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Hoarding Help Message Boards : The Daily Chat : What are you doing today?
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What are you doing today?

Posted: 09 April 2020 - 03:16 PM
Update: Roommate rented a car for a week. I drove her to get it. Back home, she packed her belongings and dog, and left about 2:45.

I'm puttering, doing some little odds and ends tasks. Then I'll have my prayer time. May sew my 2 masks that I cut out last night. Both are bunny print fabrics.

It occurred to me that if I will have an extended time here I could do some sorting and decluttering of stuff that needs to get gone from my bedroom, by setting up a card table in the living room for staging. Only a few items at a time of course, lest I get frazzled and indecisive, compounding the problem.

And at the very least I can catch up on laundry. Today, though, I'm just going to take it easy a bit, since this has all been a whirlwind.

The decluttering idea and plans will depend on several things: 1) The timing of when her mom passes, and if the funeral will be held soon; if not, she will possibly come home then go back. 2) My religious observances over the next four days - I want to relax and enter into them with a clear head. 3) My energy level, but I think I'll do okay on that, and staying busy reduces anxiety, and tires me out so I can sleep.

We have yet another cold front and possibly rain to come - on Easter Sunday! But different forecasts say different things. We'll see.
Posted: 09 April 2020 - 03:12 PM
I guess nobody likes the new thread (phase 14) that I started for us.

Good Morning Everyone.

Hi Subclinical
Hope you are having a better weather day today.

Read online that many children are not participating in the online schooling.
They just don't want to.

Your Mom should be alright after all this time but I really do worry about your Uncle. (((HUG)))

So happy to "see" you Tatoulia
Yes, the weather report is for some serious weather back East of me.

You work for such a wonderful humane company.
Wish all companies would take a lesson.

Such a sweetheart you are helping your neighbors (((HUG)))

Hi CriticalMass
Remember that Sunday school lesson about how god only dumps on you what he thinks you can handle?
Personally I think that is BS.

So sorry things are still so stressful and sad for you and Roommate. (((((HUGS)))))

I too get overly upset with people who can't or won't handle their dogs.
Your reaction was understandable even if the people were just innocent bystanders at the time.

Been doing household tasks since I got up, kinda sorta anyways.

Rant coming so look away...
At the end of my rope.
Not eating properly, not sleeping well.
Decided that I would not could not ever live in a world without and cats, large or small.

I want this all to end now! Right now!
My Spirit is so weary.
I want to enact revenge on so many guilty parties.

OK, rant over...

Cloudy and might drizzle today.
The mountain ranges have been getting lots of Spring snow, YEA!

The senior center sent another automated message this morning.
They will not be there manning the phones due to the holiday but gave a number to call should we need any help or TP, Kleenex, food, dog or cat food or whatever.
Posted: 09 April 2020 - 10:56 AM

Having more intense things to reckon with. My roommate's mother has had end stage Alzheimer's for about three years. She is now in the dying process. Roommate's car has needed work and we are no longer sure we can count on our mechanic and handyman guy - long sad story there, don't want to elaborate at this time.

But she needs a safe working car. The scary things though are that she might rent one, who knows if it will be free of virus, and she will be traveling to a big city and in surrounding counties where the outbreak has been worse for several weeks already. And risk catching it, and bringing it back. We don't know exactly when or how things will unfold. After Easter would be easier to deal with, but I don't want her mom to suffer longer than necessary, of course.

Meanwhile, whenever she goes, I will be at home taking care of cats, bunnies, etc. The isolation could be challenging. My emotions are on edge. It's supposed to be a big spiritual time of grace. Today is Holy Thursday. Also Passover for our Jewish friends. I would like to be able to enter I into it with a clear head and ready heart.

But now there are all these additional emotional things to process. I've noticed people in general are getting edgy, online and elsewhere. I'm making a point to avoid it, like don't go on Facebook groups where current events are discussed. I was dismayed by a thing the state legislature did and that's all I'm going to say on that either, but I am frustrated.

Last night right after my roommate got the call about her mom, I agreed to go with her to walk her dog since I didn't want her to be alone and thought it'd be a good opportunity for her to talk and I'd just listen.

Barely a block from home, two big dogs rushed toward us. A melee ensued, and I lost my temper with a young couple who were actually trying to help but everything was happening so fast and I was confused and upset. I apologized for my outburst, and tried to smooth things over. Don't know if I succeeded.

By that time I was so done with everything, especially dogs; I just wanted nothing more than Scotty to beam me directly home. Once again my emotions were shattered and I was no good to my roommate when I had really wanted to be.

I have an explanation for some of this known as spiritual warfare. No one has to agree with me but I just want to explain it so you know my perspective. Basically, I believe that some of this crappy stuff of late is the devil trying to yank my chain. Because right before, I had been praying and getting in a good spiritual space. So old stupid Satan just couldn't stand that. This pattern has been happening for the last couple of weeks. Some may say that's "just life," and that's okay if it sounds more believable; I'm not going to argue the point. Mainly, whatever it is, I simply want it to STOP.

More later. Trying to hope it will be calmer, happier news.
Posted: 09 April 2020 - 10:32 AM
I'm here! Coffee clinks!

Ooooh Tillie I love the true crime story. That stuff fascinated me.

SubC you are doing a great job with school! And I love your mother's prediction on video phones! I'm sorry about your husband's situation. My depression has actually improved a bit. CM I'm glad you got your phone replaced!

The big doings here are that it's garbage night and we are expecting torrential rain.

It's hard to sleep. But all I want to do is be in bed. I'm still taking yoga and I did walk Tuesday night. But we are supposed to be home by 8 and actually even that was a bit creepy because of the quiet of the city.

Mom's been doing well but is starting to struggle.

I'm not eating right and my nutritionist is being flakey.

My company is strong and good and is doing a bunch of stuff for us and the medical community. I wish I could sew. They will pay us if we want to sew masks. They'll reimburse the fabric and we can take one day a week to do so and they'll pay us. Also we can do other things to help right now and we can spend one day a week.

I'm doing errands for my upstairs neighbors who are doctors and working around the clock.

Okay back to work. Coffee clinks!!
Posted: 09 April 2020 - 05:07 AM
Tillie yikes!

