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Hoarding Help Message Boards : The Daily Chat : What are you doing today (part 15)
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What are you doing today (part 15)

Posted: 05 September 2021 - 09:50 AM
I'm going to try to get mom out of the house today. She wants to go shopping, which is causing me some anxiety. She wants to bring her walker but I know that has too many unknowns to be effective, so I'll bring her wheelchair. I just hope she can hold up for it. I'll have it be careful when putting the wheelchair in the car since I don't want to hurt my back.

Her handicap placard expired during the pandemic so I don't have it and she doesn't know where it is (understandable) so our trio is a bit complicated but I'll make it work.

We are going to go to the Talbots Outlet. So a drive. I pray it is a positive experience for her. I cannot imagine her holding up during this but let's be positive.

It's my kind of day, cloudy and fall-like. A little warmer than id like but no need to be a pig. It's still my kind of day!
Posted: 04 September 2021 - 11:29 AM
SubC?yes I took it as a loving tease. I did the dishes before bed. This has been wired into me thanks to everyone here! I had made lunch then fallen asleep after work the. I ran errands. Come bedtime my motivation was gone. Then I remembered how great to have a clean sink when I wake up. Also, it takes me about three minutes to load the dishwasher. So I did both!

Just made my bed and getting ready to go to goodwill. I don't have a bag of my own but want to get the bag from mom's house donated.
Posted: 04 September 2021 - 06:47 AM
Good morning!

What a nice group to greet me today! Lila, I still miss you.

Roadster, I grew up near a resort area, so we always started after Labor Day - the resorts needed the teens for labor. Starting school in August seems very strange to me, and I'm glad we start at a sensible time, even if my state does not.

I'm not sure what you are asking about composition? We are coed and group different ages together. My youngest class is 6-8 and my oldest is 15+. My biggest range is 13+

Tatoulia, maybe you should cut back on your cleaning ladies - I remember when the clean house would have motivated you to do the dishes. Are you getting too used to them? (I am teasing, not criticizing)

Mar, i forgot to cheer for your bed! I am a big fan of clear beds. I think a good night's sleep makes a huge difference.

CM, I am sorry about that dratted van. Always wanting attention! I am curiously awaiting your next update!

As for me - I don't feel well this morning. I don't know if it was doing too much in the yard yesterday or not drinking enough water or having a gin and tonic after dinner on top of a glass of wine, or a poor night's sleep - I had covid nightmares, or some of everything. I feel like maybe all of it ties back into hydration.. But my body is sore, my head aches, my sinuses are a bit stuffy, and my stomach is queasy. I wore my mask at class on Thursday night - as did all of my classmates and teacher, and my closest approach was a few minutes two or three feet from my teacher- she was standing and I was seated.

One good thing is that it is my bicep that is sore from the scythe and not my elbow, so perhaps I have finally corrected my technique.
Posted: 03 September 2021 - 11:29 PM
A few developments this past week - I did some in my room with the dolls and misc., my van needed a repair and I will need new front tires. More home projects on the horizon.

First PT appointment today and I'm a bit of a hurting cowpoke but have had a Tylenol which is helping. I'm doing postpartum therapy after giving birth to my Alien Baby. 👽 Yes, there is an explanation for this and it's funny.

I'll leave it there for y'all to wonder about and get some rest for now, and post the elaboration as soon as I can. 😉
Posted: 03 September 2021 - 10:48 PM

How sad to find out that Tillie may no longer be with us :'( I'm sorry that she was so sick ...

Subc, I also try not to buy things with packaging, but sometimes it's inevitable.

Roadster, nice to meet you too!

Thank you, Tatoulia. Yes, she has been very helpful.

Posted: 03 September 2021 - 09:47 PM
I miss Tillie so much. I pray she is with Nate and Mrs Nate. She deserved some peace.

Mar I love the things you are working on with your therapist! Good work!

I had three cleaners here this week; generally it's just two people (my one lady and then either her mother or one of her friends). Her mother thought I was looking slim so that was pretty nice. It was a quick clean with three people. I will keep them for now but it is expensive for me so I'll have to see how it plays out. It's just so enjoyable having my place cleaned each and every week. It helps me with the clutter, too.

Right now I have a sink full of dishes and zero motivation to do anything about it

Beautiful sunny and cool day today. I was in heaven. We got out of work at 2 and then I napped. Later, BF and I ran some errands and then after that I ran some alone. The city is teeming with people. The students are back. I forgot how crowded the city gets. It's been a long pandemic.

We had rain and wind here but not the type of flooding that NYC was seeing. What a nightmare for this whole country.

Good to read your posts, sub c and Mar and Road and CM.
Posted: 03 September 2021 - 09:44 PM
I got nothin to report so I'll just say heya!

Sub C, what's the composition of your students? You guys start late!

Mar, nice to meet you! Usable beds - yay for us.

Tatoulia, last I heard you were expecting torrential rains... we've seen all the horror on tv. I hope you were not affected by that insane weather...

Hope everyone is well!
Posted: 03 September 2021 - 01:41 PM
Hi Mar,

We don't actually know what happened with tillie, but she was very sick, and then she stopped posting. Cory tried to email her, but she didn't respond. I'm afraid we've lost her for good.

I try not to buy things with packaging because of the recycling build up, but dh isn't on board.
Posted: 03 September 2021 - 10:11 AM
Hi everybody!

Yes, you will get an update! :D

I've seen a new psychologist, she's helping me to set goals, for example, I choose a number of pieces of clothing, say 3, to put in a bag during the week with the aim of donating it later. Or I tell her what space of home I will work on. I report my progress when we have our video-call. But my pace is sooo slow!
Also, items for recycling continue accumulating faster than I can get rid of them, the same occur with wrappers and other packaging. Then my home looks like no progress is made.

But now I remember the biggest improvement I've made recently: recover my bed to sleep on it! It was covered of stuff.

I also have anemia, since two years ago or so.

By the way, what happened with Tillie?
Posted: 03 September 2021 - 05:08 AM
Good morning!

Shout out to Lila, mar, CM, and tatoulia!

Roadster, I hope things went well for your Dh. Poison Ivy is my nemesis. I get it so badly that it is like a second degree burn and has to be bandaged. I have scars.

It's good to respect your limits. I struggle with that often.

Yesterday Dh and I finally got back to yoga - I am stiff! And I started a pottery class I am taking. Got home very late (it's an evening class in the city)

I went to my classroom one last time before my class and it is pretty much ready for Tuesday. I made note of a few things I still need to bring in - like my towel, and hopefully our box of rubber stamps is in my home pottery studio. But if I don't find it, I just remembered another place it could be in the classroom, and we can also get through the first day without it.

I don't feel ready, but then, I never feel ready and what usually happens is that I have so much planned for the first day that we don't get to half of it.

