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Hoarding Help Message Boards : The Daily Chat : What Are You Doing Today?
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What Are You Doing Today?

Posted: 27 September 2019 - 06:52 AM
Posted: 27 September 2019 - 06:47 AM
Tillie, that is depressing. I had that happen to me recently and it was the first time in a long time. Let's follow CM's suggestion and start a new thread.
Posted: 26 September 2019 - 11:22 PM
Well, that's depressing...
wrote a nice post, clicked on all the pictures with palm trees, clicked "post reply"
and cyber space ate my post.
Too tire to write it again
Good night
Posted: 26 September 2019 - 06:57 PM
Hey guess what, thinking about that obscenely-priced blue leather bag seems like a waste now. So glad I didn't impulse buy it.
Posted: 26 September 2019 - 06:55 PM
I hope you were able to rest and restore yourself today, Tillie.

I was at an all-day conference today. I skipped the cocktail party and the dinner afterward. Someone just texted me, trying to find me in the restaurant. Well I am home, showered and in my pjs.

Torrential rains while walking home. I stopped to buy an umbrella and now I've thrown my Allbirds into the washer. I was soaked.
I just did a load of pjs, which I've hung to dry. Now I'm washing jeans and Allbirds.

Speaking of Allbirds, hello Joan! Which pair are you wearin today? My ones that got soaked are the navy breezers.

Ugh. We could repair or replace the dryer. I was the only advocate for replace. So now we are getting a new dryer.

I did not shred papers last night. I will do now. I am really suffering with headaches these days. I see dr on the 11th.

Mom's kitty is a good companion for her!! I was hoping to walk and run errands tonight but too rainy. BF just "donated"" a few cans of cat food and brought them by for me. Too dark. Too rainy.

Saturday I am doing the St Jude walk with my company. Sunday my friend is having mom and me over to bake cookies. I sent her mom's two favorite cookie recipes.
Posted: 26 September 2019 - 10:25 AM
Good Morning Everybody

Scooter says "no fair!" he found it, it was his.
I'm thinking that Jack might have been the executioner while I was in town. He's left me a deceased mouse before.

Yesterday physically exhausted me.
Only obligation for today is I promised Twinkles a long brushing session.
He was really nagging me yesterday to brush him longer.
Posted: 26 September 2019 - 06:31 AM
Scooter!!!!! No! Not yours!
Posted: 26 September 2019 - 12:10 AM
Good Evening Everybody

Hi Subclinical
YEA! the goat is starting to settle down and relax!

Enjoy those tomatoes.
WTG! for recycling plastic & tooth brushes.
Keep up with the swimming to justify the new swim suit. :D

Hi CriticalMass
Sorry you didn't get a good rain there.
Guess bunnies need to work things out and learn to get along.

Hi Tatoulia
YEA! for walking!
Since you buy Christmas gifts it makes sense getting them early rather than at the last minute.
Hope the theatre was good. ;)

Left here at 9:30am and returned 1:30pm.
Went to the Dollar Tree and bought 40 items.
Mostly food, some cleaning products and Scottie tissues and paper napkins.
Then went thrift shopping.
Found a beautiful never used before table cloth made some time in the <1950s> for 5 dollars!
Got two long sleeve Tshirt type tops.
Two huge 4 wick candles.
Some garnet beads and some lapis lazuli beads.
A pretty pink silk half slip.
I had two customer loyalty cards and used them both.
5 dollars off my purchase (same as cash) and the other was 10% off the total.
Then I went to the grocery store to get laundry detergent, T.P. and more ice cream.
I have filled my pantry with enough shelf stable supplies to get me through should it snow.

Beautiful warm day 83 degrees so I let Twinkles AND Scooter go out in the yard.
I worked on putting away my purchases and half an hour (?) later I started looking for Scooter.
Finally found him in the far corner of the grass playing with something....
It was a HUGE really big dead pack rat!!!!!!!
It was colder and stiffer than if Scooter had killed it.
I picked it up by the tail to get it away from him and it was heart breaking the way he cried and begged for it back.
But NO!
Posted: 25 September 2019 - 09:40 PM
Checking in. Unproductive day at office. In again tmr for a seminar. Hard to keep up with everything. Not enough time.

We had theatre tonight. I finally got a lot of walking in today. In Vermont we mostly drove or stayed inside.

