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Steri-Clean, Inc.
National Award Recipients!
Hoarding Specialists Since 1995
Cleaning & Organizing Experts
Serving all of Virginia


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Joyce L. Robbins, LICSW - BTI Grad
Kenneth X. Robbins, MD
5055 Seminary Road #108
Alexandria, VA 22311  US
Phone: (703) 379-2600
Fax: (301) 299-2986
Child/Adol/AdultMedication/ OC Spectrum Disorders/BDD/Trichotillomania
/Hoarding/Home Visit/Support Groups/Bilingual Staff/ERP/CBT

Ann L. Stone, PhD
3801 N Fairfax Drive - Suite
61Arlington, VA 22203  US
Phone: (703) 243-4470
Email: anns@erols.com
Adult/BTI Hoarding Graduate/Trichotillomania/ Hoarding/ERP/CBT

Elaine Stephanos, Clinical Therapist
43314 La Belle Place
Ashburn, VA 20147
Phone (703) 723-MOJO (6656
Email: elaine@HoardNoMore.org

Hoarding/Child/Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum Disorders/BDD/Trichotillomania
HomeVisits/Support Group/In-Person, Skype or Phone Therapy/ERP/CBT

Sandra Werfel, LCSW
5280 Lyngate Court
Burke, VA 22015  US
Phone: (703) 978-2030
Fax: (703) 978-2030
Child/Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum Disorders/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/CBT

Marcella Jost, LCSW
1441 Sachem Place - Suite 4
Charlottesville, VA 22901  US
Phone: (434) 977-1511
Fax: (434) 978-1140
Email: Mjostlcsw@earthlink.net
Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum Disorder/BDD/Trichotillomania/ Hoarding/Home Visits/ERP/CBT

Richard C. Baither, PhD
8316 Arlington Blvd # 600
Fairfax, VA 22031  US
Phone: (703) 698-5220
Fax: (703) 573-2351
Email: Rbaither@novapsy.com
Child/Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum Disorders/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/Accepts

K. Elaine Williams, PhD
3615-F Chain Bridge Road
Fairfax, VA 22030  US
Phone: (703) 383-1386
Adults/OC Spectrum Disorders/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/Home Visits/ERP/CBT

David L. Kupfer, PhD
7700 Leesburg Pike # 404
Falls Church, VA 22043  US
Phone: (703) 821-8990
Fax: (703) 821-8990
Child/Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum Disorder/BDD/Trichotillomania/ Hoarding/ Home
Visits/Medicaid/Sliding Scale/Support Group/CBT/ERP

Keith E. Saylor, PhD
Suite 17
106 Elden Street
Herndon, VA 20170  US
Phone: (703).787.9090
Email: neuroscience@neuroscience- inc.com
Child/Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum Disorders/BDD/Trichotillomania /Hoarding/ Home

Henriette Kellum, LCSW
6252 N. Kensington St.
McLean, VA 22101

Robert S. Falk, PhD
5931 Harbour Park Drive
Midlothian, VA 23112  US
Phone: (804).639.1136
Email: bfalk@dbhhelp.com
Child/Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum Disorders/BDD/Trichotillomania
/Hoarding/ HomeVisits/Support Group/ERP/CBT

Lisa Zocco, Psy.D
6160 Kempsville Circle
Suite 327A
Norfolk, VA 23502-3933  US
Phone: (757) 466-7300
Fax: (757) 466-9463
Child/Adol/Adults/OC Spectrum Disorders/BDD/Trichotillomania /Hoarding/ Accepts

David W. Reid, MD
6320 N Center Drive
Suite 101
Norfolk, VA 23462  US
Phone: (757).456.0505
Fax: (757).456.0817
Child/Adol/Adults/Medication/ OC Spectrum Disorders/BDD/ Trichotillomania/Hoarding/CBT

Richard W. Handel, PhD
Eastern Virginia Medical School
825 Fairfax Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23507  US
Phone: (757).446.5888
Email: handelrw@evms.edu
OC Spectrum Disorders/BDD/Trichotillomania /Hoarding/ Accepts Medicaid/
Sliding Scale/ERP/CBT

Frances M. Christian, PhD, LCSW
1805 Monument Avenue - Suite 611
Lee Medical Building
Richmond, VA 23222  US
Phone: (804) 355-9322
Email: Fmchrist@vcu.edu
Adults/OC Spectrum Disorders/Hoarding/Home Visits/Sliding Scale/Accepts Medicaid/ERP/CBT

Ronna Saunders, LCSW - BTI Graduate
Center for Behavioral Change
3212 Skipwith Road
Suite 104
Richmond, VA 23294  US
Phone: (804) 270-4111
Email: Risaunders@aol.com
Children (occasionally) /Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum Disorder/BDD/Trichotillomania/ Hoarding/Therapy

Nancy Firestone, LCSW
5537 Hempstead Way
Springfield, VA 22151  US
Phone: (703) 922-8484
Fax: (703).354.7825
Child/Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum Disorder/BDD/Trichotillomania/ Hoarding/Home Visits/ERP/CBT

Valerie J. Buyse, MD
2110-D Gallows Road
Vienna, VA 22182  US
Phone: (703) 893-2429
Adol/Adult/Medication/OC Spectrum Disorders/BDD/ Trichotillomania/Hoarding/ERP/ CBT

Edward H. Tiller, PhD
Williamsburg Ctr for Therapy
217 McLaws Circle- Suite 2
Williamsburg, VA 23185  US
Phone: (757) 253-0371
Fax: (703) 253-8063
Child/Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum Disorders/BDD/Trichotillomania / Hoarding/Accepts

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