Dh decided to play golf, so the new robot will arrive while I am at school on Wednesday.

Apparently I put my laundry soap on auto reorder, because it arrived yesterday.
Posted: 02 September 2021 - 09:02 AM
SubC, I know. I opened up the package and I was like - yep, weather beaten and splintery just as advertised! 😂

I miss my tomatoes so much but I am struggling with what I have so I know I made the right decision this year. Next year though!

The H picked up a bad case of poison ivy on his arms which he can't get rid of. Probably doesn't help that he keeps changing tactics and isn't reading any labels. He has an ortho appt today stemming from an old Achilles injury that was also the site of his DVT that turned into his pulmonary embolisms. I hope they are able to figure out something definitively. Unlike me he's pretty good with medical follow up and doesn't seem to have any trouble making appts and stuff. I'm struggling right now to remember what I did do health wise that I was patting myself on the back for. I know I did something but can't remember what it was now. Good lord.

Which reminds me it's time to get out my daily thing and my master list and check in.

Tatoulia, I'm hoping things are not too crazy weather wise and everyone still has power, etc.
Posted: 02 September 2021 - 05:03 AM
Roadster, I'm glad you are taking care of your health.

I have to tell you though - I think this is the first time I have heard someone complain that when they received an item it looked just like the picture.

I think that the throw pillow cover is a good reward if it will help you not put things on the bed. Sometimes we need rewards to motivate us. Here is a balance challenge if you want: When you are ready to get the throw pillow cover - look around and see if you can find any throw pillows or covers that are not loved or not being used. If you don't want them on your bed, but instead want the new one - donate them. Then the new cover is progress and not increase!

Thank you for the PSA.

I have 15 tomato plants, but they are not producing well this year except for the cherry tomatoes.

Yesterday I filled the dehydrator with tomatoes again, changed the sheets and put away a basket of laundry.

Dh says he wil, start back to doing yoga with me 2x a week this morning.
Posted: 01 September 2021 - 10:27 PM
Ah, I got interrupted with a totally unpleasant convo w the H. Oh well. Anyway!

Came back for two reasons: plans for tomorrow and flash flood caution PSA.

- cleaned off my bed to try to let the puppy "sleep free" (on a leash) on my bed, but after several attempts, settled for crate on bed. So now my floor is looking binny and piley but I am envisioning an empty bed. Maybe if I can get this situation settled for awhile I'll treat myself to a silk Ikat Throw Pillow Cover I've had my eye on... Is that hoardy thinking ? Might be. I also peeked under the bed... that took a little courage. Good news is it's not as disgusting as the floor was, thank goodness.

Plans for tomorrow: field trip with bestie, make some more progress on health tasks. Enlist bestie to help me determine next steps... reclaim floor and check nightstand.

So: PSA. when I was a kid, our family narrowly escaped getting killed In a flash flood in the mountains. About 150 people lost their lives in this event. We were lucky to turn around and get out of the canyon just in time. So now I am a flash flood PSA-er. Don't drive across any roads with any amount of standing water, especially if you're not familiar with the road. Use extra caution near streams, rivers, lakes, oceans... cars can get swept away in very little water. Roads can get swept away underneath cars... just have your radar way up with crazy weather / rains and don't drive in it if you don't have to go out, 🙏💕😘

Everyone have a good day tomorrow!
Posted: 01 September 2021 - 08:29 PM
Tatoulia, I'm with subC on the cleaners... it sounds like that service brings you a lot of happiness... maybe now that you know what it does for you it might be worth keeping the weekly frequency... I can't believe it's Labor Day already. We are lucky here tonight. Perfect summer evening weather so I opened the window and am enjoying the sounds of the tree frogs...

Sub C, how many tomato plants do you have going? I only have two volunteers this year but they are just not ripening up.

The thing I need to deal with this week are the grapes. Every bunch has a range of ripeness. I can't wait for them all to ripen or they all end up on the ground. Not sure how it's done in a more sophisticated outfit.

Today my stitching projects oozed all over the bed again which was kind of stressful actually. (Is she getting used to seeing less clutter?) I wrote myself a note the other day to talk to my bestie for help with my health care to dos. When my ptsd or whatever disables my brain I can lay it out for her and she can tell me what steps to take to make some progress. So I hit her up on a couple quick things today and then I will ask her tomorrow if she has a couple hour block of time to help me next week. But just with the five or ten minute convo today I was able to get the wheels turning on at least two tasks and got half way through one of them already so I feel good about that progress.

I've had a couple "serves ya right" hoaardy karma experiences lately. I bought an anqtique embroidery hoop on eBay after shopping for some over the past month or so. This is a brand I use and like but a size I didn't have which I'm trying to get a few of. People are selling them for $25 a piece, which is kind of outrageous, but it's kind of a specialty item and I'm at the stage where I'm done trying things - I know what I like so I just want what I want... anyway, I got this one for around $15 including shipping, but when I got it it looked exactly like the photos... it looked like it got wet and then dried out... the finish was gone, like it could splinter, and all the patina of it was gone... in short, I don't think I'm goi to be able to even use it.
Posted: 01 September 2021 - 09:48 AM
Do you reality *have* to cut down?

I don't have the new robot yet. It's supposed to be delivered this weekend, but Dh wants to play golf, so he might reschedule it.
Posted: 01 September 2021 - 08:54 AM
Good morning everyone!

Road you are doing great! SubC, glad you have a new dish robot! Yay for bringing the plate to make sure you can use the dishwasher! I like that, a lot.

My cleaners are supposed to come today but I haven't heard from them. I am still using them every week and yes I have to cut down but no I don't know when. I originally said September but I'm a bit hooked on the lifestyle.

I have papers to shred before they get here. Mail.

We are supposed to have torrential rains today and tomorrow.

And in a blink of an eye, it is Labor Day.
Posted: 01 September 2021 - 05:46 AM
Good morning!

Yay for the paperwork progress!

Sometimes it just takes outside events to give us a push. Always good when they aren't a crisis.

First the floor, then the nightstand, now - look out bed!

I did not do anything on lesson plans yesterday. It didn't actually rain until 5. I worked in the garden weeding and harvesting and cutting things back. - a lot of general cleanup, it had gotten wild. I was still picking tomatoes when it started to rain. So many had split or dropped from the dry and then wet weather that the chickens got an entire 5 gallon bucket.

I made dinner because Dh was tired and can't work in the kitchen when it's full of produce. Produce is supposed to be processed in the scullery, but my counter is completely gone again. I filled the dehydrator with tomato purée and cherry tomatoes to dehydrate, put the dish robot to work, gave the coffee robot instructions, and went to bed.

Lila how are you? How did things go on the h's return?

Mar, will we get an update?

CM, how are things in repairs land? And quilting?

Tatoulia, I hope you are getting rest.

