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Hoarding Help Message Boards : The Weekly Task : 10/6/12 Weekend Task!
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10/6/12 Weekend Task!

Posted: 09 October 2012 - 11:55 PM
Hey Cory and Tillie,

I wish I was able to do more "weekly tasks" but I'm kind of limited as to what I'm allowed to clean out around the house and what I'm not allowed to clean out. I'm allowed to clean out and get rid of anything in my room but if I clean out and get rid of anything from the kitchen or anywhere else in the house my mom will FREAK OUT. My dad loves the fact that I like cleaning more ever since I started having a crush on you Cory. But for some reason my mom absolutely HATES it. :(
Posted: 09 October 2012 - 07:24 PM
We really do need to figure out a way to get people to participate more. :(

I thought for sure some would try to win a shirt.
Cory Chalmers
Posted: 09 October 2012 - 06:23 PM
The weekly task seems to have fizzled out. Maybe I will make it a monthly task to keep people interested :(
Posted: 09 October 2012 - 11:06 AM
I went through my kitchen. :)

Made sure that everything in there is something that I use on a regular basis.
Wiped the shelves.

Found a pair of disposable chop sticks that I won't ever use because I have nice sets
and tossed the disposable chop sticks. :D

Best thing about having a clean and orderly kitchen is that I can go in there and cook whenever the mood hits me.
Posted: 04 October 2012 - 02:00 PM
Have a GREAT time on your campout! :D

One really wonderful side effect of having fewer dishes and kitchenware is that there will then be enough open space in your cupboards and drawers to store those clean things that you really use and need. ;)
Cory Chalmers
Posted: 04 October 2012 - 12:17 PM
So I am leaving tomorrow at 3:00am for a weekend camping trip so need to post this a couple days early. Get a jump start on it now, or maybe put some thought into it before the weekend! This idea came to me while filming a show two weeks ago. This is a little different than the past tasks, but it made me think that we all could probably use this task in one way or another. The woman I helped was busy sorting with her daughter in the living room and her kitchen was a disaster so I set off to tackle this one on my own. I found her main cause of dysfunction was dishes. Her sink was overflowing with dirty dishes "soaking", as if they would some day clean themselves. Her countertops were completely covered in dirty plates and glasses from what seemed like months ago. Her functionality was completely lost. After looking around I realized the problem was twofold. She hated doing dishes and to prevent her from doing it, she just got more dishes. She had enough plates, bowls and glasses and mugs for 10 families. Why clean my dirty dishes when I can just grab a clean one from the cupboard? This might make sense at first, but it doesn't take long before the kithchen becomes a storage locker of dirty dishes with stuck on food and some even appearing like a high school science project. There was enough mold in some of the pots and pans to produce penicillin for an army!

Our task this week is to thin out our dishwears! We only need enough to serve our daily needs as well as some for guests. We do not need the free glasses we used to get in 1985 from McDonalds or the free Pepsi glasses we got from a gas station give away. We need to save the best and get rid of the mix matched pieces that truly don't belong. This will cut down on the days of washing dishes for an hour because you let it build up.Dishes should be washed as soon as you use them, or rinsed off and put in the dishwasher. As soon as there is enough to start the dishwasher, do it! Then, unload it immediately so the process can continue. Rinsing off a plate after you eat, or rinsing out a cup, literally takes seconds. But, if you wait, the dried, crusty food takes a lot longer. Take the few seconds to do it immediately and keep that kitchen functional.

This is truly something that can be accredited to laziness, not hoarding! Don't say well I am a hoarder so I can't do the dishes. No, hoarding is acquiring and not letting go, not doing your dishes is a choice you make.

So, go to it! Lets have everyone post a count of how many glasses, plates, bowld, pots, pans, spatulas, mixing spoons and baking pans we can clear out! Post your photos on my Face Book Hoarders Support Page if you dare. Best transition will win their choice of a free t-shirt, tank top, hat or hoodie sweatchirt (photos of all the let go items must be posted). Either way lets post the numbers of items let go on here to see your progress!!!Good luck and have a great weekend everyone :)
Hoarding Help Message Boards : The Weekly Task : 10/6/12 Weekend Task!

Reply to this topic
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