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Maryann Gregory, PhD
11 S LaSalle Street
Chicago, IL 60603  US
Phone: (312).203.9877
Adults/Home Visits/Sliding Scale/Hoarding/ERP/CBT

Cheryl Carmin, Ph.D.
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL

Pamela S. Wiegartz, PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL

Ira S. Halper, MD
Cognitive Therapy Center
1725 W. Harrison-Suite 958
Chicago, IL 60612  US
Phone: (312) 226-0300
Adol/Adult/Medication/OC Spectrum Disorders

Lee Schwartz, MD
150 E. Huron Street - Suite 906
Chicago, IL 60611  US
Phone: (847) 256-0576
Fax: (312).951.0970
Medication/OC Spectrum Disorders/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/CBT

John Calamari, Ph.D.
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
Chicago, IL

Crystal Lake:
Dr. Timothy Re, PsyD
820 E Terra Cotta Avenue - Suite 144
Crystal Lake, IL 60014  US
Phone: (847) 413-9700
Child/Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum Disorder/ BDD/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/ERP/CBT

Robin S. Ross, PhD
420 Lake Cook Road - Suite 113
Deerfield, IL 60015  US
Phone: (847) 405-0220 x1
Fax: (847) 405-0215
Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum Disorders/BDD/ Trichotillomania/Hoarding/ERP/CBT

Glen Ellyn:
Penelope A. Andersen, LCSW
516 A Main Street
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137  US
Phone: (630) 858-1075 x 1
Adol/Adult/Sliding Scale/OC Spectrum Disorder/BDD/Hoarding/Trichotillomania/CBT


Hoffman Estates:
Patrick B. McGrath, PhD ABBHH
1650 Main Lake Boulevard
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169  US
Phone: (847).755.8531


Daniel J. Moran, PsyD
MidAmerican Psychological Institute
1415 Maple Road
Joliet, IL 60432  US
Phone: (815) 735-0732
Child/Adol/Adults/OC Spectrum Disorders/BDD/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/ Home Visits/Sliding Scale/Therapy

Ted Witzig, JR, LCPC
Apostolic Christian Counseling Services
73 E Queenwood Road
Morton, IL 61550  US
Phone: (309) 263-5536 x 106
Fax: (309) 263-6841
Child/Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum
Disorders/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/Speciality is Scrupulosity/Home Visits/Sliding Scale/ERP/CBT

Jane Bodine, MA, LCPC - BTI Graduate

114 E. Van Buren Street
Naperville, IL 60540  US
Phone: (630) 416-3146
Fax: (630) 554-1261
Child/Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum Disorders/BDD/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/Treat TS/ADHD/Sliding Scale/Home Visits/Support Groups for parents/ERP/CBT
Behavior Therapy Institute Graduate

Susan B. Myket, PhD
1415 Bond St.  Suite 127
Naperville, IL 60563  US
Phone: (630) 355-9002
Fax: (630) 355-9002
Child/Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum Disorder/BDD/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/ Support Groups/ERP/CBT

Mary Englund, PsyD
1415 Bond Street
Suite 127
Naperville, IL 60563  US
Phone: (630).355.9002 x 302
Child/Adol/Adults/OC Spectrum
Disorders/BDD/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/ ERP/CBT

North Chicago:
John E. Calamari, PhD
Rosalind Franklin University
North Chicago, IL 60064  US
Phone: (847) 578-8747
Adol/Adults/OC Spectrum
Disorders/BDD/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/Home Visits/Support Group/ERP/CBT


Karen L. Cassiday, PhD
The Cognitive Behavior Treatment Center
1500 Skokie Blvd - Suite 204
Northbrook, IL 60062  US
Phone: (847) 559-0001 x 1
Fax: (847) 559-8438
Child/Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum Disorder/BDD/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/Home Visits/Support Groups/ERP/CBT

Dr. James Dod, PhD
1200 Shermer Road
Suite 208
Northbrook, IL 60062  US
Phone: (847) 769-3795
Adol/Adults/OC Spectrum Disorders/BDD/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/Home Visits/Therapy Group/ERP/CBT

Howard K. Weissman, PsyD
The Chicago Stress Relief Center, Inc.
1535 Lake Cook Rd - Suite 110
Northbrook, IL 60062  US
Phone: (847) 412-0922
Child/Adol/Adult/OC Spectrum
Disorder/BDD/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/ Sliding Fee/Home Visits/Bilingual Staff/ERP/CBT

Mary Chris Benignus, LCSW  
BTI Graduate
Anxiety & Mood Disorders Clinic
221 NE Glen Oak Avenue 7-West
Peoria, IL 61636  US
Phone: (309).671.8222
Child/Adol/Adults/OC Spectrum Disorder/BDD/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/Home Visits/ERP/CBT Behavior Therapy Institute Graduate


Charles Dudley, Jr., LCPC
5804 Elaine Drive
Rockford, IL 61108  US
Phone: (815).397.7654 x 29
Fax: (815).397.2712
Child 10+/Adol/Adults/OC Spectrum Disorders/BDD/Trichotillomania/ Hoarding/Medication Provider on staff/Home Visits/Accepts Medicare/Support Group/Bilingual/ERP/CBT


Daivd L. McNeil, MD
9701 N Knox Ave - Suite 214
Skokie, IL 60076  US
Phone: (847) 329-9300
Fax: (847).329.9316
Adol/Adult/Medication/OC Spectrum Disorder/BDD/Trichotillomania/ Hoarding

Joan Faier Routman, Ph.D.
5225 Old Orchard Rd
Suite 6
Skokie, IL 60077  US
Phone: (847) 568-1056
Child/Adolescents/Adult/OC Spectrum Disorders/BDD/Trichotillomania/ Hoarding/Sliding Scale/ERP/CBT


David Resch, MD
SIU School of Medicine
751 N Rutledge - Room 2300
PO Box 19636
Springfield, IL 62704-9636  
Phone: (217) 545-8075
Fax: (217) 545-4485
Adult/Medication/Accepts Medicaid/Sliding Scale/Treats OC Spectrum Disorders/Trichotillomania/Hoarding/Cognitive Behavior Therapy

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