We had a big storm here last night power went out for a while.

Today it is very windy - I can hear my chimes singing and singing.

The online teaching is still taking extra time and energy and wearing me out. I am also starting to panic a little because I still have no idea what I'm going to do for class tomorrow.

Yesterday I emailed the families of kids that had missed class two weeks in a row without explanation. I was pleasantly surprised that there were only four (there may be more to do after tomorrow) one is dropping the class - which is fine, I've been talking him into "one more week" since November. I call that a success! And I have to be honest that I am fine if a second one drops. I don't think they were really getting much out if the class anyway (just not very into the subject), and it is a fun elective. We were asked to copy the administration on the emails, and I got a note back on a third child that the household is suffering electronic resource demand overload with both parents working at home.

School is still only officially closed until May 1, but I jokingly told Dh "Sunday is Easter. That's the day when the governor comes out of his hole and if he sees his shadow we get six more weeks of online school." I do think he will announce it on Monday if not before.

My parents got a note in the church bulletin that someone who works in one of the church buildings tested positive. It is not the sanctuary, but a separate building. My mom was last there three weeks ago packing up and handing out supply backpacks for kids, so I hope she is ok, but my uncle goes there a lot and is still not taking this seriously, so I worry.

CM, I worry about you going in church buildings too.

Tatoulia, is everything ok?
Posted: 08 April 2020 - 11:25 AM
Hello Subclinical

Have a great school day today!

I believe it has gone so quiet here is because the people are hiding indoors overcome with depression and worry.

Tell your DH to be the trend setter and be the first one to wear a mask.
Bet some others would follow his example.

Around here it's common for people to work their fields at night too.
They have to make hay whenever they get the time.
One night though the man next door was not planting/harvesting.
He was burying his wife's car.
Her body was in the grain silo.
He was planning to say she'd run off.
In the jail cell he took the plastic bag lining his trash can and committed suicide to save us the bother of his trial.

Happy your veggies got a nice drink of rain. :)
Posted: 08 April 2020 - 05:07 AM
The rain came back last night, so the moon was not so pushy.

I planted parsnips and kohlrabi and shallots yesterday, so the rain was good for them. The spinach and beets are just starting to come up.

My neighbor was out working his field with the lights on his tractor last night trying to beat the rain. I don't know if he was planting or just plowing. Life being normal.

It's funny, when you read about the stay at home orders, people talk about how quiet everything is - but here, it is noisy. Chainsaws taking down the dead ash trees, lawnmowers and tractors, music and voices carrying down the creek bed and bouncing off the hills as people who would normally be at work take advantage of the good weather...

Yesterday went much better than last Tuesday. I found out that one of my teens is taking care of his 5 y.o. brother while his healthcare worker parents are at work. There are not many cases here yet - my county is in the 20s, his is in the 50s, but that has to be stressful!

Dh was tired when he got home last night, but I think spending the day outside and getting to actually see his equipment helped him. Everything went well and he doesn't have to go back. I was a little annoyed at him because he said they were taking everyone's temperature on arrival, but it was so windy that he thinks the 6 ft rule was a joke. Also, he did not wear his mask. Because "no one was wearing one." Men! But, there are only 6 confirmed cases in that county, so I will hope for the best.

Teaching again today 9:30-4:30 with a break where my cancelled class was. I can do this....
Posted: 07 April 2020 - 10:56 AM
Hi Subclinical

The moonlight here was filtered through the clouds so it didn't disturb the cats too much.

It is heartbreaking when we can pass infection onto our animals.
With so much heartbreak and disruption in daily life, I would tell the boy that only he should be exposed to his pet at this time.
And to wash his hands before caring for it.

Wonderful to know the baby goats are thriving.
Guess the teat on the left side tastes better? :D

SO very sorry your DH is emotionally suffering.
The fear and anxiety of all that is going on there is a heavy weight on him.
Plus grieving everything that has been or will be lost.
All anyone can do is just be there for him. (((HUG)))

Glad you have been planting your garden and wishing you many days down on your knees with your hands in the soil. (((((HUGS)))))
Posted: 07 April 2020 - 04:06 AM
Good morning.

I do not swim at all any more, so I am glad scooter's mousie is keeping up with things for me.


I am glad you have a working phone. Your updates are welcome! It is good to know what is going on with you.

I have been reading more about the animals. One of my students has a ferret. I am wondering if I should warn him that he should social distance the ferret. He wears it over his shoulder and handles it a lot, and what I am reading says that ferrets get sick like we do. When I was in jr. high I had the flu, and I was miserable and cuddled my guinea pig for comfort, and the guinea pig caught the flu and died. it was truly awful and I never wanted another guinea pig.

The moon is very bright. It kept me from going to sleep last night and woke me early today. Mr. kitty is enjoying the couch time though.


I'm sorry about your peach trees. The raccoons always eat all my peaches.

The baby goats are doing well - strong and healthy. One set of twins is very stubborn and insists on both only eating on the left side, so their mother has mastitis and I have to give her antibiotics and milk out the right side twice a day. But they seem to be getting enough to eat. And I have the antibiotics in my "medicine chest".

I talked to mom for a long time yesterday. She is sorting and organizing old photos. She found a project she did in jr. high about the future. She said some day we would be able to see each other when we talk on the phone!

The wild turkeys have been out wandering around. The male is very busy showing off.

Dh has to drive far away to a testing site to watch in person today. I told him to be very careful.

He is a little bit depressed, and I am worried about him. I don't know anything to do to help. He worries about his job and his team and I think he misses people. He has stopped cooking and last night he just ate canned soup for dinner.

I have another day of online teaching today.

Everybody take care!

Tatoulia, how are you doing?
Posted: 06 April 2020 - 10:06 PM
Good Evening Everybody

Hi CriticalMass
Good you got a replacement phone so you can stay connected.
Of course the data transfer would be a pain, it always is.

Bad news is it is not just the big cats, it is ALL cats.
Humans can infect them but they do NOT infect us in return, or so the reports are saying at this time.
So far the infected big cats seem to only have a mild case and are recovering.

Hope you are able to settle down and clear your mind and nerves now that you have no errands or outside obligations to meet.

