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Hoarding Help Message Boards : The Daily Chat : What are you doing today (part 15)
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What are you doing today (part 15)

Posted: 12 June 2021 - 06:26 AM
I don't feel,productive, I just feel exhausted. And overwhelmed, and chronically behind on everything.

Yesterday at 3:00 I had so much time left to do things. But I decided to take half an hour and watch some comedy. And then it started raining. Off and on, but it was so hot and humid...

But I didn't do anything in the house either. I just binge watched. I did load and run the dishwasher and do chores, but I'm milking now, and I can run the dishwasher once a day and still fall behind on dishes.🙁

Tatoulia, you are doing great! Tillie would be very proud of you.

Hi CM, my bad wether friend 😉

Lila, Julie? How are things going?
Posted: 11 June 2021 - 08:08 PM
Wow! You did a lot, SubC. Amazing! I love having a productive stretch like that! Way to go! Sorry bean is feeling crummy. Disappointing for everyone. Poor little fella!

I'd like some of your ice cream, if you don't mind!

Lila how are you? Have you been able to unstuck yourself at all?

Cm we had terrible heat here. So much so that I didn't go into the office on Tuesday as I knew I wouldn't be able to walk in. I went in today and it was delightful to be there. It is pretty cool out and I was happy.

Nothing much to report here. I am using the designated spots for my stuff and I am much happier. I cooked a delightful lemon asparagus pasta dish tonight. With help from my friend, all dishes are in the dishwasher and the counters are clear. My cleaners came today while I was at work. The noise is really clean.

I made a presentation to my department yesterday and it went very well. I do not get nervous before these things but afterward, I was exhausted. I slept and slept and slept.

That's all the news. I'm keeping up with things, and that makes me very happy.
Posted: 11 June 2021 - 01:58 PM
My evaluations are done with two hours to spare!

Next up - my barn! Somebody is coming to buy a goat tomorrow.
Posted: 10 June 2021 - 09:24 PM
The lockers are out of my wall! I love the space! I am going to have 18ft of 18" deep 5' tall shelves.

I took a full carload of recycling. I got lost twice. There was horrible traffic and road construction. The nice lady at the recycling place gave me directions for a better way home.

Bean has a fever. He feels crummy. He was supposed to stay over for the first time tomorrow night so his mommy and Daddy could have the night off and stay out late, but now he isn't even coming.

The restaurant was ok. We did get a booth. It was nice to have the pizza really hot.

Tomorrow I finish the evaluations. They are due by 5.
Posted: 10 June 2021 - 11:43 AM
Ice cream made
Car loaded
Heading out.
Posted: 10 June 2021 - 09:13 AM
Picked the cherries. Time to get out the ice cream maker.
Posted: 10 June 2021 - 07:28 AM
Ok, you are going to see a lot of serial posting today.

I have cleaned out the car. Now I can start loading it with things to recycle.
Posted: 10 June 2021 - 05:32 AM
CM, I have hot AND rainy!

Good for you getting things done.

I have 14 more evaluations to do by 5 pm Friday, but I am taking a break today to focus on other things (I might do a few later, but no goals on those today. I am sick of them!).

This morning I'm going to pick cherries, make ice cream, and clean out my car. I'm going to gather up a bunch of recycling for the recycling hub, go to school to check on the remodeling project in my classroom, unload the kiln, drop the recycling, and ...

Take a big step...

I am meeting Dh for pizza at our favorite pizza place.

The tables are pretty spread out, the booths have high backs, and I am not going to be around my students this month.

Wish me luck on filling the car with stuff that can go to the recycling hub. I have four 40lb feed sacks ready to go, but I am going to spend time sorting out more stuff.
Posted: 09 June 2021 - 11:36 PM
Well, it's now HOT here instead of rainy! 🥵 Knew that would happen!

But I'm getting a few things done. Monday I went out back and planted the survivors of bedding plants I'd bought in April to recently. Most had survived. I cleaned off the patio some too.

Working on what I can find the concentration and time to work on - not rapid progress but less stagnant than earlier in the year.

June calendar has filled up plenty. Could be worse - I'm trying not to commit to anything else.
Posted: 08 June 2021 - 06:27 AM
Laughing because somehow my serving bowl became a starving bowl.

