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Steri-Clean, Inc.
National Award Recipients!
Hoarding Specialists Since 1995
Cleaning & Organizing Experts
Serving all of  Indiana

Northern  (219) 232-2611
Central/Southern (317) 489-4040

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Emily J. Stapp, MD
1572 Plank Road
Jeffersonville, IN 47130  US
Phone: (812) 282-2522
Fax: (812) 282-3890
Child/Adol/Adult/Medication/Accepts Medicaid/OC Spectrum Disorder/

Heather M. Chik, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Anxiety & OCD Behavioral Health Center
900 Ridge Road, Suite F
Munster, IN 46321
Phone: 219-228-7630
Fax: 219-228-1083
Child/Adol/Adult/Hoarding/OCD/OCSpectrum Disorders/
Trichotillomaia/Skin Picking/BDD/Hypochandriasis/Tourette's/


Dear Cory,
I have to relate an experience that occurred with your Indiana Steri-clean offices run by Tony Moser and Gary 
Hoffer. After endless attempts to get my home in order, I called Steri-Clean and met with Tony and Gary. Not being 
shocked by my living conditions, they were there to help.

But I put a slight twist to the process. I am a compulsive shopper and had clothes, shoes and accessories in their 
original state. Could I possibly sell the items and recoup some of my losses to put towards home improvement?
So my challenge was twofold. They engineered a plan. Racks were constructed in an outside building. Bags of clothing
were sorted and hung up neatly. A flow of traffic was established. I had "enclosed" my yard sale operation.
This took much more work. We had pitch, save, donate and sell decisions. In addition to removing my clutter, the 
home was cleaned and organized.
I got a second chance. Tony was here everyday of the clean up informing me of his objectives,folding clothes like a 
Gap employee or scrubbing the kitchen, Tony was in 100%.As the debris cleared, I noticed a spring in my step, a 
smile on my face. The layers were peeling away to reveal someone I liked.
I am grateful to you and your television show because hoarders came out into the open. People are taught to be 
accepting, non judgemental and open to each individuals needs in your franchise. Tony was focused on reaching 
goals and Gary was on fire with marketing ideas. Actually the crew was enthusiastic and offered some great input. 
Everyone contributed to getting the job done. Could I even say it was .....FUN?
So Cory, if you are ever in Indiana, ring my front doorbell. I can now open my door and welcome you in.

Christina L. 

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