I'll report back later!
Posted: 31 August 2021 - 05:37 PM
Hi all, just popping in to post some progress. I finally tackled the paperwork bin on my bed (the first of 824)... I got a call from a neurologist to reschedule my sons appt and I was so confused by what she was referencing I was forced to dig into the box and find the records I was looking for. So far I just separated everything by my health, my sons health, to dos and passwords written on random papers, paper work that can wait, and trash. Next step will be to go through the health pile and see if I can make sense of any of it and maybe schedule some appts. (For me) this would also be a huge accomplishment. I have some medical ptsd so dealing with anything having to do with drs appts presents itself as a concrete mountain I must dig through. Speaking of unhelpful delusions, just getting that bin off my bed made me feel like finishing my bed is totally within reach. I was also able to finish organizing the floss/needlework situation today at least enough to get it contained again. I have a bit of a challenge with regard to important paperwork. If I put it in the office area, it's still too cluttered over there to be practical and I think I would just forget about it. If I put it on the wall by my door I won't forget about it but there's a good chance my son will mess with it... need to figure out a temporary solution...

Hope everyone is having a good week...
Posted: 31 August 2021 - 06:24 AM
Good morning all!

Hi Roadster! I mean, arthritis "flares up" I was wondering what anemia does. I'm still taking my iron, but wondering if I should increase it or change when and with what I take it.. (Currently twice a day with food and other vitamins)

I'm sorry you have so many adult behavior issues in your life! (The puppy will outgrow them. :) )

You are making progress! You got stuff off your bed and started clearing out a new area. The fact that you are still using your bed for sorting doesn't make it not progress!

Good job on the floor and the folding!

I really wanted to make progress on the garden today, but it is going to rain. I slept late because I was so tired and am getting a slow start which is bad. Everything is wet from last night's rain and the dew, but there is a short window before today's rain. I should do something.

I also have this interesting idea of going to bed each night this week completely ready for the classes I'm going to teach on that day next week - we'll see.
Posted: 30 August 2021 - 10:26 PM
Pernicious anemia ?

I had an issue with regular old anemia a few years ago and it can really knock you on your butt. Took a lot longer to recover from than I thought, too! Hope you figure out what's up. Every time I start taking vit D again I am always amazed at what a difference it makes.

So hi all, I lost my last post somewhere in the frenzy of making dinner and putting out fires on the home front. These fires are of a behavioral nature... (the H, not the kid) and I am soooooo sick of it. Aye carumba.

I brought puppy upstairs for bedtime tonight. Shes a 5 month old maltipoo- mostly poo. She's been barking and yipping for about ten minutes and finally stopped, thank goodness. She seems to be through the worst of the teething, and the nipping has all but disappeared. Still having potty accidents when she gets loose in the main part of the house or when the person who's supposed to be watching her closely gets distracted. But most of the time she's able to hold it for a few hours. I think she will be cuddly but she's still kind of hyper. She's a little aggressive with older dog but older dog is schooling her rapidly. She is the softest, cutest, sweetest little thing. I feel so bad her early days were kind of chaotic and lonely but there was so much going on - it was crazy when we got her.

Went to my parents sat night for dinner. My dad did some jerky. Control freak stuff with my mom but he was generally "ok" and we were able to have a normal "old days" side conversation after dinner. Then yesterday we met for a bday dinner for my little nephew and watched him open presents. Then they came over to our place. He was cute wanting to play in the backyard. I had him pull a carrot out of the ground. He had no idea what was happening. He wanted to know if it was yellow because it still needed to grow which I thought was a pretty good question. He didn't think the leek smelled like onion, and was fascinated by the grape arbor but refused to actually taste one. I was like " this is the original sour patch kids candy! Except it's sweet and then sour". He didn't believe me.

All these life updates... but what I really came here to say is that I did catch up a bit on maintenance today, checked the floor, tidied up the nightstand, and cleared off the bottom of the bed. I've since messed it up again with a floss reorganization project. Not making progress but holding my ground and am therefore making progress after all. I folded lots of undies and shorts... i didn't get the shirts put away due to doggie napping in the closet doorway. I read the intro of the Marie kondo book. I think even though some of her strategies or whatever will not work for me due to the scale of the clean up And my inability to do a marathon session of anything, I will still learn a lot and I have already read enough other sections of the book to appreciate the philosophy behind it.

I was also working my way through the "master to do list," and using the "daily" Form helps remind me of what I should be doing and keep the train on the tracks. I was a little dismayed that some of the stuff on the master list that I wrote just a couple days ago I'd already kind of forgotten. I don't know what is wrong with my brain but I know it is sure not helping me out of this situation.

Tomorrow I will try to reel in my stitching acquisitions and starting frenzy, and get some loads of laundry done or work at my standing table for a little longer.

I will try to back track on posts tomorrow,

Over and out
Posted: 30 August 2021 - 08:08 PM

I'm sorry you've been tired.

I am right there with you - although I have reason to think my anemia might be, um, acting up? What do you call a small increase in chronic anemia?

Anyway. No groceries, no garden, we gave Bean back and then Dh made me go choose a dishwasher (the one he fixed is getting louder and louder because of the customized part and he's afraid it will fail.)

I hope I will like the one I picked.

We were probably the weirdest customers the poor kid had ever had. I just wanted my plate to fit (I brought it) ten inches of clearance somewhere (milk pail) a flexible lower rack (I actually found one with literally a grid of straight posts), a removable top rack, and the ability to turn the heated dry off. Everything else was negotiable. Dh was entirely technical specs on materials and decibels. At one point the salesman started explaining about the availability of different colors and Dh asked me if I cared what color it was and I said no. (It will be stainless steel. Current one is black. One before that was cream.)

Points to the guy for saying (as he processed the sale) "so you're installing this yourself."

Anyway, then we are dinner and I had a glass of wine and I am now trying to reach into the depths of my soul to find the energy to go do my chores.

Imagining rabbits starving in cages (really they are fat and I know they have water) and I'm off..
Posted: 30 August 2021 - 02:46 PM
I'm very tired these days. I don't know why. Despite being nearly 4, I'm making myself s cup of coffee. I also need to shower.

Thankfully it's garbage night. I love getting kitty's box changed and getting my trash out.

I also want to start a bag of donations. Maybe I'll run to mom's tonight and get her bag out of the house. Will free up space.

I'm dieting, too. So far so good.
Posted: 30 August 2021 - 02:06 PM
It was. He slept until 5:40. Since I usually get up at 5, I slept in.

We had a nice leisurely morning, but popovers instead of pancakes, because Dh also slept in and I didn't want to supervise a baby and a hot griddle.

I got out of the supervision duty at school that I didn't want. (And I still get to keep my shelves)

My plans for the rest of the day are
return Bean (he's napping)
Quick grocery run for a couple of things I need
Pick whatever from the garden before the tail end of the hurricane soaks us for days.
Posted: 30 August 2021 - 10:04 AM
What a sweet surprise, SubC!
Posted: 29 August 2021 - 09:13 PM
good evening.

