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Hoarding Help Message Boards : How to Help a Hoarder : Hoarder stuff stored at friends house, they won't move it
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Hoarder stuff stored at friends house, they won't move it

Posted: 09 May 2018 - 09:27 AM
Hi :)
Sorry, but that's the way these things usually go.
We all just have to sit and wait...

Best Wishes, Tillie
Posted: 09 May 2018 - 09:18 AM
Thanks for the reply/idea. That's what I would probably do.

Problem is the senior isn't ready to push their friend yet. They want it gone and admit their friend is a hoarder but won't force the issue. The hoarders family has hinted or admitted that one day they will have to deal with her stuff, knowing them they would pay for a dumpster and crew. But they can't even get the family member to deal with their stuff in their apartment so it's a waiting game until they finally get an eviction notice or declared incompetent from an physical illness.

Thanks Again
Posted: 09 May 2018 - 06:48 AM
Hello :)

What I would do in those circumstances
is have an attorney write up an official notice and have it delivered to the person.
The notice would state that anything still remaining on the property after a specific date will be disposed of.
The hoarding person probably will still not move their stuff out by that date but you will have complied legally by the laws governing a proper eviction.
After that you can start to dispose of their things without worrying about them ever suing you for damages.

Other than that, this hoarding person will just continue to ignore you and never move that stuff.
Any other attempts to talk to them about moving it will just get you more of the same.
Good luck and best wishes.
Posted: 08 May 2018 - 11:13 PM
A senior let a hoarder friend store stuff in their house under the guise it was temporary over a decade ago. They didn't realize or admit their friend was a hoarder until a few years ago. They stopped letting them store more stuff but won't push them to do something. The hoarder has been gently asked several times over the years to do something and has done nothing. They started out with procrastination type excuses years ago now just say they were given permission to put it there(over a decade ago) so tough poop.

What started out as a joke/soft reminder telling the hoarder just make sure there is enough left to pay for a dumpster if they pass gets them visibly upset & angry. There is too much for curbside trash. Contents of boxes aren't identified or known which is even more troubling because I don't want to have to deal with hazardous materiel. Judging by their apartment that is unfortunately a possibility.

Someone who needs to store a couple of bedrooms worth of stuff in a friends house is trouble and probably abusing the owner's generosity.

Other than threats any ways to get the hoarder get their stuff. We recommended garage type storage and would set them up in one with pallets and shelves in a highly organized fashion and they still refuse.
Hoarding Help Message Boards : How to Help a Hoarder : Hoarder stuff stored at friends house, they won't move it

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