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Hoarding Help Message Boards : The Daily Chat : What are you doing today 2023
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What are you doing today 2023

Posted: 06 November 2023 - 12:35 PM
I hope you get your errands done Tatoulia.

Bean didn't sleep well last night, so I picked him up late. I got a gallon of peppers bagged in the fridge.

Sadly, I also found a dozen more pots that need to be washed.

I don't need to finish all of them for the next show though. Honestly, I could get by with what I have, but I want to wax and tag at least some of the new pots. And build the fly8ng pig inventory back up, because those usually sell well and are fairly profitable, so I'll be annoyed with myself if I run out.
Posted: 06 November 2023 - 09:56 AM
You are doing great, SubC. And I do understand of needing to worry and plan. I make myself sick over stuff.

Most of my to do list involves outside errands. So I'll need to look alive.

Will check back soon.
Posted: 06 November 2023 - 04:35 AM
Good morning.

I did not touch the peppers.

I did put away all the Halloween decorations. Somehow, even though I got rid of a few this year and didn't add any, I still had trouble getting them all back into their bins.

I sorted all (? - I think) the pottery in the studio into:
Tagged and ready
Old tags that need to be changed
Ready to wax
Ready to glaze
Need to be washed
Need to be soaked
Waiting to be bisqued
Need rework
Need dremel

(Different types of pieces follow different steps)

I left a spot for "glazed, ready to fire"
I washed all the "need to be washed". So it's new category is "drying on rack"

I fired one leftover raw surface piece in my test kiln.

Today is a Bean day, but I'm going to have to work on this house a little bit while he is here.
Posted: 05 November 2023 - 08:02 AM
Ok ladies
(And gentlemen if any stop by)

I have three big goal areas for today:
Studio (this can be broken down into)
— sort inventory by category
— make at least two new flying pigs
— glaze bisqued pigs

Halloween - just pack the decorations away

— clean dehydrator
— wash and bag habanadas for fridge
— wash and cut sweet peppers for dinner/snacks
— wash and cut habaneros and freeze.

This is too much.

But unlike CM, I like to be asked how I did - it encourages me. To know I will get positive feedback if I make progress.

I'll report back later.

P.s. - my dad is still improving. (:
Posted: 04 November 2023 - 07:10 PM
I forgot to confess my "sins"

I bought six winter themed placemats with gnomes on them, and two little hand carved mice that peer over a bookshelf or windowsill. Actually, the placemats were Dh idea.
Posted: 04 November 2023 - 03:18 PM
So, I sold a couple of older pieces
(And Fewer chicken plates than I expected)
Met some neighbors
(Not sure I really connected with anyone)
And made $350!

I'm not so much a figure it out when you get there girl, I'm more of a "plan ahead and then change the plan in the face of circumstances" girl.

But it went ok. We still like each other.
Posted: 04 November 2023 - 11:34 AM
Glad Dad is home!

Your husband is correct, you'll figure it out once you are there. Sometimes I have to tell myself to stop worrying and just let it unfold.

I'm sure you can sell 100. I remember how beautiful your pots are.

Need to figure out my day and yes it's afternoon already
Posted: 04 November 2023 - 04:46 AM
Good morning!

Dad is home again, but sounds exhausted.

Holiday Fair today sharing a booth with my Dh and his coffee.

I realized when I went up to pack last night that my inventory is a complete disaster. I also have no idea what our space will be like or how I'm going to be sharing with Dh. He said there was no point in deciding how we want to set up the tables because we won't know what we're doing until we get there. I'm pretty much just grabbed all the boxes with tagged pieces. I have way too much and only the chicken plates are new. (Plus the standard flying pigs and little hippos.

I'm trying to remind myself that I have three goals here:
Make $100
Clear out some old pots
Meet some neighbors and maybe make a connection with one person.

Honestly at this point selling some of the older pots would be the most helpful.

Dh has one goal, he wants to pick up two new regular, local customers.
Posted: 03 November 2023 - 04:31 AM
Good to see everybody this morning!

Mom called me last night to tell me dad is back in the hospital - fluid around his heart and pneumonia, but responding well to medication.

She is doing ok. They only let her stay an hour past visiting hours last night (my dad is good friends with J, the director of the hospital) J told mom to get some rest and promised to check in on Dad first thing this morning.

My house is still a mess. I fired my last kiln load for tomorrow's sale last night. I did not do anything with the peppers.

The friend I was supposed to go to an art exhibit tonight cancelled on me. I wanted to go meet the artist, but I will be sensible and come home after school and get ready for my sale tomorrow.

CM, I didn't know that asking about your goals caused you stress. I will try to remember not to do it. I do it because I care - when I say "how did it go?" It's because I want to know - was it hard? Are you feeling frustrated and needing encouragement, or was it a success and you deserve cheers?
Posted: 02 November 2023 - 08:02 PM
SubC I hope your father continues on the road to recovery. That is so stressful! How is your mother holding up?

