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Hoarding Help Message Boards : Motivation Needed? : New Furnace
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New Furnace

Posted: 22 December 2016 - 02:08 PM
Hi Dave :)
Very sorry to hear you got hurt.
You probably know the areas where the installers need to get to.
All gas and or electric turn ons & shut offs need to be accessible too.
Best way I know to help get unstuck is to break an area down into smaller segments.
Like a 6 foot area can be broken down into 6 one foot spaces.
Force yourself to tackle that one smaller space.
When that space is cleared take a break, breathe and have a drink of water.
Then get back in there to do another space.
Hopefully, motivation to continue will kick in when you see that you CAN do this one small section at a time.
Push, cram & shove the stuff where ever you can to get it out of the way of the workmen.
You having heat right now is more important than whatever else you or the workers may think.
Once you are all warm and toasty again you can think about dealing with the excess stuff, or not.
Good Luck and Best Wishes :D
Posted: 22 December 2016 - 12:57 PM
Hi All,
Nov. 21, 2016: I was lighting the furnace and my hoard had grown around the furnace. You know when they say, use caution when lighting combustibles, they mean it.
Well, a trip to the emergency room, a silly tale about what a klutz I am and no one was the wiser. The fate of the furnace was even worse, it died.

It's 54 degrees inside the house, as I type this. New furnace is on it's way. I've delayed it's installation twice. Now, the Christmas Holidays will buy me some more time.
The guys will need to, not only come in, but work in my hoard. I've been working everyday to clean it up and made great strides towards that end but I can't continue. The cold was very motivating but the depression has frozen me.
The house is big and when packed correctly, you can really stuff rooms full of stuff. I've designated 3 rooms, off limits. I can't see any reason the installers would need to go in them. The 3 rooms are floor to ceiling packed.
I'm not using the old tarp trick. That's where I attach tarps to hang from the ceiling and create passageways through the hoard: where the tarps act as a visual and physical blocker. Don't laugh, it works.
Please, any tips on how to continue, when so drained from cleaning up a hoard, to keep going. I know this hoarding thing isn't done but I can deal with the underlying issues later. For now, I need the furnace and heat.
Thanks and Happy Holidays,
Hoarding Help Message Boards : Motivation Needed? : New Furnace

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