I bought her two little leaf-shaped maple sugar. Would have sent some to you, Tillie! I'm very happy with the maple syrup and jam gifts. I'm slowly buying my Christmas gifts now. All small stuff. Got mom and BF theatre tickets.

I'm so tired. Will write more tomorrow.
Posted: 25 September 2019 - 02:14 PM
The rain here sort of fizzled last night. We got enough to make dust splotches on the windshields. A couple of counties SW of here got 1-3". And it looks like a warm trend into next week.

So my allergy or whatever it is, is still with me. Blowing my nose and occasional sudden sneezes. But a little more energy. I made myself get going to quilting at church; I've missed more this month than I've gone. And glad I made it. A couple ladies dropped in to visit who are part of the guild but one just does the embroidery and the other is part of the bunch that quilts offsite. Nice to chat with them.

It's slow getting back in the swing of things. A nap is tempting. I'd also like to work with my bunnies on bonding. Last Friday after taking them in the stroller to visit the special needs folks, I brought them home and put them together in the playpen. They did okay for a little while, then missy started to chase mister so I separated them. I hope they can get used to playing together.

More later as energy and Claritin permit.
Posted: 25 September 2019 - 04:21 AM

I love reading all the posts, but I am still overwhelmed. Don't know if I will have time to finish the bowls for this weekend. Classes are going pretty well, but I am barely keeping ahead of my students. Had two student visitors in the last week who sound like they will be adding my English classes - more work, but a complement. Unfortunately not the classes that are short. Still swimming, but my boy fattened me up. Staff meeting tomorrow. The new goat came over to the gate and let me touch him yesterday. Decided to let the beans go in the garden. Still picking tomatoes.

CM, let the badger carry your wallet.

Two good anti-hoarding things this weekend - the Montessori school is collecting old toothbrushes - so I will take most of my collection (keep a few for cleaning and crafts) and my boy can recycle all plastic curbside, so my empty food container collection is coming along next visit. He has a huge bin he never fills.

Gotta run!
Posted: 24 September 2019 - 11:48 PM
Hi Tatoulia
Sounds like you had a nice day.

I would kill for a piece of maple sugar candy.
It's one of my favorites and you can't find any here in the Nevada desert.
You did very well with your purchases, taking advantage to buy unique gifts.

What color will the bathroom be?

Good luck finding the twenty, hope you didn't lose it, just temporarily misplaced.

My girl Kitty loved her cardboard scratcher.

YEA! for shredding!
I have to walk out across the road to collect the mail and most days it's nothing but junk. ;p
Posted: 24 September 2019 - 08:53 PM
Yes take that badger with you!!!

Tillie yes please plan a day out. See what's new at the thrift store, even if it's just window shopping and finding (but not buying) things that look like things you had growing up.

Cm I know the feeling of constantly saying, I need to work on this and I need to work on that. But we've been saying it and chipping away so that's good. We do make progress.

I'm slowly eliminating things. I still have to work on my dining room closet. I'm keeping up on current mail shredding.

I had a good time at mom's. Some of the time we were just looking at catalogs. Oh! Kittycat loves her cardboard scratcher and she's using it!

She hid after she ate but not before I got to hold her a bit. She's looking brighter. She is definitely getting there.

So I napped this afternoon. The dryer guy didn't come today. I've got two loads to do, one of pjs and one of jeans/jean skirts/jean-like (actually kettle cloth) dress. All can be hung to dry but I didn't have space after doing the other two loads. I'll save for the weekend.

I'll do a bit more shredding. Nothing in today's mail was a keeper. I shred the pieces with my name and I recycle the rest. I missed my garbage this AM so I took the bag of kitty litter scoopings up to the garage garbage bin. It was double-wrapped.

Well I want to check something in my purse. I had delivered some things to an elderly neighbor (he lives where I vote. The 89 year old that I took for his ID last year) and he gave me a $20 and I gave him $2 change. I don't know where I put the $20, because immediately after I voted and I don't know where I stuffed it.

I acquired no objects while in VT. Here me out: I bought a case of beer for BF (craft stuff that he gives as gifts), maple syrup (all stocking stuffers except for the one I gave mom today), two jams (stocking stuffers) and two maple sugar candies (two pieces, not two boxes) that I gave to mom. My gift to BF was apple cider. I also found mom's gift for BF for Christmas. So nothing that was for me and that isn't consumable. No added stuff. I felt no pull from any of the objects.