Bean likes to sit in it. When he comes on a non rainy day I'm going to take it outside and put water in it for him.

All the company is gone, but I am still so tired.

Today is day one of the evaluation death March.
Posted: 07 June 2021 - 09:58 PM
Quick drive by. I'm here and doing well. Just very busy!
Posted: 06 June 2021 - 06:53 AM
Lila, be gentle with yourself. You made a big push with a lot of progress. We all need lulls to recover.

I slept in a little bit, but am still exhausted.

Dishes have piled up a bit, but I'm surviving the inlaws. It's been good to see my boy interact with bean. He burst in and (unaware Bean's paternal aunt had married recently) yelled "it's your favorite uncle!" I said "he has another uncle." And my son's face fell "he does?" After I explained, he put his grin back on and announced "it's your favorite uncle -name-"

Mil and fil brought us many things - some fabric, three throw pillows, a large metal starving bowl, an antique bracelet, and a beautiful coffee table made by fil.

I gave my little Dd my houseplant teacher gift.

My new chicks are doing well and much of the crew is working on building my new chicken tractor. No progress has been made on thank you notes or evaluations.
Posted: 05 June 2021 - 07:42 PM
I have stayed frozen about the room all this week. I had more pressing things to deal with, plus pain in my knees making it hard to walk. Today I have nothing planned but have sat here all day doing nothing trying to get the inflammation down in my knees so I can walk. I have zero motivation to clean anything. Bummer.

Thinking. I can re-list the rest of my for sale items one more time. I have 2 big boxes of books in my room. I already sorted them and they have sentimental value and I want to keep them all. I already took 2 boxes to my volunteer office.. I don't know what to do with all of this. I guess I will re-sort. Some of them have handwritten notes in them so are more important to me to keep at home in a special spot. I have 2 book shelves in my room, both pretty full. I can look through and see if anything can be donated. Maybe take one more box to the office. They are taking up a lot of floor space.

I have piles of stuff between my bed and closet. I worked SO hard clearing enough space to get into the closet, but there is still a big set of stuff in between. I really need it gone but I don't know how. Maybe I need to move the rocking chair to the other side of the room where I cleared space, because the chair is piled with clothes and stuff and junk all around it. Moving the chair might break the barrier. Been like this for like 10 years or more. If I move it maybe I can get that area cleaned and get my clothes put away in a way that is easy to access.
Posted: 05 June 2021 - 05:41 AM
Goid morning!

Hi tatoulua!

Lila and Julie, how are you doing?

CM, I'm sorry about the money. I can't find the old saucepan I use to scoop feed, and that us driving me crazy and it's a lot less than $60!

I made it through the school year and the first night of my inlaws visit. My boy and his wife arrived in the wee hours of the morning and are (i conjecture) sleeping. We just left the doors unlocked and the lights on.

I was too tired to be really sad yesterday. I still seems a bit unreal - as if we will have a break and then the same kids will come back to me rather than new ones.

I have a huge pile of boxes I brought home from the classroom. They are going to tear out my lockers this summer and replace them with shelves (something I have wanted for a long time!)

Dh put some of the clean laundry away while I was at school and we got the beds made last night. I still have thank you notes to write, 22hours worth of evaluations to do by Friday, and a lot of catching up around here, but I will probably be by a bit more.
Posted: 04 June 2021 - 11:26 AM
Hi Tatoulia, thanks for understanding. I mean, I won't claim I don't spend a little money on fun stuff like a doll now and then, so I'm not meaning to sound all wah-wah woe is me like about it. But it is annoying.

And one of the annoying things is simply the memory blank around the entire business. But I suppose that is not just limited to ADHD folk - if everyone remembered everything they did with everything they had or where they went and such, then nobody would accidentally lose anything ever. That'd be nice.

Yesterday around here was crazy. It was my payday, and I had my bill paying and errand running plans ready to go - and then roommate's bunny was having tummy trouble. He rallied within a few hours, thankfully, but it just threw the day off. There were other glitches too. But today is a new day.

The weather is finally nice! I'm hoping to do some work in the storage unit.

