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Hoarding Help Message Boards : Welcome to the new board! : Introductions
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Bobby B.
Posted: 09 February 2012 - 02:49 PM
:)HELLO!!! I finally found a place that i can go to and let it all out. What a blessing for me and many others. I tried to find a thread that was already set up for those who are new and just wanted to say hi, and get familiar with the site. Sometimes being new can be a bit scary, if that is the right word to use. So here i am starting this thread for all those who are new and just want to say hi. I have more to say but i have my Autistic son home and he needs to use the computer for school work. But before i go here is a bit about me....

I am over 50, mother of 5, Nana of 3, parents were hoarders, mother hoarded boxes and other stuff, she would even put "pretty" towels and doilies on them to make it "look better", it didnt. My father hoarded tools and machines, plus others i cant even begin to think of their names. Plus it turns out my grandmother was a hoarder as well.

I never truly believed i was a hoarder, i have always considered my self a Pack Rat and/or Collector of stuff and proud of it. I had this mentality because i didnt do what my mother did. I just had a lot of furniture and other stuff that was being used, and things were fine, everything had a place, kids rooms were clean and clutter free as the rest of the home, except my room, total disaster, but nothing like it ended up after i got married.

The "switch" that created my mental break for me happened ten yrs ago. From my childhood to my disaster of a marriage, the ultimate betrayal that he did almost destroyed me, but every day i thank God for my angels as they are the reasons i am on my way back to living. I knew if i had killed my husband or myself then my angels would be left with no one, and i was not going to let him win.

So i find the strength somehow in the spring of 2005 and by March 2006 i was doing what i could to make our home a better place, but it wasnt working to well, as no one would "notice" that i had done anything, and the feeling that i got from clearing a "spot" was only fleeting in the beginning, as it never stayed cleared.

So in June of 2006 i started something that would help me over the years with all the decluttering that was to come, i started to take photographs of every corner of my house, every 3 to 6 months, sometimes longer, but it didnt matter cause when i would look at a picture it would show me that i have accomplished something, that i am not just sitting around doing nothing, regardless of what "he" thinks, and no, he has not been any help or support in this area even though he has been told by me and others that by helping me he helps the children, but it only falls on deaf ears, as usual.

But onward and upward, i will continue on with what i am doing, but i could really use a handy man who knows how to put things together as i am dyslexic and shelves up on a wall, with this kind of help, i shiver to think i could be organized and clutter free this summer. (I get goose bumps just thinking about it). But i do not know anyone who would be able to help me with this problem and he isnt very helpful either.

Maybe there is someone here on site who knows where a single mom with disabilities can get some help. I have no money, but i believe 100% in the barter system, i can bake, cook, sew, take your pick. :)

Well i have just realized the time has flown on by and my son is still waiting to do his school work, good thing i am his teacher today. hehehe. I hope that i have let it be known to you all, that no matter how desperate your situation is there is always hope and help around the corner, God Bless you all and i'll be back another day. Cheers, Bobby B. or Bubbles. :)
Hoarding Help Message Boards : Welcome to the new board! : Introductions

Reply to this topic
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