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Hoarding Help Message Boards : The Daily Chat : What are you doing today?
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What are you doing today?

Posted: 14 June 2018 - 11:14 PM
Hi Subclinical :)
Thank you

WAY TO GO! with having immediate plans for what you brought home today!


Hoping it solves Anonymoniker's problem. ;)
Posted: 14 June 2018 - 07:06 PM
Tillie, yay for using up stuff from the hoard to solve a problem!

I brought home one box of bread, some beat up zucchinis and a stack of egg cartons from the food bank. I plan to cut the bruises off the zucchinis and use them in dinner tomorrow. The chickens can have all the bad spots. The egg cartons will get filled with eggs and go back.

The box is a nice one with handles that I want to use for sorting pottery lesson examples.
Posted: 14 June 2018 - 04:25 PM
Good Afternoon :)

Hi Mar :)
You say you are living in a shared home,
is the other person or persons contributing to the recycling overflow?
Do they help, could they help?
It's hard enough when sorting out only your own stuff and even harder when you also have to do someone else's recyclables.

Hi Anonymoniker :)
Do you think a new thread would help straighten out your problem?

Hi Subclinical :)
WAY TO GO! for all you are doing there!
Great plan relocating floor stuff to more out of the way spots since there is really no permanent home for them there.

Hi Tatoulia :)
Thank you
I have heard over & over again that sitting at a properly set table with no distractions helps with weight loss.
And it is important for our spirit to treat ourselves as we would treat a guest.
This is why daily I always use the good silverware and stemware.

Hi CriticalMass :)

Did some watering of things I did not water yesterday.
Also washed my blanket.
Then I did some crevasse filling at the doorway into the pantry to try to keep any random spiders from coming in through the ceiling.
Used that expanding foam insulation that you squirt in with the aerosol can it comes in.
Nasty stuff to work with. All gooey & sticky.
Found the can of it in the massive spray paint & assorted other kinds of stuff in spray cans hoard and decided I would use it for this.
Been a self appointed task that I have been putting off for months and now it's done!
Posted: 14 June 2018 - 03:16 PM
I think the most important thing is to get stuff out.
So as soon as the recycling is full, it goes out. If you find you are handling dirty bottles a lot, stop and wash them when you pick them up and then into the recycling and then out!

I know that will be slow, so grab everything you can see that you know is garbage or recycling first. Then pick up the bottles at the end when you get tired, or when you find yourself making boxes of "later" - because three bottles now is better than three boxes of later!

Also, look at where things are coming in - i'm going to guess one place is food packaging (because of the bottles) ask yourself what you are going to do with the food packaging before you put the food in your cart. Then, as soon as it is empty, do that - into the garbage or wash right away when it is easy and into the recycling.

Thinking about the food packaging before I buy the food has cut way down on my garbage and recycling and improved my diet.

I worked in the studio a little today - it's slow because it is stressful. I am focusing on one area. I put more in the recycling (a whole paper bag worth) a bit in the trash, and I carried three bins of legos back to the house. They are heavy and it is hot - my exercise for the day! They are a new pile on the basement floor, but I cleared a piece of studio floor bigger than what is under the new pile. I also swept up a place on the basement floor that had scraps on it from an unfinished project. And I threw the scraps in a bag and dropped them in the waste basket at the park when I went out. Gone!

I also stopped by the new farmer's market, and someone had jalapeņo mustard in a glass jar with a metal lid. Dh is going to be happy about the mustard, and I am happy about the packaging.

Heading off to the food bank now - taking a few empty containers for them to use in the garden and my paper bag ollection from this week.
Posted: 14 June 2018 - 02:29 PM
Good afternoon to everyone!

Thanks for your advice!!!

Still struggling with wi-fi.

I have 2 bags for putting cardboard and papaer for recycling. One of them is for items that definitely will go to recycle, the second bag is for items waiting for my decision of what to do.

I also had a big, big plastic bag full of bottles, which now is almost empty! yay! although there are several bottles out of the bag, mainly on the floor (oops, good moment for the floor challenge, hehe). I've a problem here because I consider that some of them should be washed before doing anything with them. The other option is simply pick up and throw them, but then I'll be wasting, noooo!