I got more stuff put away at school and open house went well.
just as I was leaving I got an sos call from dd (one parent dealing with non-transmitable health issue, other parent exhausted). When she found out I was only ten minutes away and in my car (she forgot open house and my job is much closer to her house) she asked if I would just come take Bean.

So we had dinner and play time and bath and story and Bean is all tucked in asleep. I'll take him back to her at the end of the work day tomorrow as usual. I think I'll make pancakes in the morning since I can skip the morning commute. He likes pancakes.
Posted: 29 August 2021 - 05:18 AM
Good morning!

There are no lesson plans on my couch.

No progress was made on garden produce.

I need to accept that in September the garden stops being a productive, managed system and becomes a wilderness from which I can scavenge food.

I got a few things ready to take with me when I go to open house today. Ran the dish robot and both laundry robots - more work for them this morning.

Had a good time with Bean, and his daddy made us all a yummy dinner.

I hope things are going well for everyone!
Posted: 28 August 2021 - 05:11 PM
Welcome back, Mar! Glad you are back!

Thank you, Road and SubC, for sharing your stories. CM I'm glad you will get some PT for your core. Swimming is so nice; I miss being at the Y. Of course I haven't been there in more than ten years but it was so nice.

I did work on mom's place a bit today including moving her bed and a table, and I got rid of the contents of a bin. Her place looks nicer with just those two small changes. We went through round 3 on the bread maker, she got someone to get it off the shelf and for the third time we had to discuss getting rid of it. Not easy working with her in this but we are getting closer. The bread machine was supposed to stay in the old apartment as trash but someone brought it up. I've bought yeast and flour and other things for her for the last five years without her ever making it. She used to make bread frequently when I first got her for her. She used it for years. But now it's just an aggravation for me. It was a Christmas gift maybe 15 years ago.

I have to shop for her groceries now. Bf and I ran some errands this afternoon. It is so cool out and lovely. I wish it would snow. It is definitely feeling a bit like fall. I was going to do mom's groceries but I got home and wanted to do some laundry to soothe myself. I should go check on it. Then I'll change my clothes and go to the store for her. I'll be walking so can't buy too much. And the dress I wore today isn't warm enough. Who knew it would be so nice and so cool?

Definitely getting darker out earlier.
Posted: 28 August 2021 - 11:17 AM
Hi! Welcome back!

The progress is in you even if you can't see it on the outside.

Whatcha been doingL
Posted: 28 August 2021 - 11:12 AM
Hello all!!!

Glad to "see" you again. I'd like to come more frequently and read all of your posts.
I hope don't disappear again for so long.
I've some little progress, but it's still imperceptible.
Posted: 28 August 2021 - 09:18 AM
Good morning!

Dd sent me a note that they won't be out until afternoon.

I survived meeting with the fence guy. I am very bad at interpreting tone and body language and my brain works differently. Because of that I tend to approach strangers like stray dogs (actually, I'm more comfortable with stray dogs because I can usually read their body language) I'm never sure if I'm going to say or do something that will be seen as weird or inappropriate (somehow I'm ok with kids, but I think it's because the classroom provides a more controlled and scripted environment) and I always feel at risk of "being bitten".

Anyway, I have more energy today, so I'm going to try to get some stuff done.

Roadster, the basil will flower and then drop all the leaves if you don't keep cutting it back. The part that was turning brown on me was what was already cut and in the fridge. It should have been in my salad spinner, but I ran out of space.

What kind of dog is your puppy?

It can be really helpful to process our backgrounds, and you don't want your sister here anyway. I thought about telling my sil about this place because I think she would find it really helpful, but then I would have to think too much about what I share. You don't go to AA meetings with family either.

When I had my third child I had a lot of arguments with my doctor because I kept refusing prenatal testing. I finally told him "look, if there is something you can test for that you can treat prenatally or be better prepared medically at the birth - we'll do that. Otherwise, I'm going to have this baby and then whomever they are, I'll figure out what they need." The anxiety disorder would not have shown up in the prenatal testing..

Clean under your bed - wahn-wah.

Tatoulia, it's good to see you again!

I looked up the designer. I bet it's a cool chair!

Congratulations on your weight - it's always good to get that initial bump. I'm still grinding mine down by ounces, but the needle is working it's way in the right direction.

Ok, back to my regularly scheduled disaster. Dh asked me to start by getting all the lesson planning off the couches.
Posted: 28 August 2021 - 07:18 AM
Sub c, my basil suddenly fell apart, too. Is that end of season stuff or is that a pest attack? I was letting my one prize beet go to see how big it could get and I went to pull it and it was half eaten! Oh the horrors! I was actually pretty upset about it. Haha. The beet trauma.
Posted: 28 August 2021 - 06:54 AM
Hey, happy Saturday

I'm still very sleepy so I couldn't put an exclamation point after that.

Tatoulia, that's very cool about the chair. I am a furniture and wood appreciator. And I'm taking notes on how you are cognizant of letting go of the extra pieces you don't need and "trading up" when the opportunity arises to get something special.

These two things aren't recent revelations to me but they both just came to mind. One is that I was always a pack rat, even as a little kid. I was in the hospital a lot when I was really little (2-4) and I guess people would send stuffed animals (all of whom had names) and up until I can't even remember how old I kept all of those. I'm sure I still have some in a rando bin in the garage. We had a lot of built in storage in our rooms and I remember those cabinets being stuffed with things, little collections of detritus basically. Our rooms were always messy. Battles would break out between dad and sister. I wouldn't say battles. Well, the infamous one was when the date for the ant exterminator had arrived and the warnings of "clean up your room" had not been heeded and he threw all of my sisters stuff out the bedroom window, teenaged bras hanging on the telephone line... he still tells that story laughing about it. Hell, I've told that story laughing about it. It sure was never funny to my sister. Cause she really couldn't gather herself to do it. She has been plagued by this her whole life. Now I'm veering off into her story but her hoarding was naturally the major issue in her marriage and her husband would blow up and beat back the messes in the kitchen and the living room, and the main bathroom over and over but he ended up sleeping on the recliner in the living room (for years) presumably because he couldn't handle sleeping in the hoarded bedroom anymore. Eventually he was dying of cancer and you just felt like he had literally been squeezed into that small corner of the house Until he ceased to exist. It was horrible. She had to move out of the house within the year - couldn't deal with it. She bought a small house with cash she could maintain and afford and proceeded to fill it up with all new possessions. She even replaced objects You don't associate with sentimental feelings, like dishes, etc. I brought it up a few times, but regret not confronting her more forcefully (or more firmly, more effectively) at the time because she proceeded to blow through his life insurance money and probably took a mortgage on that house. She works but makes very little - yet is always wearing $80 shoes and buying new kitchen appliances - things we can't afford and we make 5x what she makes... And my parents keep paying her bills.

