this laptop and I had my new blue light glasses and things did seem better. But Saturday morning I woke up, went to look at my phone, and Bam! Instant migraine. It was a doozy for one of mine, which is still wimpier than most people get, for which I'm thankful. What it did was, it went away in the morning but returned in the afternoon. So I napped, and there was actually a bit of headache - and stiffness in my right neck, shoulder, arm, back, somewhere in that region. Then the nap messed up my nighttime sleep. But I'm recovering.

I am looking into settings on this screen - being as it's a gaming laptop I got to wondering. I'd turned it to a warmer light mode some time back, and that has helped some. But I got to Googling, and this has an OLED screen (I don't know a whole lot about what that is, I just asked what kind of display this model has). Apparently some people are bothered by them, but there is a setting to make it not flicker so much or something - sorry for the vagueness but that's because yesterday my eyes were still not up to reading the entire article I found. Hoping I can tweak this to meet my needs. I do still like the computer very much, and I stand by my decision to get a powerful one that can keep up with my brain and my switching tasks, and with the graphics stuff I hope to do. Some of these issues I'm sure are just things that a person has to have the machine for awhile to notice and learn about.

In the library, I had gotten six pages of outline for my novel (not the one I was working on the other day, a different one - this one goes back further though, and is actually further along, and I'd just thought of some structuring things I wanted to nail down for it). So Friday was a productive and satisfying day. I want to have lots of those - and NOT have migraines.

Lila, hope you continue to recover from whatever has had you down.

We are supposed to get rain in the wee morning hours here and a cool off. Today it really only got up to around 80 already. Summer is waning. The days are shorter, which is sad to me. Fall is okay as long as it doesn't feel like a person is closed in; winter is the harder time with all that. I'm going to come up with some sort of strategy though for keeping my spirits up. Some of you live further north than me, do you have any good life pro tips?

An interesting thing - I got a text from one of the church quillting ladies and now it sounds like maybe they aren't going to stop doing the quilts after all. I'll find out more on Tuesday. If it turns out they will continue, and I can make a few more out of fabric I have - according to my new method of not trying to design and assemble a huge quilt all at once but rather making blocks that some others can help put together - then that helps me make efficient decisions on fabric to keep or get rid of.

And it'll be an incentive to clean the sewing machine, which I've yet to do - this week kind of got away from me and these two upcoming will be kind of full but hopefully I can still remember to do it.
Posted: 10 September 2023 - 11:59 AM
Coffee clinks and yes it's 1PM.

I did three loads of laundry last night. One of towels one of sheets and a delicates that I hung to dry, the towels and sheets are folded and out away.

I have to go to the oar pharmacy today and I hope my script is ready. I also have to drop off old medicines in their bin. I need to take paper plates to my mom's so that she can feed her cat easily. And I have to get some cash out of the ATM. It's raining right now and I am hoping not too humid.

A friend from overseas comes on Thursday or Friday. I know she will not be happy that I haven't renovated my kitchen or had my built in built-in. But I've done some things and hopefully that will make her happy. Lack of money was in the way in the first instance and then the pandemic, etc. she's done a lot for me in terms of getting my place done and I appreciate it.

I will go make my list of things to do on paper, the way I like it, then I'll hopefully get going. Will make breakfast first.

I would love to go to goodwill for a drop off but toast time it was closed on a Sunday so I won't bother attempting that today. But I will get stuff to the car.
Posted: 09 September 2023 - 09:55 PM
Hello all! Lila! Yes I sent you a private message via Instagram. Before you make yourself crazy figuring out instagram and what went wrong there, check out Eileen Fisher and J Jill sizing charts and let me know if the XL cropped pants will fit you. If they won't, then we know what we need to know!

I had brunch out of the city with two girlfriends today. I was early which isn't like me. I stoped for gas on the way, too. We did a little antiquing together and I saved myself $10 by asking if it was taking away from my retirement and it was

You are doing great, Lila, as are you, SubC. I'll pray for your daughter tonight.
Posted: 09 September 2023 - 06:28 PM
Hi Lila (and CM and Tatoulia)

That is sweet. If you think of it, include Bean's mama for me? She's having a tough time.