We did paint shop for paint for my bathroom. So that went well. I have picked out the shower curtain fabric, pending approval from my friend overseas.

Will quickly shred before it gets to be 10 PM
Posted: 24 September 2019 - 08:32 PM
BADGER is going to a doll show with CriticalMass!!!

Allergies drain all the energy out of people, really hoping you get a nice air cleansing rain there.

WTG! getting bunny chores taken care of!

Good luck with your plans :)

Good Evening Everybody
He finally got up after 1:30pm so I was able to vacuum.
Then Scooter was extremely happy that I dumped all his toys out of the bag for him.
He spent a long time distributing them back where he says they belong.

Watered the garden & grass.
Have a shopping list made up, not much on it.
Really need to get away from here and plan to tomorrow morning.
Last time I spoke to or was spoken to by a human was the last time I went into town.
Posted: 24 September 2019 - 05:32 PM
Hi - good to see the regulars all back...

My energy is returning a little. I see there are storms by Dodge City and they may get here around bedtime. Hope they wash the air of allergens. Right now it is quite muggy.

I managed to get bunny chores mostly caught up this morning. They're happy with their fresh litterboxes. I just have boy's bedding left to change out.

Tatoulia, glad your mom's new kitty is being so sweet. Once they start feeling safe the bonding usually proceeds apace.

Hope to get back in the swing with what I'd been doing - room "makeover" (okay, decluttering, but that gets boring to say, LOL), and getting those birthday outfits to the 1-yr-old, and Barbie stuff to his big sis.

Thursday would be my parents' 60th wedding anniversary. I need to go visit the grave. Then that evening is my Inkscape graphics software class at the library.

Saturday is the doll show where more dolls of the type I collect will be. Should I take Badger along?
Posted: 24 September 2019 - 02:11 PM
Good Afternoon Everyone

Hi Tatoulia
WTG! for voting AND doing litter box!!!

So very happy new Kitty has sat on Mom's lap and you are now able to lure her to you with the promise of noms. ;D

I did two loads of laundry and have them hanging on the line.
Hosed off the car.
Swept, straightened and gathered up ALL the cat toys.
Fed cats and then fed them some more.
Now I am waiting for him to get out of bed so I can do the vacuuming.
It's after 12 noon and I know he would be extremely angry if I were to vacuum before he's ready to get up.
Posted: 24 September 2019 - 02:04 PM
I'm hanging out at mom's, washing the new blanket I got her. I have her dishes ready to go to my house. I lured the cat out with lunch. I love her so much! And I voted and I cleaned the car box. Sometimes I have to hold my nose for both but we have some good people running for city councilor.
Posted: 24 September 2019 - 09:52 AM
Good Morning Everybody

Hi Tatoulia
YEA! for being caught up on linens before your trip and now the dryer being out of service!

Good luck with all your plans for today. :)

Since I didn't vacuum yesterday I'll do that today.
Vacuuming is easy enough but it's the crawling all around picking up cat toys that is a real chore.
Posted: 24 September 2019 - 08:37 AM
Hello and good morning. Looks like a beautiful day here. It was 91F when I arrived in boston yesterday.

I'm glad I decided to take today off vs working from home. Doing laundry but out dryer is on the fritz. So I'll do my unmentionables and my clothes, since I can hang them. I'll taje my towels to the fluff and fold people if the dryer isn't fixed soon. My towels, etc are clean since I did so much before I left.

Coffee clinks. I'm going to make a list for myself and then get to whittling it down!!!
Posted: 23 September 2019 - 11:23 PM
Hello Everyone

Welcome back Tatoulia
Sounds like you had a really nice time.
So glad you went :)

Hi Subclinical
Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend :)

Hi CriticalMass
Sorry you had a bad reaction to the inoculation and that the pollens are getting to you.

I did some baking and cleaned up the kitchen.
Kinda sorta cleaned the bathroom.
Allowed Twinkles to go outside twice today.
He's a good boy and stays close to the house, Scooter would jump the fence again so he didn't get to go out.
Posted: 23 September 2019 - 09:04 PM
I'm home! Great trip. Taking tomorrow off. I'm a bit queasy from the driving. Loved my rental car. Have returned it.