I've been having a lot of dental work which is bringing me some peace. I've put a lot of me stuff on the back burner and this feels so positive. I could do without two or three appointments each week but such is life.

Cold here too, CM!

I am out of beverages here. Not really, but I do not have the amount of beverages I like to have. I may have enjoyed my last seltzer tonight. I think I have a case in the car. I'd love to find a parking space out front this weekend so I could bring it in.

I was crying at the dentist yesterday (but not today, today I am fine) and I felt so alone. I didn't have my BF, and I don't really have my mother anymore.

My sister is coming here Christmas Day. Taking the bus. I'm looking up recipes to cook for her. I think she'll catch on that my BF isn't here. I'm trying to downplay it right now. I don't need my family knowing about the pain I am in.

House is clean. Yes I'm spoiled because my friend will put all of my stuff away for me. But I'm happy about that. It's a nice thing. My sister had helped me with the bags to goodwill and she kept saying, so you had a friend organizing your closets? And then she puts away whatever you put in the bin? Yes. Yes. I feel completely comfortable since I have spent my life taking care of other people instead of taking care of myself.

Going to go to bed early. I'm tired. Kitty is tired. No need to prolong any of this.
Posted: 02 November 2023 - 12:40 PM
Hi, meant to post on Halloween but was tired. Hope everybody had a happy one. My dear friend from my childhood who just lives about three blocks from where I am now, but we had a hard time connecting for awhile, was giving out candy and I went over there to help. Had a blast. Her block has become a destination Trick or Treat block - not as elaborate as some in the rich neighborhoods in the east or west ends of town, but people have fun. I hadn't even realized. I just thought people on her block liked to decorate.

It was COLD - we had blankets and a space heater but it was still pretty nippy. I actually got the cold spasms like I haven't gotten for many years (used to more back when I was young and a lot slimmer). But still, it was so enjoyable, so I'll be doing it next year with her. Might even have time to get a costume by then - I had hoped to but put it off and ran out of time.

Roommate and I are still going exercising, and it does rather chop up the time in a week, and I'm signed up to do NaNoWriMo (writing month in November) events on weekends. We each have medical appointments too and it's going to be a busier month than I'd anticipated. Weather should, however, mitigate from this cold spell pretty soon. It has been windy (surprise!) and I don't know if that will continue when it warms up or not.

Picking away at some clutter, need to accelerate that process. Reluctant to say I'm going to do this or that because I know me and I don't want anyone to ask "Did you do _____?" because that's embarrassing. But still, I'm in better shape than a few months back when I had lost practically all motivation.

Optimistic overall that exercising is going to help a lot of "what ails me" in terms of anxiety, ADHD, and misc. hindrances. It can be tiring as my body gets accustomed, but there is a good effect on my brain and outlook - which sometimes fades if I don't keep consistent, but that's a good reason to keep consistent. This weekend of course we set the clocks back (bleah) and have shorter daylight. However, getting out to exercise will help there too. Even if we're driving back from the gym after dark, it may do me good for driving practice and not feeling so cooped up indoors overall. And in a few weeks there'll be Christmas lights to look at during the drives, which will be fun.

I'll be starting to stock up on staples just a bit as I always do to avoid having to go in the crowded stores as much during the holiday season. It's good that the shortages are not happening so much now, though; I won't end up getting an excessive amount of "backstock" on food because there will still be times like in the quieter, less hectic weekday mornings that I won't mind going to the store briefly if need be. And I'll look through and make sure I'm not missing something I already have that I should eat up before it gets old.
Posted: 02 November 2023 - 04:27 AM

Where is everybody?

I talked to my dad last night and he sounds so much better. He's tired and sore and still coughing some from being intubated, but he isn't constantly out of breath any more the way he was before the surgery.

I'm realizing how much stress I was carrying about this whole thing. I feel so much more relaxed. Even with other deadlines and tasks still looming.

Today I'm going to work on getting things glazed for the holiday fair on Saturday, fire the kiln, try to do something with some of these peppers before they rot, and (start to) clean up Halloween.

I also need to go to the feed store and get lesson planes together for tomorrow.

My house is a mess. My closet has been tossed looking for clothes for various things too. Dh is encouraging me to clear it out and get some new clothes, but I want to wait until my weight is down. I am finally seeing some progress on that. (Update in that thread.)

I hope th8ngs are going well for all of you as we head into November.
Posted: 31 October 2023 - 07:36 PM
Just popping in to tell you things went well for my dad and Bean had a great "last day of Halloween"
Posted: 31 October 2023 - 04:28 AM
Happy Halloween!

I think this is my favorite holiday - decorations, lights, candy, fall weather and so few demands - no meals to cook, no shopping to do, no mandatory visits.

Although we do not have "fall weather" at the moment - it is 30* and dropping.

