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How To Help a Hoarder
How To Help a Hoarder

Hoard No More Customer Testimonial

I would whole-heartedly recommend your Hoard No More Tool Kit to anyone, whether to a  hoarder or to a family member or loved one of a hoarder.  Your kit helps  break denial, and helps one understand the issues behind the behavior.  It gives strategies and ideas, safety tips and more.   Best of all, I found your genuine compassion and understanding  a major  key in helping me heal this behavior.  We hoarders are so busy judging ourselves, its essential to be supported by  folks as gentle as you to help us move forward without adding shame and guilt  to our deep inner sadness.   I am so grateful for your tenderness, concern and tangible support without pressure.  You are  a gift to this world.   I hope that anyone hesitant to go forward into a breakthrough of this issue will consider my unabashed recommendation seriously.  Folks, you REALLY can be helped. With this rescue kit, it won't be humilliating, scary or painful.  Promise!  

Note:      Feel free to use my testimonial.  ( If you don't mind, I'd prefer First name and last initial.  )

With deepest gratitude,

Linda S.

About the Hoard No More Rescue Kit

There are around 15 MILLION people that suffer from hoarding behaviors in the Unites States. Can you imagine the number of people that suffer along with them? Family members, loved ones, friends, neighbors...the list is endless. All of these people have lacked the proper tools to know how to help the hoarder in their life until now. The Hoard No More Rescue Kit, developed by Hoarding Experts has finally arrived!

Over 22,000 people visit the Hoard No More website each month. Some are people looking to help themselves, and many are looking for help in helping a loved one. The Hoard No More Rescue Kit is an educational series created to help both hoarders and their loved ones finally find answers on how best to make progress with not only the clutter, but the disorder itself.

The Hoard No More series is made up of a Rescue Book, a Rescue Work Book, audio book CD's, and an incredible DVD interview with Hoarding Expert, Cory Chalmers, and Life Coach/Clinical Therapist Elaine Stephanos. This series finally addresses all aspects of the hoarding behavior and how best to help someone break through. Remember, cleaning out someones house that isn't ready is the worst thing you can do, and it isn't going to change the behavior. The house is going to just keep filling up! Learn in this series, the necessary steps to truly make change, not just with the residence, but with the behavior.

If you or a loved one need help digging out, and learning to manage the behaviors moving forward, you really should check out this incredible package deal. The best way to help somone is edcuate yourself first, then follow the step by step instructions included in the Hoard No More Rescue Kit!

To learn more, or to order either the downloadable version or the shipped to your home copies, click the Hoard No More box below. You will be well on your way to helping yourself or your loved one live a completely new life, clutter free!

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