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Hoarding Help Message Boards : Welcome to the new board! : HELP I'm going Crazy...
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HELP I'm going Crazy...

Posted: 12 May 2020 - 02:39 PM
Hi Cory :D

I always understand when you are extremely busy and have no time to delete the spam.

Hope you and all the Steri-Clean people are well and doing fine.
Worrying that you don't run out of protective coverings like good face masks due to all the shortages.

Take care and we hope to see you around off & on. :D
Cory Chalmers
Posted: 12 May 2020 - 11:56 AM
Sorry Tillie for missing the Spam recently. I have been swamped, but I will try to check in more frequently.

Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy through all of this!

Cory Chalmers
SD Hoarding Fam
Posted: 24 June 2018 - 10:53 AM
Hoarding can be horrible. I feel you guys' stories. I'm sorry. Get out and do a foot by foot clan up if possible. My family has 5 days to clean up a single wide trailer do me garage and storage shed. We have 5 people. I had to take my anxiety meds to conguer my fear of all the webs. I'm taking gloves today. A lot of it is garbage and a lot is new. The trailer is trash and will be removed by the park before the end of this month. Lots of work. I wish there was more how to videos. It's hard to know where to start. Neighbors just stare and Gauk at you. Getting a person or team is best. Take anti anxiety meds if they don't put u to sleep. Lol. Try to take care of the hoarding before it gets out of hand. There isn't a hoarders anonymous to my knowledge but it is a disease/ disaster to a point. Mental illness like schizophrenia can make hoarding unbearable. Hire a cleaning set ce if friends or family won't help. I wah you tube would have advice on this issue. Food drinks and money are good incentives if you have that option. Love y'all. U can do this! May god help you with your struggles and help you through them. He will not give u more than you can handle. Time to get up and do something!:)
Posted: 05 July 2013 - 06:32 AM
thanks ti,di &se.i feel welcomed&supported.sincei he Im n the throes of the breakup. i gotta (again) with darrell i grabbed the fone 2c if h had text me as soon as i pried my eyes open. thank god he had not & it was such a relief &help 2 b able 2 come2 this board&have some messages.i also read some other threads.Lord,im struggling w/this damn device.i so wish icould get a tablet but i cant rite cursor goes n2 middle of previous sentences if i hit rong key so dont b surprised if sometimes sentences repeat n rong places. technical difficultes! anyway,i am really sleepy but i am SO thankful that i got the little space cleared so i could sleep on my "good" bed & hav even a little cleanish space! now4 is urgent 4my progress&self esteem that i get my tookus out o here&2work NOW.At 3 pm est i willl come bak home& start cleaning again.seems like most of u must b n calif.i am n the roanoke virginia area or probbly more well known area of virginia tech.anywy it is eastern that i got a small start i am getting lots of anxiety that one of my pets is sik.i will dress,feed them&get2 work.i think it is now raining AGAIN so i get2 feed llamas n the rain! so thankful i still hav one bale of ay& a little grain4 them& MamaLlama IS eating.where ther is eating there may just b my anxiety rather than illness of her! i hope.ONWARD. THANX SO MUCH.
Posted: 04 July 2013 - 09:51 PM
Welcome Syndy :D

WAY TO GO! Great start!
Posted: 04 July 2013 - 07:19 PM
Syndy you DID do 4 right things this afternoon and every one of them was physically and emotionally healthy!

Way to go girl!!!
Posted: 04 July 2013 - 06:53 PM
Thanks Diane. I'm back.I was so glad to see a reply. I chose2 clear the 4 sq ft at the head of my upstairs bedroom. I can lie in my usual sleeping space for te first time in at least 6 months but I really didnt do anything except make piles of folded clothes on any surface I could reach.Most are not clothes i can fit n2 now cuz I hv ben on an eating binge & gained 40 lbs since last July.I am back2 journaling my food even though I am not on the food plan I used to lose almost 100 lbs since 2009.i am eating food bank food til i get another job&/or roommates.I CANNOT get roommates til i get this house cleaned. So thankfully,I did 4 rite things this afternoon:1-cleaned off my bed.2-ate a can (yep whole can) of soup but NOT a quart of ice cream or loaf of bread. 3-did not reply2 my repeatedly X boyfriend that I hav u& go osed2 distract me from working on myself 4-did reply here. I will now try to focus on having a healthy meal&getting ready4 work 2moro. I hav the urge2 move furniture around n this room& go off on a tangent that will keep up late so i cant wake up n the morning & will miss hours i need2 work4 money& 4 being a relialble, sane acting person.thanx so much.1 day of little baby steps.Serinity,i hope u made some more progress too.
Posted: 04 July 2013 - 03:14 PM
Welcome syndy!