I'm glad you feel better.

Here is the thing - you did NOT get rid of the rice bags. Now go to a place you expected them to be, make space by clearing out something you don't need if necessary, and put them away! Tada!

Today I stripped the table from school so now it can go back to my classroom. It was a big job. I also filled the dehydrator with tomatoes.

I cleaned up the house a little. Not much. Dishes and laundry are better.

Dh made a simple, yummy dinner featuring tomatoes and kale from my garden with tofu and leftover rice.

In a few minutes I will put the extra food away and go throw a pot. Maybe more than one, but my goal is to throw a pot every day until my new class starts. More if I have time.

My fun thing tomorrow is the renfest. I plan to spend the whole day. (They open at 10:30) Dsil says he and Bean will come some time between noon and two.
Posted: 09 September 2023 - 12:11 PM
hi SubC! So nice to converse with you today! I think about you and Tatoulia and others when I can't get here. Sometimes I send up a silent prayer for you and Bean.

I feel better this morning. I have put a few items from the piles away, and will work through the rest today.

Tatoulia, thank you for the clothing offer. Do you still have a connection to my failed Instagram? I will go on there today and see if I can get it to log me in and connect with you.

Perils of de-cluttering:
While I was sick, I had such terrible stomach and back pain and I wanted to put a heat pack or hot pad on my guts. For probably 20 years, I had two of those full-of-rice hot bags in my nightstand that you heat in the microwave, and a small electric heating pad in the hall closet. Well, I cleaned out that closet and those drawers. They are not there. I was almost sure I had donated them all, except I don't remember putting them on the Daily Tally. So each day I took one minute and looked in a different place. I was too sick to search. Finally I found the rice packs in a pile in my room @@. They were a welcome relief. Still no idea on the electric one.

Anyway the whole time I was muttering to myself 'this is why I never declutter!!' There was one other thing I knew I had that is gone... can't remember what... and I was mad it was gone and I will have to buy a new one. But, I guess I need to figure out a mindset to still declutter things while being careful not to get rid of stuff I will occasionally need.
Posted: 09 September 2023 - 06:06 AM
Hi Lila!

Good to see you!

I'm sorry you are still feeling poorly. :(

And that your house messed itself up.

My house has also messed itself up while I was at school this week. My brain is trying to figure out how I taught all four days the last few years.

My school day went well. This is going to be a good group. My last class of the day looks particularly nice - a few of my favorite kids from years past who are independent workers, and a new one who was all sunshine yesterday.

I also figured out that I can probably stop and get breakfast at Starbucks every school day. I didn't know they had food. Kids keep giving me Starbucks cards and I just keep sticking them in an envelope. There is one right where I get on the highway, and yesterday it took me five minutes to pull in, park walk in - no line, everybody is in the drive through - order a muffin, pay, and get back on the road.

Today is a staying home day.
Posted: 08 September 2023 - 12:54 PM
post 2, update -

I am still feeling unwell. I started to just sort the table and counter. Mainly just picking out things I could throw away or put away, then shoved the piles over as far as I could and started sorting everything into piles on the counter. Filled a grocery sack with trash. Many piles and much dist remaining.

"What is in the piles, Lila?" you ask.
- remotes
- pens
- papers to be kept
- toys and pieces of toys to be put away
- dog brushes and grooming tools
- mail for other people
- paper bags and plastic bags
- diapers (clean!) and pull ups and other baby things from when the kids were here
- extra boxes of storage bags to be put away

All sorts of other random bits. Like a pink flashlight Tot took apart, which was Teen's when they were little, and I am debating trying to fix it or just toss it. This may be a 5 minute task for Son. But all manner of things like that, that just need 'something' done to it before putting away.

I found one item to donate - it is a water-absorbing mat type thing, very cute with fall leaves, but my dog is obsessed with it and wherever it is, he tries to grab it and shake it. It is nearly new so going to a new home.

How are you all doing today?
Posted: 08 September 2023 - 12:01 PM
Hello! I have awakened.