Today I "baked" a few small potatoes in the microwave for supper.
Was too cold to go outside.
Did a little spot cleaning & tidying.
Cleaned kitchen.
I have not murdered anyone, yet. :P
Scooter's mousie swims every day.
Posted: 06 April 2020 - 09:11 PM
Hi, just wanted to say I think I'm settling down with my emotions and stuff. So hopefully I can be productive again. May still need to rest here and there but the worst of the storm seems past.

I did have to actually buy a new phone but it was on clearance, very cheap. One just like what I had. The one I had still sort of works but I don't trust it because that glass could go at anytime. I don't think you can get them repaired with the pandemic. Or it would take a long, long time. It was easier to buy a replacement.

Getting my information transferred would be easy, said the Best Buy guy. It wasn't. At one point I thought I deleted everything including the software on the new phone. I was ready to be checked into the nut ward so I wouldn't do something rash. But I went outside and sat for a minute and then came back in, and figured it out. Sometimes it feels like tech may someday be the death of me. And yet I am also a geek. Figure that one out.

When this is all over, I can have it repaired - even the casing was warped, I hit that door so hard - but it may be able to be bent back. Or something. It can be the spare in case of emergency.

I apologize for my recent posts being so me, me, me. But I do read everyone's so I know what's all going on and I will get back to responding rather than just a monologue soon.

That's freaky about the big cats catching Covid... :(
Posted: 06 April 2020 - 11:20 AM
Good Morning Everybody

It gently rained off and on here over night. :D

My plan for today is to wash dishes and wash my broom.

I need my broom clean so I can fasten a towel around the bristles.
Then I sweep the ceiling and walls.
That is the very first step of my deep Spring cleaning routine.
It's amazing just how much dust falls down, have to watch it doesn't all fall into my eyes.
That will be for tomorrow's plans.

Well, he's back to not believing in the pandemic.
Said not many people have gotten it and nobody has died, people died because they just die anyways.
Wish he would not get his information from idiot conspiracy nuts.
There are a plethora of intelligent educated professional epidemiologist's posts on all forms of media.
But he doesn't bother to listen to them. :(

The mountain ranges are getting lots of Spring snow, YEA!
This is the weather pattern that snowbound the Donner party in the nearby Sierras.
Posted: 05 April 2020 - 10:15 PM
My little walk in pantry and fridge/freezer are really annoying me.

I think there is a good 6 weeks/month & a half of food stored in them.

These last few weeks I have been being conservative with my food supplies and today I replenished them plus even more.

Also have a whole lot of cat cereal and cat cans and cat snacks in the pantry.

So every shelf for food storage is FULL.
Some things are even on the pantry floor.

I like having enough to let me shelter at home for such a long time, I am not worrying.
But I am not used to having every nook and cranny stuffed to capacity, no room for anything else in there.

I don't like this new normal.
It's annoying.

Posted: 05 April 2020 - 09:48 PM
Pecan, rhubarb, cherry

When I am eating one of them that's what my favorite is too.

And I do like peach.
I like anything with peaches.

One year we had a late Spring deep freeze that killed my two peach trees and they were good producers too.

On my home page is an article but I didn't read it.
The title is "Texans are hoarding chickens during the coronavirus"
Might explain why there are no eggs in stores here any more. ;p

How are the baby kids doing?
Bet they are so sweet and cute and frolicky. :)
Posted: 05 April 2020 - 07:57 PM
Pecan pie. It's Dh favorite (which is kind of a joke, because when I make rhubarb, that's his favorite, and when I make cherry, that's his favorite.) but too early for rhubarb or cherries right now.

He likes Apple and pumpkin, but they are not his "favorite"
Posted: 05 April 2020 - 07:42 PM
What kind of pie?

YEA! that the grocery had everything you needed!

Cats already have it hard enough without giving evil humans an "excuse" to further abuse them.

Lettuce carrots & beets. :D
My favorite thing to do with the fresh beets is pickle them in vinegar and sugar.
Then if you put hard boiled eggs in the bowl with them the eggs turn purple.
The longer the eggs pickle the deeper into them the purple goes.
Fun and edible science experiment. ;)
Posted: 05 April 2020 - 07:33 PM
I am very afraid that my neighbors will now start shooting stray cats.. :(

I hope new black kitty sticks close to "home"

Today I planted lettuce, carrots, and beets.

I also made pie.

And Dh picked up our groceries. They had everything we ordered.
Posted: 05 April 2020 - 06:22 PM
Posted: 05 April 2020 - 06:20 PM
Posted: 05 April 2020 - 06:19 PM
Oh crap. It was the USDA.
Posted: 05 April 2020 - 06:09 PM
Source please?

I am so glad you got your m&ms.
Posted: 05 April 2020 - 05:35 PM
There are verified reports that tigers and lions cared for by an infected zoo keeper have come down with a cough, lack of appetite, etc. so they tested them and they are positive for covid19.

This is so not good.
Cats getting infected from humans is not good.
Posted: 05 April 2020 - 01:12 PM
Good Morning Again

Hi CriticalMass
Hope you get the chance to rest up and catch your breath.
Good luck with the shopping. Your precautions are very good. :D

Hi Subclinical
Of course you are so busy.
You are still teaching and that's a whole new experience teaching by internet.

Ordering take out from a favorite restaurant/café keeps the people working.
Ordering items online keeps the merchants in business.
I worry about the USPS, UPS, FedEx people who I have seen "HAND" parcels to people. >:(
I had them place my packages down on the truck hood while I stood 8 feet away.

I was not talking about any public/national parks, beaches or camp grounds.
There are thousands of miles of totally undeveloped BLM land in Nevada where you can walk for days and never see a human.
But the orders are we are not allowed to walk out into the desert any more. "?"

I have been following trends and keeping up with what's the latest "new" thing.
Read about WallyWorld's new policies.

Did the math as to when the store would be least busy and most stocked up.
So got up early today and took my grocery list and coupons and went to restock up so I can shelter another month.