Wonderful time. We did a jigsaw puzzle I'd gotten at the museum of fine arts. we worked on it two nights, then my friend and I went to bed. She said she knew when her husband didn't get to bed til 4:30 that she knew he had finished it. Such a satisfying puzzle and all three of us enjoyed it. Last night we did a Nytimes crossword puzzle. I'd saved four or five and brought them.
My friend cooked each night. Food groups. So delicious. One night we had a delightful salmon salad, Caesar salad, scalloped potatoes and broccoli. The next night we had flank steak with a green salad and corn on the cob, and last night we had chicken with a green salad and squash. Pretty nice.

Wonderful trip.

I'll write more tmr. I'm 80% sure I'll use tmr as a vacation day to get caught up.

From my daily phone calls with mom, her kitty continues to progress including sitting on her lap!

Love you all
Posted: 23 September 2019 - 05:55 PM
I was visiting my boy.

Just got home, will catch up after I catch up in the house.
Posted: 23 September 2019 - 12:56 PM
Hi Tillie

I was wondering if this had become an echo chamber till I saw your post! Tatoulia is on her trip, right, and probably SubC is busy with school. Glad you got your computer working.

I checked to see how full this Phase 11 thread is. It may be getting near time to start a Phase 12?

This second half of September is kind of meh for me at thd moment. Calendar more clear but I'm physically in a bit of a slump again. A week ago when I went to the doctor for the back and hip issues (which are a little better on their own, I've no clear idea why), they gave me my flu shot and a tetanus one.

I had a delayed reaction to the tetanus one about the 3rd day out. A rather painful knot and stiffness in the upper arm. This took a couple days and an ibuprofen to lick. That may have helped my hip! Then over the weekend allergies acted up. They say tree and grass pollens are Moderate here and ragweed is High.

Bottom line, I'm going to take a catnap even though I hate losing more time and stringing out the decluttering and other urgent things. But my batteries are run down.

I promise I'll stay on top of the tooth situation - well aware of the potential for bad stuff after last summer when my roommate had to have teeth and part of jawbone removed that picc line and do industrial strength IV antibiotics every evening for 6 weeks! All that stemming from one bad tooth.

Medicare is strict so I don't have hope there as far as funding. But I have a backup plan so I can do this even before I save all the money, if that becomes necessary, then pay back.

I just need a few days to emotionally process this, regroup, and then I'll call round and get prices. It'll be okay, I know, and I'm thankful it seems to mostly have been more of the round tooth top part above the gums than roots that broke off. There is quite the blob of filling in the center.

I may have heartily disliked that dentist of my youth, but none of his fillings have ever come out. It's just that the structural integrity of the tooth itself is giving out.

For me, it's got to be unconscious or no go, because not only the novocain shots traumatized me but the cracking and tugging on my teeth - UGH. I was only 9 but I still remember it. I still have the little purple stuffed bunny Mom bought me and how I clung to it in bed that miserable day.
Posted: 23 September 2019 - 10:53 AM
Morning, again...

Laundry and outside watering are all caught up.
Planning today to do some baking.
Will wrap and freeze stuff to eat when needed.
Dairy air is not a constant annoyance anymore, just intermittent now.
Will run the vacuum around and clean the bathroom.
Scooter has spread all his toys around everywhere and I have to pick them all up before I can vacuum.
Today or tomorrow I plan to hose all the dirt off the car. So maybe I will go in to town this week just to get away for a while?
Posted: 22 September 2019 - 06:51 PM
Good Afternoon Everyone

Hi CriticalMass
So sorry about that broken tooth!!!
do not wait long to get that taken care of.
As a surgical assistant specializing in oral maxillofacial surgery I could tell you some horror stories about what can and does happen with bad teeth.

After eating or smoking gently rinse your mouth out with a warm mild salt water rinse.

Most dentists nowadays have figured out how to give lidocaine injections that do not traumatize the patient.
They also use a topical numbing agent first applied with a Qtip (cotton swab).
Tastes like cherries.

Internet was giving me fits this morning or maybe it was my laptop was lying about not being able to connect?

Washed my 2 lightweight Summertime blankets and stowed them away till next Summer.
Watered the trees, lilacs and garden today.

Ventured into the garage (SHIVERS!!!)
Removed the 3 space heaters that I had stored away in the cabinet and brought them in.
But before I could do that he had to clear a path for me to get to that cabinet.
It was a very difficult task getting these small heaters out due to ALL the hoard tightly packed everywhere.
Been dreading that task for ages but it's over & done with now.
Posted: 21 September 2019 - 11:58 PM
Disjointed day still after the disjointed week. It started out calmly enough. We went to breakfast and did a couple small errands. Came back and I tried to place an online order with an art supply vendor I like, for a portfolio case that will hold my big cutting mat for quilting.

