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Steri-Clean, Inc.
National Award Recipients!
Hoarding Specialists Since 1995
Cleaning & Organizing Experts
Serving all of Maryland and DC

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Gerald Nestadt, MD
John Hopkins Hospital
Meyer 4-181,500 N Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD 21287  US
Phone: (410) 955-4838
Adol/Adult/Medication/OC Spectrum Disorders/BDD/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/Accept s Medicaid/Others in group practice CBT & ERP

Richard Wolff, PhD
Wildwood Medical Center
10401 Old Georgetown Road
Bethesda, MD 20814  US
Phone: (301).530.4550
Fax: (301).530.2277
Child/Adol/Adults/ OC Spectrum Disorders/BDD/Trichotillomania/ Hoarding/Limited Home Visits/ERP/CBT

Deborah Cole, PsyD - BTI Graduate
8640 Guilford Road - Suite 235
Kings Contrivance Village Center
Columbia, MD 21046  US
Phone: (410) 381-7551 or (301) 596-5916
Child/Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum Disorder/BDD/Trichotillomania/ Hoading/Home Visits/Therapy Group/ERP/CBT
Note: Therapy Groups - Fee Based
Trichotillomania Therapy Group and Hoarding/Clutter Therapy Group - Intake Required Fee Based Therapy Group. Behavior
Therapy Institute Graduate

John R. May, PhD
10774 Hickory Ridge Road
Columbia, MD 21044  US
Phone: (410) 992-7288 or (410) 997-2880
Adults/OC Spectrum
Disorders/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/Accepts Medicaid/Sliding Scale/ERP/CBT

Elspeth Bell, Ph.D
5850 Waterloo Road, Suite 140
Columbia, MD 21045
Phone: (410) 480-8052
Adults/Adolescents/OC Spectrum

Group Therapy/Home Visits/E/RP/CBT

David A. Dia, LCSW-C
Blue Ridge Behavioral Health Serv.
170 Thomas Johnson Dr - Suite 200
Frederick, MD 21702  US
Phone: (301) 695-8390 x 217
Fax: (301) 694-7906
Child/Adol/Adult/Home Visits/OC Spectrum Disorder/BDD/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/ERP/ CBT

Louis E. Kopolow, MD, DFAPA
Assoc Psychotherapy Centers
8915 Shady Grove Ct.
Gaithersburg, MD 20877  US
Phone: (301) 963-0060
Fax: (301) 258-7482
Child/Adol/Adult/Medication/OC Spectrum Disorder/BDD/Trichotillomania/ Hoarding/Support Group/Bilingual

Cynthia M. Lincoln, LCSW-C, LLC
100 Barbon Street , 2nd Floor, Bayview
Havre de Grace, MD 21078  US
Phone: (443) 466-6830 or (410).939.6336
Child/Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum
Disorders/BDD/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/ ERP/CBT

Jean F. Ratner, LCSW
10400 Connecticut Avenue # 201
Kensington, MD 20895  US
Phone: (301) 469-8542
Fax: (301) 469-8691
Adult/OC Spectrum Disorders/Home Visits/Sliding Scale/ERP/CBT

Carol E. Watkins, MD
16829 York Road
Box 544

MD 21111  US
Phone: (410).329.2028
Child/Adol/Adult/Medication/OC Spectrum Disorder/BDD/Trichotillopmania/ Hoarding/ERP/CBT

Joyce L. Robbins, ICSW - BTI Grad
Kenneth X. Robbins, MD
11305 Rouen Drive
Potomac, MD 20854  US
Phone: (301) 983-8368
Fax: (301) 299-2986
Child/Adol/Adult/Medication/Home Visits/OC Spectrum Disroders/BDD/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/
Support Group/Bilingual Staff/ERP/CBT Behavior Therapy Institute Graduate

Lynne S. Gots, PhD - BTI Graduate
2301 Research Blvd - Suite 210
Rockville, MD 20850  US
Phone: (301) 217-9687
Adol/Adults/OC Spectrum Disorders/BDD/ Trichotillomania/ Hoarding/ERP/CBT Behavior Therapy Institute Graduate

Meyer D. Glantz, PhD
6131 Executive Boulevard
Rockville, MD 20852  US
Phone: (301) 881-0516
Adult/Refer for medication/OC Spectrum Disorders/Hoarding/CBT

Sharon C. Cooper, PhD
6201 Executive Blvd
Rockville, MD 20852  US
Phone: (301).299.3656
Adol/Adults/ OC Spectrum Disorders/BDD/Trichotillomania/ Hoarding/ERP/CBT

Theresa P. Shank, PhD - BTI Graduate
Psychological Resource Associates
479 Jumpers Hole Road - Suite 106
Severna Park, MD 21146  US
Phone: (410) 647-8840
Fax: (410) 647-1405
Child/Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum Disorders/ Trichotillomania/Hoarding/ERP/CBT
Behavior Therapy Institute Graduate


Ruth M.T. Stemberger, Ph.D.
692 Ritchie Hwy, #204
Severna Park, MD 21146  US
Phone: (410).315.9797
Fax: (410).315.8015
Child/Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum Disorder/BDD/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/ Home Visits/ERP/CBT

Charles S. Mansueto, Ph.D.

Behavior Therapy Center of Greater Washington
Silver Spring, MD

Bruce Hershfield, MD - BTI Graduate
1415 Cold Bottom Road
Sparks, MD 21152  US
Phone: (410) 771-4575
Fax: (208) 694-4107
Adol/Adult/Medication/OC Spectrum Disorders/BDD/Trichotillomania/ Hoarding/Home Visits/Support Group/ERP/CBT

Dr. Sally Winston, PsyD - Co Director
Anxiety Disorder & Stress Institute
6525 N. Charles Street
Towson, MD 21204  US
Phone: (410) 938-8454 or (410) 938-8449
Fax: (410).825.7105

Child/Adol/Adult/Meciation for s Only/Home Visits/OC Spectrum Disorder/BDD/Trichotillomania/
Hoarding/Bilingual Staff/ERP/CBT

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