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Hoarding Help Message Boards : How to Help a Hoarder : Roommate Hoards Used Adult Diapers
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Roommate Hoards Used Adult Diapers

Posted: 01 February 2020 - 12:35 PM
Hello :)

This is how I would approach cleaning up that bathroom...
Since you have cleaned and done some repairs in the rest of the place
Tell him you are now ready and wanting to clean and do any repairs in his bathroom.

Do NOT act disgusted about the diapers,
just act matter of fact and nonchalant.

He may be terribly embarrassed about having to use diapers.
This may be the reason he allows them to pile up, embarrassed to take them out to the trash, which is a common issue.
He may be resorting to using them because his bathroom/toilet may be malfunctioning.
His sink and tub/shower may also be malfunctioning causing his hygiene to deteriorate.

Most of all be compassionate and understanding and he just may allow you to do this for him.

If so, wear a face mask, proper shoes/boots no flipflops or sandals etc.
Wear good sturdy gloves and coveralls.
Shovel all the diapers into a thick solid trash bag and out for the trash.
Bleach is the best cleaning product for decontaminating the room.

Should you be allowed to do all this place a trash can lined with a plastic trash bag in the bathroom so he has a proper place to dispose of any future diapers.

Best wishes and good luck.
Posted: 01 February 2020 - 05:23 AM
I live with 2 people: Eric, the owner of the house and the one I'm writing about, and Peggy, his 60 year old friend. I've lived here for about a year and a half and from the first time I entered this house, I noticed a disgusting stench but wasn't sure what it was. All I could tell was that it was coming from his room. Fast forward a year and I was working on the sink and needed to turn the water off. Since this is a trailer, the water shut-off valve is located in the master bedroom closet. I was home alone when I first needed to shut it off. Eric had told me where it was but when I went to find it, I accidentally opened his bathroom door instead of the closet door..and I found the source of the stench. Inside, there was a literal mountain of used adult diapers completely filling the shower and trailing down toward the disgusting toilet. I had the door open for maybe 2 seconds and saw all of this. This is where my dilemma is .

Obviously the man needs help but I really don't know (other than this) how much of his problem is laziness. He doesn't do a thing for himself. He rarely showers and has us (myself and Peggy) to clean up after him. She is completely at his beck and call. I, however, clean and fix things in lieu of paying rent. When I first moved in, the place was absolutely disgusting. I've gotten it mostly under control but I know that if I wasn't here, it would slide back into a horror show again.

Through my research and speaking with my therapist, I have figured out that there is a significant health risk for living with the amount of ammonia fumes that have to be coming from that many used diapers. Symptoms of which he absolutely exhibits as well as my other roommate. I think I've escaped these because I spend all my time either outside or in my room, except for the limited time I spend cleaning or repairing. So this needs fixed immediately.
I'm gearing up to speak to him about this. As of now, he has no idea that I know. I just recently spoke to my other roommate about it but she won't do anything to help the situation. I would like to go into this conversation with a game plan to clean up that bathroom. But.I don't want to do it. I feel like there's a significant enough amount of used diapers to classify it as needing a biohazard cleanup. The cost though. This is where my biggest problem lies. He's not working and I only work part time. I haven't made any phone calls yet and the only free service I've been able to find is only for seniors age 60+ years. This is where I'm hoping for some advice. He's 45 but handicapped...diabetic, heart problems, lung problems, etc. He's on oxygen and has a pacemaker\defibrillator. I think a lot of his problems will go away with this cleaned up and the rest could be greatly improved with a little bit of exercise. But I'm not a doctor of course.

What advice or possibly even any resources could you help me with? This is affecting more than just him plus I have my 14 year old son every other weekend. I'm absolutely trying to move out but regardless, he's my friend and I don't think anyone else would help him. I am just not even sure how to start off this conversation much less, well honestly I'm just at a loss. Any help, advice etc is much appreciated.
Hoarding Help Message Boards : How to Help a Hoarder : Roommate Hoards Used Adult Diapers

Reply to this topic
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