Dd was still not feeling well yesterday, so she worked from home. Bean asked if he could stay home and have a "mommy day" so I didn't see him until the Halloween event at the Y at dinner time. He was then frightened by an adult in a Batman outfit and refused to participate.

We went over to school instead and I let them in and we had him use the preschool potty all by himself, see his cubby, and try a couple of the "works" (it's a Montessori preschool and the various tasks/lessons are called "works" and are on individual trays - now he knows how to get them out, where to take them, and how to put them back when he is done.) We left his paperwork on my boss's desk. He didn't want to leave, he said "I want to do another work!"

So we promised him he can do more works on Thursday and I think he's as ready as he's going to be.

Now his Daddy is sick, so the other grandmother has postponed her visit to Friday and he is coming here today.

Also today my Dad is having heart surgery, so I am a bit worried. Having Bean here will be a good distraction I hope.
Posted: 30 October 2023 - 04:11 AM
Hi Tessa!

How are th8ngs going for you?
Posted: 29 October 2023 - 10:46 PM
Hi everyone! I'm So happy to see you all still here. Y'all helped me so much a few years back. I've thought of you often, but could not find this page. Happy day!!
Posted: 29 October 2023 - 07:11 PM
Had the best day with Bean today!

He brought a piece of pirate money (a trinket they give out to kids at the renfest which he is quite fond of) he told me " Grammie, I have some cash in my pocket so I can buy you a treat."

Since the renfest is in fact the only place you can "spend" pirate money, he did in fact "buy" me a mini snickers bar at one of the booths. (They were giving them out for trick or treat)

He melts my heart!

My spatulas came. Also, I bought two hanging chairs. Not sure yet where I'm going to hang them (many options) They were the heavily discounted end of season demo models.
Posted: 28 October 2023 - 10:08 PM
Tatoulia, good idea on the spot.

I'm glad things went well with your sister!

Thanks for mentioning the dishwasher, I would have forgotten to start mine.

Dh and I went out tonight - lovely time, dinner, walk in the park, concert. Home late though.

Tomorrow I get up early again and go straight out to finish glazing plates and load the kiln. I leave at ten to pick Bean up for trick or treat at the renfest. There is a break in the rain predicted from 11 to 3. Wish us luck!

Ok, off to start the dishwasher and got to bed!
Posted: 28 October 2023 - 07:22 PM
That's a nice story about the kid and the parent. Glad to hear that the kid's conscience was nagging at him and that the parent is doing such a great job. Good job, SubC!

I have four closets. Two are fairly large and I had California Closets outfit them so they are very nice and extremely useful. Because I had so much stuff from BF, we had to go through my stuff again in addition to going through his stuff. Went very well.

The spot is for stuff I don't put away or don't know where to put it. Just the stuff that collects during the week. I'm glad to have the little spot for that. My friend will deal with it and or make me deal with it each week n

Visit with sister went very well. It coincided with a tooth emergency on my part (and still ongoing) and so it was twice ad great to have her here. She spent a lot of time with mom and it was terrific. She was extremely helpful with errands (including taking the bags to goodwill with me) and it was a very successful visit. I was able to pretty much dodge any questions where BF is and he called a few times. Mom had a good birthday. She seemed confused but had a very good time and I was honored that both the executive director and the new assistant executive director joined us for cake and ice cream. Mom's college student friend was there and several of the aides and residents joined us. Terrific all around.

You have a lot to do to get ready for your sale, SubC. Cheering you on! Cm good work finding ways to stick with reducing at the storage area! A lot to work through.

Lila, I hope you aren't working too much. You have a lot to cope with and to deal with. Don't forget yourself in the process.

I am going to finish loading the dishwasher and then go to bed. Ive washed almost all of the bedding that sister used when she was here. She was very neat and tidy, which I appreciated. One night we just sat here and laughed all night together. Pretty nice. She said she might come for Christmas, meaning right before or right after. I asked that she do right after as I will be pushing through the work at the office just before the holidays strike.

I'm back at dds Monday and then Wednesday for a second surgical consult.
Posted: 27 October 2023 - 05:22 PM
What an awful typo! Post! Post!

That was also me sleeping with my friend. I don't want to throw shade on Tatoulia.

I have a positive kid story today. Had a situation where a kid reported something another kid (D) did that hurt a third kid (E). I had to send a note to the mom. I am so used to "my kid says he didn't do that."

Instead I got "yes. D's conscience was bothering him terribly. He told me as soon as I picked him up and has already called E and apologized. Thank you for writing. It will make it easier for him to talk to you about it knowing that you are already aware of what he did."


Ok, gotta run. Enjoy your time off Lila!
Posted: 27 October 2023 - 04:37 PM
haha, SubC, I was speed reading your last post and caught, "I may not pis* (pee) much more..." and I was like, wow, what kind of infection is that??? LOL. I re-read in context and see.