So few people that they allowed us ALL to come in at opening up.
No one way aisles.
It was just as it has always been inside.
I was able to get EVERYTHING on my list.
I was doing OK with TP but since they had it I bought a 4 pack, for Justin Case.
They even had jugs of bleach.
Best of all I was able to get the big bag of peanut M&Ms.
Right now this area is not an infection hot spot.
Friday they tested 48 people at the hospital and 48 people tested negative.

With most people sheltering in home, social distancing, the number of new infections will go down/slow greatly.
But it looks like things will come to an ugly head this month in localities where the virus has a great hold already.
Wish there was a more optimistic outlook for April but I can't find one.

I am optimistic about May.
If we all continue to isolate, wash our hands, wash things and do whatever necessary to stay healthy.

By May we could start to see The United States Of America turn the corner and begin to heal.
But it all depends on every one of us to do our part.
Posted: 05 April 2020 - 12:05 PM
Welp. The reality show continued this morning when I had a brain fart and forgot when livestream Mass started. Knew the time for days, for the last two weeks even, because I've done this before - and then all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, brain decides to make it 9:30 instead of 9:00. I was VERY upset.

I will be able to watch the recording, but the live live has a different "feel." Sigh.

Roommate and I will head to Best Buy soon. I want to get that over with. We take masks and a tub of antiseptic wipes when we go places. And then sanitize the outer packaging, doorknobs back at home, etc. We have a pretty good routine going.

I agree with you all that sometimes it's hard to figure out the variances in how things are being done. In my town people are getting more serious though not all of them.

I'm glad right now I can't think of any reason to need to go to Walmart becauase they've started that one-way flow through the aisles thing. That would drive me stir crazy because I'm a meandery shopper. I go back and forth, am indecisive, forgetful and need to retrace my steps to get an item I almost forgot, etc. Just don't think I'm cut out for the new routine; would rather order curbside pickup or shipped if it is necessary.

Bunny boy is still needing to be watched a bit to make sure he eats, and roommate's small girl bunny too - she is not having a tummy ache I don't think though. The poor dears are probably picking up on our stress. I sure hope our stress lessens soon.

When I feel more rested and in a better frame of mind I must do something about my room; it is not very liveable. Including, sadly, my bed, which has accreted more stuff on it in the confusion of trying to keep up with projects and life and so on.

So much... going back to when I had the tooth pulled and before, hurrying around, and was also at that time still going to sit with my elderly lady - preparations to go places for me tend to result in a scramble with things I take or don't take getting shuffled between tote bags or tossed aside. It's madness, and I am at a loss how to deal with such things especially in a small space.

Later hope to get a little time to rest. And hug bunnies.
Posted: 05 April 2020 - 07:30 AM
CM, I would not watch the show because I would feel bad for the characters. I'm glad you escaped from the bathroom. I worry about all the things that are breaking your quarantine.

Tillie, I also wonder about the variations in what is allowed. I'm still not sure Dh should have been allowed to play golf. I don't like having to order my groceries, but I understand it. All I can figure about the driving out is they don't trust people to stay apart, and not leave germs where other people can pick them up? Here dd went to a state park with an open beach all alone yesterday. But if you drive much, you have to pump gas, and then people are touching the gas pump.... I don't think the decisions are totally science based.

Why was I able to mail order clothes? Somebody had to go to a warehouse and pack those. Somebody else delivered them yesterday. (They are sitting in the porch) I probably should not have done that. But people are also suffering because the economy is bad.

The guy who owns the clay studio is going to start doing deliveries to your driveway or porch (not mine, but I could use dd's address and go get my stuff.) is that ok? He's a small business. He is struggling.

I'm glad current circumstances have improved Steven somewhat.

My "social distancing" experiment is not at all filled with increased time. Since I am still using the time I would be in class to live stream, and the time I would use preparing for class to prepare for class, all I got back was time I would spend cleaning up my classroom (my in-house classroom is a wreck) and driving. Plus a few errands because I already try to do as few errands as possible. The time it takes to handle the extra e-mail, rewrite my curriculum, and try to learn new skills is much greater that the time I got. Also, the time I used to spend swimming is now spent sitting on my butt doing teaching online things, and I don't move around the classroom, so I am gaining weight and I now need to shoehorn exercise into this.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks it will be easier.
Posted: 05 April 2020 - 06:26 AM
Good Morning Everybody

Hi CriticalMass
Got locked in the bathroom!?

Yeah, I would watch that reality show.

Hope you can get the phone fixed without too much hassle.

Relieved bunny boy feels better without any doctor care.

Social distancing is not supposed to be this way.
Should be a time when you have so many fewer distractions and demands on your time.
Time enough at last to get projects done and read books.
Wishing you the rest of this month without any more new adventures. (((HUG)))
Posted: 05 April 2020 - 12:49 AM
THIS. WEEK. Has been NUTS.

But it will work out. Just draining mostly.

Thursday of course was the funeral. Friday was trash day and payday errands. Which were more tiring because normally I would've had the dumpster out the night before, and some of the trash at least. I was tired and everything took longer.

Then the 14 hour ordeal with little bunny boy. But it ended well. The vet, though, never called or texted. Hope she isn't sick. I was listening to gospel songs on YouTube and bunny seemed to also find it relaxing. Then he got up and started being a normal bunny again.

We went to the shelter house to pick up some hay we'd ordered through them. By grocery on the way home for bunny lettuce. So far so good. Ate, watched an episode of Blake's 7. Took the girl kitty into the bathroom to give her her meds.

Aaaand... I pushed a little too hard on the bathroom door and it clicked shut all the way. The knob has been broken for awhile, and the door itself sticks badly. There ensued a long ordeal in which we had to basically chip our way out with scissors, toenail clippers, whatever "tools" we could find. Honestly. They could put body cams on us and voilĂ , instant reality TV show.

In the process of body slamming the door I cracked my phone screen because I didn't think to take the phone out of my pocket. That upset me. Hope to get it taken care of tomorrow, and roommate may want to go to Lowe's re the door. I don't like how every time I think we're set to do the quarantine right, we end up on extra errands.

It's been an emotional rollercoaster and physically like a beating. I pray, no more crazy happenings...
Posted: 04 April 2020 - 10:38 PM
WAY TO GO! Birdie! :D

So happy the ground was dry enough for the bunnies to frolic.

