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Hoarding Help Message Boards : Why Do You Hoard? (NEW!) : my yard sale junkie
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my yard sale junkie

Posted: 16 April 2014 - 09:55 AM
Hi Sherrill :)
A good book for you to read is "Digging Out".
I too live with a man like your's except that mine never sells anything, just keeps collecting more and more.
I too have my NO CLUTTER ZONES, areas of the house where I refuse to allow his clutter.
Welcome to this message board.
Please read around here and see that you are not alone in your struggles.
We also have a Sunday night ONLINE SUPPOT GROUP, the link is to the right of this page.
I truly do understand your frustration. :)
Posted: 15 April 2014 - 06:49 AM
Ok, so I have a husband who "loves yard sales and auciton" to get stuff to sell. Yes he is a great resource for things I need for church (I head hospitality and cook at church) BUT he "collects" things for yard sales and once he sells lots of stuff he again boxes up what doesn't sell, for the next one...but in the mean time collects more. I try to keep certain spaces in the house Box Free and "treasure free" like the living room, kitchen and bedrooms. The basement, is a true basement, is a mouse maze. I am tired of having to squeeze in between tubs and boxes to get to the refrigerator, yes I have an extra one down in the basement. But it gets pretty hard to not want to just leave when you have purged all of your things, and then are told he'll take things to the refrigerator because you may knock something over and mess it up. People you need at least an 18" berth to pass like in a hallway. I am at my wits end here. He is a true and loving person but I feel pushed out by all the stuff being pushed in.
Hoarding Help Message Boards : Why Do You Hoard? (NEW!) : my yard sale junkie

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