Had trouble with trying to update addresses since last times I ordered from them was from previous residences. Finally gave up and placed ordef by phone.

Then went out to shop for food to take to our parish picnic tomorrow, and on the way back, my tongue found a vertical crack in my molar that had already lost a chunk in the last few years. I thought the tooth had felt funny yesterday anc today.

So I got home and luckily I'd already purchased a few months ago some of the temporary filling stuff "Justin Case," LOL.

Warning - slightly squeamish description --

I confirmed that indeed a second quadrant of thd tooth was loose, and I tried to pull it but it didn't come out and hurt to try so I stopped, and just mooshed the temp filling stuff on. But probably less than an hour later, the stuff wasn't holding. As I attempted to redo it, I noticed the tooth chunk wax looser, so cautiously I worked it and this time it came out. Very minor pain and not much of a wound.

-- Worst of gross part over--

So I used peroxide and mouthwash, and I basically have half a tooth left. Since I've had a messed up bite on that side and occasional gnashing, I'll resume wearing a protective guard at night.

The real fun will begin this coming week as I contact my psych doc and pray she can help me make a plea to Medicare/Medicaid to pay to have the tooth removed under IV sedation because of my dental PTSD/phobia. If that doesn't fly, I'll have to start saving money, I guess, till I have enough to pay myself.

This tooth has been a ticking time bomb for awhile, and when it's gone, though it'll leave me molarless on the bottom right, I'll also be relieved not to have to worry about it.

Always something to interrupt my decluttering and other life rhythms. But at least I'm not laid up with a painful toothache - I'll keep up with the peroxide etc - and have a little time. I can't imagine if it was so severe I would be faced with an impossible, emergency choice of whether to facd the horrible novocain shots and being aware during the extraction. Beyond creepy.
Posted: 21 September 2019 - 11:29 AM
Morning, again...

Not much needing done today.
At least not much I need to do but he could be doing a LOT.
But he won't.
Posted: 20 September 2019 - 04:32 PM
When it warmed up enough I went out and watered the garden.
Assembled the ingredients for my bean salad and it's now marinating in the refrigerator.
Cooked my spare ribs and they are all doctored up and done now.

Ate some leftover rice dish for brunch.

After I rest a bit I will wash dishes & clean the kitchen.
Not too bad, I didn't dirty many dishes or spill stuff. :)

Still need to scoop litter boxes but the cats have all gotten their food and water and attention.
Posted: 20 September 2019 - 11:03 AM
Good Morning Everybody

Hi Subclinical :)
Wishing you a very pleasant and relaxing day tomorrow.

Hi CriticalMass
Yes, taking the books you aren't currently reading to storage would really help get the bedroom under control.
Bedrooms are small and they need to have space to move around in them and sleep.

WAY TO GO! getting laundry done yesterday!

Have a fun time today taking the bunnies on a field trip. :D

I need to do stuff today...
Posted: 20 September 2019 - 06:56 AM
Tillie, I'd be sure and stop by! You see one alien you've seen them all. We can sip iced tea and I can meet Scooter, Twinkles, and Jack. I'd enjoy hearing your UFO story, too.

I took a picture of all the Barbie and Ken stuff I bought and made to give the girl, which I will post on Instagram. I'd like to fix my pictures on there that need to be resized to fit the format.

This morning, like yesterday, I must take roommate to work as her car is being repaired. Then I have to zoom back and get the bunnies and take them for a festival at a local place that serves the developmentally disabled. The club has done this for the last few years. The bunnies are usually a hit. Once in awhile someone is nervous but most of the folks enjoy getting to pet and talk about the bunnies.

It's been a semi-disjointed week. I got laundry done yesterday. May have to do the "staging with a card table in the living room" thing next week to get that bedroom sorted oncd and for all. Of course, that will likely include feline assistance.

The good news is that I do think taking books I'm not currently reading (but want to read soon) over to storage is helping with the bedroom overcrowding. Other sorting projects will actually result in stuff - mostly paper - going away permanently. I can't wait.