Sounds like you had a very relaxing pleasant day. :)

Steven brought me a quart of almond milk and a nice ginger root.

Did some stuff today, watched some Netflix and generally hung out inside since the wind started up.

Strange happening here today too...
Steven had conversations with me in a civil way.
Discussing current events and trying to decipher the reasonings/logic/prejudice behind some of the new rules.
Like why can't people just head out into the middle of nowhere, many miles away from civilization and humans?
It would be/is the ultimate in social distancing.
Why won't they allow people to exercise by playing a round of golf outside in the fresh air?
Why are some cities only allowing people to walk/exercise around the streets/sidewalks if they have a dog who needs to poop?
And so on...
We're just trying to find some logic in seemingly illogical rules made by leaders who all have agendas. ;p
Posted: 04 April 2020 - 08:30 PM
Yay for the bunny feeling better!

The ground was finally dry enough here that my bunnies got some outside time in the bunny run. They took turns getting groomed.

Birdie is doing a good job with her babies. I'm very relieved.

I didn't make ice cream today. I spent a lot of time talking with my cousin.

And just generally relaxing.

Yay also for Tillie's sprinkles and groceries.

Tatoulia, I hope you and BF had a good day.
Posted: 04 April 2020 - 06:08 PM
Happy little hoppy is feeling better!!! :D

Hope he stays well.

Just enough to mess up the windows
but still, I got Sprinkles!

Steven actually asked me if he could look for anything for me when he went to the grocery store today.
He called from the store to ask me if I wanted plain or chocolate almond milk.
It is mainly for my tea and oatmeal so of course I need the plain.
He also said he was able to find a nice big piece of ginger root for me. :)
Posted: 04 April 2020 - 01:24 PM
FINALLY lil bunny boy is nibbling on hay and acting perkier. We're still going to take him in just to be on the safe side. I was afraid this morning he might be a goner. Neither roommate nor I got much sleep. Hope the vet returns the text/call soon so we can get on our way, get back, and have naps.
Posted: 04 April 2020 - 01:20 PM
11:00+am here.
I am still not dressed. ;)

Hugs and well wishes to Bunny Boy CriticalMass.
Hope he gets in to see the doctor.

Hi Tatoulia
Yep, getting all the work done before relaxing is best.
Hate having tasks hanging over my head, makes it hard to enjoy off times.

Good luck grocery shopping!
Wishing you shelves all filled with lovely and necessary things.

The whole idea behind post cards is that we are supposed to use them to send greetings to friends and family.
Happy you are now getting to use them as intended! :D

I never went through customs at an airport, just at the Canadian border.
The man would ask my Granma what our business was and she would always say 'We are going home" no matter which way we were going across the border.
She was telling the truth too. :D

I am glad you know how the medicine works with your body and can adjust taking it as needed rather than as directed/suggested.

Guess I really should get dressed now.
Rain clouds are bunching up overhead but will probably just move on over to the mountains to drop their rain. :(
Posted: 04 April 2020 - 12:42 PM
Ok it's afternoon but I'm just getting up. Coffee clinks!

I read everyone's posts and felt like we'd had a great visit! Please know that I feel a range of emotions but don't always comment on everything.

I hope bunny gets to see the vet today! SubC what a scary time to be pregnant. I know your daughter will do the appropriate things. I'm sorry about the breakup. Breakups stink. Even more so now.

Tillie, I like to get my work out of the way, too. I used to work with my office door closed til about 4Pm then walk around and say hello. Everyone would joke about it. Where I work now, I don't have an office or even a desk, so trying to get people to not bother me is tough. I do try to explain that I like to get my day behind me before socializing.

BF and I are going grocery shopping today. I haven't seen him in a long time. Maybe Tuesday? We have things mom needs and things my upstairs neighbors (both of whom are in the medical field) need.

My dance class yesterday was very good! I enjoyed it and I'm pleasantly sore today. My office held a Happy Hour yesterday at 3, they will be hosting one once a week for the next four weeks. One guy had a particularly amusing piece of art on the wall behind him, which one of my colleagues and I texted about at the same time. So that was amusing. Various members of senior management some and it was very well done.

I did all of my laundry yesterday but it has been so cold and raw and rainy that I let the kitty have the clean blanket back instead of putting it away. Today there is some sun but honestly waking up after noon is a bit of a shock.

I only took my regular meds last night as the Xanax builds up in my system pretty quickly and I had taken it two nights in a row. Once coming back from Japan I got lost in customs and by the time I completed (in NY) I was with people speaking Spanish and French and the customs agent couldn't understand how it was that someone from the Japan flight was still in line and mixed in with different flights. I said I got lost. Another trip home from Japan, I started to wonder if I could be dropped off at rehab. I need the Xanax when stressed, but it builds up really fast and for a long time. So I should be good for a week or two.

I will take stuff for donations to my car for now. I don't know what else to do. It's fun distributing my postcard collection by sending them out to mom and other people. Time to let them go.
Posted: 04 April 2020 - 10:31 AM
Just popping in... Roommate's little boy bunny is sick. Around 10:00 last night he stopped eating and was uncomfortable. Possible excess gas and digestive stasis. Have given meds and warmth and everything I can think of, but he's still not feeling much better. The vet opens at 1:00. She has requested an appointment. Animals have such crazy timing to get sick...
Posted: 04 April 2020 - 10:16 AM
Good Morning Everyone

Hi Subclinical

Hoping Birdie has matured and is more motherly.
Fingers crossed for Pansy X.

Dd1's plan B sounds like a great decision.
Sorry for Dd2. Would be so much easier for her if she were able to get out and socialize after breaking up. :(

Maybe I should take advantage of lower gas prices and top off the tank even though it's only 1/4 down.

That last class was a catastrophe.
Sounds like an episode of some situation comedy. ;)

Have a wonderful Saturday cranking out all sorts of your famous ice cream! :D

My plans for today should involve lots of various house cleaning tasks.
Yeah right, not gunna happen. ;p

He stays out in the garage until 1, 3, 6 am.
Then comes in to bed and stays there till late afternoon and complains if I make noise.
I like to do things early morning and by waiting till afternoon I lose all my mojo.
Posted: 04 April 2020 - 05:41 AM

It sounds like you are putting a lot of thought into this. That is good.