I have so many zillion items on my to-do list, which incorporates my own personal goals and goals for the household and yard etc. But as many as I can think of have been jotted down so they won't get forgotten - if I can just remember to look at the list. And some of them from the last couple of days did get accomplished so were able to be deleted. We put roommate's old lawnmower out by the curb and this morning the lawnmower fairy had come and got it.

My church sale is at the end of this month so I will focus on what items can go in boxes to go there. This is shaping up to be a busy month. Roommate will have a followup medical treatment for the stuff from last year - an easier thing, no radioactivity concerns. Toward the end of the month. I'll also have one overnight at the bunny shelter house that week. A single overnight won't be as tiring as an entire weekend.

My sewing group will resume on the 18th. Excellent timing for getting quilt progress made.

Etsy and such - oh yeah, I've thought of selling things I make. My Barbie and other doll clothes I think I'll be able to sell directly on Facebook for one thing, and I hope maybe I can make my own website for my artistic and crafty endeavors. Squarespace or something like that.

The public library has some computers and tables with social distancing, so I'll also be able to get away for some writing and research time when I'm not doing storage unit and stuff around here. I know I need to focus a lot on decluttering, yet I need to maintain a connection with the passions that drive me so I keep in mind the WHY I'm wanting to improve my life. Otherwise decluttering slides back into drudgery and resistance.
Posted: 03 June 2021 - 09:30 PM
Hello everyone!

Hang in there, SubC!

Cm I'm sorry about the lost money and certainly $60 isn't a small amount! I'd be so upset! I'm glad your soul and spirits were lifted with the quilt planning. There's not a lot of money to be made but would you consider making quilts for Etsy? Some people like quilted pet beds or quilted coasters and placemats. Let me know what you think!

Lila! Great decisions you are making. Any more thoughts about the 20 shoebox bins? Maybe fill 10 with donations and cut your "bin inventory" in half? Just a thought and don't let it cause you any anxiety.

I have a clean bed tonight. My cleaners were here. I'm busy at work but extremely happy.
Posted: 02 June 2021 - 05:04 PM
Haven't found the $60 yet... 😕 sometimes just haven't had the time or thought of it but I did pray the other day and will do so again. Hoping the prayers will lead to a memory about what could've happened. If it is gone and I could know that for sure, I'd be sad but could have closure. On disability "wages," $60 is not totally chump change.

Today I went to the church basement with my graph paper and colored pencils, and drafted out my quilt. The feeling of laying down colors was so satisfying to my soul that I almost cried. Why can't there be a way of making money at it that isn't full of stress, competition, and demands that would mess with my anxiety and ADHD? 😭
Posted: 02 June 2021 - 05:22 AM
Hello Julie!

Lila, you are doing great!

You should be so proud of yourself!

Still swamped. 3 more days of school.
Posted: 31 May 2021 - 01:03 PM
Thank you, it really does help me coming and posting here. I feel SO discouraged today, but I came to post because it helps me see the reality of what I have gotten done. I know some of you can relate. You look at the huge piles and messy room and think, "It looks the same. I have gotten nothing done." So I need to take inventory of what I DID do. That helps me stay motivated.

Yesterday I felt frozen about my room because all my drawers are full of clothes I am not willing to part with but are too small. So my clothes that do fit have been thrown on a rocking chair for months. But there was nowhere to put any of them.

Today I sorted those. I added a fleece jacket to my donation box. Then I went in the spare bedroom (also very cluttered) and opened the closet. I took a box and put stuff from the closet into in: a comforter, some clothes, hats, a decorative pillow. Rolled up a small area rug to donate. I organized what was left and made space for a box in there. (This is great because that closet was full to overflowing literally.) Then I went in my room and boxed up all the jeans that are too small and put that box into that closet. Then I put my clothes that fit into that newly emptied drawer.

I also hung up a couple of shirts. Oh and I took those plates I wrote about a few posts back, and put them into the donation box. Now I will ask my son to put the 2 full boxes to donate in my car.

I am getting down to the hard stuff that I don't know where to put. I actually have a new-in-box record player in there that I have never opened. It's been sitting in there for like 2 years. Heck it might not even work and it would be out of warranty! I also have records that belonged to my grandparents. I don't know why this is such a big hurdle for me but I need to find somewhere to set this up. In my bedroom or in the living room? Not sure. I also have like 20 empty storage bins with lids in there. They are the shoebox size ad smaller ones and maybe 2 a little bigger. They are for sorting but ???? they make me feel conflicted.
Posted: 29 May 2021 - 10:02 PM
WOW! Will write more later! So happy for you!
Posted: 29 May 2021 - 06:13 PM
Thank you Tatoullia!! I feel good about it!