I was so sick it was ridiculous. Last weekend I started to gradually go back to normal but felt weak - still do - and can't eat like I did before. But this Tuesday I had an event and needed to work so I overdid it and paid the price. I did work a lot from home this week and today is finally my day off (tomorrow too). I don't feel great, but I am relaxing and working slowly on things around the house that are not heavy lifting/hard cleaning.

But the state of my house, wow. My dear Son did try and keep up some. While I was sick he would run the dishwasher, unload, load... he even cleaned up after Teen, who just flat out won't. He vacuumed and took out trash and washed and folded towels. He even cooked and ordered groceries delivered! But, the counters and stove are a disaster. The kitchen table is piled with stuff and the counter/bar is so piled that things are sliding off. My bedroom is also quite piled. How it all got so piled when all I think I did was sleep, who knows.

This morning I took out trash and made myself a pancake and put a squirrel video on for my dog. I ordered some groceries last night that got delivered this morning.

So I will gradually start sorting the piles a bit. That is not hard work but if I can get rid of some things, will be productive. Son can help me with the floors which are awful.

I have not caught up on all your posts, but congrats SubC on the new little boy coming! How fun! And Tatoulia, I hope your depression lifts.

Someone is at the door.
Posted: 08 September 2023 - 04:37 AM
Good morning!

Tatoulia, I'm sure Mom and the kitty will be fine. (Go to work)

I feel silly saying that. Do you need to go to work every day now?

I am very tired. Got home late from class last night, six hours of sleep.

Today is my second first day. I have a high school level class that is almost entirely beginners, a D&D group with a bunch of players who know more than I do, lunch, another D&D class with mostly beginners who have never played before, and end the day with a small group pottery class made up of kids who are really good.

I am going to coast through this on adrenaline and caffeine and crash like a leaky balloon (crumple silently into a heap) when I get home.

Sign ups for the last class session of the year at the studio opened last night a really demanding instructor who I loved is returning. I signed up for his class. Because what I need during the run up to the holidays and winter sale prep is a ton of homework (sarcasm).. I'm hoping it will get me back in my groove.

I got an email from an organization I believe in and try to support (with money) begging for volunteers for tomorrow. It was very hard, but I thought of CM and I did not respond. They need two hours of help. They are far away. Two hours of helping them would cost me five hours out of the middle of my day and four gallons of gas. Actually, I would need to show up early and get trained which would drain off another volunteer, even if i caught on quickly and had no questions and it was only for fifteen minutes - 12% of the help I was providing, because I have never done this job.

I have too much to do. I want to do a fun thing on Sunday and I would have to give it up. I need to rest and keep up with my own life and do my fun things so I don't burn out again. "Now is not the time."
Posted: 07 September 2023 - 07:58 PM
I did not see my mother tonight. It is so hot out. I feel like a bum but I'm sure she's okay. I worry about the cat but since she solely eats wet food, even if she doesn't have any water out, she should be okay.

All of my recycling and garbage is out! And I'm quickly washing a linen dress and a linen pair of pants.

I've been hanging in there with BF being gone. When we spoke earlier, it was around 730 PM his time and he was watering the rose bushes and the trees while the sun set. He said it was meditative. He started feeding a cat and now it's his. Except, it turns out to belong to the neighbors. But they are only at their summer house on weekends and the caretaker feeds the cat during the week. The cat sleeps with him and goes on walks with him, etc. when he was visiting at the neighbors for a cup of coffee, the cat came over, sat next to him on the couch, and when BF left to go home, the cat went with him.

I made a pile of pillowcases to donate. I've been buying the embroidered ones of my childhood, so I am making a pile of ones to donate.

That's the news!
Posted: 07 September 2023 - 04:21 PM
Thanks for getting me up, SubC!

We are under a heat advisory in Boston. So hot. I know I have to go see mom but I'll need to wait until the sun goes down.

Glad you have a nice batch of kids. My cleaners were supposed to come today. It's now 520 and I assume they are not coming. Tmr will work, too.

I've kept my windows shut and I'm wearing linen but gee it's hot.
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