I made it through a week of video teaching. The class I taught for the last time yesterday practically ran itself in the classroom. Online yesterday it went so badly that I thought "if this class weren't already being cancelled, I'd be cancelling it after today." Just not online compatible. We spent 20 minutes admiring someone's new puppy. About half the class completed the minimum on the project. One kid broke a lamp.

So, I just do this seven more times....

Dh had to go to his office yesterday and get the rest of his important stuff. They are locking the building on Monday until further notice. He thinks he will lose two people and he is really torn up about them. He also thinks he will probably be furloughed without pay soon.

But he is still playing golf this afternoon.

Our expenses have gone down from not eating out and not driving to work. Although - I can't believe how low gas has dropped - dd1 filled her tank for 79 cents a gallon with her loyalty card last week.

Dd1 had a borderline test for gestational diabetes this week. They told her she can come back for a more accurate three hour test or assume she has it and go on a low carb diet and walk for half an hour after every meal for the next 15ish weeks. She picked B. She has another ultrasound in three weeks, so they can look at the baby's growth then and see if there are any concerns.

Dd2 and her new boyfriend broke up, so now she is feeling more alone. This is really hard for her, because she is an extrovert.

Birdie had boy girl twins yesterday evening. They are very cute of course. I haven't checked on them yet this morning. I'm a little nervous because last year she was a terrible mother. But things seemed to be going more smoothly this time.

I was worried that Pansy wasn't bred - she's getting older for a first fresher and I thought she might be sterile, but I *think* i felt movement yesterday. That would put her due last - around the end of May.
Posted: 03 April 2020 - 06:45 PM
Good Afternoon Everyone

Keep up the good thinking CriticalMass.
Time enough to decide later.
April is your genealogy logging. :)

Gorgeous day here today.
Not hot or cold.
The wind is only now starting to very slowly spin my little garden windmill.

Watered everything.
Washed/sanitized with bleach both litter boxes.
Washed the inside the house trash cans.
Laundry dried nicely, brought in, folded & put away.

Pretty little green and yellow Finches frolicking in my garden.
Told Scooter they taste like olives and he doesn't like olives so leave them along.

Watching the Lilacs start putting out their leaves. :D
Posted: 03 April 2020 - 12:14 PM
NASTY cold here. Wind chill 17. Ugh.

If I go ahead with the storage game plan, my further thoughts, some based on your advice:

1) Due to the quarantine I would have a pretty clear calendar, an unprecedented opportunity to focus on this.

2) I agree it would be wise to check about the weather, which is notoriously crazy in KS, rain in the spring and tornadoes being exhibit A. Our planting date is April 15, and even that can be delayed some years when Ma Nature forgets to check her email. Extended forecasts aren't super reliable, but they may at least yield a sense as to the most likely window of opportunity.

3) The Badger would be called in if needed. My roommate may even be able to help. I don't always do so well with helpers but if I have specific tasks where I need an extra set of hands that's when I can use them and also be less likely to annoy them by getting confused and flustered.

4) I really need a big victory. I have waited far too long for one. Small projects just end up being reshuffling right now, due to my ADHD confusion and the lack of organized space to put the results of sorting. That feels like a pointless waste of energy.

Not saying there might not be some small sorting jobs that'd be possible and feel good; always I must keep an open mind. But a big win would really light it up for me.

Still, no commitment has been made, there is still time to discern.
Posted: 03 April 2020 - 11:24 AM
Good Morning Everyone

Such wisdom from experience Subclinical.

My condolences on losing your class. (((HUG)))

The wind is not blowing and hopefully it will remain calm.
Plan to do some watering since it never rained.
Going to take litter boxes outside and scrub & sanitize them.
But first I will hang linens out on the clothes line. :)
Posted: 03 April 2020 - 05:06 AM
CM, I understand your goal, and it sounds nice, and you may succeed at it.

But my experience is that I often run out of energy or life intervenes, and my staging areas become too permanent.

My biggest concern is - where will things go when you are ready to get rid of them? Are places near you accepting donations? Is there a accessible dumpster you can use? I think that until you have a plan to get rid of excess immediately - "I will stop and drop at x or y location after working every day even if I just drop off one item" you are putting yourself in danger.

Is everything in your room a keeper? Sometimes you can start with a very small staging area. If you choose the smallest area or set that you can reduce and have a surface to sort it on, it will be smaller when it goes back. Even if you sort out one sheet of paper, the remainder can go back at the end of the day better organized and you have started a good habit and marginally increased your space and organization.

I know the boost of a big change feels good, but I feel like establishing the habit and refining the process small scale to see how much time and energy you really have to invest would be a good idea before you invest money in the process.

You might want to keep a daily journal for a month of how much time you spend and factors that would have kept you from going to the storage unit that day. Once you know "I can work on this for x hours a day and there were only x days that would have kept me home" you can make a more informed decision about the value of a second unit.

Today I say goodbye to the second class that I am losing. :(
Posted: 02 April 2020 - 11:45 PM
Howdy Ya'll

Love all your long posts telling about your days. (((HUG)))

Hi Tatoulia
A Broadway dance class sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

YEA! for finding TP on the store shelf.
So rare these days. ;)

Sorry about the laundry pig.

You have been doing so well saving money and paying off the loan and other expenses like the water heater.
So proud of and happy for you. (((HUG)))

Hi Subclinical
YEA! for the golf course opening so you can finally make ice cream! :D

Wishing Magnolia and her babies all the best.
People will still be buying critters, especially the fancy ones.
But winning ribbons might be cancelled.

I am happy the video classroom is evolving nicely.
Forced to sit all the time would be frustrating since you enjoy moving all around the classroom.

The new cat seems to be moving in nicely. ;)

Hi CriticalMass
If you do get the unit then you must treat this like a job.
No days off, no sick leave, no excuses, no outside interruptions.
Nothing but sorting, decluttering and straightening.
No matter what the weather, too cold, too hot, too windy, too rainy, too sunny, too cloudy, you must work.
You are allowed to eat, sleep, bathroom breaks and showers.
Any questions?

