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Hoarding Help Message Boards : The Daily Chat : What are you doing today 2023
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What are you doing today 2023

Posted: 03 December 2023 - 06:16 PM
Hi everyone. My mother died last night. She entered hospice at home on Friday I think. I'm confused on dates and days. Anyway I was sleeping on her bed with her. My sister had taken a break, and when she came back in, she woke me up to say, your work is done.

Sister left today. We both need some space. I need to go to funeral home tmr and then start on mom's place.
Posted: 03 December 2023 - 05:51 PM
Wait - you got a live tree delivered? Cool!

How did your plans go?

The concert was the orchestra. They played Bach and Mahler.

You are moving? Did you tell us you were moving before? Where are you moving to?

Will the son who is moving in with you live in your house, or the son who already lives there? Or both?

I went to a potters social this morning - which was fun, but took a big chunk out of my day. Then I threw four more pots. They were not as good as the ones I threw yesterday, but they were more technically difficult. I also wedged a bunch of clay. My arms and hands and wrists are sore. Somehow that is all I got done today.

Well, I also dropped a bunch of used socks off for recycling on my way home from the social, and stopped at a thrift store and bought two hanging things to use for my pottery sale displays. So I added things to my house..

Now I need to check classwork.
Posted: 03 December 2023 - 02:16 PM
post 2 -

We did get our Christmas tree last night so it is up and pretty (not decorated yet). Smells really nice.

I spent some time yesterday dealing with finances and papers and stuff, and this morning I updated my planner for December.

What I would like to do today:
find my comfy sweatpants
put away clothes in my bedroom - it is like a closet exploded in there
get rid of five items from my bedroom
clean up my bathroom a bit

What are you all doing today?
Posted: 03 December 2023 - 01:26 PM
That is so cool, SubC, about knowing the potters' work. Was the concert an orchestra or what?

I am doing liquid diet today for testing tomorrow so while I have a bit of energy now, it probably will wane. But, this morning after watching church online, I dug in the closet and found some of those 360 swiffer dusters and used 3 of them to dust my two bookshelves and the ceiling fan. Wow, were those bookshelves dusty!! Thick layer so I felt like if ever there was a time to use a disposable duster, this was it. I usually use microfiber cloths but am glad I could just toss out the thick dust on these.

I glanced over some of the books but will look again. I have culled so many books that what is left is probably 98% books I really love and want. I will see if I can find the other 2% to donate!

One thing I have a dilemma about is the other items on the bookshelves. They collect dust and honestly I am sick of many of them. But, they are pottery items my kids made for me as children/teens. They are still proud of them when they come over and they are pretty cool. Three or four of them I could stand to get rid of but they are the ones that are very detailed and the most work. I could not throw them out. I don't think they are really donatable either. Will I regret getting rid of them? Should I ask the kids who made them if they want them?

Part of me is like... within a year I will be moving and then can leave behind whatever that son and family wants and can use, but he has no room for them right now. Like all the camping gear in the garage. He can't store it at his house but once I move out. it would be nice for him to have in the garage and go camping.

I have a big shelf downstairs too with childhood ceramics on it that my mother made. I think those I will wrap in towels or something and put in a tote, labelled fragile and ready to move with me. Maybe what I need to do is start packing for my eventual move... and whatever is left, ask my kdis if they want any of it.

Input welcome.
Posted: 03 December 2023 - 05:54 AM
Yay Lila!

Good luck with your table piles. I'm sure the less dusty environment will be good for you!

I hope things go well with the bookshelf too. Sometimes when things have been buried or stashed away for a while we have more clarity on reencountering them.

My new lights came yesterday, but I haven't put them on yet. It was a full day.

I finished the construction of the commission for my boss and threw ten pots. I'm going to try to throw ten more today and let my dad pick from them all. What he wants is a style I usually sell, but I am down to my last three, and I don't want to feel like I gave him a remainder. I'm kind of laughing at myself, because of the three, two are "ordinary" and one is cool. I'll probably make 20 new pots and Dad will choose that last cool one. Or worse, one of the "ordinary" pots.

Dh and I went downtown yesterday evening for a concert. We had to go early because there was a soccer game and parking was hard to find and a long walk. As a result, we got to enjoy the Christmas decorations and do some window shopping. I asked to go into one store that had a lot of handcrafted items. I went straight to a display to pick up a dish and he asked "did that catch your eye?" I flipped it over and said "oh, that makes sense, B— R—, she's the one who did the dishes at (little restaurant we went to)" a few minutes later he picked up a mug and said "I like these." I said "of course you do, that's Ryan. You like everything he makes." He asked "is there a potter in this city you don't know?" Which I found funny because I'm going to a social event at the studio this morning because I feel like I don't know anybody!
Posted: 02 December 2023 - 08:39 PM
SubC, sounds like you are doing so well! Good job on the full toybox going.

I bought our Christmas tree today but it was not delivered yet. They said it would come today and it still might, but maybe tomorrow. But Son and I cleaned the living room to make space for the tree. There was no room. We pulled all the furniture out and he vacuumed and we rearranged and made room for the tree in the front window. It is a little crowded in here but not bad. I also dusted a lot of the room. There is a stack of stuff on each of two tables in here that I need to sort and put away or get rid of. Now I can also access the two bookshelves, dust them and maybe some things will get donated. I may work on that in the morning.