I saw the posts about sleeping alone/not... had a laugh about the guy friend (Tatoulia right? I closed the other window but I think you posted that). I hate sleeping alone, but have done it for 14 years so, I just try not to think about it. Back in my single days I was always looking for a boyfriend to sleep with, even if there was no funny business, just to be not alone. I might even kick him out at 2am so he was not technically an overnight guest. Now, it makes me sad to think about, so I just don't, and then I am okay.

Yes, I was working too much! Hours upon hours. I am so glad to have today and tomorrow off. I needed some rest, reading, doing nothing much today but cooking. I hope to declutter tomorrow because the kitchen table and counter/bar are in a bad state again, but, since they were clean so recently, I know it will take less that 20 minutes to get them both clean again.

I want candy so bad I am almost willing to run to a store for it. But not quite!
Posted: 27 October 2023 - 04:21 AM
Good morning again!

I finished all the wet work I wanted to get done for my first show and fired my kiln yesterday.

I also washed some laundry, ran the dishwasher, and picked all the habanero peppers.

I have a bunch more hot peppers to pick (probably in the rain) before the frost on Monday, and then there will be a conflict on my time of freezing/drying peppers vs. glazing work for my sale!

I may not pis5 much the next week or two.

I'm working really hard on my time management (executive function)
Posted: 26 October 2023 - 06:30 AM
Good morning

Bean is sick. No Grammie day today. With preschool starting next Thursday and his other grandmother coming for Halloween, I won't get any more bonus week days this year. I did take advantage and sleep in though, so I'm not too tired from yesterday.

I had a full day teaching and then got dinner with a friend before my class and stayed all the way to close at the studio, so I got home late and to bed late.

I'm going to try to make good use of the day and stay away from the videos.

A thrift store will throw the cracked bin away. I take them to recycling, but a cat bed sounds like a good choice.
Posted: 25 October 2023 - 04:33 PM
Hi all,

Tatoulia, sorry about your mom - my mom had some degree of (multi-infarct) dementia in her last few years, though it varied and also infections could make it worse and when those were treated things could improve. She always knew me though - what you are going through is much harder.

Lila, I'm sorry things are so rough with Teen. It hurts when something you gifted out of love is destroyed. I have known that pain years ago and I don't want to say more about the circumstances, but it is like a stab to the heart. Faith is one of the most helpful things. Good Scripture verse you shared for a lot of what we go through - helps me to remember not to envy those with more material blessings at present.

SubC, hope the plans for the show go well, and you have good sales.

SubC, re my storage unit and the wind problem - I agree that weighting things is going to be one helpful strategy. I'll look for some heavy things to use for that. Another idea might be to do a visual scan for lightweight things that I've placed too high up, because that has been a problem in the past. Perhaps bring those down lower. Of course, a person wants to put the heavier things down lower most of the time so as to not have stacks or shelves get top heavy, it just makes sense, but somehow if I'm aware I can at least make sure not to put super light and aerodynamic items up high without them being in containers.

My large fabric tubs could possibly form the low wall. I'm hoping to get tub sizes smaller and smaller, and have hardly any large ones (at least now I think I've gotten rid of most if not all of the really ginormous ones), but it would work for awhile.

This morning, we had the furnace guy in to inspect the unit as colder weather is coming soon. That forced both roommate and me to do some quick spot sort-of decluttering. I mean, some was stash and dash, unfortunately, but you know as I've been saying sometimes it helps to shake up the status quo and uncover those forgotten caches. That did happen, in particular with a big pink rectangular open tub with handles that's been sitting by my bedroom door and preventing my being able to close said door.

I removed some stuff from it and some went into a bag to be sorted (I think a lot of that will be easily tossed). The pink tub I washed and it may be repurposed for my doll sewing patterns. Those have been in an identical white tub. I got those tubs at Hobby Lobby a few years back and they seemed sturdy but the white one has split a little. It may make a decent gardening trug - my roommate introduced me to the concept of gardening trugs. Or it may get gone altogether. Perhaps it will just hold donations and be donated along with them and let the thrift shop people decide its fate. Or given to someone I know who rescues cats; it would make a good cat bed with a towel in it.

And I got some clothing and shoes neatened up that were hanging on the door or tossed on the floor by the door. And there was a piece of fabric that I'd set aside for that overcomplicated quilt; that can go toward some other project or be given to the lady who is helping with figuring a different way to use those embroidery blocks that were part of the overcomplicated project. So the entry to my bedroom looks almost normal right now!

The day was not without its frustrations, because of the hurrying, and the difficulty working with clutter, and a different matter that has me in a bit of a dither. I got kind of tired and aggravated but I guess I'm calmer now. And I'm glad for the good decluttering progress. As always, Poco a Poco in so many areas of life.
Posted: 24 October 2023 - 05:32 AM
Tatoulia, how many closets do you have?

I hope that you have a good visit with your sister.

CM, I would put a rock or brick or something under the door so it can't fall all the way. I also think I would go with the consolidating. Maybe you could build a low wall of boxes part way across the door opening right at the front? That would help block wind when the door is open. Just leave yourself room to walk by.