For now you have your genealogy project. :)

I am doing laundry.
All the clothes I dirtied today.
Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer and I really hope the winds stay away.
The wind blew over my poor Hyacinth flower stalks and by late afternoon I had finally managed to get them to stand up straight again.
Posted: 02 April 2020 - 11:01 PM
Hey all.

Funeral was quiet and we were just over and back by noon. Didn't stay to talk with cousins after. I can put my photos up on Facebook for them later.

I promise, Scout's Honor, that if I get a staging area storage unit that is ALL it will be, one month only. I can't afford more. Set up a table or two in the staging one, put books and small boxes of stuff on them. Roll nice new shelves on casters over, put books in tubs on them (likely eliminating books in the process).

In original unit, get rickety shelves gone. Clear a path. Roll new, neat shelves back into their designated places. Focus heavily on eliminating "goat path" and "things shoved in all wonky and stacked precariously" issues.

Continue to evaluate items as to whether to keep or not. Put like with like. Find any straggler items that no longer are part of my life; get rid of those. Set up for continued progress with details after the big picture is revamped.

You see, it was going well when I first moved to this unit. I had some decent organization going on. It was the hurrying, and whatever fires to put out in my life, that got me behind again. Right now it's pretty much gridlock in there. Very discouraging and demotivating. That's all I'm after - a means to bust the gridlock, and not let it get to where stuff is falling and things are stacked crushing other things. Yuck.

Don't know if I ever shared how I did the staging storage unit thing once before, when I had to get stuff out of my former roommate's place. I was able to sort, and get the "keepers" all into the main unit then. That was in 2015 before I moved over here. And I had quite a bit of crap in that main unit, but I was able to get a lot of it gone over time, and quite a bunch when I switched to this place closer to where I reside now.

As for the stimulus money, the remainder would just sit in my savings most likely. And I won't even allow myself to dream that it's for a place of my own this time around. Because in all likelihood it will end up being needed for a car repair or something. Also, who wants to move until the coronavirus is good and gone. We are all having to accept that it's hard times, and sit tight and be thankful for what we do have. If I don't get my hopes up I won't feel crushed.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it! :D

Tomorrow is payday, and the weather's turned cold, possible freezing drizzle to come. I will figure out what errands I really need to run, do some things by phone. Looks like temps will be high enough later that roads won't be dangerous, it will have turned to rain. I only need a few groceries etc. I've postponed for lack of money. Then hope to be able to hunker down awhile.
Posted: 02 April 2020 - 08:52 PM
Hello all!

Online school is still evolving. Not bad today. I miss being able to look them in the eye, and I hate sitting at a table for hours. In the classroom I pace around, sit on the tables, sit on the floor, even stand and walk on the tables. With the computer, I am stuck in my chair.

Dh ordered something groceries online today for Sunday pick up.

They have decided to reopen the golf course - but not the club house, and no food or drink, and they raised up all the cups in the holes, so instead of going in, your ball will bounce off and that counts - so people aren't reaching in the cups. So Dh is going to go play on Saturday and maybe I will make ice cream.

Magnolia had twins today. They are by my new buck and very pretty. Of course, the boy is prettier than the girl, but Maggie is a fancy goat with papers, and so is their dad, so hopefully the little buckling won't be too hard to sell. Who knows the WSU things are now though...

New cat slept in the sun on the driveway today, but ran away when I came outside.

Tillie, hurrah for a beautiful not windy day!

Tatoulia, you sound like you are doing really well. I'm glad, and proud of you.

CM, thinking of you and hoping you found some peace and comfort today.
Posted: 02 April 2020 - 07:58 PM
I love your supportive students! Great job, SubC!!!! Great job!!!!

Cm I misread or didn't read all of your entries. I am pleased you went to church. I love Gregorian chants. I am in favor of scanning your photographs and papers as a goal. I am wary of having you rent another storage space. Please pray on it. Please pray to determine if it is truly the lack of a staging space that is stopping you from making progress. I will support your decision.

Both my mother and brother will be eligible for the stimulus, thank goodness. And my sister and her BF. So they will all be really happy. I was grateful that the IRS reversed its position on tax returns. I was going to have to help my mom and my brother in that regard.

My mother has asked that I hold her money for her, as she doesn't want to fritter it away. She also offered to "repay" me and BF for all we've done for her. So silly. I wish she could still travel but if we come out of this thing, maybe we could eat out a few times. Something to make her happy.

I am saving money every day. And I split it between my emergency fund which I pledged to start and my small loan. So much fun to do this! I am so pleased with the amount I've already saved this year.

Our office will be doing a zoom happy hour. They split it up alphabetically. My group will be next Friday. It's with senior management and then your letter grouping. Let see how that goes! The first one is tomorrow at 3 PM. but it's not my group.

I'm taking a Broadway dance class tomorrow. I forget what time. Maybe 12 or 12:30.

I've done some laundry but not all. I couldn't do any today because someone had loaded it up and it's the piggy person who leaves it there all day, expecting other people to put in dryer, etc. maybe tomorrow I'll have a shot. I did do a few yesterday. I am doing my towels much more frequently. It's comforting to me.

I went to CVS tonight and they were just loading toilet paper on the shelves. I bought one four pack and one six pack. I use a lot of toilet paper and plus I like to make packages for people of TP, water and soap. I made a package for my cleaning fairies yesterday. And I think I'll make up a few to distribute to some neighbors. I know one neighbor is going to want ginger ale. So I'll get her a ginger ale.

Okay my dear hearts, I shall see you tomorrow. I didn't mail mom a postcard yesterday. Or I don't think I did. So I sent two today.
Posted: 02 April 2020 - 06:49 PM
Good Afternoon Everyone

WTG! Tatoulia for a flawless presentation! :D

Kind of easy to not spend much money with the stores closed.
GREAT plan to use this "interruption" in "normal" life to pay down your loan! :D

Yes, I dare you to tackle those papers.
They have been on your someday To-Do list far too long.

So sweet they sent you pics of your Happy Mom. ;)

Hi Subclinical
What a wonderful school day that was.
And the students were so understanding and helpful.

I too worry about CriticalMass getting another storage unit.
That always seems to backfire.

Hi CriticalMass
Your church experience sounds very nice and hopefully no virus were shared.

