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Amit Morales
Posted: 13 April 2016 - 05:01 PM
Hello im not going to say that the house i live in make me get into truble but it instigated me to do so. my mom has been a hoarder since i was born in 1990.iv been embarrassed ever since. She hasent worked, cleand, cook, or barely even showers. I love her but its difficult.The house is full of roaches and my mom cant trow away disposable stuff. So if she dont clean no one cleanse in the house and it, me, my brothe, sister, mom, and dad.we are totally different and wired and even have mentle issue.i say i we are the worst disfunctional family ever. The stuff she got are trash bags, old bottles , food containers boxes and just really anything. My dad is scared of her and me makes the money. He sleeps in a room where my lilttle sis is doning her own mess keeping mom sleeps with my sister and my sis is 20 years old and got a problem that she thinks shes 10 so still scream like a moms room is so filled that u cant barly walk but always has it close. I share a room with my brotheler who i litterly dont even aay a word to. I need help for my mom but i really doing this for my sister.i know how to survive although my life is meesed up with the law. But my sister just doesent seem like she all thier. They need a docther to tell them thier sick.please help my family.
Hoarding Help Message Boards : Television Shows Looking for Hoarders : Rough

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