I slept in a little this morning. I was just too tired when my alarm went off. I can feel yesterday's garden work in my arms and chest too. Aggravating because I don't feel like I did that much.

Lila, are you working too hard again?

Yesterday I chose a Halloween decoration to get rid of. Just one, and all it does is make a tiny bit more space in the bin, but that's still the right direction.

I also ordered more spatulas. I have two really nice silicone spatulas I really like, but you cannot use them in the food processor with the blade in or on cans with sharp edges. I have warned Dh about this repeatedly. I warned him again when he was using the food processor this week. He has also been eating a lot of soup. Both of them came out of the dishwasher with cuts in the edge yesterday. I got online and ordered two more. Then I decided that since I was already more than halfway to free shipping and I had a sale code, I would treat myself to a variety pack. (Base shipping = $8, free shipping @ $35) so I will be up by 5 spatulas. I'm going to mark dh's for him or hide mine or something.

Today I need to spend time in the studio. It is my last day for wet work for the Nov. 4 sale. Bean is coming back on Thursday. (I get him a lot this week! - Monday, Thursday, Sunday!)
Posted: 23 October 2023 - 09:36 PM
Just another of my quick shout outs to say I'm alive but kind of lazy about posting.

Weather has been unseasonably warm but in a few days it's going to change. Meh. But the predicted rain is needed. Hoping it stays in liquid form. The few calm nice days flew by, and I wasn't always free to go work on the storage unit. Now it is windy again.

Trying to find a solution to the ongoing wind problem, because I am never going to get that storage unit sorted if I don't. I'm thinking I'm going to have to start pulling the garage door down to a couple of feet above the ground, and work inside. It'll be dim, but I might be able to rig up extra lighting. I'll want to let roommate know when I'm going to be in there - I think I could raise the door from the inside if it slides down but I don't trust it 100%, so I'd feel less freaky if someone knew.

Also will not have as easy of a time going back and forth to the van; will either have to be raising the door and lowering it frequently (which would mean more wind issues too) or consolidating batches of stuff going one way or the other. Still, it may be better than the way things have kept stalling out.

I've been noticing something lately. We are far from alone. When I go on Reddit, there are at least a dozen subreddits dealing with clutter issues. If I Google about a specific decluttering question, up pops an endless list of blogs on the topic. I don't know if it helps to know that - in some ways it makes me sad. But the good thing is people are recognizing the stuff problem, and maybe there's less stigma. Who knows.
Posted: 23 October 2023 - 08:13 PM
SubC this was all from closets. Deciding what to keep and what to get rid of so I could cope with a few of BF's things including my childhood ornaments. I got rid of many and kept about a third. She went into every closet except the linen closet and she brought shoe box sized clear boxes. My shoes are now in them too. She did a nice job although admittedly I haven't checked all the closets. I made her breakfast which was tasty.

In bed early. Not feeling well. I'm pretty excited that my sister is coming tmr. I'm seeing it as a good thing.
Posted: 23 October 2023 - 04:31 AM
Wow Tatoulia! That is a lot gone out of your small place!

I don't really I stand about the spot - you will not be putting things away after you use them? Or the spot is for new things when you aren't sure where to put them?

My counter is getting very very bad again. I have been focusing on pottery work for my two upcoming sales, which is fun, but time consuming.

It's very cold here. Supposed to hit 34* around 8 a.m., so I covered the pepper plants with sheets last night - I just hadn't made time to pick the peppers. Now I will have to wash all the sheets. But if it works, I will have until Halloween to pick the peppers.

Bean and I are going to pick the rest of the pumpkins and squash today and dig up the sweet potatoes. When that is done I will be able to put the lower half of my garden to bed for the winter.
Posted: 22 October 2023 - 07:44 PM
Hi everyone!

I'm just the opposite! Prefer to be in bed alone. I sleep so poorly and I toss and turn all night. I either worry that I'm keeping the other person awake or I spend the night pondering what peaceful, restful sleep must be like!

BIG DAY TODAY my friend came over and organized all my closets. Everything. The last time she did this was in 2021 so it was a big day. Two giant recycling bags, two giant trash bags; five donate bags and one giant shredding bag. After she left, I walked to the office with my shredding. She also made an area where I am supposed to put my stuff every week and then when she's here for dinner she will put away for me.

Incredible day. So pleased.

I have sister's bedding refreshed. I'm waiting for one load of laundry to dry then I'll hop in the shower. Debating whether I should go to office or work from home. Both concepts have their charms.

Goodnight dear friends.
Posted: 21 October 2023 - 06:03 AM
Lila, I hope you had a good night in your nice, fresh bed.

I have a really had time sleeping alone. Sometimes I have really bad nightmares. If I can hear someone else breathing, I'm usually ok. When I was a kid my bedroom shared a wall with my parents bedroom and my dad snores SO loud. I would wake up in the night and hear him on the other side of the wall and know everything was ok.

