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Hoarding Help Message Boards : Television Shows Looking for Hoarders : PBS documentary series looking for a haorder
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PBS documentary series looking for a haorder

Brittany Shelton
Posted: 21 November 2014 - 11:24 AM
hello my name is Brittany Shelton and I'm looking to get my grandmother martha turn some help with hoarding. she's always been big on keeping things even if that meant it was trash but when I left home about 9 years ago is when it all really began she has no living room she's ran herself out of her bedroom so she's now staying in my old bedroom she can't get to her stove her back door she can only open the fridge about 4 inches she has to work to get to her washing machine she was in the middle of remodeling and then it all just came to a halt and she started to hoard things she has a two car garage filled with stuff her yard is filled with old vehicles and all sorts of junk she heat by wood stove because her heating system doesn't work anymore and there's so much stuff in her house but I'm scared the wood stove is going to catch it on fire she has been through one previous house fire in the same house due to a ceiling fan wiring I feel like maybe when I left home she felt like she was going to be alone so she decided to hoard things she will not throw nothing away she keeps everything she has a cat and the dog who have no room to run or do anything and she has chickens in her yard we've been to her house and help her to clean it before several times but it just was too much for us to conquer and before we could get to the next room the room that we had just cleaned out was already filled again please please please help me to help my grandmother she has lots of health problems and cannot do much now and I'm scared she might fall and get hurt and nobody will ever know because she's there by herself you have to walk sideways to get him to her house you can hardly get into her bathroom honestly it is really bad I feel like this is my responsibility to get her the help that she needs
Laura Williams
Posted: 07 November 2014 - 09:31 PM
Laura - Where do you live? I am in the same boat as you, and can help others, but not myself.

I'm not good at decorating, but I can help others clean up and organize!
Laura Williams
Posted: 28 October 2014 - 11:41 AM
Hi Olivia
I have a battle with my brain on decisions and procrastination daily,I so need help! It's running my life, I'm so overwhelmed. Half of my brain tells me to get up and clean my hoarding mess and the other half puts excuses in my mind not to.
I'm 52 and I kept an emaculent home, until my life fell apart. I have dreamed all my working life to one day have the house I see in my mind, I have everything collected!
In the blink of an eye I have become disabled. Here it sits, all my dreams.
My family deserves a clean pretty decorated house, my husband is tired of it, my family wants to help,but it's short term.
I can't breathe, constant battle of the mind. I start and never finish,I don't have the strength anymore.
I want my life back,clean slate,to understand why and learn how to enjoy my life again. My ultimate wish is to host thanksgiving dinner for my family.
Thank you Olivia, for your time and the chance to write you.
Laura Williams
Cell 941-234-3300
Blink Films
Posted: 21 October 2014 - 10:32 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm writing from Blink Films, a British television production company currently producing a six part series on what neuroscience can tell us about our behaviour and they way we live our lives.

One of our episodes is about decision making, and we would like to feature someone who is struggling with hoarder, to explore how our decision making process is shaped by the make-up of our brains.

If you would be interesting in taking part, which would involve us visiting you for a day, please get in touch with your details and a little information about your life.


Hoarding Help Message Boards : Television Shows Looking for Hoarders : PBS documentary series looking for a haorder

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