The other key life event/stage was when we bought our house. I rambled too much about my sister (now I can never refer her to this board because I spilled all her beans). I started garage Sale-ing and thrifting seeing how many great antiques and yada yada my sister could acquire for next to nothing. It was always sort of an identity pride thing to score something great. For a period she sold stuff successfully on eBay and in antique mall things where you rent out a booth, but just couldn't maintain the mess of the inventory and it overflowed into the house, etc. but I would say we enabled each other. When I was pregnant I found great baby clothes and toys second hand - the quality of things we could never have afforded to buy new. When my son was born with Down syndrome, that launched me into an extended grieving period (which seems absurd now cause he is the absolute "world's best ever..." and is hamming it up trying to make me laugh this very minute) but it's very common for ignorant new parents to freak out even when they are good people and are educated. But I had to get that endorphin rush to boost my mood and I was prob overcompensating with acquiring material things for him when all he really needed was a happy mom.

Better stop - but those two things came to mind and I wanted to get them down while they were fresh because they've had a big impact on why I am in this situation now,

So today I am going to make sure my night stand and floor continue to "hold their ground" and keep working on getting my bed clear so I can get it cleaned up, flip the mattress, and vacuum, and try the risers things for elevating one end of the bed... ooh, and the detail I love to forget... cleaning out the crap under the bed. Sad trombone.
Posted: 27 August 2021 - 09:07 PM
Hello hello! Everyone is so busy! Haven't caught up on all the posts yet.

SubC I love that you'll be able to take stuff to school instead of storing at home! And yay for the weight victory! I've started my weight loss again and it's going pretty well. I lost 2.4 lbs this week but of course being my first week, that is to be expected. But it made me feel great.

Road, you are working so hard and on so much! Laundry is my favorite thing so I wish I were there to help you! One of the first things I learned here was to fold and put away laundry. So crucial to put away.

My friend and her friend came for dinner last night. My house looked so clean and so pretty.

I went to work today but became tired around 430 and came home and slept. I just woke up about an hour ago to have something for dinner.

Road, my mother is in assisted living. Has been there for quite a few years. 17 this September. She just moved into a different room and all of a sudden she's motivated to see it clean and clear. Still won't get rid of a lot but I try. I'll go tmr to see if I can make any progress. She has stated she wants it to be clear so I'll do my best.

I've been using my great grandmother's chair for my desk chair and after this past year, I am done with it. It's uncomfortable and I need something different. I bought something at auction this week and my friend said she wants the old chair. I have the seat of the antique chair recovered in the same fabric as my dining chairs, for visual continuity. I only have two dining chairs so the desk chair is pressed into service when there are three of us. I used to have four dining chairs but gave two away to declutter the space visually.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to have the other chair seat fabric easily changed or if I'll need to have it professionally done. It's one of thos Thos Moser handmade chairs and I'm pretty excited to get it home (likely mid-September). I've walked by the Thos Moser store in Boston for years and was pretty psyched to find one at auction.

That's my news!
Posted: 27 August 2021 - 09:02 PM
Kind of a whirlwind today. Today was almost like the way things used to be pre Covid... kind of weird, experiencing it, enjoying it, but then also feeling like it might be "over" again soon. I basically just had a running errands day... the kind of day I almost never got to have when I worked full time and had a long commute. Today, it was exhausting but satisfying. Did quite a bit of household chore cleanup as well... Kitchen garbage and recycling, bathroom and car garbage, 4-5 days of backed up dishes. I had already cleaned the sink and stacked up the dishes... (yes, I do organize my dirty dishes). I soaked all the glasses and flatware, and then fed those to the robot 😜 then soaked all the bowls, plates, etc. Washed the counter. The H held the puppy while I trimmed her cute little face so she could see. Now she looks like a poodle... 😆 but the poor kid needs to see. Everyone's been fed, medicated, watered, pottied...

At the beginning of the week I had a very large, amorphous expectation cloud for what I would get done this week. I started out strongish, but today I never even got my "dAily" filled out. This is my own take on a daily diary/to do list/ habit tracking form, custom designed (by me) for my specific needs. When I'm more functional I use it a lot and it helps me stay more functional. When I'm not functioning, I don't even know where to find the damn thing.

Anyway, I have to get a plan worked out and tied to a calendar somehow because I figure I have sept and oct to deal with the first half of the garage and I don't even have the bedroom done yet. I think I'm making progress just have to focus a bit more.

What's on tap for the weekend, clearers and maintainers?
Posted: 27 August 2021 - 11:14 AM
I am tired today and accomplishing almost nothing.

I forgot to set my alarm and to set up the coffee last night. I think my body is telling me I have been pushing a little too hard.

When I got the basil out to make dinner last night (Dh had his shingles shot and was feeling poorly) it was already browning. I haven't even looked to see if I can make pesto today.

I am trying to find the energy to start the ice cream making robot and the dish washing robot.

I also have a fence guy coming tomorrow morning and I need to find the notes I made about the fence, and Bean's family is arriving at about the same time. Dd has a 5 hour retreat she needs to attend remotely from my porch. My porch is covered in garden stuff and lesson plans stuff.

Posted: 26 August 2021 - 05:53 PM
Hi all!

CM, just keep posting! We like to know what you're up to. I hope you get a chance to work on your quilt and your clearing projects. So glad the disruption is easing.

We have bern having the heatwave as well, but we did get a lovely rain this afternoon, and I hope you get one soon. Apparently my area is one being made wetter by climate change - which doesn't surprise me. I've felt for a while that the mud wasn't so bad when the kids were little.

I have no swimming. :(

The Johnson and Johnson vaccine is a killed virus. Dh got it and at his dr. Apt this week they told him there is no decline in effectiveness for six months, but that they are experimenting with boosters that seem to give you NINE TIMES the immune response.

Good luck with your physical therapy.


I am seasonal, so there are long stretches when the days get short when I am foggy and have no energy. You are meeting me at my best. However, I am lucky that I can fill mysystem with caffeine and sleep like a baby.

Feed your robot ;)

I got a lot accomplished in my classroom today, but school is starting to cut into farm. When I got the basil out to make dinner tonight (Dh is under the weather from his shingles vaccine) it was already browning a lot.

I did take a big box of stuff from my barn studio and put it away in my classroom - forever! I'm going to take another big box on Sunday when I go to open house.

I signed up for a year membership (which includes classes) at the grown up pottery studio near my school. My first class starts next week. I think I am excited. I miss going to the studio and seeing those people and i am interested in the class I picked. It feels weird though, because they moved locations during covid.

My inlaws are waiting on tests because they had friends over and now the friends have covid. Dh thinks the friends were probably not vaccinated and he is angry.