I see I'll need to get 2 more boxes, because don't know where to put the stuff temporarily placed in the others. After reading what you said, my plan is: when I'm searching for something, instead of just moving around the other things, item that I hold, item that will go to one of the boxes (keep or recycle) or to the trash bag. And, when packing, I'll really try to hold stuff only once, or twice at most.

In fact, the idea is to fill the boxes with things I want to keep, BUT these things have to be really and realistically useful, because Dad doesn't want I carry all my stuff with me. Otherwise, I could simply put most things in the boxes, excluding bottles and items evidently useless, and that's it.

At the moment, the only wall along which I can stack boxes, is the one of the corridor I've invaded. The walls of my room aren't available because of the stuff :(. I wanted to put there boxes with packed items for a short time, only while sending them home.

I'm living in a room in a shared house. Don't have a job, but I do volunteer activities in my church. Also, attend 2 classes per week related to the church work, and sometimes go to conferences and events at my university. Maybe too many activities. Now I don't know how to give up to all of them :s.

Tillie, I loved the idea of keep clear and clean a square foot and then expand it!

Anony, sorry about your "friend". I think if he behaves in that way with you, he maybe doesn't deserve the title of friend.
Just reading you're in trouble, I'm sorry. Can we do something? Best wishes for you!

Thanks for your comments about my English! :D I always try to write as clearly as possible, even if it takes more time.

Hugs to all!!!
Posted: 14 June 2018 - 05:38 AM
I can almost smell the homemade bread and soup, SubC! WTG for putting your studio as a priority!

I'm up early, going to head into work early. I have lots to do here. I'm giving myself the weekend to finish up the papers, the clutter, and the homeless things that need homes?either here or somewhere else.
Posted: 14 June 2018 - 05:02 AM
Tatoulia, I am not surprised that you need to sleep!

Anony, did it work? Do we need to start a new thread again?

Mar, are you still around? How are you doing?

Yesterday I planned to dedicate the day to my studio, but everything I wanted to do "before I got started" in the morning took way longer than I expected, so I ended up having just the afternoon. Then it was so hard and overwhelming i took lots of breaks, and my mom called. So basically my "day" became an hour and a half.

I spent it mostly sorting and reorganizing. I did put a very small amount of stuff in the trash or recycling bin.

I also added a thing to a floor - a new box in the basement for donation items. It's not really in the way. I am thinking about moving the legos and knex I am saving for my kids to the basement also. They would also have to be stacked on the floor, but it would get them out of my studio, where they do not need to be, and help with the gridlock there. They are taking up a shelf.

Of course, it would worsen the gridlock in the basement... I just really feel like I need my studio to be functional right now.

As far as the morning stuff yesterday - on good thing I did was, I baked bread. I haven't done that for a long time - we've been eating store bread, which is less healthy and less yummy. Dh was very appreciative. It's the first time i've baked bread since we put the new wall oven in and got rid of the range, and it came out much better and didn't heat the kitchen up! 7 minutes to preheat, and the bread (4 small loaves) filled the whole little oven. Beautiful crust and far more moist than with the giant range oven. We had some with homemade soup for dinner.
Posted: 13 June 2018 - 10:48 PM
Posted: 13 June 2018 - 09:44 PM
Wow! WTG Tillie! You got a lot accomplished today! 100F. I can't even picture that.

Well I sat at my dining table for dinner. So much more civilized. I need to finish up with clutter by the end of the weekend. I think going through my purses will help. I can't even imagine who or what is in the box. None of it will be consigned as I am tough on bags and totes and they wouldn't be in tip-top condition. But I'm ready to make the decisions!
Posted: 13 June 2018 - 09:31 PM
Hi Tatoulia

It is tiring when we start doing something new.
So much to learn & remember and getting used to the time schedules.
Good that you napped. :)

Steven is a maintenance person at work.
He is supposed to know these things and how to fix them.
And at work if something is beyond his know-how he calls in specialists like electricians & plumbers.
Wish he would fix more things around here.
But if wishes were nickels we'd all be millionaires.

Did a LOT around here today.
Watered trees & bushes first thing this morning.
Did 5 loads of laundry this afternoon. Linens, clothes and stuff like rugs & things that were just here & could use it.
It was 100 degrees with a nice breeze and it all dried fast.
Hung one load out and by the time the second load was ready to hang the first load was dry.
And I washed my hair. ;D
Posted: 13 June 2018 - 09:15 PM
Yay on the vacuum cleaner! Glad Steven knew how to fix!!

