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1800Got Junk Removal Services

Posted: 01 September 2022 - 08:19 AM
There are so many ways to get rid of junk but the best way is to ha ire junk removal company. They handle everything with care without causing any damage to other items. I once hired car junk removal experts and they helpd clean scrap cars from my garage.
Posted: 23 June 2013 - 06:34 PM
If you are hoarding largely from grief and loneliness as most are, a swift clear out of your stuff may be more than you're ready to handle emotionally. No judgement here; but you might want a different solution that feels better. Why not call around and learn the average rates for most individuals who clean locally. Then once you know the going rate, ask for recommendations to locate a kindhearted person who works reasonably and interview until you find someone you're comfortable with. Decide whether you trust her and like her, and whether she is a warm and patient person who will help you gradually sort out and rid yourself of the stuff you don't need.

May I also add... you can also do a kind deed by hiring an immigrant who doesn't speak much English. I am Not suggesting you hire an illegal alien. Here in Seattle we have so many legal American citizens who originally emigrated from dangerous and/or poverty-stricken countries. Some arrived as husband and wife, but within a few years the husband died. How can she support herself now? Without job skills (or even with great job skills), if she has found English difficult to learn late in life, she has a terribly hard time getting hired. Many women of good character are in this desperate situation, so I encourage you to give one of those ladies a chance. Consider: in return, her help will give you a better chance at happiness!
Posted: 07 May 2013 - 12:28 PM
Ryan, I just had my hoarded house cleared out. I found the company by going to "national resources" at the top of this page. I then sent emails to the two (yes only two) companies that would service my area. I felt fine with the second one from the start. He came, talked, walked through the house, and provided an estimate of 2.5-3 days and no more than $3500.

A month later he and two workers came back and went through the house with me. I paid under $2500 for two days' work as it turned out. They do not do deep cleaning and I'm still looking for cleaning and painting help for ceilings, walls, woodwork and floors, but things are SO much better. We filled up a dumpster.

I think it truly matters if you reach out yourself and commit to following through even if it is uncomfortable. Hoard cleaners are non-judgmental, experienced and in my case, professional, friendly, tough when they had to be with me, and have followed up to check on me.

It was the best decision I could make.
Posted: 30 April 2013 - 07:39 PM
1800JUNK people would have no problem doing that job.

Call and ask for an appraisal. :)
Posted: 30 April 2013 - 02:03 PM
I have to get someone in to my place soon to clean it out, and the best way to do this for me anyway, is to hire a company to do it for me. BUT I am worried that they will get there and so 'no way'. It isn't a lot of garbage so to speak, but I know some of it exists, otherwise mainly boxers and clutter, and junk, the type that has a pathway through it, trust me, i am not proud, ha. Does anyone know about these types of services, what I can expect etc?
Hoarding Help Message Boards : Cleanup Help : 1800Got Junk Removal Services

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