Ok, things to do before bed.
Posted: 26 August 2021 - 11:37 AM
Hey CM,

Glad you popped in. I agree with what you said. It helps
Just checking in with your updates even if you can't carve out a lot of time to catch up. Also chuckled when you mentioned only bringing out an amount you can fully deal with in the time you have before she comes home. This feels like the story of my hoard. I always misjudge that and always has negative consequences for me.

I still haven't put any stitches in and it's not looking too likely for today... leaving now for lunch with bestie, then picking up my son, then doggie maintenance, making dinner, and the dishes are piled high waiting to be loaded into the robot we call "D.W." I did conventional grocery-shop this am and figured out some meals for remainder of the week. Working on my lists from the other day...

Re: stimulants - yes that's right regarding anxiety. I hadn't had an issue with that until a few years ago. I wish there were better options... it's amazing being able to think. I used to complain that out of 60 days I had one or two where I felt my brain was "working right." And that's not enough.
Posted: 26 August 2021 - 10:41 AM
Hi Roadie, SubC, Tatoulia, Lila, and anyone else I may have missed.

I've probably about 10 days at least of posts I want to catch up on, but for now I still have to just pop in with my mini updates and pop back out again. Things should be slowing down a bit though.

We're in the middle of another heat wave, dangit. ☀️🌡🔥🥵 If the forecast I just looked at is accurate, we won't have a day under 90 until a week from Saturday. And right now we're in the upper 90s. Heat indices over 100.

Let's hope that forecast proves inaccurate and we get a sudden storm (but not a destructive one) that rains and brings a nice northerly wind to cool things off. 🌬 It has been known to happen.

In the meantime, there is swimming. 🏊‍♀️ Went to the Y yesterday thinking water park but it was closed for the weekdays since the schools have started, and only through Labor Day on weekends. I may brave the crowds and go one last time on Saturday. The water park feeds my sense of playfulness. I enjoy watching all the people young and old just having fun.

But the indoor pool sufficed for paddling around and getting the kinks out, doing some stretches, etc. I'm going to have a physical therapy session on the 3rd because I never got the chance after my abdominal reconstruction surgery nearly 5 years ago. The surgeon told me to work the core muscles but I was a little nervous not knowing dos and don'ts. The surgery I had was a one shot deal; if I rip something, I'd be back to hernia meshes which never held and kept needing to be redone. It'll be so reassuring to get a specific tailored program to follow. Hopefully it will also over time firm up my tummy pooch and make pants fit better!

I'm going to start getting back up to speed on several areas that got stashed around in disarray during the home repair craziness. We just heard from our handyman this morning. His wife and daughter have been on the mend after Covid, he had been sick too with some other flu but he's better and will be resuming work.

There have been a lot of people I know, and requests on the church prayer line, with Covid. Some vaccinated, some not or unknown. I'm looking at possibly a booster. I wish the development of vaccines had been the old fashioned killed virus type. I kind of think that might've been more effective, and perhaps if less experimental less regarded with fear by at least some people? 🤔 I know rabid anti vaxxers are not going to be convinced, but it might've helped to have something more tried and true... I'm no expert though, and I don't want this to shade into politics or rumors either direction, so I'll stop there.

The work that remains may not affect us in the house as much with noise and commotion. And I may start taking my quilt cutting and piecing down to the church to work on where I can use the table etc. I've been going to do that for some time now but have been slow getting started or easily sidetracked. And not always wanting to get out in the hot weather to drive there.

Roadie, I've never tried meds for my ADHD on account of having anxiety problems too, and a hormonal thing that makes me respond unpleasantly to stimulants, and family history of glaucoma. The closest thing I tried was wellbutrin when it first came out. I loved the weight loss and it did sort of help with focus, but the side effects got to be too much.

One time at my retail job at the Catholic bookstore, our landlord gave us a Christmas goodie basket. It had some English Breakfast black tea. I brewed a cup, and drank it, and about half an hour later I was like, "Oh my gosh - I can FOCUS!" 😃 It was fantastic. Unfortunately, that night I had insomnia and anxiety. Back to the drawing board... 😕

Back to catching up on clutter, organizing, and related matters - my roommate will likely go out of town the holiday weekend which may give me options for spreading out things to sort and put the good stuff back neatly. The only thing with that is to not pull out more than I can work with and put back before she gets home! And I'll be caring for her rabbits along with mine, and the cats. She takes the dog usually. But even those few extra routines seem to add lot to coordinate to my schedule.

Just a lot of this and that.
Posted: 25 August 2021 - 04:26 PM
Funny about the robots. Get to work, robots! Unfortunately we don't have one that can pick up puppy shredded paper towels and raw hides and scattered kibble and dishes and condiments on the TV tray, the table, and All the countertops. So I did that. Some of it anyway. But it does put things In perspective. I've picked up enough basic info on life in the olden days from period movies and ancestry research that I know how brutal a day in the life could be. So would it be too much for me to put a dish in the robot that washes my dishes? Lol. Yes, yes that's too much.

No, I never stitched anything. I tried to take some notes and organize but that required brain bandwidth I didn't have today. Do any of you deal with chronic fatigue and brain fog/memory issues? I've been on ADD med before and I felt like It did make me more productive and be able to think more clearly, but I also felt like - you know when wallace from Wallace and grommit is wearing that robot suit and the penguin is controlling the remote? Wallace is sleeping getting yanked all over town by the penguin. But I think I might try it again for a few months and see if that can help me though this next phase of the project...
Posted: 25 August 2021 - 03:58 PM
Lol! My family thinks my kids are "too comfortable" with some of the stories I tell. But honestly, I work really hard to try to make them comfortable. Our director gives them a welcome speech every year in which she tells them that this is their place, that our school exists for them, and that the only rule we have is respect.

Some of my favorite kids have told me that when they started, they were afraid of me. But they can't tell me why, so I don't know what it is. Then, they take my classes and get "too comfortable" and eventually they graduate and invite me to their parties and ask for my personal contact info and then invite themselves back to interrupt my classes.. One of them was my classroom aide last year. I'm going to miss her a lot this year. (She went away to college)

It sounds like you made good progress on your stuff, but did you do any sewing?

I have rules for stuff, but then I ignore them. I think maybe you have to find rules that work for you.

A long time ago I was on a bulletin board for moms with a particular parenting style. Most of us were stay at home and there was a lot of homeschooling. I remember people lamenting that they never got around to starting the laundry, and one poster said "my husband has invested a significant amount of money in providing me with robot servants to make my life easier. It is my job as a good steward of our family resources to be sure that they are not sitting idle when they have work to do. Also, that would be ungrateful."

For a long time we would start posts with "put the robots to work on the laundry, put the robot to work on the dishes, set the robot to making bread.."

