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Weekly Tasks

Posted: 11 September 2012 - 06:37 AM
Grrrr.. Need an edit feature!
Apparently all of the quotation marks were lost in translation and replaced by: ?g and ?h
Posted: 10 September 2012 - 02:36 PM

Posted: 10 September 2012 - 02:03 PM
I've been working on clearing out my office for a while now and it was starting to wear on me, so I decided last week that a small distraction might help to change up the scenery a lil bit. I started the day by catching up with the message boards over my morning coffee, and I came across Cory's task for the medicine cabinet. I thought ?gPerfect! A quick little morning task to help break up the monotony, and then I can get back to working on the office.?h

9:45am: The Adventure Begins-

{?gThat was quick! What the heck... might as well clear out the vanity cabinet & drawers too while I'm at it.?h}

VANITY: Check!
{?gThat wasn't bad at all! I just need to put these few things away in the linen closet where they belong...?h}

{?gOh hey, here's the new shower curtain set I bought like 5 months ago! Might as well hang these up while I'm at it.?h}

{?gThat looks really good! But yipes, the caulking around this tub is completely shot! Look, it peels right up...?h [My OCD kicked in & I start picking away at the old caulk until it finally occurred to me...] ?gDamn! Why did I do that?! Now I have to reseal this!?h}

?¨ At this point I realized that what had started out as my ?gquick little task?h had just morphed into a full blown project. [I Blame You Cory!!] I was still in a good mood though, so I decided to just roll with it & told myself ?gChange of plans! Just take out the trash and run up to the hardware store. It's no big deal. I got this.?h

{?gJust a quick trip to grab a tube of silicon. Hmm, Ya know.... I've always hated that old shower head. Since I'm obviously going to be working on the bathroom today anyway, I might as well go ahead and pick out a new one while I'm here.?h}

{?gIt's late afternoon by now, but I'm almost done... I just need to scour the tub & shower walls, finish scraping away the old caulking, prep the surface, and pipe the new silicon in place. I can do this.?h}

[2 hours later...] {?gWhew! Finally! YAY!?h}

?¨ By the time I finished with everything I was Beat! My back hurt, my knees were sore, my hands were raw, and I had spent the last hour cursing Cory under my breath. LOL! But Hey, I guess I should thank him too, 'cause the bathroom looks GREAT!

Thanks Cory! (Hugs)

Hoarding Help Message Boards : Success Stories : Weekly Tasks

Reply to this topic
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