It looks much better and so much less dust. I think I need to sort the toybox too, and make a box of things to donate.
Posted: 02 December 2023 - 05:51 AM
Hi Lila!
So glad you got out in front of that flood!

And that you have a working toilet and a clear sewer line!

I took a bunch of stuff to the thrift store on Thursday. While I was there I shopped for the toy drive for "like new" books and toys. Dh and I like to do another child that matches ours - when the kids were younger we let them choose things for their age/gender match, then for a while we just picked an angel off a tree, and now I buy things Bean likes. (although I bought literally every good "like new" hardcover or board book I found - 50 cents each and there were only 19.) plus a floor puzzle, four stuffed animals, and a puppet. I also stopped at a regular store to spend the rest of my budget on a few good quality new toys.

I also bought three "not quite like new" books for Bean for here and a toy dog that I'm saving for the January grandson. Other "items in" include a tumbling mat for Bean for my house, which I bought with old gift cards from students. I'm working on actually spending them - so many are from places I don't usually shop..

One big thing I took to the thrift store was the wooden toy box I bought 28 years ago in Iowa. It was one of those things that seemed really cool but never quite lived up to my expectations. I started to pass it on so many times and then got cold feet. I finally decided to just pull the trigger. It was full of many small items and clothes being decluttered.

Today I am checking student projects and working on a couple of commissions (one from my boss and one from my dad - I generally don't do commissions, but those are two not picky people I know well.) so I will be "decluttering" my clay stash (and maybe working on my studio as I go)
Posted: 01 December 2023 - 03:26 PM
Hi guys! Oh SubC, I'm so sorry you struggle with migraines. I get them once in awhile and they are debilitating. You guys won't believe it but after my son and I spent half a day picking up the family room, that evening the downstairs flooded. Yes he got the toilet working, but apparently there was a blockage wayyyy down under the house (which the Rooter company has now fixed). But had we not taken out the couch and cleaned up in there, it would have been so much worse with stuff ALL over the floor. Since we cleaned up and picked up, only 3 or 4 things were on the floor and got wet that matter. The rest was in totes or stacked!

Anyway that is done and I am posting stuff as it goes on the Daily Tally thread. It is not a TON so far, but a few things we listed online for free and a lot of random junk thrown out, old food, boxes... stuff I didnt even include in the Daily Tally. I am doing more today because I have off. I worked all week.

I will post updates as things leave!
Posted: 28 November 2023 - 08:02 AM
Good morning!
Wondering how Lila's project is going.

I woke up with a terrible headache. This has been happening more often. On further research I learned several things:

I used to have migraines in my early 20s. I thought they went away, but it turns out that they just got less bad. A headache in one spot that lasts for a really long time and makes you nauseous is still a migraine even if it doesn't put you in a dark closet focused on your breathing.

Migraines can either get worse or better at menopause. I seem to have lost the toss on that one.

My lowest impact options are to make a bunch of healthy life choices I don't want to make. Otoh, my head hurts, I feel sick to my stomach, and it's interfering with my life.

In other news, dd1 wants some duplos.
Posted: 27 November 2023 - 08:08 PM
Lila, great job!

I am so excited for you! Your son sounds like good help. I hope your toilet is working.

Tatoulia, I'm sorry you are having to go through this very hard time now, and that your bf is not there with you. I know that makes it harder. I am hoping that your sister will step up with help and support and this can be a time of healing for the two of you at least.

We got the train set up and played with it for a while, then bean got a little rough with the pieces so I got out the Duplos for him. It quickly became clear that I have too many Duplos. I need to address this with the kids. Originally I intended to send 1/4 with each of them when the6 had kids and keep the last 1/4. But dd1 never took any.
Posted: 27 November 2023 - 07:08 AM
Lila, this is great! Drink plenty of cool or cold water. It will help to keep you going. Your son understands the process and you are doing really well. Again, cold water. I went through this myself before I met you. Boxes were tough! Especially anything that was cute or from a store that no longer exists or a box that is a "good clean box" or something in an unusual shape or color. I've done it. It's hard and it's a giant lift. Keep drinking cool water. It's surprisingly refreshing for body and mind.

The tree sounds nice, SubC. I love the idea of the train set! Fun time of year for your and your family.

I have the morning off for dds and to take care of my mother. I need to get her a pastor and I need some clarity on her meds. Poor mom. She needs peace.
Posted: 26 November 2023 - 09:03 PM
So cool you got your tree, SubC! And Tatoulia, I hope you have a nice time with your mom.

TotsDad has been here all day. I feel bad for him working so hard on the messedup toilet. I hope he can get it working.

But we got a lot done. I walked him through the whole house and said "I have so much and I don't know where to start." And he said, "With anything. Just pick something and give it away or sell it or throw it out." I named a few things and he said YES, like that! He is very supportive.