Will do readthrough and response to posts soon - Tatoulia, SubC, Debbie et al, keep fighting the good fight!
Posted: 20 September 2019 - 06:03 AM
Tatoulia, have a great trip!

We are going to see our son and dil tomorrow.
Posted: 20 September 2019 - 12:32 AM
Hi CriticalMass
If you do storm area 51 you had better come here and visit with me too!
I don't live all that far from the town of Rachel.
If you do I will tell you all about the UFO I saw and some other cool stuff too.

WAY TO GO! sewing all the Barbie clothes!!!
You do such a lovely job on those tiny little outfits. :)

Sorry you can't locate those books.
But you are working on getting things sorted out and organized.
Somethings just have to wait for the weather to cooperate.
Good luck getting the bedroom under control. :)
Posted: 19 September 2019 - 10:54 PM
I'm around, making progress on some things but stymied on others. I finished the last bits of sewing of Barbie clothes for the little girl. Now to pack it in a cute gift bag, and her baby brother's birthday gifts in another, contact my cousin, and arrange delivery.

I've done bits and pieces in storage and looked around getting ideas for serious projects to tackle whenever this stinkin' heat lets up.

Bedroom still a crazy mess, and I can't locate two of my silly UFO books for research for my satirical novel. I've looked and looked in there and also in storage in case they were among books I carted over there. Nada so far.

Maybe my books have been abducted, LOL! Maybe I need to #StormArea51 tomorrow and make "them aliens" give 'em back. Heh.
Posted: 19 September 2019 - 07:26 PM
Hi Subclinical
We do NOT see you as a failure at all.
Some days things just seem to conspire against us.

Hi Tatoulia
Sure! But I don't think you would like it smelling like you have your face right in a cow's butt. ;p
Would you believe that my asthma is aggravated by marijuana smoke?
Indoor concerts were miserable.

Have a wonderful time on your little vacation.
Miss Kitty will be fine.
Drive safely, watch out for the other guy.
Looking forward to hearing all about your adventure when you return. :)
Posted: 19 September 2019 - 06:54 PM
Sorry to hear about the stench, Tillie. Boston smells like marijuana and I'm so sick of it. Everyone is smoking it everywhere and it is rancid. Could we switch for a bit?

SubC I am so sorry that your day is going poorly. We love you and we look up to you! Your failures aren't failures in our eyes.

Getting ready to leave. I'm packing my regular bags and am grateful I didn't blow money on something I'll never use again. My God that bag cost more than my trip is about to cost. And remember, earlier this year I sold a once-used very expensive designer bag that turned out to be a man's bag. And I earned something insane on it like 183 or 353 or some other crazy amount.

I'll catch up with you soon. Need to finish packing so I can leave at BFs. Then I'll drive rental car up to him to pick up.

Need to go take mom her clean dishes and change the cat box. I hope to see the little one. She was elusive at lunch time.
Subclinical t
Posted: 19 September 2019 - 06:42 PM
Tatoulia, today I feel like I am failing at everything.
Posted: 19 September 2019 - 04:43 PM
Hi Tatoulia
Thank you. :)

Maybe your headaches are exasperated by the changing seasons, barometric pressure, etc.?

YEA! for clean house and freshly made bed!!!

I'm so glad that you feel good about your decluttering decisions.
You're doing the hard stuff correctly by thinking a spell before putting the final decision in action. :)

WTG! your Mom!!!
Very happy new Kitty is coming around to living her new life of luxury.

So, you were tempted by a lovely travel bag...
Someday when you are living a different life with the possibility of more travel you CAN get a fancy new bag then. (((HUG)))

Won't get up to the predicted 70 degrees today, just 65. ;p
Been doing some beading.
It's lightly breezy with lots of sunshine coming through the windows.
There is some sort of "inversion" condition in the atmosphere here bringing ALL the lovely scents of the dairy farm up close and personal here.
It's annoying, to say the least, usually we don't have to smell the dairy cows.
Posted: 19 September 2019 - 11:16 AM
Sorry about the upset stomach, Tillie. You got some great finds at the thrift shop. I love my cotton tea towels. I really love my one linen one. I give them as gifts. Easy, small, inexpensive yet incredibly useful gifts.

I've been suffering from headaches lately.

Last night I had a phenomenal sleep. It's cool at night and I have my ceiling fan on. Also, I had to go to work yesterday and the cleaners came while I was gone. So clean house and clean sheets for me!!! So great.

