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Hoarding Education/ Hoarding Speaking Engagements
Do you have a convention, conference or training symposium coming up? Are you looking for a Hoarding Expert to speak? Cory Chalmers, CEO and founder of Steri-Clean Inc,,  and featured expert on A&E's "Hoarders" can help! Mr. Chalmers travels across the United States to speak at numerous conferences each year. Mr. Chalmers is a dynamic speaker and his PowerPoint lecture is incredible. If your organization would like to better educate yourself on the topic of hoarding, or better understanding the hoarding disorder, we invite you to learn more about these informative classes. Mr. Chalmers and his company have successfully cleaned  over 15,000 hoarded homes. The knowledge and insight he has obtained can be extremely beneficial to those who interact with hoarders. Topics covered are; hoarding defined, why people hoard, types of hoarders, psychology behind hoarding, triggers, dangers in hoarded homes, how to minimize anxiety, how to make the most progress, most common mistakes, and mandatory aftercare for success. His power point presentation has been very well received throughout the industry and can be customized for your interests and particular needs. The lecture can range from 1 to 6 hours in length. If you would like more information on having an incredible speaker at your next function, please call Steri-Clean, Inc at 1-800-HOARDERS (1-800-462-7337) ext. 200.  

Cory Chalmers Past Speaking Events:

Spearfish, SD - Annual Hoarding Conference - Keynote Speaker on Hoarding
Kansas City, MO – Annual Crime Free Conference – Keynote Speaker/Hoarding
El Paso, Tx - Annual Adult Protective Services Conference - Keynote Speaker - 700 Attendees
Trauma Intervention Programs (Numerous) – Biohazard Dangers at Trauma Scenes – 100 volunteers
Placer County Chaplains - Biohazards at Crime Scenes – 50 chaplains
San Francisco Mental Health Association Hoarding Conference – Panel on O.C. Hoarding Task Force
CACEO Annual Conference – 200 officers

California Public Administrators Conference – 200 Administrators, Guardians and employees
STARS Law Enforcement Conference – 150 Police Officers
ABRA Conference (2004) – 40 companies
City of Covina Annual Hoarding Conference – Special Speaker on Hoarding – 75 guests
ABRA Conference (2010) – 45 companies
Orange County Hoarding Task Force – Fire Dangers at Hoarded Homes – 30 members
ABRA Conference (2011) – 70 companies
Hoarding Cleanup National Training– Multiple Classes, Ongoing
Menorah Housing Foundation – Hoarding Lecture – 20 Managers
San Diego Hoarding Collaborative – Hoarding Lecture – 25 guests
San Francisco Mental Health Association Hoarding Seminar – Hoarding  – 75 Attendees
Beach Cities Health District/South Bay Senior Network – 125 Social Service Workers/Public
Long Beach Rental Industry Conference – Taking the mystery out of Biohazard Scenes and Hoarding
Ernst & Haas – Biohazard and Hoarding in the rental industry  - 25 attendees
AAGIE - Biohazard and Hoarding in the Rental Industry            - 200 attendees
TIP Orange County - Biohazard and Hoarding Dangers - 60 volunteers
BrightStar - "Hoarding and the Elderly, How You Can Help" - 40 home care givers
Cleaning and Restoration Association - Hoarding and Biohazard Training Class - 70 Attendees
Vintage Cerritos "The Buddy System"  - Educational Hoarding Lecture - 75 Attendees
City of Chino - 50 Counselors, Marriage/Family/Grief - Hoarding Basic Psychology
Animal Care Conference Orange County, Ca - 200 attendees, "Dangers in Animal Hoarding"
Laguna Woods - Residents and Staff - Hoarding Lecture - 75 to125 Attendees
Utah Code Enforcement Officers Annual Conference - 6 hour Hoarding Training 120 attendees
City of Lake Forest, 150 Attendees, Hoarding Lecture
Santa Clara, Ca - CALA Conference 175 Attendees, Hoarding in Multi Family Dwellings
Wichita Kansas Annual Hoarding Conference - Keynote Speaker - 200 attendees
City of Hemet - Hoarding Lecture to City Staff and Residents - 150 attendees
Senior Services Quality Assurance - Hoarding Lecture at our offices - 30 attendees
City of Cypress - 100 Attendees from Community - Hoarding Lecture
Los Angeles: Los Angeles Apartment Association Conference - Hoarding Lecture - 150 attendees
Bellflower, Ca: Memorial Counsel and Associates - Hoarding Lecture
Anaheim - CALA Annual Conference - Hoarding Lecture
Toronto, Canada - Sites and Spills Conference - Biohazard/Hoarding Lecture - 150 attendees
St. Charles, Missouri, AACE National Code Enforcement Conference 2 1/2 hour hoarding lecture
Anaheim, Ca - C.A.R.E Quarterly Case Managers Meeting - Hoarding Lecture 70 attendees
Alhambra, Ca - MAPS Marketing and Admissions Professionals for Seniors - 50 attendees
Sacramento, Ca - Animal Care Conference - Animal Hoarding and Dangers Lecture 400 attendees
Redlands, Ca - PFAC Fiduciaries Inland Empire Chapter meeting - Hoarding Lecture
California - 11 Locations, Code Enforcement Training for CACEO - 500+ attendees
Hesperia, Ca - Multi City/Agency Hoarding Training - 50 Attendees
Monterey - PFAC Annual Conference - Hoarding Lecture 300 attendees
Santa Clara -  CAA Annual Conference - Hoarding Lecture 300 attendees
San Francisco Mental Health Association Hoarding Conference - Hoarding Lecture
Nebraska - Nebraska Hoarding Symposium - Keynote Speaker - 3 hour lecture on hoarding
Los Angeles - Annual AHMA Conference - Hoarding Lecture
Dallas, Tx. Annual Hoarding Conference - 500 Attendees, Lecture on Hoarding
Riverside, Ca -  National Crime Free Conference - Hoarding/Biohazard Lecture
Newport Beach - CACEO Hoarding 6 hour training class
Sacramento - Public Administrator/Guardian Conference - 2.5 hour Hoarding Lecture
Irvine, Ca - Community Association Law - Hoarding Lecture for annual conference
Lake Tahoe, Ca - Annual Code Enforcement Conference Hoarding Panel - 250 attendees
Kansas - National Association of Code Enforcement Keynote Speaker on Hoarding
Delaware - Annual Hoarding Conference - Keynote Speaker
Pierre, SD - Hoarding Conference Keynote Speaker, 6 hours
Los Angeles – Annual Hoarding Conference – Keynote Speaker


Webinars - Online Training - (Click Here for Webinars)
Do you want valuable hoarding training without the high cost of travel and presenter fees? We have developed a simple solution for you to get the same information as the attendees at the big conferences on a much smaller budget. Our pre-recorded webinar can now be viewed from the comfort of your own home, whenever you want. This hour and a half webinar was designed to educate people on all aspects of hoarding, whether you are a hoarder, you work with hoarders, or you want to help a loved one that suffers from this disorder. The hoarding webinar is available to watch PC's and Macs, but is not yet available for IPAD's or smart phones. Click above for more information.

Interested in helping clean hoarders homes but don't know where to start? Consider joining the company that started the industry! Cory Chalmers, owner of Steri-Clean and is offering franchises throughout the nation. Be trained by the industry leader and learn from his experience of working with hoarders for over 2 decades. Be your own boss, while helping people regain control of their lives. There is no better feeling! Contact Steri-Clean Inc. for more information at (800) 929-1498,  or you can learn more by visiting our site at

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