I slept this afternoon after weight loss appt. I'm getting ready for bed.

I need to do more here. I haven't done a thing.
Posted: 13 June 2018 - 08:52 PM
The vacuum is working again!
Steven did something and now the beater bar turns.
Posted: 13 June 2018 - 08:49 PM

The number is right here on this page.

OR click on that "INTERACTIVE HELP" square on the upper right and ask there.

We don't know how to help you but maybe someone there can do something.

It would help too knowing the kind of phone you are using.
MAYBE someone else with that model knows how to fix it.
Posted: 13 June 2018 - 08:08 PM
Anony I will miss you. I'm wondering what we can do. We don't want you to leave. I completely understand. Completely. And I don't want to add to your frustrations each day. But surely we can find a solution.
Posted: 13 June 2018 - 06:24 PM
I love you guys, but i can mess with trying to post any more until its fixed. Im in a crisis & id love to get some suggestions, but i cant spend any more time trying to work with that anti-spamming thing. Take care! Ill check in to see if its better at some point. All the best to each of you!!!
Posted: 13 June 2018 - 03:45 PM
I just had a really long post that this flakey test failed me on, to make sure im not selling something. That is almost impossible to pass because the squares are missing & have to guess where the signs or vehicles might be. #$*&!
Posted: 13 June 2018 - 02:55 PM
Oh I didn't know that about the separate motor, Tillie. I bet that's what killed my last vacuum. I hope Steven can get it running again!

I agree with Tillie, Anony. You need to surround yourself with reliable people. It's part of the letting go process.

Tillie I didn't get my bags to the car. I remembered as I left that I had a bag for the dry cleaner and I needed to get that Jp to the car. The donation and consignment bags will go on the weekend.

I'm back from my appt and it was a very positive experience. I feel much better about myself.
Posted: 13 June 2018 - 02:06 PM
Hi Anonymoniker :)

Thank you but I do know all about untangling stuff wrapped around the beater bar and especially at the edges.
Steven said that the beltless beater bar has a motor with an automatic shut-off/kill feature to keep it from over heating and burning out.

Maybe it can be reset? We'll see.
This vacuum is going on 6 years old and we can afford to get I new one.
But I really like the way this Kenmore works.

Very good plan to just deal with your handyman.
If he can't help with this project maybe he can suggest someone who might.
You need to only surround yourself with people who care about you and don't try to take advantage.
WTG! for utilizing the food bank!
You need the money for other necessities. (((HUGS)))

I could get food from the food bank here but don't because in the morning you must sit through a short Christian religious sermon.
This goes against my Spiritual beliefs even though they are nondenominational.

When someone I know dies I don't go to the church part of the funeral, just the graveside portion or the "celebration of life" gathering.
Posted: 13 June 2018 - 10:36 AM
~☆~Good morning!~☆~
Tillie, this might be something obvious that you already did with the vacuum, but the beater bars(at least in the old days when i did vacuum repair) used to get hair wrapped around the ends near where it connects & would not spin & often it was hard to see.
Yesterday i got so worked up about my 'friend' who is doing the panels with me, that i started considering just asking my handyman if he could do it instead & just cutting my losses short before any more frustration, or his attempts to take advantage of me. It is actually my own stupidity, because he has shown me who he is, but i have not listened. My handyman is an option. I get frustrated with him for other reasons, but he doesnt try to take advantage of me & he keeps agreements. This job would be more straight forward...i think...i dont know what to do. Itd be healing in a way for me to just stop now, rather than let him manipulate me further. Were supposed to get a huge storm this weekend, so im gonna tape plastic sheeting over it today.
I got some cat things for the catroom id helped with. I feel good about that! Im saving enough money at her food bank to easily do that! =^-^=
Posted: 13 June 2018 - 09:34 AM
Hi Tatoulia :)

Steven said something about the motor that drives the beater bar & he will check it out & maybe fix it.
We'll see. :D
I got this beltless vacuum because my last one was always giving me fits with the darn belt.

WAY TO GO! for turning down the new mug!

I always take whatever I have to donate whenever I go to the thrift shop.
Last three times I have gone I only had one small item to donate.

Good luck going through purses!
That's a hard one for most women.
Personally, I only have one purse.
Bought it back in the late 1970s from the artesian who handmade it.
But I live a completely different lifestyle than a city girl. :)

Have a wonderful day today :D

I'm off to go water trees and lilac hedge.