In college I had a roommate in the other bed in the room. I had a friend who would let me come sleep with him if my roommate was gone and I didn't have anyone over or another place to go. I told him about the nightmares one time, and he said "I get that. You can come sleep with me any time. I don't lock my door, I don't have girls over, I have a king sized bed, and I won't take it as an invitation, although I may throw my arm around you in my sleep. First person to wake up makes coffee." I took him up on it a few times.

My funniest moment was one morning when the temperature had dropped in the night, and I got on the bus early in the morning wearing his giant sweatshirt and carrying a mug of coffee with his name on it because all of his mugs had his name on them. A mutual friend got on at the same spot and looked at me in horror. I just smiled.

Dh and I are going to a choral concert at a cathedral downtown this afternoon to celebrate his birthday. (Yesterday)

My plans aside from that are to clean up this house a bit and do more work on my pottery.

I am proud of myself because I had saved some olive jars over a long period to make superfine mica slip in and we started that at school yesterday and I was able to find the jars in my studio and take them to school! (The shape and size of these particular jars are excellent for the purpose, but we empty less than one a month.)

I have made it through 20% of the school year without feeling like I am losing my grip on my life. Some things are in better order, and some things are worse, but overall I think I am holding my own or even making progress.
Posted: 20 October 2023 - 09:25 PM
Your kitty sounds so peaceful Tatoulia. I love it. We had a kitty for 19 years. She was a delight.

SubC I hope you get some rest.

I got the bottom sheet back on my bed. I'll finish making my bed shortly. I love sleeping in nice fresh sheets. My clothes are still in the wash, blanket in the dryer, so I have to get those finished as well.

I don't like being alone at night. I wish my kids were here. I wish I had a real husband.
Posted: 20 October 2023 - 07:44 PM
Lila, you are tired from all those long work days! You need time to rest. That is what I did to myself last year, and it is not a good thing.

I picked up library books that were on hold and bought groceries on the way home after work today, but all I did when I got home was dump the groceries in the kitchen (they are all on-perishable.) eat, and do chores.

My house is a mess, but I'm heading to bed soon - early.

Tatoulia, good luck with your sister. I'm glad you have new old kitty.
Posted: 20 October 2023 - 07:27 PM
Lila, you did a lot! I think you are being too hard on yourself.

I saw mom. It was raining when I left and I did not have an umbrella. BF called me while I was leaving mom's and walking to the grocery store. It was really raining on my walk home. Hoooed in the shower and I am as good as new.

Going to work a little bit and then get back to everyone here. Kitty is asleep and very precious. I do love this old lady cat.
Posted: 20 October 2023 - 07:07 PM
post 2 -

I managed to
- mop the kitchen/dining room floor
- dump and wash out the litter box and put fresh litter in it
- put sheets in the dryer and blanket in the wash

I also answered emails and took care of a few things like that, made calls. I feel like I did a lot more.

The energy drink had no real effect. I wonder how I can be so tired from doing nothing. Just a bare mopping made me feel like I ran a marathon.
Posted: 20 October 2023 - 05:01 PM
hi friends! SubC, I loved your exchange with the teacher and your thoughts. lol... it is so weird to me when I run into someone from years ago.

Tatoulia, when Teen was younger, they often were sent home if they went to a friend's house. They did not understand the social rules, and people would just stop inviting them. This year I had a mom call me and tell me I need to teach Teen to clean up after themselves and not leave messes in her house! I said, "yes, I have done that, please go ahead and tell them to clean up their mess or not use your kitchen." I mean our kids are 18. I would not think of calling the mom of an 18 year old that I don't even know to tell them to clean up their mess. I would tell the 18 year old. But oh well.

Anyway things have been good as Teen is staying at another friend's mostly. I don't know the parents so they can't call me, lol. I do hope other adults will mention these things so Teen might learn it is not just me being critical. And I do want them to keep friends.

I worked three 11-12 hour days in a row so am very happy I have today off. I am baking cookies right now and drinking a Sbux coffee "energy drink", just half of one that I was given free to try. I hope it helps me get off my butt and do some things.

So far I:
- took trash out
- had Son put chairs out on the deck and vacuum so I can mop
- made an instacart order
- had Son take my laundry downstairs
- put sheets in the wash
- am about to eat cookies
Posted: 20 October 2023 - 02:16 PM
Sister staying for two nights. Won't be easy.

Garbage and recycling out. Friend coming Sunday to help with organizing. Did two loads of laundry today. Two more to go but someone else needed the washer.
Posted: 20 October 2023 - 10:12 AM
Hi everyone! 8 studio hours is a lot! Glad you are reunited with a colleague/instructor for throwing pots.

Good week. Would have loved to have gone for dinner last night with some of our NY office but felt I needed to get home to my mom. I figure there will be plenty of times to go for dinner.

