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Hoarding Help Message Boards : Cleanup Help : Hiring cleanup crew in Chicago area
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Hiring cleanup crew in Chicago area

Posted: 02 February 2016 - 01:33 AM
Thank you Cory! I appreciate the fast response. I will call from work in the next couple of days and go over next steps.
Cory Chalmers
Posted: 01 February 2016 - 08:31 AM
Hi June,
First, congratulations on making the decision to deal with this situation. I can assure you that handled the right way, you will come out of this feeling like the weight of the world had been lifted off of you!
With that being said, I would like to tell you a little about my company. My name is Cory Chalmers, and I built this website,, the message boards and the online support group for one reason...because I know people can find a better way. I love helping people and is probably the reason I have spent my entire life doing just that, a paramedic, a firefighter, a cleaner of death and traumatic injury scenes, and a hoarding expert.
Steri-Clean is my company that I have owned now for 21 years. I have successfully cleaned over 10,000 hoarding homes and helped them maintain the clutter free lifestyle. We now have offices, both corporate and franchise throughout the United States. The particular office you would be working with is run by Tony and Gary, and both of them are great. I would never have hired them, unless they were people that can be kind, caring, supportive and non judgmental. If you have any questions for me about our company, our services, or anything hoarding related, just let me know. You can reach me at I wish you the best of success in your soon to be new life!!
Posted: 31 January 2016 - 06:49 PM
Deep breath.......I'm doing it. I have clutter that likes to disguise itself like hoarding. ;-) I don't think my situation is cable TV I could see it in my future.

I have tried throwing things away, and bagging clothes (10 big bags) to donate, but it looks like I haven't even made a dent. :-( I'm ready to hire a cleanup crew to just get it done - in a day or a week - whatever it takes. I have a 3-BR house w/basement & garage: cluttered -- kitchen, 1 BR, 1 bath, living room, garage; hoarding-like -- 2 BRs, basement.

I'm ready to allow a few professionals who won't judge me to come in and remove the mess. I may sound easy-breezy, but let me tell you this has taken me YEARS to realize.

I'm here to ask for your advice in finding that reputable company. I found Clutter Cleaners, ServiceMaster Restore, Steri-Clean, & Americam Hoarders Cleaning Services. Not sure if you can review companies on this thread, but if you can, would someone be able to steer me in the right direction?

Somehow I've picked up some motivation & momentum. I'm not going to question it ;-D but will try and run with it while I have it!!! I plan on making calls this week, and fingers crossed (another deep breath) have the house cleaned out by the end of February!!!

Any advice is gratefully appreciated! Thank you!
Hoarding Help Message Boards : Cleanup Help : Hiring cleanup crew in Chicago area

Reply to this topic
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