Posted: 13 June 2018 - 06:27 AM
Oh boy. I'm sorry about the vacuum cleaner. It used to be a simple matter of replacing the belt. Who knows what it would take these days to fix a vacuum.

I'm up early and doing some work before going to appt. I have to make progress tonight. Even though not full I feel I should take my consignment bag to the car as well as my donation bag. Free up the floor.

Yesterday at work we were all given new coffee mugs. I gave mine back (graciously). I won't use at office since everybody's looks the same and I don't need at home. The person in charge of handing them out said a few people had done that and they will save for new hires. YAY!

I need to make more room by getting rid of more stuff. There's plenty of untapped spaces here. I'll f I could go through my boxes of purses I would have a place for my winter comforter. Those would be great donation finds for people.

Ok let's make coffee.
Posted: 12 June 2018 - 09:31 PM
Thank you Tatoulia :)
I don't have a lot of sterling service pieces but what I do have is in fine condition and antique.
Not the kind of stuff I would sell at the pawn shop like I do with the "just stuff" ;)
The auctions around here are always farms & common household & farming equipment and livestock.
They are held right out there at the farm/ranch.
But Reno or Carson City probably hold regular auctions.
Sorry you didn't get free bacon just for voting. HaHaHa ;D
Have a great time at the nutritionist/coach, learn a lot! :D

Well, the vacuum is broken. :(
The beater bar won't turn no matter what I do.
The wand still sucks and the upright still sucks the linoleum.
But I can't vacuum the carpet. :(
Yesterday I opened the fridge and the light came on as usual but then immediately burned out.
There used to be a sewing machine/vacuum repair shop here but the guy died.

I wonder if WallyWorld has a vacuum I would like?
Steven has refrigerator light bulbs somewhere in the garage and soon as he can find one he'll give it to me.
Early tomorrow morning I plan to get outside and water the trees before it gets too hot out.
Posted: 12 June 2018 - 05:33 PM
I would love a BLT right now, Tillie.
Posted: 12 June 2018 - 05:33 PM
Are there any estate jewelers or auctions houses near you, Tillie? I took my jewelry to a consignment shop but if I were to get rid of any of my significant jewelry (Tiffany pearls) Or any sterling silver pieces (depending on quantity and quality) I would try to sell at an auction house such as Skinner or Sotheby's. The stuff I recently took in was nice (some pearls, all set in gold) but nothing special. Gifts over the years. Necklaces with pearls but not strands of pearls. A couple of gold bracelets. I have my mother's sterling flatware, which is a beautiful, simple, classic design and someday I suppose I will sell it. Right now it's in a giant safe deposit box in a bank. Silver plated stuff is out of favor so unless of "significance," consignment shop. The stupid expensive man bag I sent to Lord knows if it will sell. My work clothes I sell through, which is pennies but why not? I carefully curate what I send to them and so far they've accepted and sold everything I've sent.

I'll keep you posted on how my jewelry sells. I'm hoping to get something for it.

Anony I am very unhappy that this person is unreliable. You do not deserve that. You need some certainty. And you need to move forward. To be treated so shabbily is unacceptable and yes I'm aware of the fact I'm coming off of decades of abuse.

Great work not putting your bags on the floor SubC. I'm not quite there yet but my friend did ask me, why do you keep putting everything on the floor?

Time for a haircut. I'll be back later. Tmr is weight loss coach/nutritionist and other stuff like that. I'm working 2 hours in AM and then heading to appointment.
Posted: 12 June 2018 - 04:36 PM
Good Afternoon everybody :)
Iced tea with lemon "Clink!"

Hi Subclinical :)
WTG! for completely cleaning up the addition
AND for making a cake! :D
Great that you have been reading along here.
Posting is not required to be part of the family. ;)
That straining ladle sounds and much better than the plastic one.
WOOHOO for not putting the new items on the floor! ;D

Hi Anonymoniker :)
Thank you. Love you too (((HUGS)))
Sorry about that "friend" of yours.
Honestly, some people!
When I was nine years old I memorized a quote from Buddha that has served me very well all my life.
"You will know me not by my word
but rather by my deed."

Something to always keep in mind when judging a person's character.