Read some other threads for helpful suggestions and continue to post.

Good luck with fleas.....been there.
Posted: 04 July 2013 - 01:15 PM
hi.this is my first time on this site.i have only a droid fone 2rite with so i will hav2 work around my limitations. My place is a huge mess&has been 4 years so i am here2 get help also. i will do a 4x4 block & check back in.i am the kind of ocd crazy that i want work in blocks of 4 but i am following the previos post of 1 sq ft.i could probably start w/ 4 inches& b busy 4 hours!!!but i wanted 2 start talking2 someones 1st.I got fleas 2 yrs ago@ this far this year it's ok but i have mice so fleas can come in w/the or from dogs/caots2 sijust hav2 hope2 stay flealess by luck til i can do better.i tried every thinbut unfortunately only a costly fix ever worked.i bought medical flea control for the dogs and cats and expensive flea killing bombs for the house twice.between flea bombs in the worst area i could put trash bags on my legs& walk through & the fleababies would COVER THE BAGS.U could hear them jumping.i turned bags inside and & sprayed n2 the bags&sealed them. it was terrible2 resort2 chemicals but i dd. i can b grateful 2day& try2 use that positive energy 2clean my 4sq ft now.I LOV,LUV,LAUV mt,m.t,empty rooms but i am going 2 need lots of help 2ever have1 here.PLEASE HELP ME.
Posted: 03 July 2013 - 11:24 AM
Sorry :(
Those fleas sound really terrible.
Probably would need a professional exterminator to treat the inside and yard to fix that.

I discovered by surfing online that we can kill dust mites and even bed bugs in fabric items by
placing the items in a big black plastic trash bag
Placing the bag in a closed up car parked in the summer sun.
The temperatures will get up to 160 degrees.
The article said that also will kill the eggs. That should kill fleas too you'd think.

I tried this to kill dust mites in my pillows and had a thermometer in the car with them and it really did get up to 160 degrees.

Big WAY TO GO! for getting that room vacuumed! :D
Posted: 03 July 2013 - 07:24 AM
When I lived in a farmhouse with no air conditioning we had a bad flea infestation. I went to sweep up what I thought was dirt from a plant and a cloud of fleas swarmed up.

That many is probably going to need professional treatment.

You sound like you have good insight Serenity, and are at that point of frustration where you will do whatever it takes to get something done. Those are big strengths.

It's great that your oldest son was able to help. Since you influenced your husband to one way of thinking, you can influence him to the other way of tossing and cleaning.

Can you buy a couple of fans for everybody to sit in front of? A little reward of space and coolness would be a real incentive to keep going.

You have a full plate no doubt, with 5 young kids and the oppressive heat. But you sound very strong. I know you can do this!

Posted: 03 July 2013 - 02:42 AM
Thank you both for your replies. I am sure my neighbors think I am mentally unstable after the last 24 hours.I grew up in a hoarding situation with fleas and it is the one thing that drives me crazy is fleas. I think emotionally I am just so used to being surrounded by clutter that an empty room is rather scary. My kids are 10, 6, 5, 3 and 1. The oldest is a huge help. I threw all their stuff on the lawn this morning, and went and grabbed my kirby from my moms house this afternoon. I was going to wait to vacuum their room (it's the only room with carpet) until tomorrow but when I went in the room the baby's stuffy was on the floor and a section of that white stuffy was almost black from how many fleas were on it. I immediately threw it and every other special baby I had left in there out, and started vacuuming like mad. My 10 year old helped move all the beds and furniture so we could get the entire floor. Then I threw the kirby out the bedroom window so none could escape the vacuum. I kicked the dog out earlier this week, it is much too hot for her indoors. I have no fans or AC so it is miserable right now. The kids room looks odd to me I'll be walking by and have to stop and stare because it is foreign to me, but I want them to like it. I want to like it.My husband has said throw it away, light a match for years and I have explained each item to a point where even he is now finding himself pondering over an item unsure what to do about it. So I feel I have broken him too. I think I am going to bag up all material things and put them in the carport and wash and sort one bag at a time. I have got to get rid of these fleas. You can see them congregate on the wood floor even...
Posted: 02 July 2013 - 10:44 AM
Hi Serenity ~