I'm reducing my stuff and I am so happy. I'll take a bag to car tonight. I felt absolutely fine about the dishes, Tillie.

Mom is getting better, too. On her own! And the kitty is soooo sweet. Gentle little soul. I held her last night. Her fur and skin are recovering from life on the streets and poor nutrition.

I leave tmr for my trip. I washed my blanket today so that BF will have a fresh blanket for his naps.

I don't know if this deserves credit because I shouldn't have considered it in the first place but there was a lovely medium blue leather overnight bag that I really wanted and was so pretty and was marked down from 800 to 575 and I had to keep telling myself, you never travel. It's too expensive and you never travel. It's just another thing that looks really awesome and fits a lifestyle you do not have. I also don't have the money. Oh I wasn't shopping for one, I have bags, I was in the store getting something I needed when I passed by the bag.

So it doesn't count but I've struggled for a few days.
SubC! I want to be more like you and get more done in a day!!!

Posted: 19 September 2019 - 10:38 AM
Morning, again...

Weather today, low of 40, high 70 degrees.
Breezy, chance of rain.

Was sick last night, upset stomach & etc.
Maybe I over did it going to town?
May just rest today and prepare the foods tomorrow.
I dunno...
Posted: 18 September 2019 - 04:36 PM
Good Afternoon Anybody ;)

Back from town.
Had a good time, some pleasant conversation with some pleasant people.
Bought food, put it away.
Filled 2 water bottles with 3 gallons each.
Only 2:30pm now.
Got some garnet beads at the thrift shop.
A package of 3 cotton sack dish towels.
Complete package of 50 tealight candles too.
Two boxes of scented wax to melt with the tealights.
Looked at everything, took my time.

The wind has started up again this afternoon.
Not as vicious as the other day, yet.

Bought ingredients to make a bean salad.
Got some spare ribs to cook up.
Looking forward to having food again rather than just eating remnants out of the pantry.
Posted: 18 September 2019 - 09:37 AM
Good Morning Everyone

Hi Subclinical
Glad you got in some swimming.
YEA! for clean sheets and keeping up with everything that's important and necessary!!!

The skirts sound nice, good luck finding a replacement someday.
I noticed that most skirts nowadays don't have pockets.

Another cold morning, guess I should just accept the fact that it will be this way for months now.

Going in to town today...
Will stop by the thrift shops and the water depot to fill two water bottles.
Then grocery shopping.
No need to hurry and try getting back home before noon since it's not hot out any more.
The car is very dirty from all the blowing dirt the other day and I haven't hosed it off yet.
Fortunately, I'm not the only person who's driving around in a dirt mobile.
Every body got to enjoy that dust storm. ;p
Posted: 18 September 2019 - 04:16 AM
Hello Tillie!

Tuesday morning to Wednesday night and Thursday morning to Friday night are two full chunks of my week.

But I handled yesterday really well. I squeezed in two loads of laundry yesterday and sept in clean sheets last night. Also swam with dd1, filled my gas tank, dropped off the trash, ran the dishwasher, and picked up a few groceries.

The goat is still afraid. Dh made pad Thai.

More lesson plans to do tonight.

It has been very hot, so i've been wearing "teacher skirts" to school - long, light, and very washable. One has to go because the elastic is stretched out. That leaves me with three, and only one has pockets. I would like to have four and wish they all had pockets. Don't know when i'll have time to go thrifting again though.
Posted: 17 September 2019 - 10:23 PM
Hello Anybody

Didn't do too much today.
Fed lots of cats or fed the cats lots.
Scooped their boxes & swept.
Did some beading.
Worked on my grocery list.
Watched some Netflix.
It warmed up pleasantly after being so cold this morning.
Was a very nice day especially after all the winds yesterday.
I'm all showered and ready to go to sleep soon.
Posted: 17 September 2019 - 12:26 PM
Good Morning Everyone

Hi Subclinical
It really hurts when you can never go home again.
So much is lost due to "progress".
There are places full of wonderful memories that can only be visited in our memories. (((HUG)))

Good luck with the new goat socializing today. ;)

It's cold.
Got down into the 40s last night.
Time to start getting ready for Winter while there will still be days where it will still get hot.

Posted: 17 September 2019 - 04:29 AM
I don't think the goat would like it if I hugged him. He doesn't want me to touch him. I'm hoping him roommate will set a good example. I put him with the wether who loves me to pet him.