Hi Tatoulia :)
Yes the third picture, one highlighted in blue was the one I clicked on. :)
WAY TO GO! for vacuuming and sweeping! :D
You have been doing GREAT with always having bags ready for donation or consignment!
What kind of shop is best for selling off sterling silver pieces and jewelry?

Went out early and voted and got a coupon for 10% off at the thrift shop just for voting today.
So, of course I had to go see if they had anything I could use.
Found a fabulous and totally new pair of pretty pink socks!
There were also two large jar candles heavily cinnamon scented.
Returned home and did some chores, mostly cat related.
Was starving and had to eat lunch and now I am resting.
Sometime soon I plan to vacuum the carpet.
For voting I also got a coupon for the butcher shop, 1 pound of bacon free with any purchase.
Too bad I do not like bacon. LOL ;P
There are 11 other coupons from local shops & services but nothing I'm interested in using.
Posted: 12 June 2018 - 03:48 PM
Tatoulia, I hope your new trash/recycling can works for you. Isn't it funny how we get numb to things?

Anony, I am sorry you can't rely on your friend. Can you get any of the panels up on your own?

"Heartdaughter" came from my attempt to explain our relationship, because she is not my bio, step, adopted, "in-law" or foster child. She is just my child because she needs a mom, and I love her. She is the daughter of my heart.

I went out in the world today, at the grocery store I bought food and a pastry brush dh asked me to get. At the thrift store, I bought a basket with a pretty canvas liner (I don't know what I will keep in it yet, but it was $1 and I am sure I will need it for something...), a stainless steel Italian straining ladle perfect for cheese making (i've been using a plastic soup ladle) and a matching spaghetti server - plastic server is on its way out!

I did not put anything I brought home on the floor, and I put my bag of books on a chair.
Posted: 12 June 2018 - 09:41 AM
~♡~Coffee clinks & good morning with love to all!~♡~
SubC, i am so sorry about your bunny~♡~It sounds like the best possible way to go for the bunny, tho~♡~ I love what dh said about the house matching you! That is so wonderful! I was once told my place is me & i felt kinda mixed about that...ha ha :D
I love the title, 'heartdaughter', that is beautiful!
Tatoulia, your place sounds so wonderful! Im not high tech enough to join the app for your pics, but it sounds fantastic & exciting & im so proud of you on every level for all you have created in your life! :D
Tillie, you are such a loving lady with such an unlimited sense of support & positivity! It is so inspiring in this harsh society! (((HUG!)))
Mar, i can so totally relate to what you said about an area getting re-cluttered before completed. Your description sound soooo much like what i go through, too, so i cant think of what to suggest? ha ha You are working on it & that is the main ticket, and your english is beautiful!!! :D
Hi,CM! :D
Hi, Porter! :D
Yesterday we went to get the new wood strips for the panels & afterwards he started talking again about his hours & paying him after 16, which i have repeatedly reminded him was NOT our agreement. He has reneged on his part of barter deals twice before & im feeling really down about expecting him or anyone to ever change & rectify their past mistakes with me. Then he tried to talk me into hiring him to shampoo the carets, which would not be worthwhile for me at all. He is just trying to milk me for money, knowing i cant afford that. He has done it before & im the fool that expected him to do me right this time. Ive always been generous & he always worms out of his side or something. The worst is he will be inheriting maybe several million dollars very soon, yet hes still trying to get money i dont have out of me. I will just show him out forever this time & figure out the panels, later, if he doesnt follow through. :( ~Forgiveness, more or less, just makes more of a mess, cuz in the end, the friend will just do it again~ ....sorry, im feeling bitter about humans right now...being a crazy catlady is sounding like a better way to live...
Posted: 12 June 2018 - 06:39 AM
Hi SubC! Thank you for the feedback!

How lovely your dear sweet heart daughter visited yesterday! And you baked a cake! I am so happy for you.

I too still have bags on the floor. I have loads of stuff that needs to find a home. But we are getting there. I know for me I can finally see the stuff on the floor. It used to just blend in. Imagine my surprise yesterday when I realized that every time I go into the kitchen I have to step over the recycling bag. I had no idea. So hopefully my new divided trash can will work. It's rather small. The big one was going to be too big and the little one is suggested for a home office. I bet I can make it work. I need to adapt and find better solutions.