He and I went in the family room where the couch was and we sorted a lot of junk. Old boxes of food ex left (some expired 2015), random items, and boxes. At one point he pulled out a box and I said, oh, we have to keep that. Teen might want it for her skates. And he said, her skates? Why would she want it for her skates? How long have you had this box? I said... two years. Then I realized and told him it could go. A few other items I agreed to toss as well. Then I vacuumed the room. He put food on the shelf. We looked in the ex's old room and I took pics and listed a few things on Buy Nothing.

Someone came and took a small tv and stand already. I swept up some glass, sorted a few things.

Made soup and biscuits and ate together.

I feel good about some progress and I hope my son will be able to get the toilet done tonight. I feel motivated to get rid of more things. I listed a desk for free online too.

The true purge has begun.
Posted: 26 November 2023 - 04:58 PM
Tatoulia, good luck on the litter box.

Lila, I am so proud of you! That must have made a big dent in your house.

Good luck with the plan and the moving things. Maybe once you get the plan laid out, you will feel comfortable starting it.

Dh and I got our tree this morning - it is so tall! I ran out of lights. I went back in our Amazon order history and ordered one more strand, because we have four and you can connect up to 5. I don't see ever having a tree this big again. The 5th string will go around the bottom next weekend when it gets here - hopefully twice. I think I can work around the ornaments.

Dd and dsil brought Bean over to help me put ornaments on. There is plenty of room for all of them this year!

They took him home and I will get him back tomorrow and we will put the train out under the tree. I gave him his advent calendar and let him open the first box, so I guess he is counting down to solstice. I'm not sure the idea is really going to work. I told them not to worry about it, so he may have the whole thing opened by tomorrow.
Posted: 26 November 2023 - 03:13 PM
GREAT WORK! Wow. Keep it up!
Posted: 26 November 2023 - 02:52 PM
Good morning and thank you for the encouragement, SubC and Tatoulia! hi CM and others.

I did get the couch out. It was a real job!! Big and old and heavy, the bed part kept falling out, it took 3 of us to get it out the sliding door which was almost too narrow and drag it around to the front of the house and get it up into my son's truck. But we got it in there, and while we were at it I asked them to help me get ex's old ripped up recliner (in 2 parts) into the truck, as well as a very long shelf Teen took off the wall and damaged it and its brackets and threw it out in the rain... so it has been sitting there. Gone gone gone! Also a messed up kiddie pool from the yard left.

The same Son (TotsDad) is coming over right now to help me look at all the crap I have. We are going to make a plan of some sort to organize, get rid of, sell things so they can move in. I am nervous but can't sit here being frozen in indecision any longer. It is kind of exciting, isn't it? He will be here in 5 minutes and I am not sure what we will do... I feel like "making a plan" is what I am ready for but he is also ready to move things and organize things. Wish us luck! I will update.
Posted: 26 November 2023 - 12:33 PM
Hello everyone!

I'm going to get dressed and go to mom's. To see her and to pick up the chewy package. I ordered a covered litter box for the new cat. Actually I'm hoping it's smaller than the one I have and I'll be able to have the new kitty use the big box and have existing kitty (who is tiny at 6 lbs) use the new one. Of course I have no actual idea of the sizes of the boxes. I just eyeballed it.

Then I'll come back here and work. I'm behind.
Posted: 25 November 2023 - 08:03 PM
Wow, Lila. You are a good mom. Your approach to this and the strength you've exhibited are amazing.

Hi SubC! I had a very good Thanksgiving. It meant a lot to me that Emiko and her BF went to my usual Thanksgiving restaurant. Her BF enjoyed it immensely and was very much a gentleman and paid for me. Emiko and I have eaten at the restaurant together too many times to count. We had a very good time. I had spent the early portion of the day with mom. I fed her, literally, and she ate a lot.

The cats are doing okay I'm keeping them separated for now. I've actually had my bedroom door open all night and new kitty did not try to walk out here. We will get there.

SO since mid-September I've been living with two lamps in my hallway. I wanted to sell them but they are silver plated and admittedly I haven't been keeping up with polishing them. Today o decided, if you aren't going to polish them then you need to donate them. I stopped by mom's first and one of the women was commenting on them so someone had new lamps!!!

I also went to good will and got rid of a bin and two bags. Pretty nice!

And that concludes what I've done. Oh, I did go to PO to mail sone Chanukah candles to a friend. It's a long-standing tradition.

So I've done a few things this weekend.
Posted: 25 November 2023 - 05:05 PM
We are home.

Lila, I am very glad that you were able to be strong long enough and let things get bad enough that teen was transferred to mental health court. My friend bailed her son out and then tried to have the case transferred to mental health court (which would have been 100% correct) and lost!

I wish they had transferred teen to a mental health facility, but it sounds like the best outcome you could expect. I hope things continue to go well.

Did you get the couch out?

I would love it if you kept us updated on your clearing out journey with tot family, but I know you are busy!

My family is trying to figure out all of our solstice/ Christmas plans. I have just gotten serious about shopping.
Posted: 24 November 2023 - 11:12 AM
Good morning and I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving! I have a good update and have read some of your posts. Thank you for the good thoughts and prayers. I am still looking for a counselor. I get medicaid so it is very hard to find, but I do need one. I have a person who was my counselor and now we have a mentor type role because of my job, so I need someone who is not a friend/co-worker for my new counselor.