I am working from home today. Very backed up work wise. Also have my sister staying with me for two. Oh hrs next week which will be very hard on both of us.

Doing laundry. About to make breakfast.

Have to freshen up the bedding for the fold out It was last washed in August I still think washing it so it's perfectly fresh makes sense.

Need to reduce and get stuff to goodwill on Saturday. I'll need to focus tonight.
Posted: 19 October 2023 - 08:40 PM
Managed to put in eight studio hours. Worked at a nice relaxed pace and accomplished far less than planned.

This is ok. I will get done what I get done.

I also did some laundry and picked some dried beans before it started raining today. And I did yoga.
Posted: 19 October 2023 - 06:16 AM
Good morning!

Tatoulia, I hope you made it home at a reasonable hour.

The fire drill was reasonably quick and efficient. I got the note written and packed up with the student's things. The meeting was a complete waste of time, but not as painful as I'd feared. I was given hard copy. The hard copy was read out loud to me. The hard copy included an entire page of statistics that are of no use to me at all which I guess my administrator thinks support her actions but it was like someone told me "there are two types of poisonous snakes in this state. So don't kick wild animals." Yeah, those things you want me to do? I am already doing them for better reasons.

They are going to replace the plate glass in my classroom door with plexiglass. I am happy about this. Not because I think someone is going to smash my classroom window with the butt of a gun - because kids throw things in the halls, and plate glass is dangerous.

My pottery class is going to be great! I had this teacher years ago, so I was expecting great. He asked how I'd been. I told him good, but I had been mostly handbuilding and lost a lot of throwing skill and I was hoping he wasn't going to think "I had a student who looked like you years ago, but she could throw." He's been working in production ware and he said "well, we're both rusty. I'm hoping you won't think ‘I took a class from a guy who looked like him one time, but that guy knew how to teach.'"

With the class and prep for my shows I'm going to try to put in about ten hours in the studio today. I slept late, so I better get moving.
Posted: 18 October 2023 - 06:34 AM
That is a big and long day for you, SubC. Sending you energy and patience. I have a conference at work next two days and today's ends at 930. I don't like that. I'll have to gauge whether anyone is leaving early. But this cried will probably be just getting started and then they'll be all sorts of after parties. I'll try to find a sweet spot for an exit.
Posted: 18 October 2023 - 04:29 AM
Good morning!

I know that is frustrating about the cat Tatoulia.

Good job on the vases.

I got some things put in my shed yesterday and finally planted my garlic. Cleaned up a few things.

Dh and I are signed up for the show and I have a pacing plan for my work. It's ambitious and I need to not crash in the next few weeks. We'll see how it goes.

I have a very full day today. Teaching, there will be a fire drill which always wrecks pottery classes, packing up a student withdrawal (for health reasons unfortunately - I need to write a note), meeting with an administrator to go over some information that is important to her and I think could be an email. (Or a one page hard copy if you wanted to optimize it for me) and my new pottery class starts, so home late.

Right, gotta get moving!
Posted: 17 October 2023 - 08:37 PM
I took the big bags of vases up to the car so they are out of my house!! I then stopped by mom's and she was doing pretty well. She was down at dinner.

Her college student friend will feed the cat tmr night. I will be at a work event and my mother has been feeding the cat sandwiches that she gets from downstairs. I can't remember if I told you that. She knows to feed the cat and she worries and yet she doesn't see the 50+ cans of cat food right there on the counter.

I have to go do a little cleaning up here. I went to sleep and it was a very good nap.
Posted: 17 October 2023 - 08:27 AM
The ghosts sound so cute, SubC. I would love to go to one of your sales a buy a pot from you! Maybe some day.

By the way I cleaned the cats box. I don't know why autocorrect said BIDMC, which is the hospital I go to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Maybe I need to make a dr appointment.

I'm terribly worried about mom and her cat. Despite having 50 cat food cans on the counter, mom fed the cat half a sandwich and some peanut butter yesterday. I'll be throwing out the peanut butter tmr. The sandwich was left over from mom's lunch.

Tonight I really am going to go to bed early. Conference next two days.
Posted: 17 October 2023 - 06:05 AM
Oh, I forgot to add that I found the glow in the dark ghosts that we like Easter eggs and came with matchbox cars in them - I bought them years ago on clearance and used them for a party when my kids were young. thought I had lost them. 19 of them are empty and 12 still have their cars. I don't know if Bean is ready for a ghost hunt in the dark this year, but one with a car in it in his pumpkin should be about right. He really likes ghosts right now. Another year when he is olde4 and braver I will fill them with treats and let him hunt them in a dark room.

Finding and using the things I have collected - score!
Posted: 17 October 2023 - 05:56 AM
Good morning.

I had an ok day with a Bean yesterday. We played a lot and got out the Halloween decorations (and made a mess) and we got donuts for breakfast and made popcorn. But it was cold and damp and overcast all day, so it was hard to keep up with his energy level. And today I am tired.

