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 Frequently Asked Questions
  • What does hoarding cleanup cost?
    The cost of cleanup services can vary dramatically from one case to the next. Most companies accross the nation will provide you with a free estimate and onsite evaluation. They will explain in detail what services are going to be performed as well as any charges that are above and beyond the norm.   back to top

  • Will a cleaning company report their findings to anyone?
    No. The inspection findings are for the purpose of generating an estimate only. However, if life threatening findings are observed, we recommend they try to fix that problem immediately or notify the proper authorities.  back to top

  • What if there are valuables in the house?
    Companies that are trained in hoarding cleanup understand the need to sort belongings to recover items that are valuable and sentimental. Make sure you discuss your concerns with the company you hire. Any items believed to be in the home should be documented prior to the cleaning so they know what to look for.   back to top

  • What if a hoarder doesn't want to clean their home?
    This is the most common problem. Loved ones and friends worry themselves sick over the hoarding situation while the hoarder doesn't seem to care. There is no way to force a person to clean their home unless they are facing eviction, or other outside influences like a city or county deeming the home uninhabitable, Child Protective Services removing a child from the home, or Adult Protective Services finding neglect or inability to care for themselves. Even with these severe cases, a hoarder may simply not change. The only way for a hoarder to truly change is if they want to. Therapy, support, and self motivation are all needed to successfully change and without those, change is unlikely. HoardingCleanup.com hopes by providing resources to our visitors, the opportunity is there for when the hoarder asks for help. Until then, try to motivate them with positive influences not negativity. They will become defensive any time someone tells them the way they are living is wrong. Show them what positive changes will come out of cleaning their home. Remind them what life was once like and show them that it can be that way again. Constant nagging and confrontation will push them further away and often cause them to increase their hoarding in an effort to push people furhter away. There is a fine line between offering to help and causing more damage. Learn all you can about this disorder and make the best choices for your particular situation.   back to top

  • What are the dangers of hoarding?
    There are many dangers associated with moderate to severe hoarding. Fire is a real concern and actually claims the lives of dozens of hoarders each year. Air quality in some hoarders homes can be affected severely and can cause hospitalization and even death. Mold is often found in hoarders homes which can also cause respiratory problems especially in the elderly and those with compromised health. Animal hoarders and even those with only a few pets, can have high ammonia levels which can lead to Anosmia - Inability to detect odors, Hyposmia - Decreased ability to detect odors, Dysosmia - Distorted identification of smell and other health problems. Bacteria levels in a hoarders home can be extremely high causing recurring infections and repeated hospitalization. A simple trip and fall can result in fractures especially in the elderly. Rodents and insects often live in hoarders homes and can be the cause of a number of illnesses.  back to top

  • What form of therapy is best for hoarding?
    This will really depend on how the hoarder is diagnosed after having a few sessions with a psychologist and/or psychiatrist. From our cases we see, hoarding is often the result of severe depression or a past trauma. Some patients that seek treatment for these unerlying disorders have the hoarding improve as their outlook on life improves. For those that still suffer or don't suffer from depression, cognitive behavioral therapy has proven to be very affective in many cases. CBT therapy is more of a hands on therapy which trains hoarders to re-learn the reasons of why they hold onto their "treasures". There are many reasons people begin hoarding. It will take a professional to accurately diagnose and treat each case on an individual basis. It is extremely important to find the right therapist for you or your loved one.   back to top

  • Where can I find support for hoarding?
    On this site we offer a free online hoarding support group. This is a great way to start the process without even leaving your home. This support group is completely anonymous so nobody will see or hear you. We just type back and forth. It is also a great place to log in just to learn what others have to say. The meetings are every Sunday night at 5:00pm PST/8:00pm EST. More informaiton can be found by clicking on the Online Support Group tab on the right side of this page.   back to top

  • Is there One On One Help available?
    Yes! You can work one on one, over the phone with Hoarding Expert, Cory Chalmers. His One On One Program is a great way to talk about your struggles and develop the best plan possible moving forward. There is a lot more to hoarding then just a messy house and Mr. Chalmers will help you understand the complexities of this disorder, and help you develop a customized plan to make the most progress. Just to to http://www.HoardingCleanup.com/one_on_one_help or call 1-800-462-7337 ext. 111 for more information.  back to top

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