The good news is I stood firm as hard as it was and did not pay thousands of dollars (i.e. give a credit card number or a lien on my home). After 10 days in jail tho, Teen had deteriorated so much the jailers were concerned... not eating, sleeping on the floor, sitting and rocking. They sent some mental health people in. Then at court Weds they eliminated bail on the two bigger charges and said they were referring Teen to mental health court which means they might not have charges anymore if they complete court ordered treatment (therapy, counseling, meeting w/a court person, psychiatrist etc). They left the smaller bail in place which I could cover, and told Teen if they did anything they would end up locked back up. If I did not bail them, they would have had to stay in there for 3 more months at a minimum and possibly longer depending on the trial. So, I did go bail them out Weds night.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with family coming to my home. Teen even helped a lot with cooking and prep and even hugged me and said they were sorry and they love me. They did have 2 obvious meltdowns (emotional) but did not escalate - I do have to manage them but since they are court ordered to stay sober or get locked back up, that will go a long way in self control. Dr had said substance use was causing the huge blowups so now maybe that will be better. Especially with mandated therapy and maybe even rehab. We find out next week.

So now it is time to start getting rid of things and making space for my other son and the Tot sisters to all move in with us. I got permission from ex to get rid of a big ugly couch of his, so that is my #1 for today. I also have one or two large items taking up space I can sell.

Hope to be around more now that my busy season is slowing down!
Posted: 24 November 2023 - 06:39 AM
Good morning!

We had a lovely day with the kids yesterday. The girls liked their little trees.

My website has an Instagram link and a way to email me now, even though there is not much on the Instagram and nothing new to you guys.

I am leaning.

Today we go back and have DD's baby shower (we are staying in a hotel) and then tonight we say goodbye and we leave to go home tomorrow.

No Black Friday shopping for us!
Posted: 23 November 2023 - 07:41 AM
Thanks, SubC. I like the thought process on the lights. Again there was no judgment. I'm working on my own thought process on things. Right now, I ask myself, and then what? So if I want to buy something, I have to answer And then what? And it's helping me.

Refusing to get out of bed because I don't want to deal with cats. Although they are both so very sweet.

Happy Thanksgiving!?
Posted: 22 November 2023 - 09:32 PM
Did I *need* the lights - no. I am lucky to have very few needs.

But I have white icicle lights that go around my porch. They are old. The bulbs have started burning out and I started leaving them up year round and they get warm and Dh wants them replaced.

The Halloween lights are little white led ghosts. My thought is to take the icicles down in the spring and find some different lights that can be switched around, because lights on my porch make me happy.

I hope your mom enjoys her thanksgiving tomorrow and that you do as well. And that the cat situation continues to be peaceful.
Posted: 22 November 2023 - 09:07 PM
Hi everyone! Hi SubC! Good job getting four bins to your son! Okay let me ask you a question and it's sincere and not snotty: did you need the Halloween lights? Trying to help you by asking that question.

Well I have two cats now. Keeping them apart for now. Mom's cat basically hid last night and all day today but inexplicably I went to bed at 630 and the dear thing has been in the bed with me. I'm going to take this slowly. I need peace here.

A lot of dental work today. All very positive. Cleaners were here.

The worry about mom's cat is over. I don't have to worry every night about her. Mom is nearing the end. Her dementia is really sad. I'll sit with her tmr for dinner at her place (served at noon) and then will have dinner at 4 at my usual restaurant. Emiko and her BF will join me.

Okay I have to get up and feed a few cats.
Posted: 22 November 2023 - 05:43 AM
Good morning. I am in Wisconsin.

Still functioning on east coast time and stuck in a dark hotel room with Dh (who is asleep). The lobby breakfast doesn't start for half an hour. If I take a shower I will wake Dh up.

Today when we go back over to ds and ddil's house I am going to make the pie for thanksgiving and wrap presents for ddil's baby shower on Friday. I also brought some school stuff to work on because ddil is an introvert and naps a lot right now and ds and Dh will be working on wiring ds's basement. Bean's family arrives tonight.

We brought ds four big bins of his childhood belongings, so that is out of my house.
Posted: 21 November 2023 - 04:33 AM
Good morning

Tatoulia, I hope your mom wakes up in a better frame of mind today. And that the cat just didn't like that one other cat. It happens.

This morning I woke up too early, but I am getting a slow start drinking my coffee online.

I need to do my chores, set up a couple more things for the farm sitter, and pack my suitcase. I am not looking forward to the drive, but tonight I will see my son! It has been almost six months.

And my dd2 is coming on Thursday.

I forgot to tell you because I was locked out, that I bought three strings of Halloween lights on clearance. my Halloween decorations are Still a net reduction though. Christmas not so much with the little trees, but I will deal with Christmas stuff when I get back from ds's.

And I told dd2 that what I want for Christmas is help with my website and business cards (she has a design degree and a tight budget, so we both think it is a great idea.)
Posted: 20 November 2023 - 09:52 PM
Thanks for helping me sort through it.
cat will come here. It will be tough but I'll figure it out. I may bring the carrier with me tmr. She was extremely overwhelmed tonight and feeling that I just dropped her off there and she didn't know anyone.