Thank you all for your support. I need to be held accountable.
Posted: 12 June 2018 - 06:33 AM
Hi Tillie, I'm glad you could see the picture! Those were the drapes I had made last year. And the chandelier that I had hung. I have to have it lowered about five inches. The guy hanging it was fighting me on where I wanted it.

I think it was the middle attempt where you could see the picture? I can't see it so I can't tell.

Keeping with our floors challenge, I vacuumed the bedroom last night and I swept up the living/dining area. I'm getting rid of stuff yet still piles to deal with. I do have a bag for consignment and a bag for donations in the house.

Okay I need to get to work!!!
Posted: 12 June 2018 - 04:42 AM
Oh tatoulia, that is lovely!

I could use the third link.

I am glad you have been posting so much. I'm sorry I've just been reading mostly.

Mar, do you have a job or other demands on your time right now, or are you able to just pack? Is everything actually in one room, or do you have things other places? (Is it an efficiency apartment, or a room in a shared home?)

My heartdaughter came to visit yesterday and she brought me a bag of books on loan, and the bag is still on the floor exactly where she left it. But, I managed to completely clean up the addition and make a cake before she got here.
Posted: 11 June 2018 - 10:43 PM
Hi Tatoulia :)

YES! YEA!!! pictures! :D
Your bay window area is lovely!
Miss Kitty is the absolutely perfect accent.
Good plan to make her a matching coverlet in case of accidents.
I have little quilts & afghans put down everywhere, just in case.
WAY TO GO! finding the trash/recycle combo can and for continuing to clean your home & Mom's too.

To enlarge the tiny photo I just clicked
ctrl and + once and the pic popped up full size.

Happy you like your new desk location by a window.
I really like windows too. ;)
You can't write too much or too many posts here.
There is no limit and we all need to write whatever or whenever we need to.
That's the whole point of this message board site. ((((HUGS))))

Hi Mar :)
This month we decided to challenge that we will all work on our floors.
Some are clearing some floor space and putting items where they are supposed to go.
Some are doing some cleaning and or vacuuming.
Doesn't really matter what you do, just do something to help make a floor there better in some way.
A good way to work on table tops or counters is to clear off a square foot area and work on keeping that small little space clear and clean.
Then expand the clear spot another square foot and keep it clear & clean.
And so on and so on...
Also, since you are moving out
How about getting boxes and filling them with items you want to take with you but do not need to use right now?
Stack the filled boxes neatly along a wall out of your way.
This would free you up from handling these items and trying to keep them separate from the rest of the stuff.
Posted: 11 June 2018 - 08:15 PM
Mar I am glad you are here. Could you focus on holding stuff only once? It's in your hand, decide is it trash/recycling or a keeper? If trash/recycling it goes one place. If you are keeping, wrap in tissue and put in a moving box with like items. Try very hard to not touch too many times. Moving from one space to another just moves it.

Of course I tell myself this too. I struggle.

So glad you came here. Your English is perfect.
Posted: 11 June 2018 - 07:38 PM
Okay I tried to upload a photo. You might be able to click on link (final test) or you might be able to take the link from first test and see my dining area. Bonus: kitty is on one of the chairs. I don't know what those light dots are at the bottom of the photo.

If you can see it and if you want more, I'll load more photos. That was a test one. Kitty is sitting on extra fabric which is the same fabric as the chair cushions. I'll be having a small quilt made for her. So if she should puke, my chair is still okay.

Let me know if you have any interest in photos and I'll upload more. Tell me which way you could open (if at all)

Posted: 11 June 2018 - 07:33 PM

final test
Posted: 11 June 2018 - 07:32 PM

second test
Posted: 11 June 2018 - 07:29 PM

Posted: 11 June 2018 - 07:28 PM
Hi again! Tatoulia, Anony, Tillie, SubC, Porter, CM, all. Congrats to all of you for your progress!! :D

SubC, sorry about your bunny :(

Not much time to read and post, and the intermittent wi-fi signal does not help. Also, my first language isn't English and when I'm in a hurry it's a little difficult to formulate my ideas in English, as well as to ask for help to google translator, hehehe. So, I only took a quick look over your posts. However, I noticed something about to do a challenge declutter game for this month, it sounds good, how does it work?

Thanks for offering support. I'll be grateful if you can help me to think about how to organize, how to do. Sometimes I don't know where to begin or what the following step should be. (Thank you as well for your good wishes, prayers and help, regarding my March posts.)