I don't know why I remembered that today, but I did. I've been trying to keep up with the robots today, but I swear, every time I make the rounds and sit down with my lesson plans, one of them gets done. Speaking of which, I bet the one in the basement is done drying the dehydrator trays..
Posted: 25 August 2021 - 12:26 PM
Hey all,

SubC, first week of school is definite streamline everything else time,,, funny listening to your furniture negotiations and trades... so familiar,,, and I like the idea of the unwant3d furniture in the hallway. The H lamented last night that the kids were already "too comfortable" ... I guess the ice breakers broke too much of the ice?

Thanks for the pesto recipe! Hadn't considered making pesto with Thai basil...

Coming home from dropping my son off at school I kept thinking how much I wanted to just stitch all day and I psyched myself up to not waste any time. Just get right to it,,, but then I got home and I realized I have two dogs, And the dogs need to eat, and the puppy had accidents, and I had the school email to write, and the dogs needed some supervised play time... And the pupppy needed a bath and let's try to groom her some more so I don't have to take her to a groomer, oh fail fail fail fail fail. Haha. Then I went upstairs (to stitch) and proceeded to finally deal with my long neglected clipboard of "stuff to do"... 2 Hours later,,, but that's good. It needed to be done. And part of that job was writing up a sketch of my "clearing" plan... and some initial thoughts on how to handle that. So that's good. And I ran across some old receipts (3) and took a beat and I was like "no. These are definitely trash." (Oh good job, self!)

So that brings me to a question. When you have gotten to a point where you are actively trying to Get rid of things in a certain category, did you end up with "rules " for that process? For example, receipts for xyz category or under a certain dollar amount, or before a certain date? I guess I'm mostly curious about dealing with paper. I'm not at that point yet but just trying to start mentally preparing...

I did also put away my "new laundry" in my dresser which is something that hasn't been done in a few years probably. I did fold my tee shirts and undies. Not stressing out about it - And I'm identifying stuff I will prob get rid of. So that was good. I also organized the box of phone chargers and Various electronics. Only prob is that there are prob 3 other boxes around like this. But I'm going to run into that a lot.

Not sure what's next... Maybe just more laundry and start going through some of the junk I pulled out of my night stand.

Posted: 25 August 2021 - 06:06 AM
Good morning!

How is everyone?

Yesterday was hot here. It wiped me out. In the morning I picked the garden and weeded until I was dripping sweat, and then I got my act together to go into town.

I dropped off an armload of books at the used book store and the basic recycling at the park drop. The park has a new dumpster, so I tossed my trash (tied up in a plastic grocery bag) in there.

Then I worked in my very hot classroom for three hours. It's going to be interesting when school starts. I was dripping there too - of course, I was also moving furniture..

I got the furniture pretty much arranged the way I want. They did return my desk chair, and it was just as attractive and comfortable as I remembered, but it doesn't work with my standing desk (not really a desk, it's actually a kind of lab table - long story) and it crowded the space at my demo table, and I decided to give it up and grabbed a comfortable stool from the hall (teachers put all unwanted furniture in the hall this week and on Friday it gets stored or donated - it's good to go in early and often.)

The demo table is a new hall grab too, and I added a student table that was also available. It isn't quite as big or sturdy as my others, but it will do and it makes the space work for my slightly larger but still spread out classes this year. I put in a request for four more chairs because they are down two flights of stairs behind a fire gate that doesn't stay open and they are dusty.

I didn't get the cardboard liners on my shelves, but I planned them out. With the old battered, doors didn't close properly lockers, I could make project space for 20 students. With my new shelves - 44! This means an entire class doesn't have to use the storage cupboards in the hall closet. Which means *i* can use the storage cupboards in the hall closet. Which means a bunch of classroom stuff I store at home because I only use it for one unit can go back to school and stay there! I made a starter list to gather up today and then Thursday I will go back (cruise the halls for treasure) and start setting up materials, equipment, and name tags.

Also, because the shelves are open I did not have to keep my furniture as far away to let the kids access them (walk around an open locker door), which gave me a better table set up.

I *thought* I was going to come home, get tomatoes in the dehydrator and maybe make pesto. That was funny.

Dh got dinner with a friend, so I came home, fed myself tomatoes, edamame, nuts, and pesto on bread, found two pairs of clean underwear for Dh drawer, did the chores and set up the coffee maker. That was all I had. I was proud of myself for boiling the edamame for 5 minutes.

I need to remember that the first week of school, all I can do is school. Literally. School and chores. Maybe dishes.

On the up side, with all the working and sweating and no access to snacks in the afternoon and no energy to make food in the evening, I budged the scale needle again. I am now below where I was when we left for ds house. Maybe school will help with my weight.

Ok, off to be productive!
Posted: 24 August 2021 - 05:28 AM
Oh, pesto - two cups gently packed basil, 2/3 c olive oil, 1/3 c +/- nuts (currently walnuts, but I have used other nuts)

And then depending on the type of basil (I grow flavors)
Garlic, salt, pepper, and/or cheese to taste.

The sweet Thai pesto is literally the top group with a tiny dash of salt.

I also grow a hot garlic and a mild garlic.

Big plans for today, I'll report back later.
Posted: 23 August 2021 - 06:44 PM
Good evening!

So much going on!

Lila, you are cooking with gas! Test is indeed quite the job!

Tatoulia, I want to say "sorry your hurricane was a disappointment"? Lol! Really though, having grow up in the hurricane zone - you are relieved that you didn't get hit and everyone was ok, but then it's like sheesh, the power didn't even go out..

Roadster, how was the first day of school?

Your day was impressive!

I don't think I registered that your Dh is a teacher. I feel for his tables! I had to give up one of my all time favorite tables last year and I will not be getting it back. Also, I spent all of last year with no desk chair and I don't think I'm getting that back either. But I really do love my shelves.

Don't forget the underwear!

Also - do you think you can go right now and put away one piece of clean laundry? Just dash and come back.

I think what you're experiencing is that "when you're up to your @$$ in alligators, it's hard to remember that your original objective was to drain the swamp."

I had a very good day with bean and am looking forward to working in my room tomorrow.

Now - off to throw in a load of laundry!
Posted: 23 August 2021 - 05:13 PM

Tatoulia, oh yeah, I am not a neat person and the way Marie kondo folds things would not last long with me... but I think the somewhat rigid process you go through rewires your brain a little, so hopefully that will be my experience. I am thinking of it like the whole 30 which is a popular but kind of extreme paleo. You are seemingly so restricted that you're forced to find new ways of cooking and eating and shopping. You find some things you love and will keep, some that you'll never try again, but In the middle ground maybe are some long lasting habit changing practices. In our case they eventually kind of wore off but then we would do another month and hit the reset button.

Glad you didn't get hit severely by the storm. I am following the floods down in tenn a bit because we were almost in something like that when I was a kid. Very scary stuff. Is your mom in an assisted living place? She's lucky to have you keeping such close tabs on her..

