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 Washington Hoarding Cleanup & Hoarding Therapists

Hoarding Cleanup Washington

Steri-Clean Washington

Washingtons Hoarding Experts
Discreet & Affordable

Serving all of Washington State

Seattle      (206) 701-5630
Bellevue   (425) 429-7300
Olympia    (360) 967-1310
Spokane   (509) 681-3444

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Lisa J. Shaw, PhD
55 1st Place NW
Issaquah, WA 98027  US
Phone: (425) 681-3760
Child/Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum Disorder/ BDD/Trichotillomania/Hoarding /Home Visits/ERP/CBT

Stacy Shaw Welch, PhD
Anxiety & Stress Reduction Center of Seattle
1218 3rd Avenue
Suite 500
Seattle, WA 98101  US
Phone: (206).374.0109
Child/Adol/Adults/OC Spectrum Disorders/BDD/Trichotillomania /Hoarding/ Home Visits/Bilingual Staff/ERP/CBT


Travis L. Osborne, PhD.
BTI Graduate
Anxiety & Stress/Reduction Center of Seattle
Suite 500
1218 3rd Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101  US
Phone: (206).374.0109
Child/Adol/Adults/OC Spectrum Disorders/BDD/Trichotillomania /Hoarding/ERP/CBT Behavior Therapy Institute Graduate

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