Part 2, what I did today.
I looked at the piles and saw several cardboard boxes full of stuff. One by one I pulled those boxes out, sorted them into donate/trash/put away, and consolidated the keeps. I ended up emptying 4 boxes! Now I can use the empty boxes to donate (you know how I like my boxes). Then I saw 2 big boxes that are still sealed shut, never opened, that have been sitting in there for over a year. I pulled them out and opened them. One was American Girl stuff I ordered, so I put that stuff in the toy closet. The other was books, so I put them into a smaller box which is ready to take to my office, which has a near empty book shelf. Then I threw away the empty (ripped) box and packing.

I kept going and found 2 laptops and a scanner... wth. I dusted them and set them neatly in the corner to deal with later. Then vacuumed that area. I gathered 3 things that are keeps that need to go downstairs. I found a mat that you microwave and use as a heating pad, but I never use because it is covered in dog hair and dust (it is cloth) so I also found some packing tape, and used the packing tape to stick on and peel off to get all of the dust and hair off the mat, then I put it in a drawer.

Then I found 4 items I wanted to sell, so I put them online to sell with pictures and one already is sold!

My bed is piled with things to sort and put away, but I think I can get it done and then put those 2 tubs back under my bed.

Slow but steady. It still looks like a scene from hoarders (which amazes me - if you went back and read all my posts of ALL the things I have taken out of there as trash or donate, it is a LOT) but it is getting better. There are areas outside the walking path where I can see the floor now. I honestly cannot imagine my bedroom being clean... it has been something like 12 years being this way. It feels a little unsettling to imagine it, so I don't imagine it and I will just keep going.
Posted: 29 May 2021 - 01:23 PM
Congratulations Lila! You are getting things done! I am very happy for you! Great work! Funny how it feels like nothing when it's really a lot! Like we are conditioned to downplay our accomplishments! WTG!
Posted: 29 May 2021 - 09:48 AM
Lila reporting in here. It helps me to share my progress, because it helps me see that I actually AM making progress and you encourage me to keep going. Thank you.

We are staying home for the weekend. I just need some time to be quiet. I also need time to work on my bedroom some more. I feel like I have done nothing in there but let me tell you what I HAVE done this week.

I started putting random items from around my bedroom into the two under-bed tubs that I had decluttered. So in one, there are cords, chargers, an old phone on one side, nice water bottles and lids in the middle, and other 'keep' items on the other end. The other bin has a baby book, notebooks and planners that are undated so I can use them later, and there is space for a few more things. I will finish adding things and put them back under my bed today.

I put leashes in a drawer, threw out a few old dog things, threw out one large candle that my kid had dug around in an ruined the wax. Yesterday was trash day and from my bedroom I took out one large bag of trash and 3 small empty boxes. I had things in those boxes but I sorted them out to donate/trash/keep and consolidated. I found a couple items that I gave to my daughter. Threw out a shirt and underwear with holes.

Then I went in my master bathroom and went through drawers and countertop (which is still cluttered) and threw out quite a few things. I still need to sort underneath the sink, make room and put things away.

This morning I took a bunch of boxes of stuff that were on my dining room counter and spread them out on the kitchen table so I can sort, throw out, donate, and consolidate.

See, now that I wrote that out, it looks like I did a LOT this week, and I don't quite feel like such a slug. Thanks!
Posted: 28 May 2021 - 08:49 PM
My goal for the weekend is to do a lot of laundry. It's going to be pouring but I still think that a lot of the people in my building will be gone for the weekend.

Let's see what tomorrow brings. I do have a dress to return. I bought it in two sizes and thankfully the smaller size fit.
Posted: 28 May 2021 - 10:33 AM
Okay I'm going to get up and get out. I have a lot of errands to run today.
Posted: 27 May 2021 - 09:43 PM
Trash and recycling out. Running the dishwasher. Changed kitty's litter box. Washed the sheer curtains in my bedroom. They are only partially back up as my ceilings are very high and my windows are very tall. I used a ladder but not tall enough. I'll get help tomorrow. The drapes in my bedroom are fine. I like to wash the sheers every so often.