Maybe you remember I'm in the process to move from a rented room to my family home in a different city. I need to clean up all the mess I have. I started on March, taking out bottles and other recyclable stuff almost daily, and working on the clutter. But my decluttering activity slowed down, diminishing with the passage of time, until, suddenly, I "woke up" and realized of the few remaining days. I wanted to be at home before June 15, now I think it's impossible. I've been too slow with this.

Usually, I try to start with a small area, say, the table. I pick up some things, throw away/recycle others, and so on. The problem is that I never finish clearing it completely when new stuff arrives, like disposable cups, wrappers (for example, empty bags of bread), boxes of medicine, etc.

I get several cardboard boxes for putting sorted items in them, like useful papers, gather the food in one only place, but they end up filled "provisionally" with things that I don't know where else to place. Now I've invaded with boxes one corridor out of my room, "provisionally", too ...

I don't know how I got to this point. Last time I was living far from home had no problem with clutter, but this time all went out of control.

I feel guilty because my dad needs me at home and I'm still here.

GRRRRR!!!!! Internet has gone again!!!! I hope can to post this soon...

(Finally, almost 8 hours later, I can post this! Uff!)
Posted: 11 June 2018 - 05:49 PM
Glad to hear you are voting tmr, Tillie. I am fortunate as my polling place is a short walk from here.

I found a combination recycling/trash bin. I had to get a small one as my kitchen is small. I'm feeling good about it. I've ordered it and we shall see what happens.

I am cleaning as I go. I just got back from mom's. I changed and cleaned the litter box and I put clean sheets on her bed.

I have to get my garbage out soon.

I enjoyed working in the new desk area. It's right at a window so very sunny and light.

I'll likely write more later. I know I'm posting too much but as always, no need for anyone to read it.
Posted: 11 June 2018 - 03:29 PM
Hello Tatoulia :)

Sorry, but I was super busy this morning.
WAY TO GO! for getting out the unwanted medicines! ;D
So, how is it sitting at your newly relocated desk?
We are all looking forward to following you along on this redecorating project.

Your home will be "DONE" but still a lovely work in progress.
Good luck finding the exact right trash can for your kitchen. ;D

Tomorrow morning I plan to leave here early because it's the primary election and I need to go vote.
This morning I had to go to WallyWorld for some things I really needed.
Mostly all cat related but I got some strawberries and two cantaloupes too & some other produce.
Posted: 11 June 2018 - 03:12 PM
Helloooo?!?!? Anyone home?!?!?
Posted: 11 June 2018 - 10:55 AM
Cold water clinks! I am working from home and feel fairly focused. I have gone through my medications and chosen which ones to take to be destroyed. I haven't done any laundry. Cool and sunny so naturally I am happy.

I am looking for a dual trash can/ recycling can so I won't perpetually have a trash can and a separate recycling bag messing up my kitchen.
Posted: 11 June 2018 - 03:55 AM
Thank you for the advice, Tillie. (Yes kitty and I are up at 4:45 or whatever time it is). I am looking forward to finishing the decluttering. It has been a solid, easy process for me. My goal is to fix what we can see over the next two nights (three or four, makes no difference) then clean. I'm also cleaning as I go but then taking a big swoop at it. Then get the cleaning lady in to really do it.

Today is the first day where I'll be sitting at my desk in its new location. Should be very nice.

Once House is done a little bit more I will set up an account where I can post pictures. ( If that's something people would like).

I ordered a narrow console table for the hallway. The fireplace will need to wait for a different paycheck. As will the floor covering for the living room.

Then I'll do paint and wallpaper (still a ways off). And I'll consider it done til I can afford kitchen. Pretty nice.

I wiped down all the kitchen counters before bed last night.
Posted: 10 June 2018 - 11:13 PM
Hi Tatoulia :)
You are on a roll there!
After pushing through these next few nights
You need to take some time off to decompress.
You have done a LOT in a very short time and need to throttle back and adjust to all these new changes.
Plus Miss Kitty needs some extra quiet snuggle time.
We don't want you two to get burned out because then it always takes longer to get back into your groove. (((HUGS)))
Posted: 10 June 2018 - 08:22 PM
I see we are working our floor projects!

I wanted to watch the Tony Awards tonight but I couldn't do it. I am not sad but I still have something stopping me tonight. So I will put on my pjs and call it a night.