SubC, that's funny about the shelves. The big H has obsessed for several years now on his hard won "tables" - who's got em and when can he get them back... well, I don't think anyone is using tables right now due to Covid so I think he better just forget it. Maybe the supervisory gig is worth getting those shelves! Teachers have to scrap for every supply, I swear. Can you imagine if corporate employees had to supply their own office supplies and provide office supplies to their clients? Lol

What's your pesto recipe? This is the time of year I sneer at my pathetic basil and go to the farmers market and buy big armfuls of it to make pesto. Haha

So I worked on my goals for today...
- new laundry in dryer
- son's gross underwear I'm the prewash. Who is taking bets on if they will be forgotten and molding in there on Friday.
- got a bin off my bed. All the contents haven't been totally dispatched of yet, but most of it got put away in the bathroom closet.
- started clearing out another dresser drawer.
- reorganized my toiletries basket (the daily use stuff)
- haven't gotten any more clothes put away yet.
- tidied up the kitchen a bit (after I trashed it).
- Bedroom garbage
- and YESTERDAY I even made lunches for school the night before! Packed my sons backpack with him and charged all the things (his phone, laptop, his old and new communication devices, AND his tracker on his shoe.)

- floor is holding
- nightstand is holding

A little self awareness: while putting away the toiletries in the bathroom closet I was kind of overwhelmed with how unpleasant it was. I was resentfully walking from there to there putting stuff away and it was really irking me. Then I had the thought that once I do it it's done and it won't be bad like that again - at least not for a long time - and I could come here and say I did it and that will feel good... and I realized that I am too detached from the visualization of a reward. I mean I think most people inherently connect that they'll feel good finishing something like that - or they talk themselves through it - but I am really not thinking of it at all which I guess is part of why it's so unappealing. Will have to think about that some more,,,

Have a great evening everyone,
Posted: 22 August 2021 - 10:58 PM
Hi everyone, well I thought I had posted earlier today but I remember now that I got interrupted and obviously never finished my post. Some key convos with family members this past weekend... so much dysfunction! Wow.

Son and H go back full time to school tomorrow for the year... or at least til the Covid $#/+ hits zee fan again. (I am the voice of doom !) At any rate, I feel very motivated to make progress tomorrow. It's funny cause the H would take the kid out for the day once in awhile over the summer hoping I would be super productive while they were gone but tomorrow I actually feel like I might be. I worked with my son today to get everything ready for school tomorrow. Even though his verbal ability is really low and he has a lot of cognitive challenges, he's amazing at planning ahead for things. So he already had some things packed and his clothes laid out and everything. This usually boggles my mind because only on the most special of special occasions did I ever lay clothes out ahead of time.

So, I think I will focus on laundry and try to get another bin off my bed... defn. have a backlog of paper work. I should be able to get this week's "new" laundry done, plus at least one other load, and get the laundry on my bed put away. Nightstand and floor are holding...

Hope everyone has a good Monday.
Posted: 22 August 2021 - 09:38 PM
Lila you are amazing! Amazing! SubC the hurricane ended up being a big bust. Had cancelled lunch at my friend's house and I was supposed to take two other friends with me. The two other friends stopped by and we went for a walk.

Twice tonight I had to go out after I was showered and ready for bed.

Hopefully now I'm free to just go to sleep. Take care, all.
Posted: 22 August 2021 - 05:48 PM
Thanks SubC. It is a JOB!! I swear if he complains even a little I will just shout YOU'RE WELCOME!! and walk off. I mean it is his stuff and he hasn't cleaned in there in years. And here I am working so hard. He better at quiet if not grateful.

I admit I am losing steam with it. But yesterday I cleared off desk #1 completely, washed 5+ years of dust off it, dusted the tv and microwave and put them back on it. Then dusted a few other things to fill up that space. It's nice now but the tv remote is lost@@.

Today I cleaned off the mini fridge which was piled with junk. I had already throw out the trash but today took everything else off onto the floor, cleaned the surface, and made a nice little coffee making station on it for him. Now I am looking for a small plastic bin for his coffee grounds and utensils. I did throw out a few more items. Also cleared the top of the metal filing cabinet, washed it off and put a few things back.

I then just stared at all the piles on the floor and walked away!! LOL. I dunno if I can do more today. I will tomorrow for sure. I have to clean off desk #2 and a stack of plastic shelves (take everything off, clean surfaces, put back things to look neat). I already have it all 90% sorted but just need to dust and put back in a nice way. Also there is a ledge around half of the room that has stuff on it and is dirty, so I will move everything off, clean them, put things in place. Then need to do something with the items on the floor that I sorted. Probably bin/shelve them, then ask son to vacuum. I will then mop and we are DONE!! That will be a relief.

Posted: 22 August 2021 - 05:05 AM
Good morning!

CM, I'm so glad you have your plumbing back! I hope it hangs in there until you can address that big but!

I'm also glad your handyman does not have covid.

What will you do with your folding table now that you have your efficient little stand?

My dd2 brought me a plastic drawer stack (oh dear) and my plan is to put it in a place where I have a shorter stack. The shorter stack matches a tall stack I have in another place which is missing drawers (I've been using bins that kind of work) so my plan is to cannibalize it for the drawers and take the plastic frame to the moop castle for recycling.

Tatoulia, sorry about the extra trip.

Your recycling made me remember when I was a kid and we used to empty all the trash cans before a big storm - because the roof leaked. Lol!

Lila, so much trash!

Here we have a choice between six (40 lb limit) can a week service (plus $10 per item that doesn't fit in the can) and no service. I picked no service. It has saved us a noticeable amount of money over the last few years and made me more mindful. (I don't know about Dh) we did sign up for three months of service (the minimum) back before covid when I was doing a big clean out after a construction project. Dh has the cans in his shop and we have an agreement that if he ever fills six cans again we will get another three months of service. I periodically go out there and take recyclables and wood out of the cans.

Anyway, you are doing a massive job! I know you must be getting really tired, but finish strong! Even if he brings back a lot of stuff, the dust will take a while to return. And wise move on the surfaces.

Posted: 21 August 2021 - 04:36 PM
Good to catch up on everyone. Roadster, I do not think I could ever be a Marie Kondo. I'm not neat like that. My friend did organize all of my closets and drawers for new and I appreciate it but I'll never be the person who perfectly folds things. But I know a lot of people enjoy her methods and her ideas about what to keep and what to let go are fantastic! Very useful!

I just did mom's grocery shopping and she just called me to say she is out of personal products. I've just showered. So. Now I have to go back out. Sure it's only 535 but I was kind of looking forward to just being home.

So back out I go.

I took my recycling out to the bin because we are supposed to get the hurricane on Monday. I'm not sure what the latest news is for it but I didn't want to get stuck with the recycling in my house.
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