That's it for me! Signing off for now.
Posted: 26 May 2021 - 10:12 PM
Julie, I am sorry about your friend. Be good to yourself.

That is so true about not being alone. A few years ago I admitted to some friends about the terrible financial position I was in and it turned out that I'm not a failure, a lot of people were experiencing or had experienced financial problems. I'm pleased to say that today I have no consumer debt, I've paid off my mortgage and other than a small loan of under $2400, I am fine. I even have built up the six months emergency fund. I swear this is only because I was honest with myself and honest with others. It unstuck me. I felt paralyzed by the hole I'd dug for myself.

My cleaners came today. I know it's a bit selfish to have them every week but I figure as long as my friend is staying here, we both deserve this.

It was a hot day so I never left my house. Julie, I used to hate summer because it amplified my hatred for the clutter and filth I was living in. Now with a clean and clear house, I no longer have to hate my house and myself.

Going to bed?we've been having thunderstorms and my poor cat has been terrified. Me, too.
Posted: 26 May 2021 - 09:44 AM
Thank you for the Behavioral Change link! 🌸
Posted: 26 May 2021 - 09:22 AM
Hello again! I am feeling encouraged by seeing your progress and acknowledging the journey. I once worked in close proximity to a group of psychologists. One of them said "One of the most important things to convey to a person in crisis is that what they are experiencing is shared by others. It removes the isolation factor that can be so overwhelming."

Knowing there are others on this path is very comforting.

My job is pretty demanding, and my daughter is getting married in September. .

..And a dear friend became ill last week, went to the hospital and was put in ICU with Covid. He's only 62 and looks to be the picture of health. He said no to the ventilator until yesterday - the dr called his wife from the bedside - over FaceTime, told them both his only shot is the ventilator. So I am very sad. To make it even harder - he just retired in March - they drove across the country to live near their daughter. He signed the final papers on the house from his bed in icu. But all of their friends are here on the west coast.

Thanks for the warm welcome! 💕
Posted: 26 May 2021 - 08:56 AM
Good morning!

I am consciously keeping up with putting things in their homes. And I am overjoyed when I see the open spaces in my closets and kitchen cabinets. My friend did a great job for me, and I am grateful.

Going to be very hot here today. I will use the ac to keep me cool.
Stay hydrated, everyone, and check in when you can!
Posted: 25 May 2021 - 09:49 AM
Hello and good morning, all! Lila you are doing a great job! You are able to let go of things! Good to say goodbye! I swear you will feel lighter and better about yourself. For me, it's not so much that I feel lighter but I feel less heavy. I express it in terms of lightness but in truth I'm getting rid of what is weighing me down. Not sure if I'm babbling.

Just get it out of the house when you can! It gets easier! There is a push-pull and that's fine.

Cm thank you for the analysis and the link. All of this is so helpful.

Okay back to work for me,
Posted: 25 May 2021 - 07:36 AM
Lila, you might find this interesting - people progress through different stages in making life changes. I would add that it's not always a neat, linear progression in real life.

Decluttering is a complicated undertaking or we probably would've already done it. There are obstacles to be overcome such as financial and practical (having a staging area, time and energy, etc.)

So we must continue to be patient with the process.

Transtheoretical Model of Change
Posted: 24 May 2021 - 09:14 PM
Oh no, I hope you find the money CM. I know how that feels.

I kind of hit a standstill the last two days. Not sure why. I have a lot of things on my to do list, outside of decluttering and cleaning. Plus I am trying to focus on my health. But I don't want to stop now.

This evening I will go in there and put things I definitely want to keep into those bins I pulled out from under the bed. I got rid of 75% of the stuff in them (pillows, blankets, scrapbooking supplies) so I can put keeps in there now. That will clear up the space for more sorting later this week.

I am amazed how part of my still wants to keep everything, ALL of it, and another part wants to get rid of most of it. Those two parts are fighting all the time.
Posted: 24 May 2021 - 09:04 PM
Thank you for letting me know, SubC, and I applaud your decision! Really thoughtful of you.