Dh made squash with carrots, mushrooms, and fish. Lots of spices.

My grandparents built a little beach house when my mom was a kid. We spent a lot of our summers there. I took my kids back. My mom and my uncle inherited it, but sold it a couple of years ago because the taxes were too high, the grandkids were mostly grown, and the upkeep was hard. The street had gone from little houses to big condos. The beach had gotten very crowded. We rarely visited. It made me cry because it was mostly a reminder that my grandparents were gone.

The people who bought it told my mom and uncle they were going to renovate it and use it as a rental - and they did, for two summers.

Last night my dad took my mom down for dinner and a walk on the beach for her birthday. She wanted to go by the house, but it is gone. So is the small condo next door. One of the owners apparently now owns both lots and is putting up a huge condo.

I'm not at all surprised, but my mom was really upset. I want to tell her that everything important was already gone, but her father built that little house - it mattered to her.
Posted: 16 September 2019 - 10:05 PM
Good Evening Everybody

Hi Subclinical
WTG! for lesson plans done and ideas about Friday's!

Come & Get It!!! Dinner bell back up!

I like maroon and black!

Great that DH made dinner and cleaned up too while you took care of laundry and got the coffee maker all ready for morning.

Hope Fraidy goat settles down and quits annoying his roommate.

Hi Tatoulia
One day there was a baby horse all alone on the other side of my back fence.
She had a pony for company but her Mama was removed to ween the baby.
I went out and hugged the baby horse and she hugged back, leaning hard into me.
My kitty came up on the fence post and gave baby horse kisses.
Baby horse stopped crying and her and my kitty became best friends, spending all their time together.

WTG! taking care of all those kitty tasks!
Has the scoopable litter helped to reduce litter box odors?
Mine sure does.

How are you feeling about wrapping up the dishes for donation?
Good I hope. (((hug)))

The winds began to RAGE.
Blew big things and small things all around.
The dust was so thick at times visibility was null.
It sprinkled just a teeny tiny little bit, just enough to mar my clear clean windows.
Some tree branches are down all around the county.

The wind has died down now and I am finally able to open some windows.

Only fresh produce I have are some lemons.
I need to get some fresh produce.
Maybe Wednesday I'll go into town?
Posted: 16 September 2019 - 08:47 PM
SubC what did your husband cook for dinner???
Posted: 16 September 2019 - 08:45 PM
How was your day off, Tillie? I hope it was great! Definitely feels like autumn here. So nice. Just the way I want to feel!!

SubC you absolutely do not need to accept the dinner invitation again. You've done your part.

I would love to come over and hug the tiny goat and tell him a story.

I didn't se me kitty tonight. She wasn't in the closet it anyplace else obvious so I changed her box and cleaned up a little mess she had in the carpeting and put down fresh food for her.

I also cleaned my little buddy's box and I have taken out the garbage.

I had a good day working from home then got a walk in tonight I just washed my face and I'm going to climb into bed soon.

I have packaged up the plates to be donated and I added another item to go. Goodnight dear friends.
Posted: 16 September 2019 - 07:56 PM
The new goat is still terrified and his companion complained about the new living arrangements all day. Sigh.

I have all my lesson plans ready for tomorrow and most for Wednesday, plus a rough idea about Friday. (Thursday I have the same classes as on Tuesday but one, so I can't really plan until tomorrow night.)

Dh made dinner and cleaned the kitchen. I put away most of the backlog of clean laundry and set up the coffee.

We are out of dishwasher soap.

Yesterday we finally got a new post back in and put my dinner bell back up (it had to cone down for the construction on the addition - 5 years ago!)

Today I ordered my traditional two school t-shirts. One maroon and one black. I will get rid of the orange one, so I will be up by one, but who knows what colors they will have next year....
Posted: 16 September 2019 - 03:08 PM
Hi Subclinical

Just about the worst is being helpless/powerless to do anything in a given situation.
Hope you can find some acceptance and that the outcomes are good.

Wishing the new goat relaxes and starts to enjoy his new home.
Like Tatoulia's Mom's new cat I think in a little time things will work out.

After having been ready to attend two parties that were both cancelled you have the right to decline the next invitation if you want to.
Cause I said so. ;p

The robust winds are whipping all around from every direction.
Clouds are zooming fast across the sky.
Might get up to 80 today, might rain later too.
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