I'll take her cat. She's a sweetheart but does not like other cats so I'll have to figure out how to navigate this in my very small place. Sister would take her but sister has an indoor outdoor cat and I don't want mom's cat going outside. Plus the whole two cats thing. My sisters former husband would take her but to live in an empty apartment he owns and I don't see the charms of having a cat live by herself. So I have to take her.

Maybe she and kitty will get along but I distinctly remember her not liking my last cat.

Time will tell.
Posted: 20 November 2023 - 09:09 PM
Tatoulia, I think that is a good idea on the blanket. I was going to suggest keeping it while keeping an eye out for something you love.

I'm so sorry about your mom. Can you find a new home for the cat?
Posted: 20 November 2023 - 09:03 PM
New thought: I keep the comforter this season, and at the end of the winter, I wash it up and donate it. Then next winter I figure out what I need or don't need. Esp since I'm thinking of selling everything and going to Greece. I won't, but I enjoy the fantasy.

Things are extremely bad with my mother. We have stopped almost all of her meds. She does not have a handle of where she is. She was downstairs tonight when I got there and refusing to go upstairs. We went up and down many times. She wanted to sleep in the living room downstairs. It was tough. And she doesn't want her cat anymore.

I'm not sure what to do. Her hands and her feet looked weird like she's reached the end. I don't know how else to describe it. Praying for peace.
Posted: 20 November 2023 - 12:49 PM
Sounds like the sale went very well, SubC!

I love the note, I didn't buy you a tree! Along those lines, my sister paid me a very big compliment without realizing it. She stated that after staying at my house a few weeks ago, she went home and her place seemed so cluttered. And I'm still working in reducing.

Okay I had a radical idea this AM. right now on my bed I have my blanket, my thin white quilt, and another white bedspread. I also have a down-alternative comforter that I need sometimes. But, it takes up a lot of storage space. Since I only need it sometimes, I'm thinking if washing it up and donating it. I can get myself a twin sized comforter instead. It will store better and during the winter it can just be folded at the end of the bed. Thoughts?
Posted: 20 November 2023 - 07:16 AM
My posting difficulties seem to be over. So strange!

CM, I'm happy to hear that you are getting time for your writing, and exercising, and clearing things out of your space - a Christmas tree and a mattress - wow!

Everything going on at your house sounds so productive!

Tatoulia, I hope things are going well with your sister.

My sale went well. I was just a little bit short of my goal. I did not sell Tatoulia's favorite pot (which would have put me over, that's how close I came, so - a good sale) the sale is always a yardstick of the economy - people were buying, but mostly low end stuff. $20 and down was the sweet spot. In good years people will shop in the $25-$40 range and we will sell more high end pieces. I did sell 2 items over $50. I sold all but 4 flying pigs. Since I make them in batches of 9 (for firing efficiency) I guessed pretty well!

I only bought six cute little ceramic Christmas trees - a grouping of three for me and two for dd2 and one for ddil. I told dd1 I did not buy her a tree and she said "thank you. If you are feeling like I don't have enough presents you can wrap up a box with a note in it that says ‘ I didn't buy you a tree.'." She is a minimalist living with a hoarder.

I also got tips on a new technique from another potter, some ideas on things to make for my next sale, and a lead on a vendors group that is hopefully getting started soon that I can join for support and education.

I actually came home and unpacked my stuff last night. My focus for this cross quarter is on finishing things.

Dd has the whole week off, so she is bringing Bean over this afternoon. I am spending the morning doing laundry and dishes and cleaning up and getting ready to travel for thanksgiving. - speaking of which, must get going!

Lila, I am still thinking of you - take care of yourself!
Posted: 19 November 2023 - 06:18 PM
Lila, sending you my support and agreeing with SubC.
Posted: 19 November 2023 - 04:32 AM
I have not been able to post because captcha wouldn't load. I changed to private mode and it seems to be ok - ?!

I am mid sale and don't have a lot of time, but I wanted to speak to Lila.

Lila, that is too much. Please, please, if you can, see a counselor. You need some in person support.

I know that you want to help teen, but I don't know if bailing them out would really help. What I do know is that when my friend's son went to prison, the attempts to keep him out ruined her financially. So I am very scared for you.

And my heart is breaking for you. Also, that help sounds terrifying and overwhelming. But the end results could be really good. Not just emotionally, but also if your kids would help fix things and keep the house clean.

But most of all - counselor. Please. This is too much to carry alone.
Posted: 18 November 2023 - 03:56 PM
Have been reading posts - looked at SubC's website - nice stuff, the bright colored ones remind me of Fiesta Ware.

Tatoulia, glad your sister is being of help and companionship to you. Hope this relationship can be a real boost going forward, and a help with your mom's care.

Lila, glad you were able to drop in, but sorry you are dealing with more heavy and sad things. If it works out well with the family moving in though, the company may really help you feel less overwhelmed once they settle in. There will be more tasks to do, of course, but keeping busy with happier things might be better and take at least some of your mind off the difficulties with Teen. I'll pray for all of you, how's that.