Tonight I went to my car and neatened it up for my friend's trip. I visited with bf then went for a short walk. It's 10:02 and I'm ready for bed. My friend came over for dinner tonight. We had lentils and rice. I will miss her tmr night when she's gone to get some of her things.

So I'm alone tmr. I enjoy her company so much. We are having a blast.

Goodnight, all!
Posted: 24 May 2021 - 08:56 PM

My life is really full right now. I'm trying to work on everything, but one of the things I need to change for a while is less Internet. So, if I don't post for a while don't worry. I might just drop by and give you a highlight or a quick cheer, but if I don't, it's because I need to make better use of my mornings and get offline and go to bed sooner (like now) because I am not getting enough sleep, and that underlies everything.

Posted: 24 May 2021 - 03:15 PM
Checking in! My new hire started today, so I am pretty excited about that. My friend is coming for dinner. I may go clean out the car for her trip this week. At a minimum I can take the TP to my mother's. I'm sure she's reaching the point where she will need some.

I have to change the litter box and otherwise get ready for dinner. We are having lentils and rice and it will be so delicious. Pineapple for dessert.
Posted: 23 May 2021 - 08:18 PM
Good to hear from you both!

I did get the bags to goodwill (there were six or seven) then oil change and other car things. Car is ready for my friend to use this week. She has to go get some of her stuff for starting work June 1. I also saw mom today and her tiny cat. So much fun

I'm sorry about losing the money, CM. I still have hope you might find it.

What I would give for one of your popovers, SubC.
Posted: 23 May 2021 - 03:33 PM
CM, I did not see your post.

The site is loading oddly for me lately - like it's delayed.

Anyway, I am very sorry about your money. I hope you find it, but if not, maybe you can just tell yourself that the person who found it really really needed it - like for medicine or something.

Almost 30 years ago I was walking home (no gas money) through an empty parking lot one night in December and I found a $20 bill blowing across the lot. Everything closed, no one around... I bought new shoes for work and Dh and I had our whole Christmas on what was left. Now if I lose something I remember how happy I was and tell myself I'm paying it forward.
Posted: 23 May 2021 - 03:07 PM
Good afternoon!

It's hot here!

I pulled weeds and planted a few more tomatoes and a row of beans.

Did a load of dishes and a load of laundry. Made popovers and hard boiled eggs to fix lunch for bean and me tomorrow.

Graduation yesterday was really nice. One of my kids gave a speech that made me cry.

Tatoulia, that is good news about your friend.

I am spoiled about cars. I just say "I need an oil change" and it magically happens. Otoh, Dh has the same trick with clean clothes.

Lila, you are doing an amazing job! I missed your part two post before, but that was great about unpacking the box and having it for things to give away!

Do you think you can finish your closet floor by the end of the month? I bet you could!
Posted: 23 May 2021 - 12:55 PM
Another setback. 😰

I had $60.00 on Friday and I went out shopping and doing errands. Was going to put the cash in the bank because that works better for me. But then I was making an unanticipated purchase and it was not in my purse. So humiliating to dig around. I just paid with debit card to not hold up the line and get out.

Retraced where I'd been, left my name, looked in van, purse, at home, everywhere I can think of. I pray I didn't just drop it at Walmart and someone else picked it up and kept it. Things like this are so depressing and discouraging for me. They just are like a slap in the face. Like all my micromanaging trying to keep my forgetful brain from tripping me up and still it finds a way. 😡
Posted: 23 May 2021 - 09:03 AM
Checking in! I'm up early (for me) and I'm going to go to goodwill for a drop off and then I'm going to try to get an oil change. My friend is going to need my car this week.

My friend now has a job and an apartment. All confirmed! July 1st for apt.

Okay I'll keep you posted. These are two very big To Dos esp since I hate anything to do with car maintenance.
Posted: 21 May 2021 - 08:30 PM
You are doing great Lila! I'm in awe! Your thought-process is sound and you are making decisions! Good work! SubC very good advice!
Posted: 21 May 2021 - 07:53 PM
Thank you Subclinical. You make good points. One thing is I never have friends over, due to the mess. When I do have friends over we eat, talk, watch movies. I can see where games would be more fun but I never had fun with games as a child so... I dunno.