There are some great things about your situation.
You have stopped bringing things home other than food and toilet paper, etc; the basics that will be used and gone, right?

You totally cleaned out your kids' room. Doesn't matter where the other stuff is right now, you got one room cleaned.

You are taking steps to feel better emotionally and it seems to be working.

And you're reaching out for help on this site.

Those are HUGE steps forward so focus on those as proof that you can do this on your own for now.

Do you have dogs or cats that bring in the fleas? If so try to get a flea control product on them asap. Google *flea control in house* for ideas on getting rid of them. It's very hard in a hoard so that may spur you on to getting small areas done. This is a very labor intensive way but it helped me many years ago ~ I literally walked back and forth with bare legs in the areas where I knew fleas were. As they jumped on my legs I picked them off and put each one in a bowl of water. Pretty awful but it helped and eventually I could use other methods. I have 7 dogs and 9 cats now and not a single flea in over a decade. But I'm also obsessive about keeping the cats inside and the dogs only in my yard, not public places. So it can be done.

Don't beat yourself up about the mice in the mess. Everybody with a hoard will have some critters. The most important thing is you're getting things clean now. How old are your kids? If any of them are having health problems see a doctor. Are any of them old enough to help with cleaning? They could wear masks that are pretty cheap in a home improvement store.

Follow Tillie's suggestions of short times and small areas to start. Read all the old posts here when you need a break. You'll find most of us have messed up big time and are trying to get out from the rubble. We move forward, we fall back but we keep going. And I think a lot of us are attempting to do it by ourselves. So you have plenty of company.

Good luck, Serenity! :)
Posted: 02 July 2013 - 09:16 AM
Hi Serenity :)
Since nobody will help you, you can do this by yourself.
We all start by doing some quick and simple tasks.
Take 5 minutes and gather up one small bag of obvious trash and get that out of the house.
Doesn't seem like much but it is a start.
Pick one small area about 12 square inches and clear and clean that.

It is hard making decisions about what to keep or get rid of.
If you tell us more about yourself and children we can give you better suggestions.

Posted: 02 July 2013 - 01:29 AM
Help. I am a hoarder who stopped bringing things home. Only my house and my storage and yard are already full. I want it all gone, I NEED it all gone. But no one I ask will come help. I don't know what to keep and what to throw away. I'm always afraid I'll need something later. I have 5 kids in a very small house, it is technically a one bedroom that we are using as a two bedroom. Well it was SUPER hot today and it is supposed to be tonight too. Growing up in California without AC I learned that an empty room is cooler than a full one. So I took EVERYTHING out of my kids room. well Except the play kitchen and here's why. I pulled the kitchen out to discover mounds of mice poo under it. Last I knew the mice had never gone in there. I vacuumed it all up but I put the kitchen back so I didn't have to worry about the kids stepping on that area. I'm trying to keep their room as clean as humanely possible but I have discovered that I dropped the ball somewhere. I had 3 consecutive Miscarriages this year and dropped into a heavy depression. I am taking some herbs to help level out my hormones and I am starting to feel myself again, only I've discovered my house went to the dogs worse then ever. I have been noticing Fleas the last couple days. I am ready to throw in the towel take my family and just walk away from all this mess. But I can't and I don't know where to start. I see a How'd your day go post often and think, it didn't. I really am very lost and I can't seem to find any support or help anywhere :(
Hoarding Help Message Boards : Welcome to the new board! : HELP I'm going Crazy...

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