Right now, I am at the library doing the NaNoWriMo write in but I already finished my words for my stories - and actually our regional leader said count everything you write so I can add these words to my total, haha.

I am behind in the Nano word count, because for four days I did not get any writing done and it was all because of busyness and days that were chopped into pieces and/or I was tired and just couldn't make use of what segments of time there were. Sometimes I am improving in being able to do that, other times not so much. Still, I never said I was going to attempt to do 50,000 words this November - given the realities of my life it would be madness to put that sort of pressure on myself. As it is, I have been able to start establishing a more regular writing habit, and that is what I truly seek out of all this. Except that I would like it to be even more reliable so that crazy busy life times don't derail me for four days. One or two would be understandable but I didn't like losing four in a row.

What happened was that Wednesday evening into a good part of Thursday there were unexpected and some stressful things happening. Most of it is resolved now but it threw me for a loop. Sudden deadlines for printed flyers and similar items for the bunny club. Roommate's bunny having tummy trouble (he is better now). My laptop attempting to install Windows updates but it led to a Blue Screen of Death again. So frustrating. It is strange why this happens, and I hope I can get with my library techie guy to troubleshoot it soon, before Windows insists on trying again to install the update (you can pause them for a period of time but the clock is ticking...).

The "good" news about the Blue Screen of Death is that this is not my first rodeo with that, and I have still been able to use the computer as I am doing this very moment, plus I had backed up files so that was not a scary thing. Also, I had a chance to do a task that I should have done several months ago but kept forgetting, namely to make a system restore USB drive. It is a secure feeling knowing I have that no matter. Hope I won't need to use it, though.

Tomorrow we have a bunny event and in December another one. And tomorrow morning the bishop will be at our Mass to give Confirmation to some of the kids. That will be nice to see him.

I wish that the weekend was not having several things going on at once and then the run up to the holiday ensuing and miscellaneous - it gets to be too much to keep track of and I was stressing earlier. Our weather is going to change to rainy, and last night roommate and I got the leaves out of the gutters. It was actually easier to do that than it is sometimes, though, because the leaves were dry instead of mucky and stinky as they often are. And now it is done - sigh of relief.

Also got a big old foam mattress thingy out of roommate's office (where it was temporarily stashed) that is going to be going away - took it out to the garage until bulky item trash pickup can be arranged. And she said I could get down this Christmas tree that has been stored in my bedroom, to donate. That will free up some shelf space for me. It will be unwieldy and quite dusty, so I want to be careful and slow getting it down - will bag it before carrying it through the house. Don't need roommate getting sick with allergies.

We are each seeing little projects to do and poco a poco doing them - the fitness days are good so I don't want to worry about the extra time they take because I think in the long run the health and energy gains will offset this initial slowdown. I am tired, could use more sleep, may get a nap tomorrow after bunny event.

I am wondering if my tree frog is nearing the end of his days - in the last couple weeks he has done a much more faint and feeble croaking sound. If he passes away, I will get rid of the terrarium and that will free up the top of a chest of drawers. But it's hard to tell - he may just be tired and semi hibernating. He is, however, at least 18 or 19 years old. That species (White's Tree Frog) can live to be over 20, so... we'll see. Some day down the road I might decide to have a small toad again, in a smaller and lighter setup. Toad setups are easier to deal with than frog ones, because toads can just have a shallow water bowl that you rinse out by hand, and it doesn't require an aquarium pump.

Well, it's only a few minutes until the write in is due to end, so I think I will start packing up my stuff. Many things to do at home. My memory is not so good at the moment due to the quantity of things it needs to remember and the need for more sleep. Lists, lists, lists - and then try not to forget to look at the lists.
Posted: 17 November 2023 - 02:18 PM
Hello friends,

I started reading a bit and will catch up on the rest soon. Just want to give an update. I was working my butt off, then went on the out of country work training for a week, then back playing catch up and adjusting to the massive time change. It was a wonderful trip. But coming home, I was happy to be home but now I am struggling.

I worked all this week and today is my only day off and then I work 12 hours tomorrow. I hope to get 3 days off next week around Thanksgiving and am excited about having family over.

But I am emotionally struggling, and physically too. Maybe I am, daresay, depressed a bit? I feel like crying all the time when I am home and sometimes at work. Teen was arrested and is in custody and calls begging me to bail them out, and I don't know what to do. It could be months. I don't know. And most of my house is destroyed, broken, ruined or cluttered/hoarded. It is extremely depressing. I feel so much better when I am working, most of the time. I get a lot of happiness from my work and I love the people. I come home and feel so alone lately, with Teen in this predicament and I feel like a terrible parent. Even though I am pretty sure I am not, I want things to be different.

I was thinking I need to start going to counseling because it is getting to be too much. But I don't really have time. I don't know.

Good but stressful news is Tot and fam are going to come and move in with me for probably 6 to 12 months. Being introverted, I worry I won't get any alone time, but also I am so excited to have them here to enjoy my family and not be alone and read to the grands at night and stuff.