I did find a few small things in the decoration box that I can part with. And I got our dining alcove all decorated, which I like.

Bean says he doesn't like my shed because it has a blue roof.

Today I will meet the woman who coordinates the local holiday market to give her my forms and a check. Dh (coffee) and I are going to participate this year - it's on Nov. 4. Then I have my big holiday sale on Nov 18&19. Then we go to my son's house for thanksgiving. Home, Christmas holidays, school evaluations, new baby. I feel like the next three months are super full! Good stuff, but full!

I have a lot of making to get ready for the sales. The good thing is that I can have a seconds/clearance bin at the Nov. 4 one, which I can't normally do because my other sales are more "upscale". This should help me clean out my studio a bit.

Right now I am just trying to find the energy to get moving!
Posted: 16 October 2023 - 07:32 PM
I'm so sorry about the situation with your teen. I wonder how they act at other people's houses?

I got the trash and recycling out, cleaned my little friend's BIDMC went to the vet today to pick up her medicine and I visited mom. Not a lot but something. I have to find time tomorrow to take the vases and other stuff to the car for donation.

Will shower and go to bed soon. I want to do about an hours worth of work then call it a night.
Posted: 15 October 2023 - 11:37 PM
Thank you both for your compassion and kind words about the broken things and Teen. It never ceases to be hard. But I do have hope that someday, things will be better.

Teen was gone for 3 days hanging out with friends, so I had a peaceful week. They just came home and seem in a good and calm mood. They plan to go to a concert with these friends this month as well. I am glad. One friend bought Teen a ticket. I think it is a good plan to not give anything that can be destroyed, for now. They mainly spend time with friends, and I hope at some point will have interest in a job or new hobby. I have had to let go of all the traditional dreams I had for them, like school and a job and driving and school dances, things like that. But I had those experiences with my other children and I am glad. Hopefully there will be some good times ahead. I love my kids, and keep trying to make things better.

Son came and took the floor lamp apart and put it and the stereo in the trash for me. He took the massive broken shelf out too. 603 down, 397 to go.
Posted: 15 October 2023 - 09:04 PM
Oh Lila, I'm so sorry. I want to hug you. You are really brave, you know that?

I think you should throw the jewelry box out. I think you should throw all the broken things you can out and I think you should not buy things for teen anymore right now unless they are essentials, like food or underwear or a toothbrush. Even for gifts. If you want to gift teen something, gift an opportunity or experience. Don't gift anything that can be destroyed. But I don't think you should give up and assume this is forever.

That happy time when teen was excited about the things you got them? That isn't gone. You just aren't there right now. It's still 100% real. Broken things don't take that away.

How is teen spending their time these days?
Posted: 15 October 2023 - 08:55 PM
Congratulations are in order! Wow! 600 things gone! I am so sorry for your pain over the jewelry box, Lila. If I could take the pain away from you, I would. I am so sorry.

Wonderful evening at the MFA. Walked there and back. I'm in my Jammie's but now I have to wash off the makeup. There's a cat sitting on me. This new companion is adorable. It's been eight months already! Not sure how that happened.

Goodnight my dear friends. Thanks for helping me with the vases today. I'll get them up to the car tmr for next week's goodwill run
Posted: 15 October 2023 - 08:19 PM
Thanks SubC!

I managed to pull ten more items from the kitchen to donate, so I hit 600/1000 items gone from my house since February!

I have done little else but...ugh, watch tv, which I wasnt going to do... and eat, which I don't need to be doing either.

I did spend time sitting outside reading, which was nice.

And just now I went into the room downstairs where Teen had thrown things a month or two ago, and I started to clean it up. It is very emotional for me to go in there and that is why there was still broken stuff and shattered glass everywhere. So today I picked up the destroyed/mangled (expensive) stereo from the floor and its pieces/knobs that broke off. I picked up the broken, bent lamp stand and pieces that broke off. I picked up all the pieces and put them into the trash. I then swept up as much broken glass as I could get to, and more pieces of stuff, and screws that got thrown from a box, and put all of that into the trash. I moved a huge broken shelf as best I could and then decided to ask Son to help with that later. I picked up clothes off the floor, shook the glass out of them and put them in the laundry. I will ask son to help me take the lamp floor lamp apart so it will fit in the trash bin and have him take out the stereo to the bin because it is heavy. There is also a hole in the wall Teen made. And their large, wooden jewelry box (the kind with drawers like a little chest, and doors on the sides) that they threw and broke... I am torn about whether to try to fix it, because it is a painful painful thing for me to see it destroyed. They were so so excited to have that when I got it for them years ago. They treasured it and wanted to keep it forever. But now they don't care, and maybe it is too much trouble to fix and they wouldn't want it anyway. So I left that in pieces until I can decide what to do about it. I tend to want to just throw it out, but maybe I will ask them... no, actually that is dumb. They don't care about anything anymore.

So I got some things done.
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