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Hoarding Help Message Boards : Television Shows Looking for Hoarders : health issues (respiratory) for hoarders - input.
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health issues (respiratory) for hoarders - input.

Posted: 02 August 2015 - 12:16 AM
Hi Holly :)

So very sorry to hear about all you are having to deal with. (((HUGS)))
I have never heard of a person getting leukemia from the bad air in a hoard situation but many many people develop respiratory problems and I know that some species of mold cause some very terrible and serious conditions.
Also many hoarded homes have insect and/or rodent infestations and they can be carrying some very nasty diseases that can be transmitted to people.
The financial issues are all too common.
Hoarding is a mental disorder. The more you can learn about it the better you will be able to understand it.
A good start is to read "Digging Out".
Also, at the top of this page are links to a lot of very helpful information.
On Youtube you can watch videos of Dr. Randy Frost discussing hoarding. He is an expert in this field.

I appreciate what you have been doing to help your Mom and especially that you are reaching out for support.
Take care of yourself during this trying time.

Sincerely, Tillie

Posted: 01 August 2015 - 10:45 PM
Has this happened to anyone else? The air quality in mom's house is so bad, that I wondered if it may have contributed to her recently discovered Leukemia. Also, I am sad, frustrated, mad, and other strong emotions with which I am struggling. Knock, knock, hello world. Can anyone relate to this? On top of dealing with my mom being in ICU for a solid month, I have had to become POA (and discovered a crazy sick amount of debt that she has generated in the past 10 to 15 years), and am struggling to resolve some of these issues. Today when I went to see her, she mentioned that she is having more breathing problems because her breathing is "wonky" in the afternoon because she is stressed that we are "distributing her estate before she is gone", when all we are doing is trying to clean up some storage lockers that she really, really can't afford. She is behind in so many bills, has not paid her property tax since 2011 (What?!!!!) and though she "feels sorry" to have caused such a mess for us to deal with, she seems angry that we have not been able to consolidate 2 storage lockers contents in just a few days. To quote Bruce Willis' character in "Die Hard", I am feeling pretty "fu#$*ng" unappreciated. Anyone out there have any words of encouragement or advice? TYVM
Hoarding Help Message Boards : Television Shows Looking for Hoarders : health issues (respiratory) for hoarders - input.

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