Tot's Dad has offered to help me declutter and organize so they have space to move in. This is a huge blessing but also I am terrified because, well can you imagine having someone come in and they are ready to get rid of practically everything? And they are in a hurry to get it done and have a truck to haul things away? I feel like I need a month or two to wrap my brain around it, but he is coming next week so I will try very hard to figure out what can go. Tips appreciated.

I will catch up on your posts and look forward to sharing this adventure... hmm.
Posted: 16 November 2023 - 09:02 PM
SubC I studied every pot and every setting. What a beautiful life you live. Truly all of your pots are so lovely. I would have a hard time choosing just one.

Thank you so much for your empathy. I could feel it.

Sister is here! She took cab straight to my mothers from the bus station. Then she came here and I cooked us a simple dinner.
Posted: 14 November 2023 - 08:18 PM
Oh no Tatoulia!

I hope the DD's can take care of that right away! How horrible!

And it would be lovely if your sis ther started helping more.

Thank you for the compliments. I am very proud of the picture of that pot. I am working on taking better pictures of my work and I think I got that one lit and framed well and the background shows off the style.

(The pictures were taken next to the pasture I just rotated the goats out of. You can see my barn and part of my garage in one.)
Posted: 14 November 2023 - 07:38 PM

beautiful work! Lovely! The pot I love most of all is the last pot. Appears to be brown. I love that so much!

The hippos and pig and Dino eggs etc are very sweet and heartwarming. Your work is lovely.

I haven't been here because I had a terrible infection Wednesday night. Half my face blew up like a hard and warm balloon. I writhed in pain all night then called dds in the AM and got antibiotics. It took close to two days before I felt well enough to do anything beyond the basics. It was terrible. I was worried and scared for my mom's cat since I couldn't get over to feed her on Thursday night. My sister offered to come down but the Friday bus was sold out. She's coming this week Thursday to help out with mom. She finally knows what I do for mom and how hard it is for me. I think I mentioned that she came here for mom's birthday. We got along very well. I think she was shocked at how much is required of me.

I have dds tomorrow and yes that's not great and I'm going to see if he will prescribe me antibiotics. I will promise not to take them unless my face starts to swell but I cannot have another night like that. If BF had been here, I would've gone to the ER.

Cm glad to see you are keeping your commitment to go to the gym! And great job working on your supplies!

Will be in touch soon. I'm continuing to reduce and have taken another bag to car for goodwill!
Posted: 12 November 2023 - 05:01 AM
Good morning!

Yesterday I finished the wet work I had planned for my sale.

We did not go to the concert because Dh is sick and has a sniffly nose. He is still going to play golf today though - he tested negative for Covid.

I have seven little bowls that I glazed the outside of with a white glaze I use for feather prints. Before I load the kiln today I need to do their insides in red, green, and yellow. I have one more bisque load to fire, and then six more pigs and a bunch of little hippos (however many I get done) to glaze before the show. Also a lot of pots to wax.

Yesterday I also made a website. I'm not going to ship anything, so I will use it to let people know when I have a sale coming up, or if they want to contact me after a show. I made a new email to go with it, so I will make new business cards that don't have my personal information on them. It's very basic right now, with just a few pictures. I don't know if this forum will let me post the address, but I will try if you want to see a few of my pots (it isn't advertising because I'm not shipping.)

I need to get better at taking photos.

All the usual housework is still calling for my attention.
Posted: 10 November 2023 - 06:22 PM
CM, I think those were good choices.

And I am very happy for you about the scanner!

I did not get more pumpkins today because the guidance counselor was sick.

Yesterday I worked mostly on pottery but did eat some of the peppers.

I also "cleaned up" the five empty pizza boxes by weeding part of the raspberry bed, laying them out around the plants, and covering them with mulch. The weather was so unseasonably nice!

More pottery and peppers and a concert with Dh tomorrow.
Posted: 10 November 2023 - 05:53 PM
SubC, I like pumpkins, autumn leaves, cornucopias, turkeys, and much more for November! You go girl! People in my neighborhood started putting Christmas decorations up very shortly after Halloween. z enjoy Christmas lights as much as the next person but it is TOO EARLY. Give each season its own focus!

Yesterday I went out with my former roommate and we hit several stores - but I was not frivolous. I got three pairs of much needed jeans that fit me at the Goodwill (the one out further that has a better selection). I bought a gift for a baby shower this Saturday, shampoo and supplements and misc. ordinary stuff like that. And...

I bought the scanner I've had my eye on! I've just been trying it out on my dad's old Air Force photos and it works great - fast and with good resolution. And it's so lightweight - I can sit here at the computer with the scanner on my lap and get a lot done. This will make the winter evenings more purposeful and let me clear out a lot of backlog of physical items I've been wanting to put into electronic form.

Haven't gotten much writing done for 2-3 days though with all the running around. But little things that are accomplishments, I guess I need to be glad about those. The scanner will help break up a lot of logjam over time, and I'll catch up on the writing soon. And the main decluttering is picking up because of these encouraging developments.

Posted: 09 November 2023 - 05:29 AM
Good morning.

CM, great job decluttering craft supplies and sticking to your gym commitment!

I went downstairs last night and found a handful of beads to use right away and I was instantly reminded that a handful of beads is an unnoticeable amount to remove from my craft hoard. But, I am using them.

