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Hoarding Help Message Boards : Why Do You Hoard? (NEW!) : HOW TO GET HELP WITH HOARDING WITH NO SUPPORT SYSTEM AND NO $
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Posted: 22 April 2014 - 03:47 PM
Depending on where you live the biggest obstacle with a hoard if you have no money is actually the trash part- we are limited with what we are allowed to throw out each week and a dumpster was not something affordable.

well it might seem weird to someone with the resources, I did have, but I would put a bag in my trunk and when I went to the store they have the outside receptacle, that was one bag less I had to deal with. You can do a small recycle bag like they give you at the supermarket with no problem.

Look around, every little place helped.
Posted: 17 September 2013 - 04:17 PM
Jennifer, you have posted many good ideas. I am sorry you havent' found the help you wanted, or so I gather from your posts. Are you using your own good ideas?
Posted: 16 September 2013 - 09:26 AM
There are always some extra kids in the area hanging around with nothing to do. Give them extra money or some of your treasures when you sort through them. I have basketballs, frisbees, bubble soap and wands, etc I can give in exchange for help sorting things out.

Make sure they tell their parents before you let them help you, let the parents know, so there is not a problem.

Kids sometimes just need to keep busy to stay out of trouble. Tell them what you need done. Sometimes just bring a box outside and tell them what to do. We can get people that have nothing to do and keep them busy in exchange for some of your treasures for helping if you have no $$$ to pay them. Kids will be happy just to help and feel useful and will feel more connected if you give them one of "your treasures".
Posted: 16 September 2013 - 08:39 AM
How do you get the help with no Support System and no money?

Many Hoarders Isolate. Sent in my Story to Hoarders on TV and they were interested. But when it came to contacting my family--They would not get involved and So I did not Get the Help I Needed.

I am still a Hoarder with many beautiful useable Items. Part of the Problem is that I am an artist and When I see Beauty, I Buy it or Useful Items, I buy it. Similar to a "Nesting" attitude. To Help Someone that might need this. Collect Informational Things like Support Group Flyers to Help Someone or post at the Libraries and then I never get around to it sometimes and the Flyers build up.

Isolation is Common to Hoarders because they do not want someone to see their homes, so although I meet many people out,---they are never invited to my home, so the relationship CANNOT BUILD further. When people do see the inside, they JUDGE which worsens it for a Hoarder.

To help a Hoarder, NON-JUDGMENTAL PEOPLE are needed. Understanding but encouraging and just someone to sit with you while you go through the paperwork and ask you, "Why do you want that?" helps. No experts necessarily, just someone who cares and will ask you, "Why do you need that?" and you have to answer. I know I have a problem, but just need someone to sit with me while I go through the Trauma of sorting through my useful clutter. I will send some useful items to various agencies such as AmVets, Salvation Army, Refugee Agencies and Consignment Stores to get sold. Cannot do Garage Sales, too painful and takes too much energy out of me.

Started a Hoarders Support Group using Book Buried In Treasures that is very practical. Even though you might be alone, you have to start somewhere. Pick up the book, Buried in Treasures, sometimes at libraries, read it. Start in smallest room, clean it. Do exits and entrances, Safety. Clean off Beds, showers, sinks(mold), spot to eat at table and create trails and chip away every day. Papers are toughest. Pay Bills and try to keep utilities on. Keep special place for keys, bills, and phones. Put things in boxes and label: Keep, Give Away and Sell. LIKE ITEMS WITH LIKE ITEMS. Pants with pants, shampoos with shampoos, office supplies together, batteries together. Need lots of boxes all sizes and label.

Like items together and label. Hoarders might have a lot of same items, but they are not organized. Once they get them together, they might realize they do not need 20 items of the same thing and it is easier to get rid of some like items. Stickees helps to label give away items.

Do it One Day at a Time. We can Do this!!! You are important! God loves you where you are at. Chip away one day at a time. Start or Join a Support Group in your area that deals with Hoarding. You do not have to be there yet. Use a Hoarding Book to Guide You. Encourage others who are Organized People to make some extra money and help sort through things.
Hoarding Help Message Boards : Why Do You Hoard? (NEW!) : HOW TO GET HELP WITH HOARDING WITH NO SUPPORT SYSTEM AND NO $

Reply to this topic
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