Long day. Friend is on her way back home. We did more arranging and rearranging today. She was pleased I'd gotten so much done. I think I can push through two more nights.
Posted: 10 June 2018 - 11:21 AM
Good Morning Everyone :)

Hi Subclinical :)
Sorry about the Bunny.
She knew she was loved and well cared for and I believe she felt very safe in your arms. (((HUGS)))
WAY TO GO! for keeping up with the floor challenge!
Long time habits are hard to break, especially when we have limited other better places to put stuff.

Hi Tatoulia :)
Great job scrubbing part of the floor!
Wonderful that you finally recovered that last chair.
Feels so good to complete a project that has been waiting for a long time.
Have a wonderful time today and good luck with all your plans. :D

Actually chilly this morning.
Will enjoy it while it lasts, soon it will be too hot.
Planning to do a little tidying up in here today.
Should vacuum and the kitchen floor needs some attention too.
Posted: 10 June 2018 - 07:34 AM
Ok I'm doing some work here. I've made some progress including scrubbing part of the floor in the hallway. I am getting there. I have to stop and take a look at what needs to be done. I'm sure it's not very hard.

I got all my sheets and quilt washed last night. I think I'm the only one in the building, which is nice. Christmas time it's eerie to be the only one here but right. Is it feels breezy and peaceful.

We are doing this. Yes we are. I got the final chair recovered on Wednesday and I've hung a piece of artwork (no longer works in apartment) in the common area hallway. It looks good. It fits with the building and in the chosen space.

Time to shower so I can pick up friend. She's about an hour or so away. And we are picking up another friend of hers who needs to be at airport by 3. I think my friend needs to be there at 7.

I found some money in my pockets so I can buy gas.

I have English muffins and jams for my mother and also for a friend who is in the same assisted living. I also put a few dollars in friend's goody bag so she will have bus fare for church. I will drop off on way to car.
Posted: 10 June 2018 - 06:02 AM
Coffee clinks!

I'm so sorry about the bunny, SubC. I'm glad you two were together. I love "it goes to with Mom". So good to have a husband/life partner to stand right by your side. Good work on the floor!

Tillie I am glad you are cooking and yes I will hug friend today. I'm up early and making progress. Big hugs to friend!

I am navigating my life. Thank you everyone for helping me. I treasure our friendship.
Posted: 10 June 2018 - 05:18 AM
Hi all,

I have been reading.

Tatoulia, I think what you did with your friend is amazing.

Anony, I think "nice" means that it is comfortable and functional for you, and that it makes you happy. That is all you need. My oldest daughter has a degree in architecture with additional work in art and design. My house drives her crazy. She once said "nothing in this house goes with anything else!" To which dh replied "it all goes with mom."

Part of my post just disappeared, so if this comes out strange, i'm Sorry.

I've been doing ok on the floor challenge. Yesterday I left my purse on the floor, but yesterday I also got a big box off the floor in the studio.

I've been a little sad this week because my bunny died. She was a rescue, so I don't know how old she was, and I think it was age - she slowly got more picky about her food and then stopped eating even her favorite treats, but her abdomen was fine, and her poop was fine until after she stopped eating. I was brushing her in my lap and she was snuggling my elbow, and then she rolled over and stopped breathing. It took me a minute to realize what happened.
Posted: 09 June 2018 - 11:34 PM
Good Evening :)

Hi Anonymoniker :)
YES! make baked beans in your solar oven!
Great way to test it out and baked beans aren't fussy about how they get cooked. ;D
WAY TO GO!!! for sewing your wallet and making the kayak cover!

Hi Tatoulia :)
Home made baked beans are the absolute best.
I sweetened mine with molasses and sometimes I have used real maple syrup.
WAY TO GO!!! for all those bags of donations and the bag of consignment!!! ;D
That is wonderful progress you are making (((HUGS)))
Would you please give your friend a hug from me?
(((HUGS Friend)))

Boy howdy the wind sure raged all today!
Still brisk but not as bad tonight.
Supposed to rage again all day tomorrow.
But it has been pleasantly cooler and I roasted some beef today.
Been a very long time since I ate any meat.
Not that I am practicing vegetarianism, just haven't wanted any.
Posted: 09 June 2018 - 04:34 PM
Great work on the fabric! I am working, working, working here. And yes your artsy home is going to be great, Anony!!!
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