I slept until 5:45 this morning, so progress is happening there.

My plan for today is a slow and steady March through pottery, peppers, lesson plans, and cleaning up the house.

The back of my car is full of pumpkins sent home from decorating the school. They are still pretty, but apparently pumpkins are not for November, so they have been sent for my chickens to eat. I like pumpkins in November, so they will grace my porch until they have been consumed one at a time. The guidance counselor is bringing me her pumpkins tomorrow.
Posted: 08 November 2023 - 08:29 PM
I'll have to catch up more, perhaps tomorrow. Basically I've just been busy a lot because roommate and I have been faithful to the 2x a week gym commitment, which involves a fair amount of other schedule shifting. I have lost approximately 4 pounds. I'm also sort of doing NaNoWriMo, hooking up with the locals and writing plus writing on my own.

And I did a bit of decluttering today of craft supplies for the bunny club. Have an inspiration about how to make some items via a quicker method than hand painting, using vector graphics and the library's Cricut machine and vinyl cutouts. The items are low price point to justify the time they would take to hand paint. Plus I just don't want to, too much on my plate these days. Feasibility study to commence, e.g., I'll talk to my helpful library people about it.

More later!
Posted: 08 November 2023 - 05:48 PM
Good evening.

My headache hung around all day, so I decided to skip my pottery class. Dh says he has a headache, a sore throat, and chills. I was cold all day yesterday. Today I am having hot flashes. No fever, just hot flashes. Ni managed to have a decent school day anyway.

I dropped the recycling and that bag of trash.

My order of 120 fancy hooks for flying pigs came in the mail. (I was down to my last 9 hooks). The old hooks had beads on the end and these do not, but I have a lot of beads and my plan is to glue some to the hooks. I couldn't find any that already had beads.

I made myself a healthy dinner and used four peppers. Now I am waiting for a chocolate cake to come out of the oven because I really wanted chocolate cake and instead of eating Halloween candy, I made one. (From scratch) I'm proud of myself.
Posted: 08 November 2023 - 07:00 AM
I am so sorry for your mom. I know this must be a scary time for her.

The good news for the school board is that the centrist is an experience teacher - so maybe she can get enough people to work together. There are a total of six members, but we only elect three at a time.
Posted: 08 November 2023 - 06:48 AM
The makeup of the school board will be tough, SubC.

Good work on the peppers! And yay for making a balanced choice on the expired sunscreen and lotions.

Off to work today.

Harrowing day with my mother yesterday. I feel so badly for her.
Posted: 08 November 2023 - 04:49 AM
Good morning

I won't get into politics here, but I have mixed feelings about my election results.

The one that really has me scratching my head is the school board. We had 5 candidates for three openings, so you could vote for three. One would expect the most moderate candidate to get the most votes (true) and then either the other two more centrist candidates or a shift toward one side or the other.

Nope. We got the one left wing candidate and the extreme right wing candidate. I think a lot of people just voted for the one most extreme candidate on their side.

Yesterday I pulled all the peppers off of the plants in the basement, tossed the plants, and washed the sheet they were on. I also sorted through the peppers in the kitchen and gave the chickens a bowl that were going by, and I bagged up expired sunblock and lotions to throw out. I am not going to try to wash and recycle the plastic containers. I need to put an end to that hanging over my head. - curb toy offset.

I am still waking at 4 a.m. and my head aches.
Posted: 07 November 2023 - 07:34 AM
Correction: Last paragraph is the comfort and inspiration!
Posted: 07 November 2023 - 07:33 AM
I found great comfort in your last sentence. Will save it.
Posted: 07 November 2023 - 03:48 AM
Good morning! I woke up really early today. I am struggling with the time change. I wish we could throw daylight savings time out the window.

good job on your errands and on avoiding the post office Tatoulia! And thank you for the congratulations. It did feel good.

Today the most important thing I have to do is vote.

Today is also the cross quarter. The actual astronomical cross quarter that all the imperfect calendars aim at - Halloween, All Souls' Day, Samhain, day of the dead, Diwali, it's strange to me that Samhain is the only pagan one that got pegged to a date.

Anyway, it is the beginning of winter. A time for drawing in and drawing down. Finishing things. Rest and focusing on warmth and comfort, family and friends, but also endings and letting things go. 44 days left in the solar year.
Posted: 06 November 2023 - 07:37 PM
Congratulations on tripling your sales goal, SubC! That must've felt great! I forgot to tell you that earlier but I was definitely feeling it!

I ran to the store and bought the cat food that my cat is insisting upon. She gobbles up a certain flavor of fancy feast. She doesn't even notice that I crush up her thyroid pills in it. I forgot my phone (which is where I carry my credit cards) so I could only buy so much due to limited cash. I got the trash out and changed kitty's box. I visited mom then went to my car to carry home some of the groceries I bought on Saturday. I skipped going to the post office earlier today because I figured out how to pay BF's condo fee on line. So I did a lot. Right now I'm washing my delicates. I've showered so as soon as laundry is done, I can hang it up and go to bed.

Dentist tomorrow. It's okay. Only one appt this week.
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