Today you went to your Aunt's funeral and I hope it was same as last time.
Chatting from a safe distance, no hugging or cheek kissing. (((((HUG)))))

If you do get a stipend I would rather you put it away for a rainy day.
Too often vehicle issues or some other problems arise and you get tapped out.
This way you would have a nice little nest egg to help see you through the next catastrophe.

Bit chilly but that was alright and even felt good as I worked outdoors.
The cats joined me.
Scooter is now sleeping next to me on the couch but Twinkles is still out enjoying himself.
The hairball treatments I have been giving him are working and he feels better now.
Poor extra long haired cats especially in the Spring/early Summer when they have extreme shedding. ;p

Have plans for more outside work for tomorrow. :)
Posted: 02 April 2020 - 11:51 AM
Good Morning Everyone

Wonderful to read all your postings. :D

WTG! everybody for having such a positive successful and safe day yesterday.

The wind is NOT blowing but it's frigid out there.
No matter, going out anyway.

BBL ;)
Posted: 01 April 2020 - 08:29 PM
I'm glad you had a good day yesterday.
Today was better.

I had a table and all my materials right at hand and my computer didn't crash, and didn't freeze very much. The worst freezing was during a teen class and one if the kids said "the audio is fine. Just keep talking and we'll ask you to describe better if we don't understand.

I do have a flip phone. I am working on a school issued chrome book. Usually if I have to use a chrome book for something I hand it to one of the kids.

I'm glad your mom is doing well.


I had two weeks warning. I had to rewrite a lot of classes along with learning new skills though. I am still rewriting classes.

I don't know about the second storage space. Is there a danger of filling both?

Tillie, I hope you get a day with no wind!
Posted: 01 April 2020 - 07:34 PM
Cm I love your goal! Great idea!

I wear a cloth mask that I bought on Etsy. It's fantastic. I use it for cat chores and other smelly chores and now I wear it outside, too. I am so envious of your sewing skills!

Yay for a nice chat with Nate! I am very grateful that I can work from home and collect a full paycheck. Very few people are in this position. Bf remains working at reduced hours.

I haven't been spending money on anything. So I can double up on the small loan that I have. It's for four more years but I'm thinking two. Two more years. The interest is low enough that I'm not going to try to refinance it. I just want to get it paid down and paid off.

For March I wanted to change my water heater and do a few more plumbing type things to put my mind at ease. I thank God each and every day that I changed the water heater. I didn't get the handyman out for my punch list but that was due to COVID19. I'd made my list and BF had the guy. But then everything collapsed.

April. Does anyone dare me to tackle papers? I don't ever finish but I'm game if you are game.

Someone at mom's took her pictures and sent them to me last night. She is happy and cheerful.
Posted: 01 April 2020 - 07:33 PM
I second Tatoulia's advice, SubC - go easy on yourself. After all, did you (or any of us) have any advance warning and time to prepare for all of this? Heck no! Everybody's learning on the fly. And I think people - hopefully even teenagers - are humbled by this and willing to make allowances.

We got to roommate's appointment this morning and I just sat in the car. Neither of us were real bright eyed and bushy tailed as neither of us are morning people, LOL. I worked on my novel that I'm doing for April "Camp NaNoWriMo," sketching another of the characters.

Back home and I ate and then I went to my church to go to Confession - Father had it all worked out for people with what entrance of the church to use, then he was in the "cry room" where people can take their babies during church.

There was Gregorian chant recorded music playing throughout the church so no one would overhear anyone's Confession. And even the pews near that room were roped off so no one would sit close to it. It all worked great. The music, and the experience of seeing the church yet knowing we won't get to have church for some time yet, was heart tugging and comforting at the same time.

Then I came back home, did the laundry load I'd planned, and took quite the nap. Still feel like I could sleep more, as sort of a mental reset. Must be aware now that my body WILL try to fight sleep and must be strict about a decent bedtime.

In other news... my roommate had mentioned that I am probably eligible for that economic stimulus - I had thought being on disability I might not be. And a lightbulb went on in my head. All this frustration about the storage unit being in disarray and no staging area to deal with it -


Perhaps I could use some of that money to rent another unit for one month like I did before, use it for staging, buy any tubs I still need, and put the donations near the front if need be (so they don't have to live in my van till there are places to donate them), also the "papers to go through" boxes near the front so I can get to them and deal with them. Maybe that could even happen in the evenings while I'm doing this and the papers would be gone, but if not they wouldn't be in bundles in random places.

So I'm going to think and pray about this idea - it could be the answer to prayers already and to much anguish and ongoing despair. Because back in 2017 or whenever I changed to this storage unit near to home, I was so optimistic at first! I thought I was going to be able to finish everything up rapidly and be able to move to my own place.

Of course, there was 2018, when my old wreck of a van crapped out and I got too addicted to buying Barbies as a way of comforting myself. But whatever I may need to do to deal with aftermath of that time I could do so much more easily if the truly junky and disordered space didn't hinder my efforts.

Well, it's certainly something to think about.
Posted: 01 April 2020 - 06:36 PM
Oh SubC, I would've been in tears too! That is so frustrating and upsetting. I hope it helps to know that you are not alone, this is hard on teachers everywhere. And your efforts are appreciated by all-parents, students, school administrators, and of course, us.

There is a whiteboard feature on webex. I have not had success using it but it's out there and getting student help will be key! Tell me, what are you using for a camera? Would using your smart phone (if you have one-I can't remember if you are one of the flip phone users whom I do admire and feel a twinge of jealousy). You might be able to pair your iPhone with your screen. But I'm not sure if that helps with projection out tonight others or just with what you see.

Is it possible to hardwire the computer rather than using wireless? Would that offer better stability?

Fun to see the doggie during class!

One of my favorite teachers online is Mrs Murphy. She's on twitter and she's a hoot. She lets her students make memes of her for a final project each year. If you use Twitter, I highly recommend looking up Angelina Murphy or the magical Mrs Murphy. You can also google her. I'm sure you have enough to do but she's an inspiration. Fearless. So be fearless and know that your students don't love you for your IT skills.

Please know this will get easier. And a lot of this technology is out of your hands. The glitches, etc are happening to everyone.
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