I took out a brand new Cranium game and a new cat puzzle to give to a couple I know who loves games, puzzles, and cats.

I went in my room and finished putting the shoes on my new rack, vacuumed, and sorted a cabinet with dog things in it. I put a few items away in there, put a few in the donate box, and threw a couple old things away. Then I put some items on the top shelf of the shoe rack. It looks very nice and neat in my closet now - better than it has looked in years.

I bagged up 2 new pillows that were in a tub under my bed for TWENTY YEARS. I just, wow. They are still like new and I never used them since they are the wrong color for my house. It felt good to bag them up with 2 other pillows to donate. My floor by my closet, which was covered in junk making it impossible to get to the closet, in almost clear.

I have a wooden stool there and I think one of my kids made it for me. I can't give that away. Maybe my grandchild's daddy made it, and if so he might like it for her to stand on to brush her teeth. I will ask him.
Posted: 21 May 2021 - 07:02 PM
Lila, I love games!

We have far too many games. My kids play some of them and play with me as well, but not many. Dh will not play games with me. He never played them as a kid because his mother hated to lose. Apparently she got grumpy an unpleasant if anyone - even one of the kids - beat her.

And yet, I have an entire bedroom closet full of games. I hope bean will play with me some day.
That said - I think you should donate the games! If no one in your house will play them, pass them on to new homes where they will be enjoyed!

My paternal grandmother had two games at her house. Uncle wiggly and something with pieces that looked like elephants. We played them all the time. I loved the elephants. My grandfather's second wife gave them both to my cousins because my cousins were little, and they immediately destroyed the games and lost the pieces because they were not raised to take care of things. My aunt found it easier to throw things away and buy new and they could afford to.

My dad got me an uncle wiggly game for Christmas when I had kids at home, but I have never remembered the name of the elephant game.

But anyway, two games was enough. What is important is to have something you like to do with your grandkids. When you gave your friends over, you should do something you all like.
Posted: 21 May 2021 - 06:43 PM
I guess today is my day of posting.

I have an issue I want to work through, and it is games. When my kids were young, we bought a lot of board games. I hate board games! But I thought it was one of those things a good mother should do. I especially hate Monopoly (ohhh torture!) So we had all the games in the coat closet, and we played them once in awhile and the kids played them with friends.

A few years ago I got rid of most of the games and puzzles. I saved some and then people gave me a couple more. The "little kid" games like Candyland are in the play room and not bothering me - I will play those with my grandkids who are toddler/preschool age now. But the games in the coat closet are just taking up half the shelf space. There are newish games I have never plays and probably never want to play. I sometimes think, oh, I will get out that puzzle and do it with my kids at Christmas. Or, I will have friends over and play. But I hate games!! The only game I like is Scrabble.

What would you do? I am leaning towards donating all but the scrabble and monopoly (sometimes my teen's friends would play that one with them) and maybe one more, and a puzzle for a young child. Donate the rest. But for some reason I feel guilt over doing that.
Posted: 21 May 2021 - 06:19 PM
Lila, we don't know where Tillie is.

She was ill, and she has not answered Cory. We would like to think that she has gone to Nate's or has some computer access issue, but I will be honest, the longer she is gone, the more I worry that she has gone to be with her grandmother. It is not like her to leave us.

You made progress! I think the trash bag is fine. Just tape the puzzles closed and be sure you don't load the bag so much that the corners poke holes.

Sometimes I just load the things loose into the back of my car and then take them out straight into the bin at goodwill (it is a commercial laundry hamper on wheels.)

I'm sure the dogs will be happy to help you. - lol!

Tatoulia, you are a really good friend to co-sign! I am still amazed at what you are doing. Will there be any pictures? I haven't looked for a long time.

CM, I am sorry, no music this year.

Getting rid of barbies is big! I am proud of you for meeting your storage unit goals. It won't rain forever.

I am not meeting my goals, but I am doing ok. I just get so tired. Graduation tomorrow, two more weeks of school, inlaws and kids pile in for the weekend, a week to do evaluations, and then I get to breathe!

I just read that 24% of current covid cases are in children. This is why I am paranoid.
Posted: 21 May 2021 - 06:03 PM
update part 2.

It helps me to report back what I have done. I hope that is okay.

On that counter: today I did get all (I think all?) of the dog treats and chews off that counter. I sorted the treat bin, put some in the dog cookie jar, have some to the dogs, and put the rest back in neatly. Now I know what is in there. I also had dog food samples in there so I dumped them into the dog food bin. There was not enough room for some of the extra treats, so I put them all into a grocery bag and set it by the bin.

I also took about 8 cleaning cloths off that counter, folded them and put them away in the cleaning closet.

It's not much but it is something. One fun thing: I get my dog food on chewy and it comes in a big box!! Just what I needed. Now I can more easily start sorting things to donate into that nice big box!

I have Hoarding on TV right now and that will motivate me to sort a little more before the day is over.

I think the next run to the thrift store I will donate those plates, and save one, which is actually under a potted plant right now.
Posted: 21 May 2021 - 12:29 PM

Thank you for the suggestions and wow, it is so cool to read about all the progress you've made with your friend. Where is Tillie? She hasn't been posting in awhile. And hello new friend.

I feel like I am slugging through molasses. I keep thinking if I had a half day to just work on it I could get the clutter out of a space, but then when I have the time, like now, I feel like I am so tired and unmotivated that it is hard to move. So many things on my mind, and the clutter is overwhelming.

I have a counter between my kitchen and dining room that has been piled with stuff for months. It is unbearable when I try to start clearing it. I tried again this morning. I managed to deal with a couple things from that counter: emptied a small bag of dog food into the dog food bin, took the bag of cereal out of the oversized box my husband bought that won't fit in the cabinet (the bag will fit so I clipped it and put it in), threw away a few little things. Then I thought I could put some of the items away, but they go in the hall closet and there is no space, so I started looking at what I could get rid of in the closet and then went back not not having boxes. So I got frustrated and stopped.

Came here and read about bags. The items in there, games etc, won't fit in a grocery bag but maybe in a kitchen trash bag. I feel weird putting things like games or puzzles in a trash bag, is that odd? I have put clothes and blankets in bags but not other things. Set in my ways?? lol... I will try.

My goal for today is to get all the dog treats off that counter and into the dog treat bin, which is harder than it sounds since the dog treat bin is fairly full. I will have to figure it out but I guess the dogs will get some extra treats today.
Posted: 21 May 2021 - 08:36 AM
Cm we cross-posted! You are doing great! Letting go of some Barbie dolls! Not easy but you are doing it!

Cm you are correct! The hard work I've done to really rethink things took me a long, long way. But my closets were still a mess. My kitchen cabinets were better but not great. I got things to an acceptable point where outwardly everything was beautiful but the closets and cabinets were a mess. I tried and tried to make it a priority. My friend just dove in and started doing it. Having me sit away from the area she was clearing made the difference. She would pile up the stuff and I would do keep, donate, shred, trash. And so not seeing what she was taking out or where she was became key to our success. Anything breakable to donate, she would wrap up and put in bag. I only had responsibility for making the decision and shredding. pretty snazzy.

Back to work for me!
Posted: 21 May 2021 - 08:30 AM
I love that! SubC! Very creative and really sweet! Great fun! What a nice group of kids! You will certainly miss them and they will miss you!

Julie, how is it going? Just pick a box and power through it! We are here to help!

I am lighter without my stuff here. I have two more bags to go to goodwill, which I will bring to my car at some point during the weekend. I decided to donate the two lamps on my dresser and my friend said she'd like them. So that is very good news. She has my nesting tables, two lamps, the bedding I bought for her stay here and some other things once she has an apartment. Her job starts June 1st.

I think I mentioned that her cat is staying with a different friend. Well he is going out of the country for ten days so she'll be staying there starting tonight. Then she'll be back here. She has an apartment she likes and she is working on the application today. It is available July 1. It's in my old building from when I lived in Beacon Hill and I loved living there. I truly loved that apartment. Hers is on a different floor and they've updated the kitchens, etc and I'm so excited for her. I hope she gets it. It should be easier now that she has secured a good high paying job here in Boston and I can co-sign for her.

So that is the news here. We have continued to clean and clear out. She cannot believe the stuff I am able to get rid of. She's now the one trying to get me to keep stuff. No, thank you.
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